Virtual Gay Ghetto

If straight cyberspace is like a strip mall, gay cyberspace is like West Hollywood. Strange, that that's exactly what Geocities' gay section is called. Note that there's no Silverlake section of Geocities. (In all honesty, in an earlier incarnation, this web site resided at Geocities' free site.)

If it's rainbow flags, tanned clone porn, and catty slapfighting you're looking for, welcome. If you're looking for info on Fag Rag (the original queer radical paper, not the Texas rag of the same name), the Cockettes, the Angels of Light, Dead Fingers Talk (Tom Robinson contemporaries with such songs as "Nobody Loves You When You're Old and Gay"), Tomata Du Plenty, Conflict (primordial Arizona lesbian punk band [since this was written, an interview with a member of Conflict has appeared in the zine Bamboo Girl]), Everyone Involved (an early 70's gay prog-rock group), writers like Glenway Wescott, Charles Henri Ford, or Irving Rosenthal, or other heroes waiting to be rediscovered, you won't find any info on the web (a free copy of Holy Titclamps to anyone who can discover more than a cursory reference to the above online.) It still takes a visit to the gay and lesbian archive or the library to find that kind of information.

The web is pretty good for music info, queer music info included. In general, that is because information is on the web for one of two reasons: commercial sites and fanatics. CDs are one of the few products (books are another) that has been sold with success on the web, so naturally there is commercial info on them. And music, along with movies, is one of the things that fans are the most fanatical about.

There is somewhat less in the realm of literary work -- perhaps someone should scan in novels by the self-styled Baron Corvo, which are certainly in the public domain. But the sad decline in literacy in our modern land of barbarians is no doubt to blame for the lack of such literary pleasures.

I don't understand why more of you queer college kids aren't doing the web-zine thing. After all, you've got free web resources just going to waste there. (And if your college doesn't offer free web space, it's time to transfer.) Neglect your studies a bit and do a web-zine -- you won't remember any of your calculus in five years anyway.

A slight digression -- although back in '89 I was asking where the gay punks are, these days, I'm more likely to ask where the queer trip-hoppers are. (Tricky puts forth a reasonable effort by wearing a dress.) Even K is releasing rap and dub records (even superpunks' dead now, I guess.)

I get occasional requests to link to pages which -- though I don't want to be a snob -- are not within the avenues which I wish to encourage. In other words, they are of the rainbow-flag, hotlist-only, dull variety. I don't think all web hotlists should be all things to all people -- it just adds to the already overwhelming homogeneity of the web. It's a good thing if a site is somewhat narrow in its focus, though hopefully as deep in its coverage of that area as possible. Though it's hard to define what is an appropriate link from my page, I know when I get one that's inappropriate (though I have my moments of weakness.) Tightness of focus is a quality which adds to the usefulness of a web site. Some of the most useless sites you can visit on the web are those that list every single site a person has ever visited. Monstrous megabyte-size files that please everyone and nobody at the same time.

Electronic communication is a matter of signal and noise. We can't do much about the increasing levels of noise (for instance, the spam that's plaguing Usenet these days), but we can increase the amount of signal. So go out there and make a decent queer web site.


My last rant, on the subject of Christian rock and gay rock elicited the following response:

Subject: Satins' a choice you make larrybob !!
It's never to late to be saved larrybob. God Bless you!!!!!

Larry-bob says: I couldn't agree more. Satin is a choice, and one that I would never make.

Since this article was written, more information has appeared on some of the obscure topics listed above, and links have been added.
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