Queer Zine Explosion 12 - Complete

Note that this is a very old edition of QZE, supplied for historical interest only.

See queer zine explosion editions for more recent reviews and addresses. There are some zines reviewed here which do not appear on the more recent list, however.

This list has the zine reviews from Queer Zine Explosion #12, compiled in May 1995. Some of these reviews also appeared in issues of Factsheet Five. This is the "complete" list, which includes some older zines. There is also a version of this file that just has new zines since QZE #11, which was published in October 1994. Send email to larrybob@gmail.com if you would like to locate the file.

Zines with a "*" at the beginning of the Descr field have new issues, and those with a "+" are the first review of the zine.

Send queer zines for review to
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Holy Titclamps web page: http://www.holytitclamps.com

24-7: Notes From The Inside Issue 5
This is a publication of Students and Teens Opposing Psychiatric Abuse. It is by young psychiatric survivors who have experienced first hand incarceration in the mental health system. An account of being locked up at 10 years old after a suicide attempt; an article about being put in a psychiatric hospital, and the profiteering of insurance companies; what to do if you are taken to a hospital by the police; resources and other publications. Subscriptions: 6 issues on a sliding scale: $5 to $10 for students, $15 to $35 for adults, $52 for institutions.

$2 to S.T.O.P Abuse Network 584 Castro #288 SF CA 94114 16 pages, digest

A-Girl Misc! Issue 1
These are some comix which didn't fit in the regular Adventures of A-Girl (available for $2). Included are an origin of A-Girl story; A-Girl learns to think before she talks; A-Girl causes trouble at a comic convention by asking why male superheroes aren't drawn well-endowed and getting an artist to draw her a naked Vampy Lady, although he doesn't seem to know how women really look; A-Girl takes a look at Liliane's pussy; a conversation with a naked woman.

$1 to Elizabeth Watasin 120 So San Fernando Blvd #231 Burbank CA 91502 16 pages, half legal

Abrupt Lane Edge Issue 4
Fucked up sunday-school songs; a tour diary with the band Scooby Don't; queer punk music; an Anonymous Boy drawing; "Pippi is a punk rocker," about childrens books that influenced Chris' radical outlook; speaking out about sexual abuse and incest; Homocore Chicago protesting gay consumerism at Stonewall 25; Anonymous Boy's guide to contemporary fashion (he doesn't like goatees, ponytails, or rave hats); fags bash back on-line.

$1 to Chris Wilde Box 2936, Loop Station Minneapolis MN 55402 28 pages, digest

Ad/vance Issue vol 2 #3
*Special women in the arts issue. A review of Dyan Cannon's movie The End of Innocence; the Barbra Streisand boutique at Bloomingdales; a top ten list; a Helen Reddy retrospective; Doris Wishman's film "The Amazing Transplant," about a man who rapes women after getting a penis transplant.

$1 to Ad/vance 1581 Colonial Terrace #101 Arlington VA 22209-1428 8 pages, digest

aDDA dADA produces a series of humorous little booklets of re-written material. "A Trip to Uranus" uses pictures from a kids book about space travel to illustrate a story of a trip up the Hershey highway; "The Fag Side" gives new captions to Far Side cartoons; "Al Parker's First Book: Play With Me" features the porn star with nursery rhymes; "Mary's Vacation in San Francisco" revises a kids book; "Hot Load Trucker" illustrates a porno story with incongruous drawings of frogs and cows.

$2 each to aDDA dADA Box 423401 SF CA 94142-3401 40 pages, Mini

The Adventures of Baby Dyke Issue 3
In this edition of the comic book, Baby Dyke goes motorcycle riding, gets lessons in looking butch and "packing", goes to a Tribe 8 show. Then there's a sequence where B.D. helps her friend Rocky deal with her drinking problem. This issue is more of a continuous story, rather than the viginettes of the past issues. I really like the brush and wash drawing style.

$4.50 to Terry Sapp 2215-R Market St Suite 437 SF CA 94114 20 pages, standard

The Adventures of Go-go Girl Issue vol 2 #1-5
In these comix, Go-go Girl delivers flowers in a rough neighborhood (she feels brave initially cuz she looks like a boy, then realizes she really looks like a dyke), investigates an intruder, and stays up late reading a scary book (in books 1, 2 and 5, respectively.) Kinda scrawly drawings, but fun.

$1+stamp to Clare Dolan 2634 W. Armitage #1R Chicago IL 60647 8 pages, Mini

Alphabet Threat Issue 8
This issue is titled "Homina Threat." It's a newsprint tabloid put together by a group of people in Sacramento with basically anarchist principles. I thought the most amazing thing in this issue was an account of an Operation Rescue meeting at which their agenda was discussed. There's also articles by a woman who gets mistaken for a man; how catching a fish may be more damaging than eating a banana; anti-school stuff; problems within the group that produces Alphabet Threat; how the process of gentrification works.

$1 to Alphabet Threat 3018 J St. #140 Sacramento CA 95816 16 pages, tabloid

This zine is an outgrowth of Amazon Girlz, a social/conspiratorial group. Contents include an article on body piercing; 7 Year Bitch show reviews; thoughts about cows; "Lesbian USA" poem; the sign of a true dyke: the ability to make a hole in a Reeses peanut butter cup with your tongue; a long exchange from AOL about Team Dresch; record reviews.

$2? to Amazine Box 720191 San Jose CA 95172 48 pages, digest

The American Gay & Lesbian Atheist Issue vol 13 #1
*The dismissal of Joycelyn Elders over the "M-word"; a curch in Philadelphia that bars HIV+ people; Snapple responds to a letter about their Rush Limbaugh connection; more letters and news items.

$1? to The American Gay & Lesbian Atheist Box 66711 Houston TX 77266-6711 12 pages, standard

This is a reprint zine of articles and pictures having to do with amputation. An article about losing a testicle to cancer; a guy picks up a dwarf with one leg and no arms in a bar; adult circumcision; rites of passage from around the world; the surgeon who reattached Bobbit's penis; Boxing Helena; Peyronie's disease, which causes extreme curvature of the penis; a story about a one- armed husler.

$1 to Rhino 190 E 2 St. #15 NY NY 10009 36 pages, digest

Androzine Issue 18
*Most of the articles are in French, but there are more English parts than usual. There's short pieces on several queer bands, and many queer zines; instructions in English and French on using a condom as a dental dam; an article about a brand of poppers called "Sophocle"; an article in English about the Berlin chapter of the Lesbian Avengers; articles in French about sex tourism and Nambla and the ILGA; summaries in English of gay political activity in various European countries; the Internet Euro-queer mailing list; an article about the organization Queers United in Support of political Prisoners.

$4 cash to B. Peuportier BP 192 75673 Paris Cedex 13 France 38 pages, Euro Standard

Anonymous Boy Collection Issue 4
Anonymous Boy's drawings of punk guys in love have been gracing the pages of zines and the covers of records since the days of JDs. He's still drawing them as only he can, with amusing captions like "Someday I wanna be the one to give the punk hot dog boy a wiener." He's also at work on an animated video called "Green Pubes."

$1 to Tony Arena 321 West 16th St #2W NY NY 10011 10 pages, standard

Anti Queen Scene Zine
+A little zine by Andy G., who's done zines like Queer Tales. This zine has an article on the queer press vs. the gay press; thoughts about having repressed homosexuality as a youth; penus envy chart; queer boy quiz; an ad for pubic pesticide; how to find your ideal queen-scene partner; zine reviews.

NEW ADDRESS: andyg, po box 910133, 12413 berlin, germany. 32 pages, Mini

Anton Gey's Forbidden Zone Comics Issue 2
*Tony happens across a group of protesters at a funeral of a man who died of AIDS; a comic based on the life of Alexander Hamilton, though Tony admits that the gay sex in the comic is his own invention; letters from readers such as F. Wertham, Boris Karloff, and Jonny Quest; a timeline of Richard Nixon's life.

$2 to Tony Seybert Box 4102 Hollywood CA 90078-4102 20 pages, half legal

Anything That Moves: Beyond the Myths of Bisexuality Issue 7
The theme of this issue is spirituality and healing. Articles include the topics of bisexuals in Christian churches; building a national spirituality/sexuality coalition; Kwanzaa; a story about angels; being Jewish and bisexual; the BiWEST San Diego conference; the Queer Labor Leadership Congerence; an interview with Starhawk; environmental illness and psychotherapy; appearing on a talk show talking about bisexual youth; spiritual abuse by Christian parents; a comic by Roberta Gregory; more. A new issue will be out in May '95.

$6 to BABN 2404 California St. #24 SF CA 94115 68 pages, standard

Aqwatru & Kaninor
*A sex comic about two gay dragonoids, which are alien creatures with prehensile penises. They start out taking a shower together, and continue on with jerking off with webbed feet, letting their "love-serpents" writhe around together, and other fun stuff.

$3 to Dr. Agon Box 1282 Fort Collins CO 80522 14 pages, standard

Artistic Licentiousness Issue 2
*The main characters of this comic by Roberta Gregory are a woman who writes fantasy stories and a man who draws comics. In the first issue, they had a one-night stand together. In this issue, the woman has found a female lover again, and the man (who identifies as straight) ends up getting a blowjob from another male comic artist. Age statement required.

$3 to Roberta Gregory Box 27438 Seattle WA 98125 36 pages, comic book Age statement required.

Asians & Friends New York News Forum Issue August 94
*This is the newsletter an organization for Asian/Pacific Islander and non-Asian gay men. An article about the Spanish colonization of the Philippines; pictures from the AFNY halloween ball; an article titled "Why Do I Wear a Red Ribbon?"; upcoming events listing.

to Asians & Friends New York News Forum Box 3361 NY NY 10163-6023 12 pages, digest

As I Breeze Through Issue 1
+From the editor of Consort Craving comes this new zine, which talks about other topic besides Miss lang. An article about Keri's grandmother; an article about acting weird in highschool; a story about going to San Francisco the night before starting college and having the car break down; 20-Anything quiz; wanting to marry Captain Janeway; seeing George Bush and Dan Quayle; a pink hair dye job; Danny, the least favorite New Kid; seeing cute dykes on the bus; more.

$2 to As I Breeze Through Box 424801 SF CA 94142-4801 24 pages, half standard

As Yet Untitled Issue 2/3
*J.D. is a queer guy who lives in a frat house. This zine is sort of a diary of his experiences. For instance, one day he watched a TV program about violence against gays in Texas and one of his homophobic roommates was cheering; J.D. compares being closeted as gay to his not being open about being Jewish as a child; J.D. sends an anonymous letter to a guy in another frat he's heard is gay, and ends up talking to the guy on the phone. There's a page about "Phi Alpha Gamma," a gay frat (I presume this is made up, though there is a real gay frat). This is a double issue -- #2 is on one side and #3 on the other.

$2 to J. D. Alexander Box 803012 Dallas TX 75380 40 pages, digest

Autonosexual Revolt Issue 3
The beginning of the zine defines "autonosexual" as "one whose sexuality is self-defined and not bound by dominant categories like heterosexual or homosexual." This issue includes articles from Time and Discover about the pansexuality of pygmy chimps, and reactions to the articles, which in the case of Time apply human-centered value judgements; billboard improvement of an Operation Rescue sign; heterosexual liberation front communique; the mosh pit and male dominance; not being out about being a bisexual who hasn't had sex with a woman; advantages to different kinds of relationships, whether same-sex, male/female, or single; a guy talks about having been sexually assaulted; teeniest weeny contest; can punk be reclaimed?; an opinion that Madonna is overrated as a spokesperson for feminism and sexual liberation.

$1 to Autonosexual Revolt c/o Breaking Ranks Box 8694 Mpls MN 55408-9998 32 pages, digest

Baby Sue Issue vol 4 #4
*If you're an over-sensitive person, you might find Baby Sue comics offensive, but if you can deal with the ugliness of the real world, you can probably stand Baby Sue. A comic about what happens when the little animals of the forest get drunk; how to deal with personal ads, like effective lies for the ad, and how to bludgeon your date; various responses to the question of what to do the hour before a meteor destroys Earth; "poetry"; instructions for exercises such as "Cut off head of neighbor dog"; a guy takes an elevator ride with people who annoy him; a comic in black dialect about black ladies at Burger McThang; an interview with Adda Dada; a patent's guide to satanic cult ritual abuse; the all- crime newlywed game, featuring famous criminal couples; two guys go to a leather bar and get in trouble for having a fake gun; the psychic clan of nitwits; a kid's mother tells him the tooth fairy will kill him; a trip to Savannah, where a gay guy got killed; gays turn a pizza parlor into a disco in "Do the Gay Thing."

$3 to Baby Sue Box 1111 Decatur GA 30031-1111 28 pages, standard

Backspace Issue 4
They call this "An Alternative Zine for the Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Community," although it seems more like a literary magazine than a zine, and I'm not sure what's so alternative about it. But for what it is, it's pretty good. The fiction includes a story about a man and the minister he's loved since he was a boy, and one about a sissy boy who doesn't like gym. There's also an article about mixed HIV status couples, which compares the situation to couples in which one person is handicapped. Plus more stories and poetry.

2.50 to Backspace 33 Maplewood Ave Apt 309 Gloucester MA 01930-6202 52 pages, digest

Bad Seed Issue 1-2
*A comic about a guy thinking about the first guy he loved; a guy tries out for job as a stripper; third installment of Bo's sexual anthology of guys he's slept with (illustrated with photos of Ken dolls); the men of Bad Seed, including Jean Genet, Mike Diana, Wile E Coyote, and Joe Dallesandro; an interview with queer musician David Clement; a map of interesting things in New York (and the wish that more zines would include info about their towns); a story about getting picked up by a guy into bondage; the ten most assinine queer role models. Plus a two-sided insert zine by two of Bo's friends: Jeffrey's zine includes some funny made-up rumors; an in/out list; better living through Charlie's Angels; a piece about simulated freedom and cookie-cutter rebellion. David's side includes a letter to the Coalition of Lesbians and Gays against Racism; an interview with curator Bill Arning; thoughts of a dog; an essay by a seal.

$4 cash only to Bo Wakeman 145 Attourney St. #6C NY NY 10002 84 pages, half legal

Batteries Not Included Issue vol 2 #3
*This is a zine of writing about porn. Most of it's about hetero porn; there's a nice piece about a Fabio video by lesbian writer Spence, though.

$3/$4 foreign to Richard Freeman 130 West Limestone St Yellow Springs OH 45387 12 pages, standard

Beri-beri Issue 1
Nicole, the editor of this zine, used to do the zine Busy Bea's Bush. Cover photo of Squid of the Lunachicks; heading off to college and getting an FCC DJ license; getting burned out on riot grrrl; a farewell to highschool poem; getting a broken heart; childhood autobiography about various friends; a visit to Lollapalooza; telling Mom "I is kweer"; sleeping in the room of a girl who killed herself at age 12 and listening to a tape of her favorite music.

50 cents + stamp to Nicole 1141 Boyce Rd. Pittsburgh PA 15241 20 pages, digest

Big Boys and Buddies Issue 7
+Nude photos and drawings of fat guys; news items, including one about a nudist club that banned fat people; a chaser's review of the magazine Big Ad; an erotic story about two guys who work at a bakery; personal ads; club listings.

5 pounds?/2.50 pounds in the UK to BB&B 18 Cookes Close, Leytonstone London E11 3EF UK 32 pages, Euro digest

Bi Girl World Issue Winter 94
A "Bi-atribe" about lesbians who say bisexuals are "taking female energy away" and about bi folk who complain about the lack of a bi community; How not to score; shopping for love on the train; watching porn movies on Christmas; historical bi women Dorothy Parker and Judy Holliday.

$2 to Karen F. 99 Newtonville Ave. Newton MA 02158 26 pages, standard

Bimbox Issue 7
Johnny Noxzema is back with a new issue of Bimbox. There's a long article about his friend Giovanni, who's a hustler and a drug addict. Johnny has been trying to help Giovanni, but social service organizations haven't been very helpful and write him off as hopeless. Johnny also indicts gay men who exploit youth. There's also an interview with Giovanni on the subject of Johnny's vendetta against Bruce La Bruce. This zine is unavailable in Canada.

fags $4/$6 overseas to Bimbox 268 Parliament #68 Toronto Ont M5A 3A4 Canada 32 pages, half legal

Bitch Issue 1
What women should be; color the female reproductive system; the media promotes women's insecurity to keep up sales of Chanel and Ultra Slimfast; ways to express yourself; feminism is about equality, not man-hating; realize your own freedom of speech; more.

$1 to Sara Hsu-Keller Wellesley College/Buke, 106 Central St. Wellesley MA 02181-8281 14 pages, standard

The Black Book 1995
+This is a resource guide of sexuality resources for all orientations, gender identities, and lifestyles, with over 650 listings and 4 indexes. $15, $16 in California, $17 in Canada, $20 elsewhere. You can order this book, Black Sheets, or other items in their catalog by calling 800-818-8823, or 431-0171 in the Bay Area.

to The Black Book 1995 Box 31155 SF CA 94131-0155

Black Sheets Issue 6
*This here is the "Do It Yourself" issue of this zine. Contents include photos from the Dore Alley and Folsom street fairs; a visit to a sex motel in L.A.; a chat with Pat Califia; a feature on mud play, with photos, and a listing of groups into mud and other messy fun; a story about a guy torturing his own cock and balls; "Fucking With Your Selves" by D. Travers Scott; side- by-side reviews of the "Reality female condom" by a man and a woman; a first acid trip; an interview with the band Honeypot; Home Alive, an anti-violence/pro-safety collective in Seattle; a woman who works on a phone sex line meets up with a guy whom she talked out of committing suicide; "My Own Private Orgasm," an erotic story about two women. The next issue will be the "Damn Bisexuals" issue. Age statement required.

$6 N. America/$10 elsewhere to The Black Book Box 31155 SF CA 94131 40 pages, standard Age statement required.

Blot Issue 2
A report on a queercore night; an article from an old Fag Rag about being gay and 14; the results of new censorship laws in Canada; NAMBLA and gay liberation: an anarchist perspective; a report on Spew 3, the 3rd queer zine convention; confessions of a boy-dyke.

$2 to Blot Box 271, Station F Toronto Ontario M4Y 2L7 Canada

Blowfish Catalog Issue Winter 94/95
*A catalog of erotic items, including dental dams, lubricants, x-rated x-stich, a vulva hand puppet, chocolate penises, books, magazines, comics, and video. Their catalog is also available on-line.Email: blowfish@netcom.com

$3 to Blowfish Catalog 2261 Market St #284 SF CA 94114 24 pages, standard

Blue Blood Issue 4
This is a goth sex magazine. There are three phoo pictorial sections. The first features Esmirelda (who has a record out called Royal Flush), her girlfriend Gay-l, and their pal Doug; the second photo section has a man and a woman stripping down from their leather armor; the third has two women lounging naked on a deck. Among the erotic stories in this issue is one about a woman who meets a mysterious woman from her past. There's a big section on music and other items.
web: http://www.BlueBlood.net/
$7 (plus postage?) to Blue Blood 3 Calabar Court Gaithersburg MD 20877 52 pages, standard

The Bondage Book Issue 2
In addition to the many pages of photos of tied-up guys, there's an interview with fetish artist Malex, and a comic by him about a hanging, and an interview with modern primitive performance artist Ron Athey. The photos include shots of a guy tied to a chair, a guy with a dildo taped into his mouth, a guy kneeling with his arms tied behind his back, a long-haired heavy metal guy with a mesh hood, etc.

