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I enjoyed writing the piece on Acceptable Use Policies for the GNN Education Center. If you agree, or disagree with my statements, either way, I'd be pleased to hear from you. Tell me about your experience on the Internet. Did your Acceptable Use Policy serve you well, or poorly? Is there a better way to handle these tricky issues?

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Part 1, The Internet in Elementary, Middle School, and High School, including

in the book Education on the Internet by Jill H. Ellsworth
(SAMS Publishing, 1994, ISBN #0-672-30595-X). This is the best education book now available. Buy it.

Chapter 19, Internet in the Classroom (pp. 593-667)
in the book Tricks of the Internet Gurus
(SAMS Publishing, 1994, ISBN #0-672-30599-2). I'm quite proud of this work, too

Part of Using Mosaic (QUE Publishing, 1994, ISBN #0-7897-0021-2).

Internet Business Marketing, and
Internet Access for Persons with Disabilities, with co-authors KC Dignan and Jim Allen
in the book Internet Secrets by John Levine
(IDG Publishing, 1995, ISBN #1-56884-452-2).

Researching on the Internet by Dave Kinnaman and Robin Rowland
(Prima Publishing, 1995, ISBN #0-76150063-4).

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