A response to the Gay Draft Notice

by Private Pubicus

This is a note regarding my call to active gay duty, which I am accepting like the man that I am and in the spirit of the swish I wish to become. I have heard the call since the Reagan '80's of my youth and am reaffirmed by the crisis on every front as presented by God Hates Fags and other little Third World nuissances such as these I feel it is our duty to inculcate with the letter of the faith and the leather belt of domination, the pink triangle of the alliance, and the falsetto of Mercury I so often heard over the field at my father's football games..."We Are The Champions", we truly are, and this New World Order is not going to be sealed without my vote of confidence or my badge of courage reddened and browned out with the sweat and grease of endurance years in my alternative boudoir have branded in me. I want to make you proud Gen. LarryBob. You and my Goddess and my parents. And my nation of queer brothers and sisters who are laying down their lives for liberty. Amen!