Films I want to see.

I feel like if I post my want lists of books and records, that's just going to increase competition. But if I post my list of films I want to see, that just increases the chances I get to see them, since videos are copyable, and it might encourage someone to program the films at a theater or festival.

Queen of Sheba Meets the Atom Men: Directed by Ron Rice, director of The Flower Thief (which I finally saw last year.) Starring Taylor Mead, who was also in the Flower Thief. Left uncompleted by Rice, the screened version was put togeter by Mead. (Available on video)

Chumlum: Another Ron Rice film, I believe this one was shot during the making of Jack Smith's Normal Love.

Borderline: I keep missing this film, which has been showing recently as part of Paul Robeson centenary presentations. It has Robeson, his wife Eslanda, poet H.D., writer Bryher, and astrologer Gavin Arthur in it.

Goonland: One of the Fleischer Popeye films. It occasionally shows on Ted Turner's cable channels, but I haven't managed to see it yet. Some of the other Popeye films I've seen have amazing 3-d rotating backgrounds with cel animation in the front.

Toll of the Sea: The first two-strip (red/green) technicolor feature, starring Anna May Wong, one of the first asian-american cinema stars. DVD

Mala Noche: Yes, hard as it is to believe, I have not seen this eary Gus Van Sant feature. Walt Curtis' book, the basis for the film, has recently be republished. [the film is to be released on DVD]

Rose Hobart: A film by box-art maker Joseph Cornell. This film was an influence on Jack Smith and was included in the series of Smith-related films that showed in New York in winter 1997/98. [Now available as part of the same DVD set as Toll of the Sea.]

Luminous Procuress: A Cockettes film. The only Cockettes film I have seen is Tricia's Wedding. [actually since writing this I've also seen "Palace", "Elevator Girls in Bondage", and more, but still not Luminous Procuress.]

Population One: Stars Tomata Du Plenty, whom I interviewed for my zine. Directed by Rene Daalder, director of Massacre at Central High, a film which Heathers borrowed heavily from.

Rosa Von Praunheim films: The only one of his early films I have seen is "It is not the homosexual who is perverse..." which my boyfriend Nick called "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls without cleavage" (strange, isn't that practically how Forced Exposure described Diamanda Galas?) A gay man's odessey through several groups before finding happiness with a commune of gay hippies, the clothes are just too much - check out the suede fringed shorts with matching handbag. But seriously, I would like to see Underground and Immigrants, which has Jack Smith in it (I think this and a couple other films were excerpted for Mein New York). And I'd like to see Stadt Der Verlorenen Seelen, which has Jayne County in it. In fact, there have been retrospectives of his films, but not lately in San Francisco.

Films that I've wanted to see for a long time that I've finally gotten a chance to view are The Flower Thief, Jack Smith's Normal Love, Nazimova's silent Salome, Paul Morrisey's Women in Revolt.

I could always stand to see more Lon Chaney silent films, more Kuchar brothers films, more Warhol films, etc.


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