A Bruce Bawer Bibliography

Bruce Bawer is a conservative gay writer (though Bawer says he's a registered democrat, for what that's worth). He writes a column in the Advocate.

Bawer got his start writing for "The New Criterion," a right-wing political magazine edited by Hilton Kramer, a former New York Times columnist. A footnote on Kramer is that he wrote a response to a New York Times Magazine piece on zines in March of 1996 which featured zines including the queer zine Dirty. Kramer focused on the "decadence" of the subject matter of the zines, rather than that the zinesters were actually doing something about being literate, writing, and creating culture, and was seeminly insensible to the similarity between zines and his own soapbox, The New Criterion.

Bawer's writing from The New Criterion is collected in "The Aspect of Eternity," (1993) a book inexplicably published by Graywolf Press. I say inexplicably because Graywolf is a St. Paul, Minnesota-based press more known for publishing books such as "Multi-cultural Literacy," one of the Graywolf Annual series, rather than books by Neo-cons.

Examining that book, there's no trace of Bawer's homosexuality. I do not know if he continues to have his work published in the New Criterion -- I am told that publication publishes work by other admitted homosexuals. What made Bawer initially register on the radar screens of gay media was his 1993 book "A Place At the Table: the gay individual in American society."

Bawer also writes poetry (what sensitive young man doesn't?), publishing books such as "Innocence" and "Coast to Coast." I haven't read his poetry, but I would bet it doesn't contain odes to blowjobs and sexy drag queens. Just a guess.

Bawer's recent publication is "Beyond Queer: Challenging Gay Left Orthodoxy," a collection of essay mainly by other writers, though he contributes several essays himself. Among them are the rather sprung John Weir, who wrote a bizarre article in a recent issue of Details about his attempts to sleep with a woman.

Bawer also ghost-wrote the new autobiography of gay Wisconsin Republican Representative Steve Gunderson, "House and Home."

For further reading on Bawer, I would suggest the essay in The Harvard Gay and Lesbian Review by David Bergman, and the essay in Issue 2 of the Everard Review ($4.70 to Chris Leslie, Box 1697, Peter Suyvesant Station, NY, NY, 10009) by C. Bard Cole, which compares Bawer's writing to gay fiction.


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