B-52's at the Hult Center,
Eugene, Oregon, January 12, 1990

By Michelle Rau

I should explain that I'm not a hard-core B-52's fan, so I don't even know the names of all the members of the band. But I can still give my impressions of the concert.

The crowd: young, middle-aged. Black jackets, short hair, tight miniskirts, sheathed in green polyester, gold lame, leather jackets and shoes, beehive hairdos, red lipstick, long curly hair, dreadlocks, colorful t-shirts, jeans with the knees ripped out, taffeta ballet skirts, elegant evening wear, boots, tights, red berets, black berets, hair long on one side.

Laughter, posing, dancing, socializing, cruising the lobby. People drinking beer, wine, pop, buying t-shirts, checking out the Greenpeace table. Smells of leather, pot, scented fabric, warm bodies. Foot tapping to ecstatic jumping, rocking crowd, to let the music fill one's ears and one's blood, pushing out all the cares of the day.

Love Tractor opened with a moderately promising first number, but quickly deteriorated with an instrumental piece being particularly gruesome. We retreated to McMillan's Cafe for hot chocolate and Schnapps until it was time to return to the warm, thrumming, pulsing, beating auditorium.

The band: jazzed, energetic, rocking. Obviously up for it. Doing the swim, the shug, frantic wiggling and swinging of red fringes, a black sparkly dress, a blue plastic telephone, paisley tights, high heels, having fun. Love Shack, the final number, had everyone up and dancing. Sound at the Hult Center is always better when the band uses their own sound technicians, as they did in this case. The acoustics in the Hult Center are so good that one can hear feet shuffling on the stage from the very top tow of seats, and I think that factor is sometimes forgotten in accounting for the volume. The music was just a hair too loud, not "five times too loud" as my friends said.

Despite several seat-snitches in front of us, the usher's interventions, and people blocking out view by hanging out into the aisle, the crowd was well-behaved, cooperating with the ushers by moving out of the way, staying and dancing mostly in their seats, not "out of control" as my friends said. Shit, if you want to sit in your seat, stay at home and listen to a tape. People go to concerts to participate with their whole bodies, not just their ears!

From Holy Titclamps #4
Copyright ©1990, 1995 Michelle Rau
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