$10 to Rick Castro 1312 North Stanley Av LA CA 90046 66 pages, standard

+There's so much information available here that it's hard to summarize. But basically, these publications are about a homosexualist philosophy, religion and language, with its own calendar, holidays, rituals, symbols, and so forth. The term "haazenek" is defined as "The state of being a haazan (male homosexual); the various arts of that state; the more or less broad philosophy of the ways to be a homosexualist militant of the post-Gayist era." These publications contain much information about haazenek. Age statement required.

$3 to M.E.D.I.A/(BON) 2523 El Portal Drive -- 101, Box 2 San Pablo CA 94806 52 pages, half legal Age statement required.

Bored Shitless
Actually the cover says "could you be bored shitless by the opposite sex?" Thoughts about coming out to parents; a dad who discourages a girl from getting her nose pierced because it won't be attractive to the opposite sex (so what? she thinks); a guy's first time with another boy when they were 7 and 8; a girl falls in love with her best friend's sister at age 12; the horror of being gay at school; cool ways to tell the people you write to you're a dyke or fag; coming out to a friend you secretly fancy; an essay about an evocative photo of a guy sitting on a fence; an appreciation of films and books in which two characters want to get it on, but can't until they're absolutely desperate; being so proud you run out in the street in only your socks and scream "I'm proud to be a dyke/fag"; a secret sign for dykes and bi girls to recognize each other.

$2?/trade to Zine (don't write "Shitless" on the envelope) c/o 65 Thornhill Gardens Leyton E10 SEW UK 24 pages, Euro digest

Boy's Own: The FTM Newsletter Issue 15
Boy's Own is a publication by and for female-to-male transsexuals. Contents of this issue include a letter from an FTM in Alaska; information about hormones for the FTM; how to check out if a counsellor is legit; getting a passport; a review of Kate Bornstein's Gender Outlaw; medical listings.

2 IRCs? to FTM Network BM Network London WC1N 3XX 16 pages, Euro digest

Boy Crazy Boy Issue 1
Solo comics by Sina of Concerned Muthers. Li'l queer's long hair is threatened by Suede's popularity; "Island of Apollo," a nearly wordless comic in which a guy meets Greek gods; a comic that asks "Why can't a man's dick be sensuous?"; choosing faces; an autobio comic about a crush; a couple Keanu Reeves drawings. Issue 2 is now out.

$1 to Sina Box 385A Surbiton, Surrey KT6 7YJ UK 16 pages, Euro digest

Boy Trouble Issue 1
A new queer comix anthology zine edited by Rob Kirby of Strange Looking Exile. Contributors include Michael Fahy, Nick Leonard (a comic in which Billy of the Family Circus goes to hell), Sina of Concerned Muthers, and Christian Schroeder (a comic about a gay kid with a fucked-up family), plus comics written by Jeffery Kennedy and Orland Outland illustrated by Rob.

$2 to Rob Kirby Box 300061 Mpls MN 55403 28 pages, half legal

Brat Attack: The zine for leatherdykes and other bad girrlz Issue 5
Terry Sapp of Baby Dyke fame draws a "Dungeon Etiquette comic; a first-hand account of being a dyke in prison; a lust letter; childhood violence and adult play; quotes on race and the San Francisco SM community; a comic by Leanne Franson in a style very different from her Liliane comix; gender tripping; an evolving butch identity; "Bathroom," a wordless comic of a sex scene in a men's room; dykes and male to female transsexuals; a comic by Fish about a gang of women assaulting a man. Age statement required.

$5 to Brat Attack Box 40754 SF CA 94141 56 pages, standard Age statement required.

Brave New Tick Issue vol 3 #4
*Paul writes about his experiences coming out as a married man of 35 with two children; Jim Barker reports on a visit to the publisher of (the) Brave New Tick; a cartoon diary; a story about a gargoyle; the dangers of *69, the automatic callback feature (hmm, this is the second zine I've read today complaining about this -- good thing it's not available in San Francisco); Newt Gingrich quotes about homosexuality; the ressurected SDS gives its Racist of the Year award to the author of The Bell Curve; the problem with "tolerance" of gays by straight people.

55 cent SASE + extra stamps to Graftographic Press Box 24 S Grafton MA 01560 26 pages, standard

Breathing and Blinking Issue 2
The main focus of this zine is Boy George. There's info about Boy George's activities (he's D.J.ing) and his upcoming biography (it won't be done until 1995 at least). There's also articles on queers in pop music; reviews of magazines and dance music; Larry Kramer; gossip about the local club scene; a rundown of the talk shows.

$1 to Robert Delfino 220 Ocean Avenue Port Orange FL 32119 50 pages, digest

BROS Issue 9
This is a magazine for longhaired gay men. Contents include a history of wolf-boys; a review of a .38 Special concert and the long-haired men attending it; an excerpt from a James Dean biography about Dean's gay sex experiences; plus ads and photos of readers, some in full color. $1 and an SASE gets you an info pak with sample ads, photos, and art; membership including an ad is $29, and without an ad is $24.

to BROS Box 17931 Rochester NY 14617 40 pages, digest

Brown Star Issue 1
This zine is done by one of the former editors of Further Too. A visit to an art show with stuff from zines and indie records, and a guitar painted by Jad Fair; articles about Daniel Johnston; a review of drag/gender euphoria films; Dazed and Confused inspires a reverie on England in 1976; an article about DJ Colin Dale; a pitch for a live-action Schooby Doo movie; Wishbone Ash; a visit to a football match in Poland; an appreciation of Paul Williams; football fanzines that report the truth because they lack the dry "objectivity" of mainstream media sports reports; zine reviews.

$3/1 pound/3 IRCs to Craig Wilson Box 3413 London SE11 4UP UK 40 pages, Euro digest Free to prisoners.

Buddies Issue 4
Buddies is a British gay comics anthology. Craig Conlan's "Juicy Froot" is a Tank-girl-esque tale of a former superhero sidekick. Rick Campbell's "Alan & I" is about a gay man who moves into a new apartment, where his ex-lover is a neighbor. In Bob Lynch's "The Pretend Family," Sav goes into a refrigerator, and meets a hamster who's building a robot. Howard Stangroom and Stephen Lowther contribute "Batqueen and Guido the Clone Wonder" and "Second Chance," a nearly wordless comic that poses the post- apocalyptic question "if I was the only guy in the world and you were the only other." Mal Coney and Sean Doran reveal the origins of Major Power and Spunky.

$3 surface/$5 airmail to Haward Stangroom 30 Memorial Avenue Stratford, London E15 3BT England 24 pages, Euro Standard

Budg'y Voices Issue vol 2 #1
+A dictionary of terms, such as Uptalk (a.k.a. mallspeak); a story about a love triangle; an AIDS update; an excerpt from Burroughs' "My Education"; a story about a guy who's in a relationship with a woman, and meets a guy he had a crush on in high school; poetry.

$1 + 2 stamps to Budg'y Voices Box 1407 Chambersburg PA 17201-5407 10 pages, standard

Bulk Male Issue vol 5 #1
*Bulk Male is one of the few magazines that features nude photos of fat men. There are photos of various men, including a guy in a business suit, a cirgar-smoking guy with tattoos, and a trucker; an erotic story about a guy who splits his pants; a report on chubby guys in commercials; personal ads and girth and mirth/bear club listings.

For current ordering information, visit www.bulkmale.com

Bunny Butt Issue 1
David Lee Roth en route to Bunny Butt heaven; a story about a slave whose master wants him in a bunny suit; an in/out list; tofu sandwich recipe; comic about the only rabbits who subscribe to Genre magazine; collages of bunnies and butts; more.

$1 to Bunny Butt 1126 Folsom SF CA 94103 22 pages, Mini Free to prisoners.

Campfire Issue 2
+This zine has pieces on pop culture (especially pop music) from a queer perspective. Wayne Davidson analyzes Abosulutely Fabulous; Gary "Fembot" Gergerson writes about dressing up as Belinda Carlisle for a new wave contest; John Huston interviews Stephin Merritt of the Magnetic Fields; a piece about singer Johnnie Ray; Jeffery Kennedy reviews "I Dream of Madonna"; "Why I Quit Dating" by Kurt B. Reighley; Matt Wobensmith writes about going along with Pansy Division on part of their tour with Green Day.Email: jkennedy@crl.com

$2 to Picnic 250 Page St. #1 SF CA 94102 36 pages, Mini

Caress Newsletter: For Writers of Erotica Issue 12
*Caress lets writers of erotica know of publishers that are looking for material. There are also short articles on various topics, such as a review of an unsatisfactory dildo and a lesson in customs agent speak, and book and video reviews.Email: caress@pavilion.co.uk

$5 cash to The Write Solution Flat I Flat 1, 11 Holland Road Hove, East Sussex BN3 IJF UK 8 pages, standard

Cassiopeia the Witch Issue 24
*This is a comic about Cassiopeia, a lesbian witch. Cassie and her friend Julie visit Berkeley, and Cassie ends up going out to dinner with a clueless straight guy as a favor to his uncle. Meanwhile, a strange figure stalks the sewers. Plus an interesting one-page comic about how the teutonic knights persecuted pagans in the Baltics.

$1.25 to Perry Lake 6167-B Alamo Wy Paradise CA 95969-4202 20 pages, digest

Celebrate the Self Issue March-April '95
*The Newsletter for the Solo Sex Enthusiast. This is a publication about masturbation, mainly by and for males. Letters from readers about their masturbation experiences; an article about Narcissism; reviews of products such as the Motorized Orgasmic Release Device, with pointers as to which are ripoffs; book reviews; more.

$2.95 to Factor Press Box 8888 Mobile AL 36689 20 pages, standard

Chaos Issue 9
A hand-written personal zine. Some vegan recipes, including "underwater breadmaking," which is actually a recipe for gluten; there's also an article about how Joel eradicated his crabs. Joel was moving August 15th, but hopefully his mail will get forwarded.

stamps to joel epanouri 636 Langdon Madison WI 53703 12 pages, digest

The Cherotic Revolutionary Issue 4
This zine is edited by performance artist Frank Moore. There's an editorial by Frank about how if they're offending all hues of separatist/sexist/elitist thinking, they must be doing something right; a story by Carol Queen about getting turned on while alone; photography of mud-covered people kissing by Nina Glaser; "Jesus lives on Haight St."; sex and spirituality in Native American traditions; paintings by JoAnn Pettit; "Tribal Performance" by Frank Moore; Professor Curtis' cult video store; a piece by Steven Kauffman about being told to tell the truth and then lied to at a psychiatric institute; a Cherotic fable about the sexual revolution; photos of Lina Montano by Annie Sprinkle; poetry.

$5 to Frank Moore Box 11445 Berkeley CA 94712 36 pages, standard

Chicken Coop Issue 1
+Trashy TV talk shows; MTV's attempt to justify racist, sexist and homophobic videos by showing "Free Your Mind" segments; homophobic alternateens react to the k. d. lang/ Cindy Crawford magazine cover; a rant about the gay "community" and other topics; an essay about whether or not there is a gay culture; top 10 waifs; an article about David Wojnarowicz; an anti-Limbaugh rant; gay images in advertising; a boy who aspires to be an alcoholic; ugly movies; musical super-heroes such as Prince and P-Funk; the missing sport at the gay games: straight white boy bashing -- for which Mel Gibson would be an ideal target.

$2 to Chicken Coop 69 Princeton RD Arlington MA 02174 46 pages, standard

Chrysalis Issue 7
Cases of violence against transsexual people; an article by a transsexual prisoner who attempted self-castration; transsexuals and addiction; transvestites in film, including Hollywood's frequent portayal of them as psycho killers; Virginia Prince compares transgendered people and masons; more. Also available, for $3, is AEGIS News, a newsletter with information of interest to the transgendered.

$9 to AEGIS Box 33724 Decatur GA 30033-0724 48 pages, standard

Ciao! Issue vol 2 #1
This comics review zine has gone queer. The new issue has two-color cover art by John Dennis, an interview with comic book talent agent Sharon Cho, and reviews of AIDS Awareness cards, the Desert Peach musical, Oh..., Zwanna, Son of Zulu (which has gay stereotype villians), and more.

$5 to Ciao! Box 61775 Sunnyvale CA 94088-1775 28 pages, half legal

Coddle Issue 4
The background collages of beauty product and sex ads in this zine represent the mainstream commercial values the articles oppose. Gay couples that engage in extreme public displays of affection; a note for dummies who think queers are interested in everyone of the same sex; the "Year of the Woman" and anti- feminist backlash; hardcore "unity" that doesn't have any goals; how mysteriously, humanity has abandoned its vegetarian origins; an interview with a fagbashing white supremacist; a reprint of Nazi bonehead propaganda; a history of Leonard Peltier; a 12-year- old anti-feminist girl; the problem with people who think getting drunk is cool; an anti-smoking rant; the similarities between genital mutilation and the beauty industry; one girl's story of her escape from the cycle of trying to be liked by abusive guys; a ramble about church/state separation and how an issue is made of homosexuality and abortion, and how youth culture revolves around music taste; snappy answers to stupid advice column questions; zine reviews.

$1 to Stacy 74 Rangeley Ave Brockton MA 02401 32 pages, digest

Concerned Muthers Issue 6
This is a queer zine with lots of comics. There's a comic about the secrets of a gay superhero; poetry; checking out long- haired guys; Dipesto the cat comic; a band makes faux pas on childrens' TV; music reviews; Amy Lame, the world's first ever Lesbian Drag Queen; the crappiest things in this world, like "luving someone who is strait"; a dream-like narrative, including a bit about a parrot who's in love with a cat; a comic by Sina in which Kal and Gobby return in a spaceship to the bar where they were once exotic whores; zine reviews.

50p+postage ($3 US?) to Concerned Muthers c/o Box 385A Surbiton, Surrey KT6 7YJ UK 28 pages, Euro digest

Conmocion Issue 1
*Conmocion is a new magazine for latina lesbians from the publishers of Esto No Tiene Nombre. Some is in English, some in Spanish. Contents include an interview with writer Cherrie Moraga; an article about musician Lourdes Perez; an article about black latina lesbians; an article about writer Achy Obejas; advice from the fictional character Erotiza Memaz; a latina lesbian activist's survival guide; a directory of latina lesbian organizations in the Americas; performance artist Carmelita Tropicana; an interview with Luz Maria Umpierre about homophobia in academia; Carmen Vazquez of the New York Lesbian and Gay Community Center; more.

$3 to Conmocion 1521 Alton Road #336 Miami Beach FL 33139

Consort Craving Issue 2-3
*Consort is the hometown of k.d. lang, but the title of this is k.d. lang fan-zine also suggests another meaning. Sightings of k.d. lang; reviews of recent lang music; Melissa Etheridge wonders why the tabloids don't say she's having an affair with k.d., and reveals that she was influenced to come out by k.d.; k.d.'s reseblence to Chachi; getting a crush on a woman at Wal-mart; k.d.'s Miss Chatelaine femme persona. #3 includes a response to an article that said k.d. was getting a big butt; dreams of k.d.; the k.d./Star Trek connection; an interview about Ingenue; Ellen Degeneres shows a k.d. video; more lang tidbits.

$2 to Consort Craving Box 424801 SF CA 94142-4801 20 pages, half standard

Cross-Talk: The Gender Community's News & Information Monthly Issue #64
*In addition to all the usual news and columns, there's a transcript of a discussion about transsexual lesbians; an article about politics and the gender community; and an article about electronic mailing lists dealing with alternative lifestyles.Email: kymmer@xconn.com

$7 to Cross-Talk Box 944 Woodland Hills CA 91365 44 pages, standard

Cubbyhole Issue 1
Some collages with words on various topics: people's attitudes about rape; In 1920, women attained the right to vote. This was also the first year of the Miss America Pageant"; fuck cars; comic about girls fucking shit up by peeing in public, stealing electricity, etc; the waif look; kissing a straight girl; the rebel girl; record reviews; space capsule lists; zine reviews.

stamps to Caroline Brown 507 Divisidero #C SF CA 94117- 2212 16 pages, Mini

Cupsize Issue 3
+A well-written zine with thoughtful articles on topics related to feminism, bisexuality, and other topics. Reports on incidents of actual courtesy from strangers; trimming leg hair with a scissors; an icon of bisexuality: a bicycle; a hilarious article on the fear of being serenaded by guitarists; advice to flush holes left after wisdom tooth surgery with a plastic syringe to avoid problems; a really well-written article about Riot Grrrl and the mainstream media; watching TV in public places such as dorm TV rooms; questioning the cyberutopia; a rant about annoying hippie professors; deciding what to do with sweepstakes winnings; wishing for a girl-run guitar shop; giving the zen stare to people who need to get real; reclaiming as bisexual historical figures who have been called gay or lesbian; historical women writers; the truth about night people; fashion industry girl clothes for women; a piece about postmodernism and the fear of birds; companies that support anti-choice groups; maxi pads; zine reviews.Email: amc45@columbia.edu

to Cupsize Box 1678, 3001 Broadway NY NY 10027 32 pages, half legal

This is a zine that documents a video project of the same name produced by identical twin queers Robert & Donald Kinney. The video is about a woman who lives on a hog farm with her son. Her brother-in-law, who was in a mental institution because of his homosexuality, moves to the farm, and begins to sexually pursue the son, who reciprocates. The mother tries to thwart their liasons. The zine contains accounts of the production of the video, information about the Kinneys' other projects, and information about electroshock treatment of homosexuals.

$3? to Monozygote Productions 1050 University Ave, Suite 103-310 San Diego CA 92103 80 pages, half legal

Demure Butchness Issue 6
Miss Epiphany is taken into custody for murdering Lady Miss Jill with a milk truck; a reaction to a review of Demure Butchness; lost diaries of Lady Miss Jill; the River Phoenix/James Dean connection; old guard S/M rules that ought to be broken, like you can only be a top or a bottom; top 10 boinkable celebs; gossip from Nebraska; a week in the life of a Mpls. fag; a letter from a priest to a straying youth; top 20 hot men of Mpls.; an analysis of the decline in fortunes of a gay bar; confessions of a suburban homo; drag queen reviews; being a horror movie fan; dear crabby column. The "Nasty Issue" will be out soon, and back issues are available.

$3 to Demure Butchness Box 2049, Loop Station Mpls MN 55402 48 pages, half legal

Derogatory Reference Issue 79
*This publication is in the form of diary entries about goings-on and observations. Among the topics: a pagan handfasting with two brides; the Stonewall 25 march; the Readercon science fiction convention; information highway DUI; more.

