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Response To The Gay Rapper Article!


This whole gay rapper thing is driving me crazy!! It all started about one year ago with an article called, Confessions of a Gay Rapper by J.X. True, it was very scandalous and anonymous but certainly nothing new - or so I thought. I bring scandal to the radiom so of course, this article was right up my alley. I read the article on the radio and audience went wild- they ate it up! PEOPLE WANTED TO KNOW WHO THE GAY RAPPER WAS.

My life has not been the same since. I get stopped in the mall, on the street and going to the bathroom while IÕm about town has taken on a new meaning. For instance, girls follow me for the their alone to ask, Wendy girl, who da gay rappa?!: They are all floored when I inform them that there is not one gay rapper, 85% of the game is GAY. Jamal X and I sat cackling on the phone one Saturday night for hours....Jamal says its more like 95%! He also told me that the anonymous star of the original article is sorry he did the article.

These regrets all come after he revealed the touring antics, the lovers posing as best friends and the 'girlfriends' who are in the dark about the whole thing. LetÕs not forget that he also revealed the drug usage as a way to forget; the fact that only a man can satisfy another man and the fact that the 'secret fraternity' is larger than we all think.

Lesbians and homosexuals are everywhere, so why not in hip hop? Let us focus on the fellows, since most of the ladies are quite obvious about their movements. How else is a nigga gonna make it big in the game. With so much talent and creativity in the ghettos across America its tough for many record company 'Big Wigs,' to decide who to put on! Even when a nigga gets put on (record deal and a few bucks) there is always the next level - mega stardom in the hip hop game (include platinum status, movies, endorsements and TV shows). You see by fuckin a nigga in his ass and letting him suck your joint, thus turning him out, a record company CEO has ultimate control over his artist by knowing that artist's ultimate secret. It is never just a onetime a....niggas get hooked on that ass. which now make them bonafied (pardon my bone joke) homosexuals. Even with all the money and the ladies a nigga still craves another niggas ass!!

The situation I have just explained is what I call 'the corporate turn-out.' Then there is the 'born gay' hip hop niggas. They do not need to be bribed, they were just born to love it.... These two categories make up the large (like I said before, 85%) majority of hip hop niggas, from the artists, managers, deejays, dancers and roadies to the record reps and CEO'S. The scariest part is that on the surface, everybody is playin' the thugly masculine role real well, but honey donÕt believe the hype cause niggas are trickin for niggas! In the gay community, am and with his jeans hangin on his ass, timbos and all the sized gear is called a banji boy (B-Boy).

B-boy niggas represent to the fullest. You would never know they were gay Ôcause they are always talkin bout knockin niggas out, fuckin women, gettin high and making money. It is a role they play to keep their deepest secrets from you, the record buying public. The people who really lose out are the women. For instance, when I tell women some of the b-boy names, they gag! ÒNo Wendy, stop lyin.... he is married or No Wendy, he just had a baby or even No Wendy, he fucked my friend T.last weekend. I say to the ladies, sorry girls but these men do not want you, they want a beard (a disguised manrso no one suspects their homosexuality). Girls, stop thinking that homosexuality comes packagged in pink slacks, a mean catwalk and feminine characteristics. Also, stop thinking that if your niggas not with you that he is with some other girl. You need to watch YOUR MAN IS MAN! Observe the guys that they spend time with cause there is nothing worse than another man beatin your time.

Ladies stay intuned with your man and the world around you, cause in the 9-7 niggas (not just rappers) are checkin for other niggas - in a big way! The Òfraternity is strong and silent, and they do not like me cause they know I will tell it.

Shout out to all the closeted gay rappers - I would say Keep it real, but by your public deceptions, it is clear to me that you donÕt. So I will just say keep it tight. Your identities are relatively safe with me. Shout out to everyone who hates me, (even calling me a lesbian) for attemping to educate the masses to the gay thing - FUCK YOU.

One last shout out, to all my true fans that listen to me (Mon-Fri,.2p-6P) on HOT 97/WQHT New York and shout out to all the people on my website (www.gowendy. comm). Thanks for your constant support, I love you all !!