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Dave earned his web feet and both Biology and Psychology undergraduate degrees, and a master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Oregon on the Willamette River in Eugene. While drying out from the incessant Oregon rain, Dave added a second master's degree in Psychology while studying cognitive psychology (how we think, learn, and remember) and research statistics in sunny Southern California, under the shadow of Mount Baldy at Claremont Graduate University.


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"The Internet and the Classroom." Since being published in 1994, this entire book has been online free in Italy, Romania, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Yugoslavia, and Vietnam. (also see)

Giving Back

For the first half of the 1990s Dave used his labor market economics skills to select good occupations to be approved by the Texas State Board of Education and promoted as Priority Occupations for Texas. For several years Dave also compiled and published an annual booklet of the 24 Quality Work Force Planning Regional Key Industries and Targeted Occupations lists for the State of Texas, established and moderated a statewide newsgroup for high school teachers, and developed and presented annual technology in-service education seminars for high school teachers.

Dave wrote this early essay on K-12 educational Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs) that was first released at the Global Network Navigator Education Center.

Dave writes books and articles about computers, access to information, and the Internet, and lectures about the Internet, employee benefits and retirement. Dave created and for nine years maintained the Texas Internet Service Provider Association's (TISPA's) official web page to comply with the Texas legislature's silly requirement that each ISP must link to censorware software on its first Web page.

Dave has additional interests in Internet research, online (distance) education, student study skills, non-verbal communication, and how meta-data is represented.

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Dave despises the degradation caused by unsolicited bulk e-mail, and wrote this page to help others learn to detect, report and eliminate spammers.


Allergies? Thyroid Problems?

Dave is "listowner" of self-service LISTSERV Internet discussion group "mailing lists" (totaling over 2,000 members and many megabytes of archived discussions):

When needed, Dave assists LISTSERV discussion groups, including Arthritis, Eczema, Soc-Phob, PCHealth, C+Health, and others.

In his free time Dave enjoys poetry, hiking and wildflowers.

Dave invites you to contact him. His e-mail address is: kinnaman@world.std.com

Thank you for your interest in my accomplishments!

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