$1/trade to Arthur Hlavaty 206 Valentine St. Yonkers NY 10704-1814 12 pages, standard

The Desert Peach Issue 22
*In this issue of Donna Barr's comic about the Desert Fox's gay brother, a woman is assigned to the Afrika Korps battalion that the Desert Peach commands, resulting in much uproar among the soldiers.

$5 to AEON 5014-D Roosevelt Way NE Seattle WA 98105 52 pages, comic book

Dingus: A zine about dick Issue 2
The cover picture features the Poppin' Fresh guy popping a boner. Contents include a comic about a baby with a big penis; an interview with performance artist Keith Hennessy; name that cock based on photos and quotes; a story about what happens when the power goes off in a bar; dick secrets of the superheroes; poetry by Trebor; drawings of dirty old men; comic about visiting a sex club. Age statement required.

$1.75 to Dingus 2031 Castro St #31 SF CA 94131 24 pages, digest Age statement required.

Dirty Issue vol 2 #1
This publication has dirty homo sex stories. There's reviews of an adult video booth store,Rick Castro's Bondage Book, and the Grand Central Station bathrooms; letters from readers about their true sexual experiences; nude photos; a guy who manages to fake a hustler into thinking that he's a hustler too, and has sex with him in a video booth; a fill-in-the-blanks porno story; personal ads. Also available is E*Dirty, a Macintosh disk that contains many of the features of a regular issue of dirty, with some extras, like a photo that morphs from a guy with his clothes on to one of a guy naked. The electronic version of a fill-in-the-blanks story works really well -- you fill in a list of blanks, and the story is displayed for you. E-Dirty is $12, and includes a paper copy of Dirty. Age statement required. Email: riotboyyy@aol.com

$3.75 to Chris Leslie Box 1697, Peter Stuyvesant Station NY NY 10009 40 pages, digest Age statement required.

Diseased Pariah News Issue 9
It's been a year, but there's finally a new issue of DPN. This issue includes an explanation of why DPN trashed Randy Shilts; dealing with your lover's vulture relatives; a story about a caregiver who sleeps with AIDS widows; trying to get into a treatment study; "When a Jewish Kvetch gets HIV"; DPN nude centerfold; "HIVers are sexier"; an article about Marinol; an interview with Larry Kramer; porn potato video review; a review of a book about near death experiences and possible non-supernatural explanations for them; an article about a pissed-off kitty who is leuko-positive; get fat don't die recipes.

$3 to DPN c/o Men's Support Center Box 30564 Oakland CA 94604 40 pages, half legal

Dong Ling's Removable Tattoos
+Well, here's an interesting item -- temporary tattoos with pink triangles and rainbow flags and various other elements like eagles, tigers, scorpions, dragons, and modern primitive patterns. Show your pride on weekends and wash 'em off so you can look normal at work on Monday.

$3.99 to Dong Ling's Removable Tattoos Box 309 Butterfield MN 56120

Doomed Rabbit
This is subtitled "Recipes from the Leather Community and Friends," and as you might expect, it's not exactly a vegan cookbook. There are a few veggie and cheese entres that are at least vegetarian, though. There are several intriguing recipes from New Orleans donated by Uncle John. And there's a section of non-food recipes, including bath salts, leather care, and an enema. The proceeds are being donated to organizations fighting right-wing anti-gay initiatives in Washington state.

16.93 to EROS 1202 East Pike St #656 Seattle WA 98122-3934

Dork Dyke Issue 1
The Dork Dyke profile; Wonder Woman and amazon history; T.V. heroes like Velma and Cagney & Lacey; music reviews; a plug for independent bookstores; dork dyke fashion; funny drawings of author book photograph types; book reviews; pick-up lines for dork dykes; fake ad for overpriced empowering kweer kandy.

$1 to Tara Moyle 1319 1/2 W. Estes #26 Chicago IL 60626

Double Bill Issue 3
The "Bills" of the title are the villian William Burroughs, and his nemesis, William Conrad. There's a comic about how William Conrad runs out of whipped butter, and the only supply is hoarded by dykes at the Waffle Palace in Mexico City. A letter from William Burroughs' secretary James Grauerholz, who claims Burroughs invented queer zines.

$3? to Double Bill Box 55 Sta E Toronto Ontario M6H 4E1 Canada 32 pages, half legal

Dragazine Issue 8
*Dragazines is a professional quality magazine about drag with a full-color cover. Features cover Wigstock; the New York club Squeeze Box, which features drag queens singing rock songs; charm school reunion; porn star Lana Luster; an article on the late playwright and actor Ethyl Eichelberger; Lucy impersonator Cameron Todd; versitile female celebrity impersonator Jim Bailey; South Africa's most famous drag queen, Evita Bezuidenhout; Guy Pearce of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert; an interview with playright and acrtress Sarah Miles, who wrote a play about a married man who comes out as a transsexual; 1970s genderfuck drag troupe "The Cycle Sluts". Plus drag in the media, and other items.

$5.95 (add $2 outside US and Canada) to Dragazine Box 461795 West Hollywood CA 90046 48 pages, standard

DV8 Issue 1
This zine is edited by Lea, who used to be involved with Children of the Void. A story about a guy sucking olives out of a woman's cunt; Captain Sodomy's column; how to achieve enlightenment; a story about a het male sadist; a story about a guy on a rampage; the destruction of Laguna Canyon; music reviews.

$2 to Lea Box 2643 Rancho Cordova CA 95741-2643 52 pages, digest

DWAN Issue 9
*A piece by Rachel Frost that's sort of a fairy tale about a mother who kills her son; a translation of a traditional Spanish ballad about incest; excerpts from the gospels; a story by Tom Scut about cats he had as a kid; a piece by Vytautas Pliura called "Mama Was Rally Jean Harlow."

2 stamps to Donny Smith Box 411 Bellefonte PA 16823 16 pages, digest Free to prisoners.

Dyke Review Issue Summer 1994
Dyke Review prints articles that cover a range of lesbian experience. Contents this time include resources for women veterans; a story about two women who have sex in their parked car; "Strapped," a story about a woman who's packing something in her pants; a woman and her cat fall in love with the same woman; the boom in lesbian magazine publishing; film reviews; travel girl goes to Hawaii; Black women promoters book hotels and increase the participation of people of color during Dinah Shore weekend; confessions of a compulsive masturbator; a bike trip in Ireland.

$4 to Dyke Review 584 Castro Suite 456 SF CA 94114 48 pages, standard

Eidos Issue vol 7 #3
"Everyone Is Doing Outrageous Sex." There's so much stuff in Eidos, it's hard to know where to start. First off, letters from readers and various other folks. It seems that Eidos has been having difficulty getting past customs in England. There are several pages of erotic poetry. The review section is extensive, and includes reviews from Pat Califia's "Sensuous Magic" to John (Mr. Andrea Dworkin) Stoltenberg's new book. Plus essays on obscenity, Lady Green on becoming a Dominant, the sexual roots of religion, and more. And there's a large section of personal ads from all over the world.

$15 to Eidos Box 96 Boston MA 02137 72 pages, tabloid

Everard Review Issue 2
The Everard Review is a thoughtful magazine about queer culture. It's really refreshing to read something that has some deep analysis of queer issues. It's edited by C. Bard Cole, who also wrote several of the articles. Contents include: a piece by C. Bard Cole about buying books that must have belonged to the collection of a gay man with tastes similar to his own whom he never got to meet; a story of Isa Moskowitz about a woman and her mother; "Statements from a Relationship" by Owen Keehnen; a roundtable discussion about peoples' teenage sex experiences; a comparison of Bruce Bawers' "A Place At The Table" with works of gay fiction; a history of gay pornographic cinema; an interview with Moose 100, who wrote scripts for some early gay porn movies; an interviews by Owen Keehnen with Irish lesbian author Emma Donoghue and historian George Chauncy, author of "Gay New York"; a tongue-in-cheek review by Daniel Spiro of a book by Jeffery Dahmer's father; a comparison of the old and new "Joy of Gay Sex"; a review of a 70's porn novel.Email: riotboyyy@aol.com

$4.70 to Chris Leslie Box 1697, Peter Suyvesant Station NY NY 10009 60 pages, digest

Evidence of Frozentown Issue 1-2
These zines have nice color-xerox covers -- #1 has a cover that looks like a package wrapped in brown paper and string. Both of them have candy and stickers in them also. #1 is entitled "My Favorite Object." Contents include a story about working at a mental ward; the instructions for a 1910 electrical shock-wand called "The Violetta"; items about pumkins, including their use in pornography. #2 is called "Valentine," and includes stuff about love, like you'd expect. It includes a story of going to a formal banquet with a crush-worthy boy, and Ann Margaret's role in the Who's Tommy.

$3.50 to Rachel Frost Box 2362 Seattle WA 98111-2362 44 pages, digest

Fag In New York, Gay in L.A.
A new poetry chapbook edited by Drew Blood. His poems include "Boy 2 Boy," which begins "No two spoons lie together/Fit together, the perfect match." Bob Z. contributes "Motorsicko," about the ultimate modern primitive. "Now is Not the Time for Remorse" is a loving tribute to Mr. Blood. "The Pink Triangle People" describes how boring an Earth without queer people would be.

$1 to Drew Blood 3410 First St. Riverside CA 92501 12 pages, digest

Fanorama Issue 10
Fanorama is right up there in my top ten of currently published queer zines. Photos from REB's growing up; a piece about self-esteem and feeling unattractive; photos of queer kids in the early 70s; fighting the right wing; photos from Woodstock '94; Rage Boy comic pondering the latest election's swing to the right; more ways to piss off gay white men; a collage of shirtless boys who all look the same; the totally perfect boyfriend quiz; an Anonymous Boy drawing; zine reviews; a guy turns down a cocksucking; a piece about having sex with a guy with scars; a comic by Saro of SHME about superhero's sex lives; a debate about NAMBLA; the New Kids On The Block start a phone sex business.

$5 to Fanorama c/o REB, 109 Arnold Avenue Cranston, RI 02905. 52 pages, half legal Free to prisoners.

Fat Girl: A Zine for Fat Dykes and the Women Who Want Them Issue 2
*Comic about chainsawing places that are too small; answers to questions like "How do you feel the dyke community treats you as a fat dyke"; news items about fat people; a grandfather who made fun of his fat granddaughter even though he was also fat; a round table on the issues of age and fat; 800 numbers of the diet industry; a couple of advice columns; a recipe; a review of the performance group 4 Big Girls; a S/M erotic story about a woman who answers a crossed paths personal ad; photos of butts; photos from the Fat Girl benefit; a review of Women En Large, a book of nude photos of fat women; "Dinner with April," a photo spread of a woman touching herself on a dining table; the adventures of Super Slut and Dyke Boy; an article about fat politics called "Is Radical Lesbian Feminism the Only Radical Approach?"; a story about two bulimic girls; an article about issues that have come up while doing the magazine; book reviews; a short story called "Butch Baiting"; resources; personal ads. There is a web page for Fat Girl. Email: airborne@sirius.com

$5 to Fat Girl 2215-R Market St. Box 193 SF CA 94114 72 pages, standard

Feedback Issue 27
*Most of this issue is a review of a live show by John Cale. There's also a list of thing that Carol's NOT reviewing, for various reasons.

78 cents in stamps to Feedback 619 N. Magnolia Lansing MI 48912 4 pages, standard

Fembot Issue 666
A visit to the Winchester mystery house; misogynistic gay men; a road trip to the March on Washington; an interview with the Bartlebees; The Gryphon, a superhero; Scott, who says health food is the cure for cancer and AIDS, and says that Tina Turner sings "what's love Scott to do with it."

1 dead baby to Fembot Box 421912 SF CA 94142-1912 20 pages, digest

Fetish Times Issue 4
Different types of transvestitles; an interview with a post- operative transsexual; people who are chronic tops; an erotic story about Lilith; "The TV as fetishist or new man"; Splosh, an organization for people who enjoy messy sex, covered in food or mud; flagelation in writing from Roman times; first night at a fetish club; news items, letters, and contact info.

$10 cash to Fetish Times BCM Box 6883 London WC1N 3XX UK 68 pages, standard

Fifth Street Musicians Issue 1
A converstion in Brazil about a creating a movement of 20- something people; an article about German queers; getting an HIV test; comic about two men who could've had sex, but didn't; reviews of films, music, comics, and zines. #2 includes a piece about dreaming about theory; a story in two episodes of strange incidents on beaches; margeting targeted at gay men; a piece about objectification of women in the media; a comic called "I was a teenage homophobe".

2 stamps to Kevin McCulloch Haverford College Haverford PA 19041 8 pages, standard

Frighten the Horses Issue 13
FtH is a long-running magazine that mixes erotic fiction with thoughtful pieces about sexual politics. Mark Pritchard writes about why he got his piercings; Cris Guiterrez writes about going to extremes; a fake Jack Chick comic by Angela Bocage and Mark Freeman; a woman embalms the body of a man who died of AIDS; Fag Hag, in which a woman has sex with a gay man at a sex club; Michael Botkin reveals that "Men Are Pigs," in an article about men who thrive on deceptive multiple relationships; A Burroughs- esque piece (down to the mid-Eastern location and misogyny) about a master and his Buttfucking Cocksucking Slave; an article that traces the history of "satanic panic" from the witch hunts of the 17th century to the "satanic abuse" fad of the present day. Plus news items about sexuality, censorship and other issues, including dowry killings in Inda and abortion rights news.

$6 to Heat Seeking Publishing 41 Sutter St. #1108 SF CA 94104 56 pages, standard

Fucktooth Issue 16-17
Fucktooth is something of an anomaly in the zine world. Most zines barely manage to put out one or two issues, but FT has gotten well into the double digits. There's plenty of writing here, both "rants" by Jen Angel and articles by others. #16 includes: Jen advises crusty punks to brush their teeth or face the consequences; voting for third parties sends more of a message than not voting; a change of mind about guns; women and the scene; an article on cool stuff going on in Ohio; tips for zine editors; an article about control units in prisons, where prisoners are locked in their cells 23 hours a day; the Bloomington Women's Health Collective; Food Not Bombs; Larry-bob on mainstream gay magazines; good and bad things about Bad Religion; plus many zine reviews. #17: Show reviews; rants about capitalism, corporations, women's health issues, legalization of drugs; tips on distribution and addresses of distributors; an interview witha a tattoo artist; an article by someone with tattoos; a guy writes about his belly button piercing; a report on Tacoma; a piece in memory of Bob Stinson; super maximum security prisons; frequently asked question file about Ska; zine reviews and letters.

$1 + 1 stamp to Jen Angel (don't put Fucktooth on the envelope!) PO Box 43604 Cleveland OH 44143 72 pages, digest

Fuh Cole Issue 5
This is the last issue of this queer zine with an attitude. Travel diaries of NY and LA, and Baker, California; a clipping about novelist James Robert Baker killing Al Jourgensen; Dave finds his real parents: Jim and Debbie Goad of Answer Me!; nearly wordless comic about breaking windows; a summary of Johnny Noxema's film Project 36-C; an interview with Mark and Joanna of Homocore Chicago, which puts on shows by queer bands; a crush on a punk radio D.J.; an interview with Caroline Azar of Fifth Column.

$2 to Fuh Cole Box 477765 Chicago IL 60647 56 pages, half legal

The Funny Children Issue 2
A diary piece with thoughts about being a bisexual man in a long-term relationship with another man; a page about Sina of Concerned Muthers; an announcement for the next issue, which will be a video issue; info about the band Sexploitation; the Musee mechanique; the guys from the Italian zine Speeddemon; plans for Queer High in Denair, Ca, which will have a kick-ass all-lesbian football team; Moon talks about his all-queer amateur hour show on Live 105 radio, and offers a tape recording of it.

$1 to The Funny Children Box 424801 SF CA 94142-4801 16 pages, digest

Futility Issue 6
*Excerpts of someone's writings in the margins of a self- help book; part 5 of the Boyish Charm story, about a highschool kid who has a crush on another boy, but can't quite manage to tell him; a rant about a clueless zinester; several poems.Email: marianne.rackliffe@the-spa.com

$2 to Futility 258 Ashley Ave West Springfield MA 01089 44 pages, digest

Gaeraj Issue #B
A story about the "Gay-razh," a loft where the editor used to live with some other interesting queers, including Tod Streater; there's some photos of Tod and a poem about him; Carrie of For Your Skull contributes a comic about her homophobic parents trying to get her committed to a mental institution; an excerpt from a novel about a gay 18-year-old and his best friend. Plus there's lots of photos and drawings -- it's not a solid block of text like some zines, but draws you in visually.

$3 to Nathan Kibler 903 Union #601 Seattle WA 98101-1912 40 pages, digest

Gaylactic Gayzette Issue vol 9 #1
*This is a publication of Gaylaxians International, an organization for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and other science fiction fans. Reviews of biographies and memoirs in speculative fiction; preparations for Gaylaxicon in Niagra Falls in May '95; forthcoming books of interest; James T. Kirk vs. the Roadrunner; a calander of events. Membership is $10 a year.

to Noel Welch Box 675 Lanham MD 20703-0675 8 pages, standard

Gayme Issue 2.1
An article by Harry Hay about a new vision of gay liberation; Mitzel defends single-sex dorms; "Boys don't have penises" and "Boys, Cocks, Desire," a couple of articles about penises couched in academic language; an excerpt from TAZ; an article about 19th century photographer Von Gloeden, who photographed Italian youths. Plus lots of photos -- we are assured that the nude ones are of guys over 18.

$6 to Gayme Box 15645, Kenmore Station Boston MA 02215 76 pages, standard

Gay Saivite Hindu Brotherhood Zine
+Steven is trying to set up a group for this gay hindu order in the Chicago area upon his release next year. Contents include some plans for this order; a section of quotes from various Swamis; instruction for the solo celebration of the linga, in other words a spiritual masturbation practice. Trade for gay zines without illustrations of penises or send $2.50 money order made out with Steven's name and prison ID number.

to Steven Meschino-N84986 RR#4 Box 28C Jacksonville IL 62650-9347 4 pages, standard

Gazelle Issue April 95
+This is a mostly French language magazine for lesbians. There's an articles on synchronization of menstrual cycles; a women's political action group; domestic violence; the importance of pap smears and breast exams; personal ads.

to Gazelle 1212 St-Hubert Montreal PQ H2L 3Y7 Canada 32 pages, digest

Gendertrash Issue 3
*A poem about being an epileptic transsexual; results of a questionaire asking women's shelters whether they would admit transsexual women; a report on transsexual women being allowed to enter the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival; a poem called "Don't call me mister 'Cause I'm a TS Butch"; an analysis of the statement "A Man wanting to be a woman is like a white person wanting to be Black"; genderphobia in separatism and the patriarchy; the text of a speech about bisexuals and transgendered people; in this installment of the TSe-TSe TerroriSm story, a visit to see a transsexual stand-up commedian; Toronto's Prisoners with HIV/AIDS Support Action Network starts working on TS/TG issues; directory of services and publications; personal ads; also available are buttons and videos.

$6 to Genderpress Box 500-62, 552 Church St. Toronto Ontario M4Y 2E3 Canada 44 pages, standard Free to prisoners.

