Welcome to Dirty Bird '96, a queercore festival!

About eight months ago, we started meetings to plan this festival. It took a lot of work, patience, and people to make it happen.

We started from scratch, with no money and no prior experience in putting together a festival. We have no official sponsors, no grants; basically, no free lunches here. This festival was put together on money, labor, and time donated from around a dozen crazed individuals.

We love the idea of a queercore festival; we love the idea of queercore, period! We're all invested and interested in how it plays out. We're a little hesitant to try and "define" what it means, either explicitly or by default. This festival could have been done differently by anyone else. We just want to spotlight some of the things we're drawn to that we feel belong in a festival like this.

We regret that we were not able to include all of the possible bands and ideas that could have been involved. After all, this festival only lasts for four days; it would take weeks to showcase all of the stuff we like! So hopefully, others will take up our ideas and give more things the attention they deserve.

A huge thanks to all of the wonderful people out there who helped make this all possible! From those who gave housing, who helped with sound, who provided us with space, who put together workshops...

To all the bands who played, and performers too... for all of the donated copying, phone calls, layout skills, window space, and staff at all of our venues (ATA Gallery, New College, Modern Times Bookstore, SF Women's Building, The Lab, 924 Gilman St.) and everyone past and present who offered their help - THANK YOU!

xoxoxo's from the Dirty Bird Collective

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