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The JewishWeb staff has done a non-scientific, non-thorough survey of some of the other major Jewish Web sites (no need to mention names), and here is what we found.

Category The Other Guys JewishWeb
Price $100+ / month for a commercial site. $20 / month.
Location of your site You have to have your site on their server. Where you put your site is your business.
Design of your pages Your pages may have to "fit the mold." Whose pages are they, anyway? For quality, discount Web page design try Excellence Internet Services.
Number of pages More pages means higher charges. One charge for all sites.
Customer Service You will be one of dozens or hundreds of clients. All we are doing is linking to you. How much service could you possibly need?
Outside link policy Linking to other sites outside theirs may be restricted or forbidden! You link to whomever you want.
Speed of your pages Due to their server's bandwidth problems, your pages may load slowly. You put your pages on the fastest host you can find!
Hits to the site Lots of hits, shared unevenly by lots of clients. Fewer hits, but shared by fewer clients. No matter how small, your site will get noticed!

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