Get What You Want Issue 1
The intro states "There need to be more stuff about freaky dykes 'n' sexwork 'n' SM 'n' safe sex 'n' different body body 'n' havin' a good time living the dream. Living erotically." The form this takes is comics. There's a cafe scene filled with all sorts of different women; a comic about an erotic dancer; a rabbit and a tortise try to make their relationship work out; a jill-off at the vibrator shop; a woman who comes in flames; a birthday celebration with spankings and candles; more. Note the corrected price.

$4 to Mary Anderson 418 Duboce St. SF CA 94117 32 pages, digest

Ginger's Hut Issue 1
+Judy's last zine was called "Structure." The path of coming out; a piece written in the voice of a woman who was killed by her partner; a timeline of womyn in rock; an ad for your very own Punk Rock Boy to vomit in your sink full of dishes; a list of music by women; an article by a s/m dyke; poetry and diary writing; live music and zine reviews.

$2? to Judy Ricardi 71 Russell St #3 Worcester MA 01609 40 pages, standard

Girlfrenzy Issue 5
This zine has lots of comics by women, plus tons of other info. Some of the comics: "I Married a Music Journalist"; "Hardcore Man"; memories of going to the Greeham women's encampment as a girl; coffee comic by Lee Kennedy; having lust for Sharon of God Is My Co-Pilot; an embarassing experience at the gynecologist; Megan Kelso comic about Kurt Cobain. The articles include: an interview with Stereolab; Barbie Liberation Army and violent women in films; a history of Riot Grrrl UK; an interview with musician Ruth Miller; Lo-fi music; Val Langmuir talks about the Spirit of Stonewall, which defended the right of Nambla to march in the Stonewall 25 parade; a review of a queercore event with Sister George and Children's Hour; a defense against 4 Non Blondes backlash; Dusty Springfield; plus many comics and zine reviews.

$4/1.80 pounds to Erica Smith Box 148 Hove, East Sussex BN3 3DQ UK 44 pages, Euro Standard

Girlfriends: The Magazine of Lesbian Enjoyment Issue Nov/Dec 1994
This is a new glossy lesbian magazine. An article about a young HIV+ lesbian; Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen, who has had a price put on her head by Islamic fundamentalists; the safety of vaginal fisting is examined; a list of groovy places in Austin; rock fashion; lesbian motherhood; an interview with Laura Antoniou of the Leatherwoman book series; dyke movie directors; full-color centerfold entitled "Princess of the Poinsettias"; advice column by Pat Califia; an excerpt from the Nancy Clue mystery "The Case of the Good-for-nothing Girlfriend"; S/M dyke photographer Catherine Opie; a Hothead Paisan strip; book and video reviews.

$5 to Girlfriends Box 713 Half Moon Bay CA 94019 52 pages, standard

Girlhero Issue 3
The cover of this comic features a diorama of a drawing of a woman that's been riveted to a wooden cross and photographed so it has shadows and looks 3-d. I thought the highlight of the issue was a really cool story about two temp workers, one from the past, one from the present, who switch time periods. The woman who's travelled to the future can't figure out the copier, while the woman who's travelled to the past can't take shorthand. Both of them have lecherous bosses. This issue also includes another episode of the story of Bottlecap and her riveter friends who are organizing against the Boehaeuser corporation. The battered wife of the corporation's president is hiding Animata, after a bomb blast that blew up the rebels' hideout.

$3 to Megan Kelso/ High Drive Publications 4505 University Way #536 Seattle WA 98105 28 pages, standard

Girljock Issue 13
I don't think many people would agree with the straight woman who wrote a letter to Girljock saying that athleticism and sexuality should be dealt with separately. Girljock deals with sports, lesbian sexuality, and humor, and mixes them all together in a tasty package. This issues's contents: a piece about a friend who died of breast cancer; Barbie's little sister Stacy goes girl jock; the Dear Femme Jock column; a guide to jogbras; an interview with Kristin Hersh; an interview with Eileen Myles; a gay and lesbian boxing club that actually boxes; a report on the Gay Games; the Women's Rugby World Championship; a rugby comic by Terry Sapp; Sports Slut advice column; a cigarette girl speaks out; searching for diabetic chocolate; unlikely matchbook covers.

$5 to Girljock Box 882723 SF CA 94118-2723 52 pages, standard

Gogglebox Issue 3
About half of this issue is devoted to a really great diary of a trip from Cleveland to New Orleans. Jennifer's companion on the road trip is a lesbian named Lisa whom she barely knows. The "theme" of the trip is going with the Flow, and by just letting things happen they meet all sorts of amazing people. Among the highlights: discovering a great punk scene in Lima, hanging out at the IHOP in Jackson, Mississippi with a couple gay men and picking up a straight redneck boy who accompanies them on the rest of the trip, and having dyke day in New Orleans. Other stuff in the zine includes essays on school by kids of various ages; a write-up of four cults: Moonies, the Temple of the True Inner Light, Lubavitch jews, and Rush Limbaugh, including a visit to his show; stories about the gradual loss of virginity.

$1 + 2 stamps to Jennifer Columbia University P.O. Box 250402 NY NY 10027 56 pages, digest

Going Homo Issue 5
Depression over the election results; a call to action against right-wingers who are trying to get anti-gay initiatives on the ballot; an article called "The Biggest Cocks I Have Ever Seen In My Whole Life"; a reprint of Mitzel's article "A Problem In American Ethics" from Gayme; drawings, photos, etc.

two 32 cent stamps to Stephen Dedalus/G.H. Box 3403 Tucson AZ 85722 24 pages, digest

*This is a collection of comix on gay themes originally published in City Limits Magazine. Among the comix: how to tell if your boyfriend is a werewolf; secrets of disco music; new hanky codes; hooded sweatshirts, a fashion item that also comes in handy as an emergency ashtray; a sequence in which Groc is kidnapped by drag queens; the effects of the passage of anti-gay laws; an encounter with a born-again Christian. Also available for $3 is Ginger, another comic zine.

$3 to Groc 4 Wellingham Avenue Hitchin Herts. SG5 2UJ UK. 36 pages, Irregular

Gurls with Guns Issue 8
An open letter to Little Miss Popularity; not being able to find a handicapped parking place when with a friend with MS; a stupid postal worker fucks up; a pointless school assembly about drunk driving; an interview with Kicking Giant; peeves about purchasing "feminine protection" products; talking with the Lunachicks; Molly Ringwald movies in which she always got the guy.

$1 to Gurls with Guns Box 1546 Havertown PA 19083 16 pages, standard

Hairy Cleavage: not just naked bodies -- naked souls Issue 2
This is an artful sex-oriented zine that doesn't just stick to one sexual orientation. A real life love letter; poetry and drawings by gay poet Allen Renfro; a "1-sided conversation" with R. L. Nichols; wacky, sexy comics by Maria Bjorklund ("Lets' put the vagina into the penis!"); a story in which a girl has sex with a guy's girlfriend while he watches, but when they have sex on their own later, he's not so happy; photos of a guy's asshole in use as a flower vase, and of a guy jerking off; an erotic cutting story; "Dope Famine" comic; Rexall Rose cafe and zine store; more poetry.

$5 to Hairy Cleavage 4326 SE Woodstock #436 Portland OR 97206 32 pages, standard

Handjobs: Cum Dripping Daddy-Boy Stories Issue Feb 1995
Most of this publication is composed of sex stories about "daddies" and their "boys," illustrated with photos and drawings. Plus, the winners of the Handjobs cock logo look-alike contest and a section of personal ads. Their disclaimer states "Despite the use of terms such as 'boy' or 'son,' all characters in the fiction in Handjobs are 18 years of age or older." Also available is the Coach Calendar, with locker-room drawings by Julius ($15), and a comic book by Julius called "The Bavarian Chronicles," about a kid's sexual adventures in wartime Germany with his uncle, father, and other men ($20). Age statement required.

$4.50 to Avenue Services Box 390811 Mountain View CA 94039 44 pages, digest Age statement required.

Hands Off!
The profits from this comic book go to Washington Citizens for Fairness to help fight hate and discrimination. Contributors include Peter Kuper, Stan Shaw, Seth, Roberta Gregory, Joe Sacco, Dan Savage and Dominic Capello, Eric Shanower, Justin Hampton, Ward Sutton, James Sturm, Fiona Smyth, Jason Waskey, Wayne Sela- barger, Michael Dougan, Shannon Wheeler, Megan Kelso, Mark Campos, Mr. Mike, Ben Trissel and Brian O'Connell, Ruben Bolling, J.R. Williams, Pat Moriarity and David Greenberger, Trina Robbins, Shary Flenniken, Kathleen Bennet and Scott Faulkner, Bruce Chrislip, Alison Bechdel, David Lasky, Maurice Vellekoop, Donna Barr, Peter Bagge, Dennis Eichhorn and Holly Tuttle, Joe Newton, Tom Tomorrow, Ellen Forney, Llyod Dangle, Ed Fotheringham, Pablo, and Tim Gabor. Whew! Lots of great artists, and for a good cause.

$2.95 to Ward Sutton 501 N. 36th St Suite 350 Seattle WA 98103 44 pages, comic book

Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review Issue vol 2 #1
*An analysis of David Leavitt; an interview with Dorothy Allison; a couple of articles about gay activism in the 50's, with Harry Hay on the Matachine Society and Martin and Lyon on the Daughters of Bilitis; Karla Jay lesbian life in New York in the 70s; many book reviews.Email: hglreview@aol.com

$5 to Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review Box 180722 Boston MA 02118 50 pages, standard

Her Posse Issue 1
+A rant that says that gays and lesbians do not exist -- only queers and straights -- gays are essentially straight assholes who sleep with members of their own gender; a hate-letter to Jodie Foster from a former fan; why homos should listen to gansta rap; a piece by a woman who does frat boy drag and hyper- femme drag; Miss Manners' guide to the healthy gay lifestyle; a shit list including Liz Phair and Edmund White; a call to queers to bash gays.

postage to King Johnny Comet Box 15137 Boston MA 02215 20 pages, half legal

Hey Luv!
In this comic book by Jeremy Dennis, Hey Luv takes on street harassers with the help of her steel-toed Doc loafers. Plus the Babe with no name, who walks into bars like Clint Eastwood and cooly shoots men's heads off. If you like Hothead Paisan or Bitchy Bitch, you'll like this.

$2/75p to c/o D. Cugley 255b Banbury Rd Oxford OX2 7HN UK 28 pages, Euro digest

Holy Titclamps Issue 14
Queer History issue. Joe Westmoreland on punk and San Francisco in '79; "I Was Queer When Gay Meant Happy" by REB; "My Unexceptional Dyke Life" by Spence; "Out of Iowa" by Mountain Lily; "Roy Cohn Revisited" and an article on the actor Ernest Thesiger by Larry-bob; D. Travers Scott on a young fag's first visit to the Hot Rod Shop; "I Was a Twinkie for the Catholic Church" by Mick Dee; an interview with a member of Toronto new wave band The Dishes by Alan O'Connor; "Intergenerational Yearning" by John Paul Ricco; "Schmitty" by Tom Scut; an article about queer anarchists Nechaev and Bakunin by Robynski. Plus art by Andy Baird, Jim Jeske, and Jorge Domingos. [This summary written by Larry-bob, editor of Holy Titclamps and Queer Zine Explosion] Email: larrybob@prismnet.com

$3 to Holy Titclamps Box 590488 SF CA 94159-0488 64 pages, digest Free to prisoners.

Homoboy Issue 5
This issue has a lot of poetry, some from various poetry performance pieces. Here's a quote from "for Dennis Cooper" -- "mouths too numb from too much/ of whatever to stop." Plus there's a list of retro-80's bands that they play at #'s bar, and a rant/tribute about #'s; a sketch by Anonymous Boy; a glitter flower by Eric's 4-year-old nephew.

$1 to Eric 10415 Tenneta Houston TX 77099 12 pages, digest

Homocore Toronto Issue 4
This issue is called "El Otro Lado/Puro Pinche Punk." Each article is accompanied by a summary in Spanish. A report on Stonewall 25, including the illegal marches and the punk shows; a diary of a trip to Mexico City, including hanging out with punks at the market and seeing bands play; a report on the Peterborough Anarchist Gathering.

$1/free in Mexico & Latin America to Homocore Toronto Box 271, Station F Toronto Ontario M4Y 2L7 Canada 16 pages, digest

Homoture Issue 6
This issue has "Everyone wants sex, but no one wants to pay for it" on the cover, with a picture of a guy hitch-hiking in the nude. "That Slut Boy" is about a bunch of vaccuous homos; "Stunt Dick" is about a porn movie actor who can't get it up; personal ads gleaned from gay newpapers; "Too Many Cute Boys in this town are Dykes," a dialog between two guys; a piece about being an erotic dancer; a male whore who offers studman discounts has sex with a porn actor; a washed-up screenwriter gets a job as a male escort; "Beyond Boldface" offers some thoughts about zines and activism. Plus there's photos of Veronica Klaus applying hot wax and clothespins to a guy, and Jerome making art with saran-wrapped boys.

$4 to Homoture Box 191781 SF CA 94119-1781 56 pages, half legal

Hormone Frenzy Issue 2
This queer zine has lots of comics in it, and I laughed out loud at times while reading it. Contents include an appreciation of Kim Deal; the crappy new gay magazines Attitude and Phase; a comic about Mark and his friend Claire out looking for men together; Andy of Linus teaches a guitar chord; Kristian advice about avoiding masturbation; Cyberqueer Tales of the City; a flyposter about the lowering of the age of consent; "Sexfactor" comic about two queer superheros; comic about being mistaken for a Christian because of a God Is My Co-Pilot shirt; a gay metal fan answers the question "How come you like heavy metal but you're gay?"; ramblings about personal ads, gay men who say they aren't attracted to straight men, and having a crush on Chris Cornell; comic about a guy whose dad watched porno on TV, and grew up to be gay.

$1/50p/swap to Mark C. Box 361 Cambridge CB1 2BZ UK 24 pages, Euro digest

Hothead Paisan: Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist Issue 17
*In this stream-of-conciousness episode, Hothead deals with people who ask too many questions ("What about statistics?"), gets a visit from some little girls, talks with her Black dyke prostitute witch friend Sharquee, has a vision of evil old white guys, and has talks with her friend Roz and a lamp.

$3.50 to GAP Box 214 New Haven CT 06502 24 pages, digest

Hotwheels Issue 1
The editor describes this as a "homopornographic parody of skater mags." Contents include a reprint of an interview with Henry Rollins from the gay porn mag In Touch from the mid-80's; photos of skaters; a story from a skate mag interspersed with paragraphs from a porno story (talk about reading between the lines).

$3 to P. Bird 2336 Market St. Box 132 SF CA 94114 28 pages, standard

Hung Up
Stories by Jefferey Kennedy, illustrated and beatifully printed by Ian of pas de chance. The cover is of hand-marbled paper, and the illustrations are printed in purple. The story is about a guy named Billy who moves from Olympia to San Francisco, and is told in a series of letters and diary entries spanning a couple years. In the process, he goes through several boyfriends. First there's Jim, who ends up telling the narrator that he's "prickly"; a 50ish guy whom he sleeps with because he "always wanted to fuck an older man"; an encounter with an ex-boyfriend in which Billy is unable to get a hard-on; and a roommate who flirts with him.Email: ian@interlog.com

$5.95 to Pas de chance Box 6704, Station "A" Toronto Ontario M5W 1X5 Canada 44 pages, digest

I'm Not A Feminist But...
+An article about women who use the disclaimer "I'm not a feminist but..."; thoughts about sex differences; bisexuality and pansexuality, and how we're taught as children which children are which gender; a woman who's distributing free food has to deal with a sexist guy; little kids' sense of what is and isn't fair; getting tired of having to call boys on their sexism over and over.

SASE + 20 cents to Ronni 93141 Floras Lk Rd Langlois OR 97450 4 pages, standard

I (Heart) Amy Carter Issue 5
Of course, there's many clippings about Amy Carter, and news that her marriage has been called off, but there's also much more, including "Reflections of a stupid slut," an essay about stereotypes about class and sexuality; a piece about a girl who had to babysit for her brother from the time she was 8; an interview with an actress from the lesbian cult film Times Square; a review of Team Dresch. This is the last issue of this zine, but Tammy will be doing a new one.

$3 to Tammy Rae 241 Bedford Ave Brooklyn NY 11211 40 pages, half legal

I Am Issue 8
In one of the pieces in this zine, Chuck says, "I can't genuinely love a young dude in reality 'cause I'd be imprisoned and really cut off so... I must create an alternative possibility." So this zine is a manifestation of that other possibility; Chuck explores ideas about intergenerational relationships. Among the contents this time: A letter Chuck wrote to his mother in an effort to foster a closer relationship; Noam Chomsky school of intellectual self-defense; a comic about a guy who attempts suicide and has a vision of a boy who tells him suicide is stupid; Chuck gives a narrative of his road trip around the U.S., including a family reunion; stories from trips to Holland and Singapore; many letters from people with Chuck's responses; and drawings of boys.

$10 ($15 deluxe edition with extra color) to Chuck Dodson c/o The Guide Box 593 Boston MA 02199 126 pages, standard

Info Gai Issue 81
+A Spanish gay magazine, with all articles in Spanish. There's an article on the power of the Catholic church; a manifesto by Act Up Barcelona; a comic about a visit to a gay bar; an article about television; an interview with mutidisiplinary performer La Base.

$4? to C/ Paloma 12 baixos-08001 Barcelona Spain 24 pages, standard

InQueery Issue 3
*A publication of BGLAD4Youth, a bisexual, gay and lesbian youth group in New Haven. Pansy Divison tour diary; the movement to prevent cancellation of "My So-Called Life"; a conference about queer youth. They're looking for material by queer youth to print.

$1 to BGLAD4YOUTH c/o APNH Box 636 New Haven CT 06503 4 pages, standard

Inquisitor Issue 3
*Inquisitor is a magazine that actually has in-depth, well- written articles about a variety of interesting and relevant topics. And no advertising. Contents include the copyright pitfalls of making your magazine available on the internet; an observation that magazines have pink covers featuring homosexuals in June; an article about interactive media authoring programs; internet AIDS resources; an article about zines done by women; a piece about sampling; a discography of the Japanese group Plastics; an essay about the death of camp; resources for the hardware hacker; a librarian comments on the difficulty of finding the book you want in a huge chain bookstore; a tour of the White House, complete with web pages; build-your-own telephone kit and electronic organizers for kids.Email: inquisitor@echonyc.com

$5 to Inquisitor Planetarium Station Box 132 NY NY 10024 48 pages, standard

International Queer Non-Conformist Network Issue 3
Excerpt from a letter to Dizzy from a guy who only got responses to a personal ad from people over 30; a rant about kids who listen to major-label punk, but don't get the message in the lyrics, like the "grunge"-looking kids who protested a gay group at Fountain Valley High in southern California; pro-girl, anto- Operation Rescue page.

