BAnd and PerFormer BiO's:

The Potatomen - Lilting boy love rock including Lookout! Records prez Larry Livermore.

Cypher in the Snow - Seven, count 'em, SEVEN babes whipping out pleasantly torturous feminoise. Militia Etheridge.

The Need - featuring Miranda July, Shannon, and Rachel Carns (who used to be in Kicking Giant) - lights, stage, words, action!

Vaginal Davis - award-winning Blacktress and sometimes frontperson for terrorist units PME, Black Fag, and Cholita - the female Menudo.

The KG's - two-piece styling from Tae Won Yu, who was another explosive element in the previously mentioned Kicking Giant.

Dirt Bike Gang - the Dirty Bird house band, featuring Sister Spit genius Michelle Tea and an all-star cast.

Sta-Prest - hesitant rockers and genre-busters, patheticore, vespa sex, Casio before it was cool, high-fashion victims and multisubcultural revolutionaries.

The Vegas Beat - Portland rockers, Marci Martinez's new band, sing along to the pleasant sounds and bob your head accordingly.

Sleater-Kinney - minimalist to the max, maximum voltage, electric revelations from Corin, Carrie and Toni.

Dyke Van Dick - local heroes, featuring beloved DJ Zanne and talented cohorts.

Behead The Prophet No Lord Shall Live - ferocious hardcore, increase harshness factor 100 fold, prepare for the New Killer Bees.

Third Sex - three outta control dykes with clothing fetishes and enthusiastic singalongs

Sparkmarker - from Vancouver, increase chugga-chugga factor, seducing emo boys and spreading homo love to the hardcore generation.

Tribe 8 - leading lights and homocore visionaries, chainsaw castrators, wholesome lesbian entertainment, total snarkism.

Juliana Luecking - wordcore veteran, lesbian sex inquisitor, many hat-wearer.

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