Criswell is best-known for his appearances in Ed Wood's movies. He also published a column called Criswell Predicts, wrote two books, and released a record of his predictions. These are some selected predictions regarding homosexuality from his books.


I predict that perversion will flood the land beginning in 1970. I predict a series of homosexual cities, small, compact, carefully planned areas, will soon be blatantly advertised and exist from coast to coast. These compact communities will be complete with stores, churches, bars, and restaurants which will put the olden Greeks or Romans to shame with their organized orgies. You will be able to find them near Boston, Des Moines, Columbus, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C.., San Francisco, St. Louis, New Orleans, Dallas, and Miami.

Much thought and planning will be expended in setting up these communities where perversion will parade shamelessly. And all this will be within the law because the perverted will claim that they have been discriminated against. The Supreme Court will rule that whatever these consenting adult males, or females, wish to do, they can! Greece and Rome, along with Carthage and Babylon once permitted the same type of communities. I predict that history will repeat itself right here in America beginning in the year of 1970, and increasingly after the Supreme Court upholds them in 1973

-- Criswell, from Criswell Predicts from now to the year 2000!, 1968.

Q: Can you predict where the Homosexual, the Bisexual and the Heterosexual Capitols will be located?

A: I predict that the Homosexual capitol will be Des Moines, Iowa, the Bisexual capitol will be Pasadena, California and the Heterosexual capitol will be Erie, Pennsylvania.

-- Criswell, from Your Next Ten Years, 1969.


I predict a new breed of civilians in the next ten years! The Contented Discontents!

These will be the disgruntled citizenry who are and will be content with merely complaining! They will gripe, gripe, gripe from morning until night, and yet will not do one thing themselves about it! They will gripe on the way of government, taxes, crime, sex, death costs, insurance, landlords, weather, transportations, traffic, bi-sexuality, homosexuality, heterosexuality and no sexuality at all.

You will find this breed of the discontented very happy just criticizing!

I predict that the politicians will make political hay while the discontented sunshines!

-- from Your Next Ten Years

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