2 29 cent stamps to Dizzy 72 Sarah Lane Middletown NY 10940 6 pages, standard

James White Review: A Gay Men's Literary Quarterly Issue vol 12 #1
*Plus humo-erotic photos of men in socks. A story about two guys, one of whom is being forced to get married; a guy tells his boyfriend he's HIV+ while they're canoeing; a story about a guy who goes to Morocco to buy a carpet and meets a young man who offers to guide him around; a letter in the voice of a man executed for sodomy in England in 1833; a letter in memory of Assotto Saint; a story about the anti-war movement in 1970 and being lusted after by Allen Ginsberg; more prose, poetry and book reviews.

$3 to Box 3356 Traffic Station Mpls MN 55403 24 pages, tabloid

Joezine Issue 2
This is a collection of Joe Westmoreland's writing. A piece about getting picked up by a guy who wants to make a porn movie; a recipe for fruit salad; 12 more steps to living with HIV; the lesbian of the month; a piece about getting whipped; a piece about having unsafe sex; a list of groovy books, records, films, and internet access points; the first time getting butt-fucked.

to Joezine 319 W. 14th St #2 NY NY 10014 24 pages, half legal Free to prisoners.

Judy! Issue 2
This is a true fan-zine about feminist theorist Judith Butler, and there's finally a new issue. As you may have read in Obscure, Judith Butler wasn't too pleased to find out about this zine, and there's a reprint here of an article from Lingua Franca about the zine, and Judy's letter of response. Also in this issue: some other fanzine possibilities for other feminist scholars; a fantasy about a phone call from Judy; dinner with Gayatri Spivak; Judy paperdoll; gossip about various theory stars; an article "by" Camille Paglia; topless photos of Kathy Acker. Issue 1 is still available for $2. Contributions, particularly comix, are needed for #3.

$3 to Miss Spentyouth Box 1421 Iowa City IA 52244-1421 28 pages, digest

+Some musings about travel and coming back to the scene in Santa Cruz; writing about how people of color are made invisible in the punk scene -- and how the writer is also guilty for assuming the reader is white; a diagram of indicators of a letter bomb (looks like most of the mail I get); memories of a girl; memories of rock climbing; interesting things like ear candles; childhood fantasies about being tortured by a gross boy and rescued by a crush boy; the past couple years of punk history in Santa Cruz; a densely typed page with the word "queer" alternating with other words; a dream about getting raped; a "fuck Kent McClard" rant.

$1 to Carrie & Bean 304 Gault Santa Cruz CA 95062 44 pages, Mini

Ketchup Issue 9
+A rave review of Laurie Sprecher's lesbian punk novel Sister Safety Pin; a girl growing up find that there's still oppression in the 90s; great things about being a girl; memories of a childhood friend; music reviews of bands such as Team Dresch and Tattle Tale; a comic about a girl and her best friend, a transvestite named Stephan; slumber parties; a rant about how breasts suck; getting a letter from Carrie of Excuse 17; the problem with punk fashion; film reviews; an art show in D.C.; cable access shows, including Dyke TV.

to God S. 5106 Albemarle St. Wash DC 20016 28 pages, digest

Kill the Robot Issue 8
This is a stream-of-conciousness queer vegan straightedge zine. This issue includes interviews with Vique of the British zine Simba, and ACT-UP member Barry Paddock. There's also a discussion between several queer punk zine editors.

$2 to Kill the Robot Box 296 Yellow Springs OH 45387-2096 32 pages, digest

LadyLike Issue #22
I believe this magazine is mainly oriented towards heterosexual crossdressers. The production values are high (glossy-paper, full-color covers). Extensive interviews and photos of two crossdressers; an advice column; an essay on the question "What Are You? Really"; photos of crossdressers, some in full color; a fictional story about a hormone-taking teenager who's got a girlfriend; a review of Priscilla. Also available is an 88-page Who's Who & Resource Guide to the Transgender Community

$10 to Creative Design Services Box 61263 King of Prussia PA 19406 48 pages, standard

Lancelot: The Newsletter of the Knight Hawks of Virginia Issue 8
This is the newsletter of a "Leather/Levi Lifestyle" organization. There's a story on an on-line tryst entitled "Bootman"; an interview with videographer Kevin Olds; a letter about getting into leather/SM; and info about future club activities.

$1? to Knight Hawks of Virginia Box 606 Norfolk VA 23501 6 pages, standard

Lavender Godzilla Issue Spring 92
Mag by/for Gay Asian men. Articles on Identity, Dance, Family History, and "Confessions of the unmasked," about exoticism and other matters. A new issue is forthcoming.

$4 to GAPA Box 421884 SF CA 94142-1884

The Lavender Salon Reader Issue vol 2 #3
"The Newsletter & Literary Review for Gay & Lesbian Reading Clubs." Included is club news about book discussion groups in Milwaukee, Madison, St. Paul, Ann Arbor, Appleton, and Phoenix. There's an amusing letter from a member of the St. Paul group. Plus reviews of Poppy Brite's Drawing Blood, Tim and Pete by James Robert Baker, and a children's book called "One Dad, Two Dads, Brown Dad, Blue Dads."

$2 to The Lavender Salon Reader 1474 Home Ave Menasha WI 54952 8 pages, standard

Lesbian & Gay Freedom Movement Issue 10
*The LGFM is planning to change their name to something more inclusive, so they're looking for suggestions. An update on changes in British laws about sex; women in the Spanish anarchist movement of the 1930s; a police raid on a fetish club; Ben Wilson, a man who's been jailed since 1973 for 'offences' he says he never committed with his underage boyfriend; incest between siblings is not necessarily negative; people who make the assumption that disabled people aren't sexual; a visit to a squat in Slovenia; a review of "Nudes Pruds & Attitudes: Pornography & Censorship," by a founded or Feminists Against Censorship; an update on Operation Spanner, in which men were convicted of consensual S&M sex; adults who always boss children around; a report on a meeting about Anarchy and Sexual Liberation and the results of a survey from the meeting.

$2 cash to LGFM BM Box 207 London WC1N 3XX UK 12 pages, Euro digest

Lesbian Cartoonists' Network Newsletter Issue vol 3 #1
TheLesbian Cartoonists Network is back in action with new editors. The newsletter features work by cartoonist members, items about opportunties for lesbian cartoonists, a list of new books by LCN members, letters, and news items.

$2.50 to LCN c/o Gosch & Smith Box 5237 Santa Cruz CA 95063 10 pages, standard

Letra de Sangre/Tongues of Fire:Voices of immigrant women and women of color
Patrick Thorne, a female Latina artist who passed for male, writes about Poststructuralist Art; Vania writes about being teased as a child, and things she's doing now, like dancing, photography, and naming her bike Pippi; a series of pieces about a woman who lost a breast to cancer, and gets harassed by men on the street; information about Norplant, a contraceptive which women are sometimes forced to take; a piece by Selena Wahng comparing an essay about Third World cinema with her experiences with Riot Grrrl; Claudia writes about how "It's the revolution white grrrl style and I am not part of it". Plus poetry, woodcuts, and other art.

$2? to S.O.S. Attn: Claudia 1600 Broadway Suite 404 NY NY 10019 32 pages, standard

Lezzie Smut Issue 5
*As you might guess, this is a lesbian sex magazine with lots of black & white photos and erotic writing. It's kind of hard for me to summarize sexy stories and photos, but the other contents include a conversation about the future of porn in Canada and a history of lesbian safe sex issues. One of the pieces of erotic writing with photos is about a group of seven women goes into the woods and gets "beaver fever."

$8 to Hey Grrls! Box 364-1027 Davie St. Vancouver BC V6E 4L2 Canada 44 pages, standard

Lickety-spit:the lean clean bi zine
A stick figure comic about a love triangle with two men and a woman that manages to overcome its jealousy; Jeremy writes about her denim Doc Martins; a comic about a party at which everyone ends up kissing each other; a comic about a girls dormitory; an article about labeling sexuality; reprints of Homocult propaganda.

$2/50p to c/o D. Cugley 255b Banbury Rd Oxford OX2 7HN England 24 pages, Euro digest

Like A Faggot: for fans of Madonna & Sodomy Issue 4
Collages of Madonna pictures; reprints of movie reviews of Dangerous Game, in which Madonna appeared; pictures of naked guys; a blurb for the Encyclopedia Madonnica; the story of a guy's first time having sex with another guy. Age statement required.

$5 to Matthew Rettenmund Box 149 NY NY 10113-0149 32 pages, standard Age statement required.

Liliane comix Issue 27
A series of comix about Liliane's adventures in London, where her creator, Leanne, is now living. Many of the strips are about cultural differences, such as the irony of painting a bomb on a Lesbian Avengers banner in a place where actual bombings occur.

$1.50 (no U.S. change, please!) to Leanne Franson C.P. 274, Succ Place du Parc Montreal PQ H2W 2N8 Canada 16 pages, digest

Living in the Aftermath
The cover of this publication is of graffiti saying "Incest Survivors Fight Back." Some of the poems about sexuality, like the haiku "Shirt buttons undone/ Invitations to caress/ Lightly muscled chest." Others are about having been abused as a child. Plus the story of Wally the wimp, who learns to defend himself and help battered women.

1 pound + 4 IRCs to Joggitt Flat 3, 1 Eldon Road Reading RG1 4DJ

The Lycanthropes Issue 1
A book of drawings of homosexual wolf-men engaging in sex- play. Their bodies are human from the neck down (though I've never seen real humans with such priapic pricks), with the heads of wolves. The drawings are in pencil, xeroxed onto a speckled paper stock.

$3 to R Drake POB 10982 Burbank CA 91505 28 pages, standard

Mad As Hell
+An anti-gay Christian on a talk show; a reaction to a TV guide entry that describes a teenage lesbian talking her girlfriend to the prom as a "crisis"; class war and classism; recycled, natural, and cruelty-free products that cost more than regular stuff, so only rich people can afford to be p.c.; an extensive analysis of the problems with Sassy; the stupidity of advertising; reprints about the so-called "Wise Use" movement; dumb TV shows of the 50's and the present day;

$1 to Ronni 93141 Floras Lake Road Langlois OR 97450 12 pages, standard

ManPower Issue vol 2 #1
*A response to "Take Our Daughters To Work Day," (which they say "is actually a carefully planned strategy designed to insure that the next generation of males... is harnessed with the same guilt, shame and self-hate that feminists have managed to instill in the current generation of young adult males") and a call to do a fax zap of Ms. magazine; a quiz about sexual consent based on the Antioch rules; speaking out for men's rights at a dinner party; reports of accused rapists being castrated or lynched (no press citations, though); sexual harrasment suits by men; details about the case in which a working mom lost custody; reviews of other publications.

$4 to The Men's Action Council Box 27365 Golden Valley MN 55427 16 pages, standard

Mektoub Issue vol 3, #6
Zine about sex magick and the like. An exchange about interpretation of Crowley and Egyptian myth as regards homosexuality; some thoughts on alchemy; an excerpt from Barthes; language and love; the charter of the Brotherhood of SeTh.

$2 to Mektoub Box 8068 Portland ME 04104 20 pages, digest

Mirage #4/PERIOD[ICAL] Issue 37
This is a frequently-published magazine of poetry and prose edited by Kevin Killian and Dodie Bellamy. This issue includes poetry by various people, and an essay by Brian Bouldrey about his discovery of a series of books called the Blue Jade Library, edited by Carl Van Vechten. As someone who is interested in obscure writing, I found this fascinating. Many titles and authors mentioned in this essays form a starting point for future reading.

$3 to Killian/Bellamy 1020 Minna St SF CA 94103 18 pages, standard

Mons of Venus Issue 1
The intro states that "this is a publication grown out of a group of girls in Memphis, Tennessee. It is a gathering of our thoughts, feeling and stuff we thought was important to include." Among that stuff is an article on Camp Sister Spirit; a critique of an anti-period ad; vegan recipes; resisting Operation Rescue; reproductive health resources in Memphis; symbols of hatred; David Duke's apartheid map of the U.S.; ACT UP protests the Health Department; Maya Angelou's inaugural poem; school sex ed classes that don't teach useful information.

$1? to Mons of Venus c/o RG Box 22064 Memphis TN 38122 32 pages, digest

Mousie Issue 5
An editorial about how people have missed the point of Mousie, which is about interracial desire. An article by a white woman who is married to an Asian man, about how Asian women and white men are expected to be in relationships, but her relationship is questioned; a report on a trip to Hawai'i; a lesson in cultural etiquette (which some might call political correctness); an account of a natural childbirth; a letter from a researcher about egg to egg fusion; comics by She-Ra about office workers; an article about possible medical complications of nipple piercing; a letter from a guy who wishes he was a lesbian, and a story on the same subject; a diary of a trip to Paris.

$3 to Anna Rampage Box 440478 Somerville MA 02144 46 pages, standard

MSRRT Newsletter Issue v 7 #9
The newsletter of the Minnesota Library Association Social Responsibility Round Table. Information includes a reports on librarian conventions in Minnesota and Cuba, and reviews of books and periodicals.

to Chris Dodge 4645 Columbus Ave S Minneapolis MN 55407 16 pages, standard

My Car Pinto
+A short interview with Lois; Sarah of Action Girl tells about her awful car, a 1988 Ford Tempo; losing a best freind because she's dating a boy; a page about experimenting sexually with another girl; a page about experimenting with a boy and being in control; an interview with the band Nether.

$1 + 1 stamp to Steph 5 Oak Ridge Road Exeter NH 03833- 5609 12 pages, standard

My Jodie Book
A big scrap book of clippings on the actress Jodie Foster. Starting from her early films, covering John Hinckley's assassination attempt on Reagan, the years at Yale, the Oscar, and the rumors that she's a lesbian, with lots of pictures and articles and a full-color cover. Note new address.

$8 to Carolyn Schmitt Peter Stuyvesant Station Box 2221 NY NY 10009 84 pages, standard

My Own Cum
This is a zine about masturbation. There's articles by various people about masturbation; a reprint from a Victorian book about the evils of self-abuse; an article about vibrators; a gross article from a medical journal about a guy who repaired his scrotum with staples; a first-hand account of a vasectomy. If you don't want to admit to your mail carrier that you also masturbate, you might want to request they send it in an envelope.

$1 to c/o Terminal Projects Group 1573 N. Miwaukee #422 Chicago IL 60622 28 pages, half standard

Naked Teenagers That Fight Crime Issue 2
*A really cool comic about a music group known as the Naked Teenagers, whose music includes the message "quit school -- burn your clothes." Which is just what budding photojournalist Brownie Hawkeye does. Brownie goes to Target Center to get the scoop on the Naked Teenagers' new album and intergalactic tour. Naked Teenager David is having a crisis because he's turning 20 and is worried the band will have to change their name since he's no longer a teenager. But everything works out as David gets a surprise birthday gift and the Teenagers kick off their concert tour.

$3 to Bil Sherman 2421 Sheridan Ave S. Mpls MN 55405 24 pages, standard

Nambla Bulletin Issue vol 14 #4
Gay liberation at a crossroads of abetting government regulation of sexuality or renewing its vision of human liberation; the Spirit of Stonewall, which protested the banning of Nambla; Canada's youth porn law, which exists despite an age of consent of 14; David Thorstad on the death of gay liberation; Bill Andriette on the origins of Nambla, and the current witch-hunt mentality; an incident at a Radical Faerie gathering in which a guy called the police on a guy who was living with an underage guy -- this includes a great letter from the youth; the British campaign to lower the age of consent; research on intergenerational sex; Nambla affirms its membership in the ILGA.

$4 to Nambla Bulletin Box 174, Midtown Station NY NY 10018 32 pages, standard

Nasty Boyz Issue 1
This is a zine of non-consenting sex fantasies. The editor makes a point of saying that in real life, rape is not o.k., but this is about fantasy. The stories include "Cornholing in a Marine Brig," "Holding Cell Nightmare," "Sophomore Stoners in a Mexican Jail," "Spanking a Shoplifting Punk," "Hitchhiking in Jockey Shorts," "Skateboard Kid Soaking Wet," and more. Age statement required.

$4.50 to ATKOL 912 South Avenue Plainfield NJ 07062-1852 72 pages, digest Age statement required.

Naughty Bits Issue 15
*In this issue of this comic book by Roberta Gregory, a flashback to Bitchy Bitch's college years. Her parents drop her off at college, and she is finally free of them. Her roommate turns out to be the child of a "hip" mom. Plus a bonus comic by Donna Barr in which the Desert Peach (sometime in the 1980's, when he's an old man) explains to a young lesbian the problem with making scientific arguments for the acceptance of homosexuality.

$3.25 to Fantagraphics 7563 Lake City Way NE Seattle WA 98115 28 pages, comic book

Nefarismo Issue 3
+A strange, surreal, and erotic comic book by Jon Macy. At the School of Evil, decadence rules. The mistress of the school attempts to emulate her mentor, Victor. Two men who are lovers are tied together by their penises. Ilia the demon gardner fucks the grave of Victor's mentor. And other bizarre and beautiful events occur.

$3.50 by mail to Eros Comix Box 25070 Seattle WA 98125- 1970 28 pages, comic book

New Uranian: Exploring the fine art of being queer Issue 6
This zine has re-emerged after a hiatus -- or at least I'd lost track of it. Snapshots from a zine editor's life; Sarah Schulman does a reading in Arizona; some poetry, including poems by Edward Mycue and Antler; zine and record reviews.

$1 to New Uranian Box 42933 Tucson AZ 85733 16 pages, digest Free to prisoners.

Now I Twist Your Nipples With a Pair of Spaghetti Tongs Issue 3
*The editor of this fun-loving zine is a member of the queer thrash band Mukilteo Fairies, who have a new single on Outpunk records. An anonymous peice about abusive people that other people think are too nice to do such things; an underwear survey; weeds as cuisine; a witchy feature about Sabbats; a letter from a friend in Taiwan; some bandy bands; getting over qualms about liking romantic pop; being betrayed by a girl; really bad religious art; an icky letter from a secret admirer; an account of a creepy boy; gothic roots; Mark Mark, the taboo man of the issue; the power of positive masturbation; readers' contest to determine the course of Joshua's life; a roof story; rumors of Rob (Judas Priest) Halford's homosexuality; life on a dairy farm, including the myth of sex with the milking machine.

$2? to Joshua Ploeg 1115 Central St NE Olympia WA 98506 52 pages, digest

Oh...: Tomboy
Oh... is no longer an anthology comic, but instead features the work of a single cartoonist in each issue. This issue, the featured artist is Dianne Reum. She presents a character about a tomboy character whom she swears is not autobiographical. Her mother attempts to make her wear a dress and get her hair permed, with disasterous results. Then, the tomboy gets a Barbie doll, and gives the doll a makeover as "Bruno the Bloodthirsty." The next issue will feature Tristam Puppy's baby dyke character Holly Girl.

$4.50 to B Publications Box 41030, 5134 Cordova Bay Road Victoria B.C. V8Y 2KO Canada 40 pages, comic book

Out of the Vortex Issue 7
*Thoughts by Sara about what sort of zines she likes to read; Sara vists a lesbian couple who are neighbors of her grandmother; a woman writes about birth control and pregnancy scares; the difficulties of being a kid; an open letter to parents; a psychological study into the word "faggot" and the people who use it; Sara writes about her public debut playing Lois' song "Strumpet" on guitar; an article about senior slump; getting accepted to Yale, and having a dream about having to be a prostitute to earn money for college; getting an HIV test; an old sexist hippie guide to colleges; a letter to a music publication that did a dumb review of a Bikini Kill show, and some thoughts about media misconceptions of Riot Grrrl; zine reviews.

