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Christcore and Queercore

One would hardly think it, but the genres of Christian rock and Gay rock have much in common.

We listen to queer rock because it's queer, not because it rocks. They listen to Christian rock because it's Christian, no matter how awful it sounds. Desperate for the message, both groups listen to bands that couldn't make it without the gimmick, whether it be Christianity or homosexuality.

They dress in yellow and black striped costumes. We wear long hair and sun visors.

Both are somewhat niche markets -- can you find DC Talk records anywhere except Christian bookstores? Can you find Romanovsky and Phillips records anywhere besides Gay bookstores?

There's no cure for Christianity but being nailed to a cross, and no cure for homosexuality except a baseball bat.

Of course, there's the occasional performer who manages to break out of the ghetto, like Amy Grant did a few years ago, as did Tom Robinson.

Both Christians and gays like to whine about how much they're persecuted. Oddly enough, I haven't seen any Christians thrown to the lions lately. I've never personally been gaybashed, so it must not happen anymore.

Is rock and roll the devil's music? As the classic Christian rock song goes, "Why should the devil have all the good music?" Is rock and roll hetero tuneage, forbidden to gays? As Quentin Crisp said, "I think that a lifetime of listening to disco music is a high price to pay for one's sexual preference."

Sure, we have our satanist queer rockers in the form of Behead the Prophet. But where is the gay Christian group that's going to blow the lid off both scenes -- they'll be able to play both at queercore festivals and Christian youth events, and rock both places.

I wonder if the MCC has been incubating gay Christian rock groups in the basements of its churches, readying them for a world onslaught of previously unheard-of cheesiness.

I guess it all makes sense. After all, Jesus was the original queer Christian rocker (with props to queer Jewish harp-man David and his boyfriend Jonathan.) Jesus liked to hang with that death-rocker Lazarus. Mary Magdaline sang backup.

Gut-wrenching as it may sound, maybe what we need is an all-gay production of Godspell. Oops, forgot about that production of Jesus Christ Superstar with the Indigo Girls as Jesus and Mary Magdaline.

This rant elicited the following response:

Subject: Satins' a choice you make larrybob !!
It's never to late to be saved larrybob. God Bless you!!!!!

Larry-bob says: I couldn't agree more. Satin is a choice, and one that I would never make.

On Irwin Chusid's radio show on WFMU he repeated that old question "Why should the devil have all the good music?" He then proceded to play a couple of awful songs about the devil that proved that while the devil may have all the good music, not all the music the devil has is good.


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