$1+2 stamps to Out of the Vortex Box 4619 Gaithersburg MD 20885 32 pages, half legal

Outpunk Issue 3
*This zine is done by Matt, who also has a queer punk record label called Outpunk. Contents include do's and don'ts for straight people interested in queer punk; the mysterious ways of gays; some news about the Outpunk record label; gay skinhead photos and info; Pansy Division tour diary; Tribe 8 at the Michgan Womyn's Music Festival; S/M and punk article, including interviews with Fish of Brat Attack and Jill of the band Double Zero; funny mini-interviews with queercore bands Size Queen, Double Zero, Sta- Prest, Fagbash, and Sister George; an interview with an HIV- positive punk; transgender visibility; a list of resources.Email: outpunksf@aol.com

$2 to Outpunk Box 170501 SF CA 94117 56 pages, digest

OV Magazine: The Magazine of Occulture from TOPY London Issue 1
Stuff about the Spanner case -- a crackdown on consensual S/M sex; "Beards, beerbellies & bisexuality," an interview with the editor of Pagan News; an interview with Academy 23; Crash Worship interview; an interiew with the Mother of the London house of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence; the men's movement (Bly, et al); people's reaction to the phrase "you could be dead tomorrow"; occult elements in football; reading virtual literature, like fast food lit, packaging, and street signs; book and zine reviews.

to Topy London Box 1455 London N4 1JT UK 20 pages, tabloid

Parterre Box: The Queer Opera Zine
This zine certainly fulfils a unique niche -- it's the first queer opera zine that I've seen. I got sent half a dozen recent issues, which are filled with opera gossip. There's lots of reviews and criticism which sound quite knowledgeable to me. Among the tidbits: Kathleen Battle demanded a limo to a concert hall across the street, and a make-up artist and hairdresser for a radio interview; Beverly Sills talks about her gay friends; predictions for 1995, such as Peter Sellars and Quentin Tarantino collaborating on an updated text of Hansel und Gretel with Dwayne Croft as Jeffrey Dahmer. The most recent issue includes an analysis of why Salome is the queerest opera. Subscriptions are $25 for 10 issues, which includes a Maria Callas t-shirt.

$1 in stamps to James Jorden 174 West 76th St Apt 12-G NY NY 10023 16 pages, digest

Pasty Issue 1-2
This zine is edited by Sarah-Katherine, a bi girl who's hoping to hear from both boys and girls. I like that she always writes about considering what's appropriate to wear depending on what she's doing, like steel-toed shoes. Issue 1 includes: lists of pink things; an article about a visit to a grrrls-only sex party, including a list of 10 tips for cruising a girl; addresses of mail-order shops for the well-dressed fat girl; a call from a friend who's just been raped makes a woman contemplate murder. Issue 2: cool collages, one with a renaissance riot grrrl, another commenting on the fitness industry; skipping going to dad's house for Xmas; paranoia about getting pregnant from using unisex public bathrooms; thoughts about wieners and penises and body shape; the problem with the argument against "jumping on the bandwagon"; wanting to get a wig to solve the problem of bad hair; a visit to the county jail.

2 stamps + spare change per issue to Sarah-Katherine 734 20th Avenue East Seattle WA 98112 28 pages, digest

Patti Smith Issue 3
This isn't really about Patti Smith -- it's a personal zine which the editor says "is about being the living embodyment of Hothead Paisan some days and lying there in an empty room staring at the ceiling on the others." Contents include a rant about the waif look; a rant about a shitty school; riding the subway at 4 a.m.; steps to learning to love yourself; punk rock love; directoions for a love spell; how to survive college; trying on a $350 dress at a store.

$1 + 2 stamps to Leah Albrecht 184 E. 2nd St. #5F NY NY 10009 28 pages, digest

Pawholes Issue 5
Well, this isn't really a queer zine, but it is pretty good. Contents include an interview with Azalia Snail; the soundbabe of an awful metal band confesses; an interview with a female race car driver; creative revenge tactics; how to meet single straight men like police and bike riders; nightmares about parthenogenesis; an interview with the women of the band No Safety; a story about a stripper; several women contribute short essays about breasts; the etymology of "booboisie"; an interview with the Mudwimmin; zine and music reviews.Email: Deborah@english-server.hss.cmu.edu

$3 to Pawholes Box 81202 Pittsburgh PA 15217 56 pages, standard

Ped-Men Issue 5-6
"Non-fiction narratives of man/boy love by those incarcerated for the same." #5: A guy writes about his sexual experiences from his childhood and adolescence; first love in high school with another boy; a guy who had a relationship with a 9- year-old boy; fiction about a soccer-playing kid; the court ruling that images of fully clothes 17-year-olds can constitute child pornography. #6: A guy writes about how he learned about sex; a summer camp counselor who had sex with a kid and his cousin; listing of research which shows non-negative effects of intergenerational sex.

$5.50 cash each to J.M. Box 571 Whitman MA 02382 12 pages, standard

People Under No King Issue 6
Most of this issue is well-reproduced photos of shows by various bands, including Tribe 8, Raooul, Pansy Division, Malibu Barbie, etc. And there's an interview with Judge, editor of Oi Boy and member of the Komotion collective, an interview with Cockpit, and an interview with Raooul.

$1 to People Under No King 2163 43rd Avenue SF CA 94116 46 pages, legal

Picklejar Issue 15-16
+This is a really well-written zine edited by Eve and Hugh. #15 includes reviews of Chumbawuma's single "Homophobia," God Is My Co-Pilot, and Derek Jarman's book "Dancing Ledge"; having a dream about beating up a would-be stalker and going on trial as a killer dyke; a really intense story about a girl's experience with a friend and a schoolgirl bully. #16 includes a review of the Diamanda Galas/John Paul Jones record; a comic about seeing Huggy Bear in "filly"; taking a self-defense class; moving on from being angry about having been at the bottom of the pecking order at school; Hugh asks "Why don't buys talk about body image"; an essay with a central metaphor comparing a multicolored candle to layers of self-hatred; more of the schoolgirl story from #15. Both issues have some interesting recommendations of books to read and music to listen to.

free (send stamps) to Picklejar Box 9785 Washington DC 20016 24 pages, standard

Playn Q Issue 2
The "Q" in the title of this zine stands for "queer." It's got lots of writing on various topics, laid out over amusing collage backgrounds. Some of the articles: getting called a freak at school; Philip writes about going to San Francisco with his parents and being unable to get away from them to hang out with a gay kid he meets; coming out to family members; a story about a submissive who gets caned by Aunt Judith; a reaction to an ad about growing bigger breasts; embarassing stories; an article about guns promoting violence; meeting the man whom mom is dating; a friend who made up a story about dating a guy; one of Beth's mom's friends died of cancer; a fantasy about Kate Moss; an anti- hunting article; a reader survey; reprints of articles about Proust, skateboarding injuries, and Bruce LaBruce and Glennda Orgasm's visit to an ex-gay group.

$2 to Beth J.R. Box 6531 Bridgewater NJ 08807 30 pages, standard

PMS Issue 5
Rik, the editor of this zine, has moved back to the U.S. from England. Thoughts on gay pride and straight shame; supporting the independent music scene; an exchange of letters with the Gay Skinhead Group (Rik no longer identifies as a skinhead); 100 cool things about London; a reaction to an article in Elle about queercore; Rik's boyfriend Bob is denied entry into England by customs; a comic about Cool Jerk and Homo Gal; responses from Ben Weasel and Dick Citizen Fish about their dealing with corporate distributors; and interview with queer band Mouthfull; Rik explains why he's leaving England; zine and record reviews.

$2+4 IRCs to PMS/Rik Box 2563 Cambridge MA 02238 40 pages, Euro Standard

Poesflesh Issue vol 3 #1
This poetry publiation is no longer being published, but back issues are still available.

89˘ to Poesflesh Box 7157 Pittsburgh PA 15213 6 pages, standard

Policing By Consent Issue Feb 95
+This is a publication of the National Coalition on Police Accountability. Topics in include National Police Accountability Week; problems with access to police misconduct files; a rookie training program in Queens that includes input from a gay and lesbian group; a speech about community policing; brutality by border police; the dangers of high-speed chases to innocent bystanders. Subscriptions available by membership: $10 for students/limited income, $25 or more for contributing members.

to Citizens Alert 315 Kensington Road Syracuse NY 13210-3011 20 pages, standard

The Polished Knob Issue 5
Most of the contents of this magazine are true stories about guys having sex with each other. There's also lots of photos of naked men. Plus Mitzel speculates about photos showing J. Edgar Hoover having gay sex; comics by LMNOP; an guide to crusing manners; sex toys as dating alternatives; fageories -- different types of homosexuals. Age statement required.

$3.95 cash to The Polished Knob Box 487 Boston MA 02134- 0004 52 pages, half legal Age statement required.

Popcorn Issue 10
*Now with a full-color cover, this is the bible of the Atlanta club scene, orgin of such folks as Ru Paul and DeAundra Peek. A report on what's the trend in New York from Larry Tee; gossip from Atlanta via Billy Jack DeVine; Lurlene sends a letter from Tokyo; Vaginal Davis reports from Los Angeles; excerpts from Phoebe Legere's book, including anecdotes about Tina Aumont (Maria Montez' daughter), Ethel Eichelberger, and Larry Rivers; city council member Heather Fairingdale, whose accomplishments include organizing eye makeup seminars for the poor; highlights of a trip to San Francisco; plus lots of photos (at least a hundred.)

$3 to Popcorn 325 Edgewood Atlanta GA 31312 40 pages, standard

Positron Issue 3
This is a queer straightedge zine. Straightedge is a punk movement of non-drinking. Reinventing straightedge as anti- consumerist; a guy who wrote a pro-gay article when he thought he was hetero now comes out as bi; a visit to Syracuse; a defense of women's spaces and separatist politics; zine reviews; Spitboy interview; an interview which includes thoughts about how heterosexuality as commonly practiced isn't particularly "natural"; thoughts on political activism vs. mainstream politics; phoney bisexuals; lots of photos of bands. The layout of the text and photos is really great.

$1 to Sean Capone Box 477469 Chicago IL 60647 20 pages, tabloid

Pussycat Issue 3
The cover shows Barbie with another girl doll thinking "She's so much hotter than Ken!"ĘClippings with womens' thoughts about whether wearing provocative clothing is "asking for it", superimposed on pictures of models in lingerie; a diary entry about the memories brought to the surface by a visit to the gynecologist; a second-person prose piece about a person taught to hate by the bible and sunday school teacher; a Bible passage which seems to be from the Sodom and Gomorrah story; womens' experiences of their first periods; a piece about a model, who was "born with this face and she bought this body"; the return of the Bionic Woman; a childhood memory of running away from a man who pulled down his pants; a media scam to use the phrase "riot grrrls" to sell bands that don't have anything to do with it; Barbie's predecessor, a German doll for men.

$1+a stamp to Melody 10626 E Marble Dr Yuma AZ 85365 20 pages, digest

PWACNY Newsline Issue October 94
*This is a magazine published by the People With AIDS Coalition of New York. This issue includes Billy Clinton's Midterm AIDS Report Card; AIDS activists who want to make it harder for the FDA to approve drugs; the 10th International Conference on AIDS; humorous approaches to telling your new boyfriend you're HIV positive; the inconsistency of believing in a god whose followers hate you; questions and answers about women's health and HIV/AIDS; Karposi's Sarcoma update; comic about Zander Alexander, PWA.

$3 to PWAC NY 50 West 17th St, 8th Floor NY NY 10011 52 pages, standard

PWAlive: A journal by, for, and about persons affected by AIDS Issue Winter 1995
*This is the "youth" issue of PWAlive, with several articles by kids who are either HIV+ themselves, or who have friends or family members who are HIV+; a couple articles of remembrance about David Lindahl; an extensive guide to computer AIDS resources; questions to decide if a provider is appropriate.

$3? to PWAlive Box 8393 Mpls MN 55408 32 pages, standard

Quart Issue 5
This is a special Cyndi Lauper fanzine edition. It explores how being a fan of Cyndi's when he was younger helped Collin to realize it was o.k. to be different and to come to terms with being queer. In addition to Collin's writing, there's lots of clippings about Cyndi.

$1 to Quart Hampshire College Box 1372 Amherst MA 01002 22 pages, standard

Quarter Inch Squares Issue 1
An article about an incident in cooking school of having to chop onions into quarter inch squares while being harassed; the social brainwashing of mainstream music with songs like "Every Step You Take" and "Hurt So Good"; a collage with the message that shaving your head means no bad hair days; a great illustrated story about Esmelda, a goddess in training, who has six arms, a tail, and a mohawk -- she disposes of a nasty crusty at a punk show and moves into a household of women; a thoughtful article about being bisexual; a story about a woman who left a man and now lives with a woman letting go of her past.

to Quarter Inch Squares 3411 15th Ave S #9 Mpls MN 55407 20 pages, digest

Queer Action Figures Issue 2
A set of postcard-sized collages with images and text about queer politics. Some of the graphics are re-appropriated from schoolbook illustrations, others from porno. Examples: the text "Which opart of himself does he think about most?" with a picture of a man with his hand on his dick; a picture of a kid spitting up with phrases from gay personal ads.

$1? to Queer Action Figures 151 1st Ave #82 NY NY 10003 16 pages, Mini

Queer Nasty Issue 5
These folks are briliantly sarcastic in pointing out the hipocracy of mainstream homos, homophobic Christians, and other deluded folks. "Border Patrol" profiles a gay couple and a lesbian couple who do things that they consider cutting-edge, while living a guppie lifestyle. In response to a Christian offended by a past issue they say "we do not worship God. Actually, we find our salvation through Shirley, the U.S. Air Representative." There's a transcript of June's court appearance on charges of spraypainting "OCA" underneath stop signs; a reprint from an old nudist magazine about how nudism can prevent homosexuality; the Queer Nasty folks go to a nude beach and teach the hetero nudists how to have queer sex; Daddy Donnie, a comic about a boy hustler who meets a minister who later becomes an anti-gay leader; queer nursery rhymes; an article about a gay-run restaurant that doesn't allow same-sex couples to hold hands; a comic about a person who's half Native American who doesn't like stupid white people, but wasn't accepted by Native Americans; a story about a homo who doesn't like activists and inadvertantly sparks riots at the 25th anniversary of Stonewall; a new-agey page that's either dead serious or snidely sarcastic; a piece about how the system is guilty of killing Nicole Simpson. There is a web page for Queer Nasty. Email: daniele@efn.org

$3 to Dan E. & Pat C. Box 10181 Eugene OR 97440-0181 76 pages, digest

Quir Issue 15
*This is an Italian gay magazine, but there are English translations of most of the articles. An English-language bookstore in Florence adds a gay/lesbian section; a review of Stone Butch Blues; an interview with writer Christopher Bram; an essay about how the word "diverso" means queer or different in Italian, but many gays are "tribal conformists" who seem to feel the need to be alike.

$4? to Quir Via del Leone, 5/11 r Fierenze 50124 Italy 36 pages, digest

Quirky Issue 8
This issue, aside from a brief list of people who recently "kicked the bucket," is mostly music reviews, primarily trance/ambient stuff, plus Nico, and live reviews of the Swirlies and Magnetic Fields.

1 quarter + 32 cent SASE to Nigh Eve 231 Thompson St, Box 12 NY NY 10012 4 pages, digest

QZ Issue #2
This is the British equivalent of Queer Zine Explosion. It lists British queer and women's zines and comics. A great resource for people in the UK and others interested in the British queer zine scene.

2 IRCs to Damian Cugley 255b Banbury Rd Oxford OX2 7HN UK 2 pages, Irregular

Rampaging Teenage Pervert
This zine's got a sense of humor that's more like American zines, but at the same time, they're politically aware & involved. Guide to pub toilets; a negative review of a Suede show; quiz to determine if you're a Rampaging Teenage Pervert; film reviews of the Birgin Machine and Supervixens; how to write a generic coming- out novel; misogny and misandry, and homos who only associate with the same sex; anti-fascist action; cottaging (that's the UK term for sex in public places like lavatories); a bad safe sex video; a review of a lesbian guide to sexual health video.

2 IRCs to R.T.P. B.M. Nancee London WC1N 3XX UK 20 pages, Euro digest

Rant & Rave Issue 5
Miss Rant raves about Courtney's reseblence to Baby Jane and the collapse of the sequel to Tales of the City, while Miss Rave rants about macaroni and cheese and people who rip down fliers; Kimberly Bergalis' anal warts; the problem with raising money by inviting homophobic straight people to Halloween in the Castro; comic about Little Tweeky and his alternate personality, Lil Scammy; following earthquakes to their epicenters. Age statement required.

$3 to Rant & Rave Box 14793 SF CA 94114 40 pages, digest Age statement required.

Rash Issue 1
A fun zine that appropriates pop culture icons like the Flintstones and finds the queer subtext. A story with computer- manipulated photos about Alice and Carol of the Brady Bunch having a lesbian encounter; a poem by a checker at Wal-Mark; a revised Brownie handbook ("4-square sucks! Let's go bash in some windshields"); an ad for an extra-painful dodgeball; a comic about religious belief; a rant about why families suck; Betty and Wilma have fun in bed while the guys are away.

1 + 2 32 cent stamps to Rash Box 190863 Dallas TX 75219 26 pages, standard

Red Hanky Panky Issue 1
+The framing story of this comic book is about an extra- terrestrial being who comes to earth to try to understand this 'sex' thing. Comics include: the trouble with being bisexual is having to choose between Sigourney Weaver and Willem Dafoe; being told that "it's a hard core gay club" when it's actually vanilla; the frustrations of reading the pink personals -- all the ads from women say "no bis"; drawings of things that can fit in a vagina; a comic about vaginal fisting; a visit to an annoying gay ghetto; more.

$3?/1.50 pounds to Rachael House 23 Whateley Rd East Dulwich SE22 9DA UK 28 pages, Euro Standard

Reticence and Anxiety Issue 6
Reticence and Anxiety, the publishers of this zine, subtitled this issue "personal and dykey," which pretty much sums it up. Articles include: getting accused of shoplifting at the supermarket; a visit from a friend, who leaves unexpectedly; wondering what it's like to be a guy watching action movies; thoughts about straight edge; a letter to a friend who was upset about being written about in the zine; a reaction to Infamous Dave's piece in Fucktooth #14 about fucking people over; being at Anxiety's mom's house when A.'s sister is having a slumber party; R. learned about (white) feminism from Bryn Mawr, from Temple University she learned about (straight male) Afrocentricity, color and class, and at ACC she is learning about being mixed race; the difficulty of making friends; the Myers-Briggs test; music reviews of Tribe 8, 7 Year Bitch, and Christian Death; a rant against Dazed and Confused; a review of Mapplethorpe: Assault With a Deadly Camera. Age statement required.

$2 to Reticence and Anxiety Box 2552 Austin TX 78768 48 pages, digest Age statement required.

Revolution 2000 AD Issue 5
An anti-Barbie rant; a theory that Kurt Cobain hated having the kind of people who beat up on him in high school liking Nirvana's music; how to act like you're from Seattle; riding a bike in a non-bike-friendly town; thinking of good ways to die; hiding things in other people's shopping carts.

$1 to GBTBF Box 2274 Ames IA 50010-2274 20 pages, digest

RFD:A Country Journal for Gay Men Everywhere Issue 81
*RFD is a long-running (20 years) magazine about rural gay life, and a source of lots of information about Radical Faeries. It's edited at the faerie sanctuary at Short Mountain, Tennessee. This issue includes a piece in response to a silly Newt Gingrich quote; an opinion piece about the failure of safe sex; columns on gardening and cooking; a report from a queer studies conference; a comic by Vaughn Frick; a story that takes place in a bathhouse; a portfolio of portraits of faeries; an essay by Scott O'Hara about rockwalls and sex; book reviews, contact letters, and prisoner addresses.

$5.50 to RFD Box 68 Liberty TN 37095 84 pages, standard

Rumpus Room Issue 2
The topic of this issue is "The Search for the Elusive Perfect Love." Of course, it starts right out by saying "This 'perfect love' business is horseshit!" There's an essay about how perfect love is an oxymoron; a piece about a guy who has a crush on a straight male co-worker; a guide to life for Painfully Insecure People who can't learn to love themselves; and excerpts from a woman's diary about her awful ex-boyfriend. The clean, open layout is illustrated with modified panels from old romance comics.

$2 to Dan Rhatigan 89 Wenham St. #2 Jamaica Plain MA 02130 44 pages, half legal

Salt and Sage: A Sacred Faerie Circle Magazine Issue Vol 4 #1
This is the Samhain issue. There's information about Samhain; a report on recent gatherings; a calendar of upcoming events; some faerie songs. If you live in the area, the events of the sacred faeries would be something to be involved in that's quite different from Mormonism.

$2 to Salt and Sage 165 Regent St SLC UT 84111 20 pages, digest

The Satin Shoe Issue 1
+This zine contains info about W.A.C.: World Anarchism through Crossdressing. The basic idea is that the evils of the world are due to men, and that if all men were feminized, the world would be a better place. This issue includes a manifesto of W.A.C., an agenda for W.A.C., and other writings on the subject. There's also a story about a crossdressing guy who defends a woman from thugs, and correspondence between Pat and other anarchists.

to Pat Earl #20149-148 Box 1000, C-1-12 Lewisburg PA 17837 16 pages, digest

Savage Love Issue 2
This is a comic written by queer advice columnist Dan Savage and illustrated by various artists. There's a comic drawn by Ellen Forney about Dan's first time in drag -- her dressed in a Brownie uniform for a halloween party at age 7; a fairy tale about the truth behind Savage Love illustrated by James Sturm; a comic about Dan's rival columnist Isadora with art by Lynne Von Schlichting; a spoof entitled "You're a Gay Man, Danny Brown"; letters and answers from Het Man and Breeder Girl; a touching story about seeing two gay men as a child, drawn by Marcellus Hall; a letter from Norrie, a transsexual, on the subject of anal sex.

$3.50 to Bear Bones Press Box 45432 Seattle WA 98105-0432 28 pages, comic book

+Three fiction pieces by Bertie Marshall. "Queer Vapours" is a halucinatory tale of rent boys and sad old queens, a Berlin Boy wearing the skin of Truman Capote meeting Manson and Bobby Meausoleil, and the death of an old toad queen. "What I wanted and didn't want at sixteen" starts out with such a list and continues into a fantasy of a puritanical monk twin brother. "Last Season's Plague" is about a gay man who's nothing without his designer labels.

$3/1 pound in the UK to Bertie Marshall 8B Sussex Heights St. Margarets Place Brighton, E Sussex BNL 2FQ UK 20 pages, Euro Standard

Scour Issue 1
+A mini-sized zine of diary-type writing. There's a piece about keeping sexual preference ambiguous vs. taking on a label; trying to live up to the unstated rule that feminists should be void of all insecurities; handholding as an insufficient substitute for verbal communication; more short prose pieces.

stamps to Liz 708 Walker Ave. Baltimore MD 21212 16 pages, Mini

Sensual Moments Issue Fall '94
*A story about getting fucked by a black guy with a large cock; a story about going to a gay bar with a nominally straight friend who ended up getting a blow job in the bathroom; classified ads. Illustrated with pictures clipped from porno magazines. They also distribute zines and records.

$1 to J.T. Box 991424 Redding CA 96099-1424 12 pages, standard

Shaved Anus Issue 2
An open letter to a fanzine which printed an article about a guy and his boyfriend siccing fagbashers on an older guy who tried to join in when they were having sex in a park; the pointlessness of the age of consent; the gospel according to Homocult; the history of the legalization of homosexuality, and the illusion of freedom it provides; a dissection of Bob Mould's statements on sexuality; more about pop music, sex in toilets, and the gay elite.

$2 cash/60p to Paul 26 Belgrave St. Brighton BN2 2NS UK 20 pages, Euro digest

SHME Issue #6
*A little story with illustrations about two women on a beach; kissing another guy makes everything else in life recede; gay superhero Spectral; the best and worst music of '94; an interview with Larry-bob; a plea to millionaire philanthropist Percy Ross after drug fiend neighbors rob Saro's apartment; diva of the month Tura Satana; Oscar predictions; top 10 movies of '94; thinking on the way to work about what one would really like to do; strange surrealistic drawings of a guy with a snake coming out of his mouth and insects coming out of his ears.

$2 to SHME Box 477025 Chicago IL 60647 22 pages, digest

Silver Balls Issue 2
This book has several of Quetzal's short "Dirty Old Men" strips, in which an older gay couple discusses sexual matters; a longer comic are about a guy who watches his neighbor lift weights and pose, after which the mature muscleman pantses him and jerks off onto his chest; a series of one-panel comics about a group of older gay men at a nude pool party. Age statement required.

$3.50 to Hand Jive Comix Box 46095 LA CA 90046 28 pages, half legal Age statement required.

Sissy Butch Issue 2
A story about a drunken asshole who hit on Lori; comic about a homophobe; everything you need to know about orgasm; going to a rave and looking at the raver gerls; what to do when you have a period; an interview with G.B. Jones of Fifth Column; America only focuses attention on domesic abuse when celebrities like O.J. Simpson are invovled; saying goodbye at the airport to your queer lover; not using makeup and being yourself; meeting a woman who owns an ice scraper.

55 cents to Lori-box 206 Chatham College, Woodland Road Pittsburgh PA 15232 32 pages, digest

Sister Strikes Issue winter 95
This is a women's self-defense publication edited by Alice, who toured with Team Dresch in 1994 demonstrating self-defence techniques. There's an article with illustrations by Kaia of incidents that happend during the Team Dresch tour, including getting harassed by a clerk at the Museum of Tolerence in LA; writing about self-defence and about mock-sensitive men; an upcoming convention of women martial artists and self-defense practitioners in Olympia, WA in August 1995; interviews with female musicians Fifth Column and Gretchin Phillips on self- defense; guidelines for choosing a self-defense course; the unreliability of Mace.

$3 to Alice Stagg 2940 SE Woodward Portland OR 97202 26 pages, standard

Sky High Heels Issue 1
This mini-comic is on the subject of high heels. Simon writes about the high heels he bought, but wore before he was really ready to -- he twisted his ankle. His friend Diane gives advice on wearing heels; a comic with text from a Jad Fair song about high heels; exercises to do before wearing heels; anatomy of a high heel. Also available is Trantastic Comics.

$2 to Simon Murphy 8 Hanley Court, Hanley Road London N4 3QB England 12 pages, Mini

Skyjack: For Gay People Who Fly Issue 4
*The cover feature is about gay airplane pilots; an article about HIV+ pilots; female aviators in history; Canadian airlines are making slow progress on gay issues; a summary of the forthcoming Airport '95 movie -- the casting is so far-out, this must be a hoax; the hell of working as a flight attendant during the holiday rush; the Luckheed Electra: killer airliner. Email: LollyPop00@aol.com

$3 to Skyjack 135 West 20th St NY NY 10011 12 pages, standard

Slippery When Wet Issue 6
*SWW is a magazine about sex and stuff. SWW is now available electronically on the internet through the World Wide Web. If you have software such as Netscape, Mosaic or Lynx, you can access it. This is where the web page for SWW is. All 6 issues of SWW are available on disk for $21, and back issues printed on paper are also available, and all can be ordered from The Black Book's phone service (which see.) Age statement required. Email: slippery@pobox.com

to Slippery When Wet Box 3101 Berkeley CA 94703 Age statement required.

Slumber Issue 8
Heather explains her name; eating very cheaply; alleged slacker Heather gets a job at a bookstore; a crush on Marla Maples (!?); an interview with writer Annie Lamott (who would give up flossing if she found out she had only 6 months to live); more on the topic of white trash; reviews.

$1 to c/o Heather S. Box 139 Cazadero CA 95421-0139 32 pages, Mini

Smell My Fingers! Issue 1
A couple of Homocult-inspired postcards; Jack Chick comics; pranks; Pansy Division opens for a wet t-shirt contest; an article about how revolution's great as a theory, but what about the practice; planning a vacation in Branson, Missouri, a Christian Country-Western mecca; a bigoted co-worker complains about green hair and homosexuality; shopping for collars at Dog Show Specialties; don't ask, don't tell dot-to-dot; anti-panhandling signs, the homeless, and squatting; armpit chewers; dad talks about pranks he pulled; the war on drugs; a real live ugly American; how politicians' anti-immigrant stance is meant to drive illegals underground so they won't complain about dangerous work conditions.

$1 to Smell My Fingers! Box 191152 Sacramento CA 95819 36 pages, digest

Society of Crossdressing Hardware Engineers Mail Issue 3
The forward brags that this is "dare we say, the undiscovered gem of the TG community." A piece about transsexual stealth; how the editor of SCHEMail got the Rollerblade company to give her a pair of skates for her appearance on the cover of Tapestry; the second part of a "fact or fiction serial" called "I Was A Transsexual Prositute"; a report from the American Psychiatric Association convention; a guide to burning bridges.

$3 to SCHEMail 276 Pearl St Unit L Cambridge MA 02139-4716 16 pages, standard Free to prisoners.

Solanas Supplement to DWAN
An annotated bibliography of information about Valerie Solanas, author of the SCUM Manifesto. Sections include listings of various editions of the Manifesto, interviews with Solanas, biographical material, commentary, music, and Donny's response to the SCUM Manifesto.

2 stamps to Donny Smith Box 411 Bellefonte PA 16823 20 pages, digest Free to prisoners.

Some of the Boys We Like: 1995 Calendar
*A calendar of solarized and manipulated photos of guys, some with tattoos. Plus dates of interest are noted -- did you know that Pat Boone and the Marquis de Sade were born only one day apart (plus or minus a few years.)

$5 to Steven Michael 2261 Market #444 SF CA 94114 28 pages, standard

Sorority Issue 4
*This lesbian magazine from Canada is filled with informative articles. Contents include an interview with artist Rene Porter; an article about lesbian spousal abuse; the lesbian baby boom; Candian customs censors; Liliane comics; a review of a gay/lesbian trivia board game; lesbians and the helth care system; book reviews.

$6 to Sorority Suite 110, 1170 Bay St. Toronto Ontario M5S 2B4 Canada 100 pages, digest

The Spectacular Achievements of Media Control
Inspired by a speech by Noam Chomsky, Chuck has written a speech for his own group of people, "pedosmile and pedopleasure- lovers." He discusses the media feeding frenzy around "child molesters" and points out the abscence of childrens' voices from the clamor.

$1.50 to Chuck Dodson c/o The Guide Box 593 Boston MA 02199 48 pages, half standard

Speed Demon Issue 6
*This issue of the Italian-language queer zine includes an interview with San Francisco queer band Pale; an interview with artist Satyarthi; an interview with cartoonist Quetzal; an interview with Fred, one of the people who works on Androzine; a short story; an interview with Rick of Turkey Baster Records, which released the "Stop Homophobia" compilation; an interview with Iggy Pop; reviews of queercore music; an interview with Italian performer Mario Sucic, who created a drag show about an Italian chanteuse; three punk bands get asked questions about homosexuality. Also available is Extra*vaganza, an Italian zine of queer writing.

$5? to Speed Demon Box 44/A P.ZA San Babila 4/D 20122 Milano Italy 40 pages, Euro Standard

Spike Issue 1
This comic book (and book it is, at over 100 pages) contains stories about two groups of gay hybrid animal-humans, with the bodies of humans and the heads of various animals. In the first section, the setting is a city in which the "roughs," as the hybrids are called, co-exist with humans, or "smooths." Spike is a dog-headed man, and his friend Adrian has the head of a gorilla. Spike's current smooth boyfriend is leaving him. He ends up having sex (including mild bondage) with Adrian. The second story takes place in the far future. Purebred humans have left the Earth, leaving behind hybrid creatures. In the story, a ram-man is kidnapped by a wolf-man who grew up in a homophobic pack. Age statement required.

$12.95 to Minotaur Comics 3656 N. Lakewood Ave Chicago IL 60613-3275 124 pages, standard Age statement required.

Spunk Issue Vol 3 #7
*Not to be confused with the L.A. bar rag of the same name, this issue lists baths, cinemas, dark rooms, and other sex spots in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

$2+SASE to Studio Iguana 501 First St, room 419 SF CA 94107 2 pages, tabloid

Starchild Issue #2
A strange surrealistic comic in which a snake-haired and - bodied witch brews a potion which creates a hermaphrodite. They procede to have sex. Also available is Snake Eyes, a nearly wordless comic featuring a cat-suited female superhero.

$1.25 to Allan Angel Box 32231 San Jose CA 95152-2231 16 pages, digest

Steam Issue vol 2 #4
*Steam is filled with information about where to find gay sex. Besides articles on sex in different geographic regions around the world (besides places in the U.S. and Canada, this issue has pieces on Brazil and England) there's an article about the guy who's opening a huge sex club in San Francisco.

$6 to PDA Press, Inc. 530 Howard, Ste 400 SF CA 94105 124 pages, half legal

Steven's Comics Issue 2
*A collection of comic strips by David Kelly about a kid named Steven. Most of his friends are girls, except for his friend Craig, who is also into art. They've got a tomgirl friend named Tish, who defends Steven against bullies. There's a sequence about a new kid at school who becomes friends with Steven, and a sequence about going shopping and trying on a jumpsuit (I guess the strip takes place during the 70s.) Plus strips about fingernail polish, multi-colored pens, a cool aunt, carpool moms, valentine's day, Barbies and platform shoes. The book flips over to "Starwoman Comics," a character created by Steven himself.Email: 74552.2171@compuserve.com

$3 to David Kelly 1711 E. Olive Way #416 Seattle WA 98102 24 pages, half legal

St. Michael's Emporium Issue 5
*This is a catlog for a manufacturer of leather clothing and armor and other renaissance-industrial attire. These clothes aren't cheap, but they are handmade, very unique and should be long-lasting.

$3 to St. Michael's Emporium 156 East 2nd St, Suite 1 NY NY 10009 36 pages, digest

Strange Looking Exile Issue 5
This queer comix zine is edited by Rob Kirby. There's a collaborative comic with drawings by Rob and story by Orland Outland about hanging out at a bathhouse in 1981; a comic by Diane DiMassa (creator of Hothead Paisan) about her partying younger days; another comic by Rob about an angry queer son and his goody- goody father who tries too hard to be "accepting"; a Joan Hilty comic about a perfect Lesbian nightspot; a comic by Nick Leonard about the Plumbers Butt Bar, and another by him about appropriation; Alison Bechdel on the hell of the Michigan festival; Liliane finally gets a date with the butchy door dyke; Christian Schroeder contributes a comic called "First I want to date Mark Mothersbaugh, then I want to date Calvin Johnson"; a comic by Fish about a black woman who encounters a couple of paranoid white folks; "How Incest Affected my Sex Life," by Michelle Rau; more autobiographical musings by Mr. Kirby, plus a few more short comix.

$4.25 to GAP Box 214 New Haven CT 06502 40 pages, half legal

Switch Hitter Issue 2
An open letter to a bigot, who asked about sexual orientation during a job interview; bomb threats at a Susie Bright talk at Wellesley College; AIDS in the movies; a glory hole at a sex party; porn reviews; a sex story about a woman and a bisexual man; an advice column.

$3 to Switch Hitter 955 Massachusetts Ave #148 Cambridge MA 02139 20 pages, standard

Tales of Joy and Wonder Issue 1
+An answer to the question "Why did you drop out of school"; numerous facts about Arcata; a cross-country road trip with a friend to get to Arcata; meeting a guy who rides a bike designed by Leonardo DaVinci; entries from a found diary of an 86-year-old woman living on her own; bee dancing; inventions for bed wetters and a combo plow/gun; sitting at a cafe and seeing a beautiful boy; dancing at raves and drum circles; a visit to the beach; a reprint from an old sex-ed book about homosexuality; looking at the moon and seeing things in it; a Critical Mass bike ride.

$2 to Glenn Kornblum 1490 G St. #A Arcata CA 95521-5610 32 pages, digest

Tantrum Issue 3
Lots of insightful, funny writing, and groovy art. Tom of Clownland cover; Goth Damage by Danielle Willis; recommendations for changes in the US system of govenment; Truthstar the Unicorn talks about bungie jumping; Dr. Love's mushroom dick; politeness, not p.c.-ness, is the answer; Cmndr. Riker as leather daddy; "the proud masculine porn model"; collage of strange gay clothes; Mr Larry the hairdresser suggests "Swingers International" would be more apropos than "Queer Nation"; interview with drag fixture Bambi Lake; more!

$4 to Tantrum Box 6, 3288 21st St. SF CA 94110 48 pages, standard

Taste of Latex Issue #10
+Taste of Latex has a new publisher, Deena Moore, who bought it from Lily Braindrop. The new issue has a dozen color pages, and includes contributors such as Carol Queen, Cecilia Tan, and photographers Charles Gatewood, Michael Rosen, and Eric Kroll.

$9 to DM International Box 16188 Seattle WA 16188 60 pages, standard

Tattooed Love Boys
This zine starts off with a great quote: "My feelings about the gay community roughly approximate the way most of my jewish friends feel about Israel: I'm glad it's there... but... I sure don't want to live there." The zine is a collection of short prose pieces and drawings. The first and last pieces are about coming out; the first is about two gay boys and the straight friend who connects them; the last uses the characters Goofus and Gallant. Among the other pieces are a story about a guy whose mother is a lesbian, and a couple diary-style pieces. The line drawings (of tattooed boys, of course) have a nice casual style.

$2.50 to C. Bard Cole 62 Avenue C, Apt 2 NY NY 10009 24 pages, Mini

Teen Fag Issue 4
*The theme of this "Damage Control Special" issue is bad homos, people the gay community would rather not acknowledge. Gordon Gordon and his writers do some in-depth research on queer serial killers and other skeletons in the community's closet. By the way, in his editorial, Gordon clarifies that despite the name of the zine, he's not actually a teenager. Dion Hansen explains why she hates Camille Paglia, who's so busy complaining about lesbians that she never manages to mention Tribe 8 or Susie Bright. Miles Long profiles several Gay Republicans, whom he refers to as "House Niggers of the New Right." Kathy Sawhill report on the Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians (PLAGAL), a group of homos who are actually anti-abortion. Gordon interviews Bill Andriette of the NAMBLA Bulletin, who joined NAMBLA at age 15. At the bloody heart of the issue are profiles of bad, bad homos Jeffrey Dahmer, Roy Cohn, John Wayne Gacy, Aileen Wuornos, "Patient Zero"ĘGaetan Dugas (though I think Teen Fag should have sought opinions besides Randy Shilts on this one), Leopold & Loeb, and the trio of queers from Tacoma who faked a hate-crime attack on their home. The review section includes an in-depth analysis of Boiled Angel and Baby Sue comics that is the sort of reviewing that should be undertaken by more zines. Plus lots of comics by Blair Wilson, Bea Bea, David Kelly, Goat Boy comics by C.A. Fig, VelVeeda, Tony "Anonymous Boy" Arena, Sarah Bell, etc.

$3 cash/$3.50 Canada/ $5 world to Chow Chow Productions Box 20204 Seattle WA 98102 40 pages, standard

TeenMom Issue vol 2 #3
Mary Kate Ashley Olsen of Full House is featured on the full color cover, and all is revealed about her multiple personality disorder, how she slept her way to the top, and the love child she's having with Yanni. She's so marketable, there's even a breed of dog genetically engineered with her face. Mary Kate's lover Yanni also gives an interview. And Mary Kate appears in an infomercial for the Lolitaciser 2000, a device to excercise those saggy orifices. There's also the story of how David Copperfield magically turned into a heterosexual. And a profile of the three Baldwin brothers, who have all been in movies about Menages a Trois. Apparently someone isn't afraid of libel suits.

$3 to TeenMom 2211 N Cahuenga #306 LA CA 90068 24 pages, standard

Thorn Issue 5
Making cotton pads for menstruation; facts about herpes; Epicenter Women's Outreach Koalition; Narcotics Anonymous; Lyn Duff, editor of 24-7, a newletter by and for youth who have been institutionalized; a eulogy for filmmaker Tod Streater; Aileen Wournos and Norma Jean Croy; Free Kitten review; writing about lashing out and punching cars; a childhood attempt at making magic potion; zine reviews; kook city (SF) resource guide.

$3.50 to Thorn 2300 Market St. #23 SF CA 94114 32 pages, standard

The Tidewater Times Issue Jan 95
*This is the newsletter of the Tidewater Bears, a social club for bear-type men and their admirers. There's news about the club's pending incorporation; AIDS service organizations that have turned into self-perpetuating beureaucracies; going to the gym; photos from overseas penpals; personal ads.

50 cents to The Tidewater Times Box 2241 Denbigh VA 23609- 0241 6 pages, standard

Today's Transvestite
This magazine is not currently publishing, but back issues are available for $10 for #1, $5 each for #2 and #3.

to Guy Planet MM 7 Dwight St. #3 Boston MA 02118 24 pages, standard

Tomato Issue 2
*The cover art features Dan Savage in drag. Ellen tells a story about when her family had a CB radio and a trucker mistook her brother's voice for a woman's; a costume party Ellen's parents threw in the 70's, to which one guy came as a penis; a wordless comic of a woman dancing with a trapeze; Spike and Birdie talk about the photos they took for a lesbian porn magazine and what Spike's boyfriend will think when he finds out; a mother goose rhyme about a good little girl illustrated with two women in a mild s/m scene; a rhyme by Grandma Florence about playing scrabble; a diagram of the human heart; facts about Elisabeth, Countess Bathory, a real-life female vampire.

$2.75 to Starhead Comix Box 30044 Seattle WA 98103 28 pages, comic book

TransSisters: The Journal of Transsexual Feminism Issue 7
A report from Camp Trans, an encampment outside the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival set up to protest the exclusion of transsexuals; excerpts from a speech by Leslie Feinberg given at Camp Trans; a request from Leslie Feinberg for financial assistance for a book on Transgender history; reprints of fliers distributed at Camp Trans; Dykes to Watch Out For comics; a review of the book "Transgender Nation"; Christine Beatty writes about elitism and the pecking order of various sorts of transgendered people; Margaret Deirdre O'Hartigan writes about her problems with the word "transgendered"; an open letter by Mustang Sally; a comic by Diana Green.

$6 to Skyclad Publishing 4004 Troost Ave Kansas City MO 64110 60 pages, standard

Trash Compactor Issue Vol 2 #7
A great cult movie magazine. This issue includes an interview with Bruce LaBruce about his movie Super 8 1/2; a summary of the Toronto film festival; an exploitation cinema fest organized by Jack Stevenson; a comic about a projectionist; an interview with Mary Woronov; magazine reviews. Plus old ads for super-8 porno movies.

$5 to Trash Compactor 254 College Street #108 Toronto Ont M5T 1R5 Canada 44 pages, standard

Two Accounts of the Creation of a Pornographic Film
+This is a book with several prose and poetry pieces. The title piece is told from the points of view of the casting director and a man hung like Moses (but not like God). Some of the other pieces include "Shrank Which Is German For Closet;" "what i'll think about while pat robertson swallows my load;" and a poem about buying a silence=death button as a kid and not knowing what it meant;

$3 to Ian A. Wood 30 Catbird Court Lawrenceville NJ 08648 38 pages, standard

Ugly Boy Issue 4
Most of this issue is composed of entries from Alvin's journal, and therefore it's pretty personal stuff. Among the stuff he journals about include not getting letters from his friends back home, weird psychic dreams, being lonely and/or desperate, talking on the phone with his parents, Plus a rant about hating work; a review of an Exene Cervenka/Professor Griff Don Bajema reading; overcrowded shows filled with people trying to be part of the Seattle music scene; a piece about having low self esteem; a review of an Iggy Pop show.

$2/trade to A. Downhour 4211 7th Ave NE #2 Seattle WA 98105 40 pages, digest

Untitled and Other Poems
Poetry by Drew Pisarra, who has been a contributor to Homoture and Girlfriend. The poems are very effective; here's a taste: "O! America--/ where the only celebrated gay/ is Enola."

$3 to Drew Pisarra 25-6 NW 23rd Pl #219 Portland OR 97210- 3534 30 pages, half legal

urbanerotica: selective niggafaggot sex by J.
This collection of erotic stories about black men is very well-written, and there's quite a bit of variety in the five pieces. "Stick it in" is about a hustler who gets more than he bargained for; "Embellishment #27" is about a guy in a wheelchair who fantasizes about a man who works for his aunt; "Diva" is about a chick with a dick; "Curt & Andre" trades paragraphs between two lovers who occasionally find a third guy to join their party; "Urban Contemporary" is about what happens at a party. Plus nude photography.

$4+2 stamps to J. Smith, Coupe Publishing 400 E 33rd St Suite 1411 Chicago IL 60616-4043 36 pages, digest

Venus Infers: A Leatherdyke Quarterly Issue vol 2 #2
Unfortunately, this is the final issue of this magazine, but back issues are available. Infighting at Stonewall 25; the Powersurge women's S/M conference in Seattle; a photo spread of two women in leather; erotic stories; a photo sequence in which women in boy drag play out a rape scene; a primer on bullwhips; Baby Dyke comic about "Stonewhine". Age statement required. Email: venus@queernet.org

$6 (+$2 if you want first class postage) to Venus Infers 2215-R Market St Suite 294 SF CA 94114 60 pages, standard Age statement required.

Verbal Abuse Issue 3
This is more a perfect-bound book than a magazine; nonetheless, this is the "New Religions" issue. Among the "religions" covered are corsetting, ufo's, the rapture, transgenderism, neo-paganism, the grateful dead, phychick youth, on-line culture, true crime, and more. Among the highlights are reprints of "The Idle Sheets," a newsletter of the sort of drag balls depicted in Paris Is Burning; a piece by Charles Henri Ford ("Don't take the children/To Florence the statue of/ David might act up"); a poem by Allen Ginsberg about sex scandals of the gurus.

$6 to Verbal Abuse 315 Park Avenue South #1611 NY NY 10010 168 pages, half legal

Violin Outbreak Issue #12
+A report on the summer '94 queer punk gathering in Minneapolis; an interview with the Gloo Girls; books by and about Marianne Faithfull; a review of the pioneer mostly-female band Lilput (aka Kleenex) and the address to get their mail-order only CD; a review of the No Alternative compilation; Bruce La Bruce's Super 8 1/2; Outpunk records; more music and zine info.

to Tony Arena 321 West 16th Apt #2W NY NY 10011 18 pages, standard

Wad/Comeuppance Issue 3
This is a split issue of two zines done by queer guys named Chris. On the Wad side, done by Christopher B., there's some thoughts about classism and white-boy privelege; memories of a friendship; the difficulty of getting straight people to take queer kids seriously, and a conversation with a straight friend who thinks gays should assimilate; things you don't have to do cuz yer queer, like memorize musicals, and things you have to do, like call people on fucked up shit; the problem with music for people who aren't mad about much; riding his bike, Chris gets hit by the car of a frat boy; fighting back against harassment of queers. On the Comeuppance side, done by Chris O., there's thoughts about fighting against the isms of oppression; a list of things to do, like thinking and acting beyond the boundaries of the zine; straight white boys who think they're oppressed; an open letter to dad; the bullshit with people saying how to be queer has to stop; thoughts about class background and the abusive men Chris' mother married. Chris of Comeuppance used to do Don't Dis Dolly, and you can reach him at Chris Ohnesorge, 1 Mead Way, Bronxville NY 10708.

$1 to Christopher Becerra Box 80061 Lincoln NE 68501-0061 32 pages, digest

Waffle Stomper Issue 2
+A story about a neighbor high on drugs who visits late at night, carrying a knife and worried about a prowler; getting shot with a paintball gun in Portland; the monkey man does his dance in the window; the obituary of the Black Swan, a singer and former slave; a transcript of a woman on a talk show who thinks psychopaths are bisexuals; an article about homophobia and homophobic people like the woman on the talk show; thoughts on healing from incest; the difference between how decent people and fuckwads teach; strange things Bill sees out his window; a fictional story about two women in the 1950s who become lovers.

2 stamps to Billy Blizard 3419 SE Belmont #13 Portland OR 97214 48 pages, digest

Walter Ego, All-American Sissy Issue 1
The artwork in this comic is done with scratch-board, which produces a woodcut-like effect. The story is about a uniformed schoolboy sissy, who's subjected to tortures like being dunked in the fountain. When he tries to buy some tough-looking leathers, the butch clothes come to life and beat him up. The flipside of the comic features Little Carrie Cross, a budding fundamentalist.

$2? to Andy Hartzell 7083 Kenwood St Las Vegas NV 89117 28 pages, standard

When I grow Up i Want To Be Bobby Gillespie Issue 1-2
The way Dean Talent writes about bands, it's almost like prose-poems. The writing really captures the essence of the music in only a few words. But he also Blasts the music industry in true Wyndham Lewis style. And there's definite queer content, with pieces about kissing boys, wearing dresses, and a guy named Idaho. #1 includes pieces about the Voodoo Queens, American guitars (in general), Damon & Naomi, Pavement, writer Sarah Schulman, Suede (anti), Pussycat Trash, etc. #2 covers All About Chad, Bratmobile, Mambo Taxi, Bikini Kill, Heavenly, My Boyfriend's Dead, Madder Rose, and, strangely enough, Take That (the U.K. NKOTB).

$3? cash to When I grow Up i Want To Be Bobby Gillespie Flat K, 23 Plymouth Grove Longsight, Manchester M13 9LU UK 40 pages, Euro digest

White Crane:Journal for the exploration of gay men's spirituality Issue 23
The theme of this issue is gay sensibility and whther gay men have a unique role as outsiders, and an essay explores this topic. There's also an interview with Collin Brown of Body Electric, an organization that conducts workshops on erotic massage; a 1914 essay by Edward Carpenter about "Intermediate Types among Primite Folk"; matriarchs, patriarchs, and gays; book reviews.

$3.75 to White Crane Box 170152 SF CA 94117-0152 24 pages, standard

Whorezine Issue 27
A report on the San Francisco Taskforce on Prositution, on which Whorezine editor Vic St. Blaise represents "gay male prostitutes"; an article about male companions for female prostitutes in Bangkok; illegal alien sex workers in Australia; Vic's trip to Stonewall 25; police raids on S&M dungeons; excerpts from a lap dancer's diary; a customer gets scammed by an escort service that doesn't put out; gossip; resource listings; more clippings about sex work.

$4 to Whorezine 2300 Market St #19 SF CA 94114 32 pages, standard

Wilde Oaks
*A lesbian and gay literary magazine, with prose, poetry, and photos. A new issue will be out soon.

$12 to Wilde Oaks c/o DeFrank Center 175 Stockton Ave San Jose CA 95126 108 pages, digest

William Wants A Doll Issue 4
Cool girl role models from kiddie fiction; diary of a sodapop junkie; bad girls Ann-Margret and Drew Barrymore; an interview with a guy named William who had a doll; "Hugh Hefner, Andrea Dworkin and Me," an article about how porn is o.k.; interview with Adrian Tomine; a comic about a girl who goes out looking for Mr. Wrong; crushes of summer 1994; a guide to thrift shopping; an article about having conflicting feelings about watching what one eats; reviews of a film, cold cereal, a cool boss, comics, music and zines; comic adventures of paste-up girl; a penpal club for gay indie kids called "Bob Mould Is."

$2 to Arielle Box 8040 Long Island City NY 11101-8040 36 pages, digest

Winter Publishing
+Winter Publishing publishes the Alternative Lifestyles directory, a 130-page listing of more than 375 listings of alternative lifestyle publications ($10, $12 Canada, $14 foreign). They also produce several zines for specialty tastes. Oral Majority is a publication for guys into oral sex. It includes fiction, safe sex info, book and video reviews, and personal ads. Gold 'n Stream is for queer men into golden showers and has a similar mix of contents as Oral Majority. Noose Letter, the publication of the Hangman's Noose Club is for guys who have fantasies of men who are literally hung. It includes stories by members of the club; a reprint of an old Twilight Zone comic about hanging; a comic about a kid who's convicted, perhaps wrongfully, and hanged; personal ads. (each of these is $35 for membership and 4 issues) Age statement required.

to Winter Publishing Box 80667 South Dartmouth MA 02748 Age statement required.

Women's Underground Music Directory
This is a list of resources for women musicians. It concentrates on New York City, but also has information for other parts of the country. There are also interviews with guitarist Debra DeSalvo of the band T.A.Z., and radio D.J. Diane Farris. The resources listed include clubs, rehearsal spaces, recording studios, labels, putting out your own product, support personnel, radio/retail/zines, and a listing of bands. There are also comments about the listings, pointing out which are good and which have been known to screw people over.

$3 + 2 stamps to Huddleston 56 Sterling Pl. #3 Brooklyn NY 11217 40 pages, digest

X-it Press
Various chapbooks featuring gay poetry are available. "R.L. Nichiols & Faggot Friends" includes poems about high school in the 50's; "cumming out"; words of a hypocrite who says "I don't have any problems w/ homosexuality." The title poem of the chap "The heretic hath no home" is about queer beats -- "HOWL, bitch/ HOWL. bark at the moon/ hippie cocksucker." The chapbook "Who has seen the wind?" includes the line "I am gay and lonesome in the/ solitude of lifelong denial."

$2? to Bobby Star Box 3756 Erie PA 16508 14 pages, standard

+YELL is the Youth Education Life Line comminttee of ACT UP. Contents of the zine include a list of YELL's actions and newspaper clippings about them; letters to YELL; basic AIDS/HIV info and numbers to call for more information; safer sex info (and a condom); how to turn a latex glove into a latex barrier, and what to do with it; YELL's demands; meeting info. They're working on a comic book about foster kids' rights with regards to HIV testing.

free to YELL Zine 135 West 29th St 10th Floor NY NY 10001 20 pages, digest

Yes, Ms. Davis Issue 4
Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Vaginal Davis. Cover photo is of Dermot Mulroney; lots of gossip about the likes of Wil Wheaton, Danzig, Maria Schneider, Yevgeny Sissin, Winona Ryder, ugly old white man H. Wayne Huizenga, Beck, Ethan Hawke, J. Robbins of Jawbox, ex-fagbashing gangsta wrapper Buster Beaute, Dora and Mrs. Jeffrey Burroughs, and Washington, DC band Black Fag, featuring Irish/Creole lead singer Rayvn Cymone Mcfarland.

$2 to Vaginal Davis 135 South Edgemont Suite Disgusting LA CA 90004 13 pages, standard

Y is for Yuck Issue 2
This is a wacky little comic zine that brings to mind Dirty Plotte. The difference between waif-like and waffle-like; two female dogs kiss and get hard-ons; comic about a lying, stealing roommate; a list of yucks (raisins, Courtney Love) and yums (prunes, Donna Dresch & Kaia); self-defense using shoes; two girls touch each other; getting elbowed at a show. Age statement required.

$1 to Y is for Yuck Box 420424 SF CA 94142 12 pages, digest Age statement required.

Your Face + My Ass Issue 4
*A criticism of those who claim an anti-SM position as anarchists; identifying as an anarchist even though anarchism is supposedly destined for failure; notes from a panel discussion about sexual identity/politics and gender dynamics among Twin Cities queers; gay people who don't belive bisexuals exist; why cars suck; the problem with the pathetic gay and lesbian movement; fighting the right wing's anti-choice and anti-queer agenda; issues of homeless queer youth; homebrew recipe; more. Plus a comic about Robin coming on to Batman after he comes of age. My copy came with a cassette tape also.

$2.25 to YFMA Box 80089 Mpls MN 55408 56 pages, digest

Your Head On A Platter Issue 1
This is a dream diary zine. That isn't explicitly stated, but as I was reading it, I realized that the weird logic of the happenings in these pieces could only come from dreams. Another clue is the call for submissions: "Looking for dreams featuring: horses, gender trouble, swimming pools." One dream is about trying out for the part of a drag queen in a play. Another is about a whorehouse for both men and women. And one is about going to a piercing parlor where Jodie Foster works. There are also nice pen and ink drawings illustrating some of the dreams.

$2+2 stamps to Rebecca Levi 2336 Market St #132 SF CA 94114 24 pages, digest

Yummy Bot Issue 2
Groovy phashion ideas, like spraypainting docs silver; ambient music; a review of a live Bjork performance; rave (music) reviews; Andy Warhol soup can cross; how to tell if your son is gay (tabloid reprint); reasons to start smoking.

$1 to Troy Forbes Site 25, Box 11, RR1 Windsor Junction NS B0N 2V0 Canada 12 pages, half legal