Larry-bob's Generic Queer Homepage

Slap together some rainbow flag gifs, pictures of naked guys, and a whole bunch of links to other gay sites with no more actual content than your own. You can probably make your own generic gay homepage in less than an hour. I did.

There seem to be an awful lot of queer sites on the web that are nothing more than a bunch of links. Sometimes there's a link that promises to have more content, but all that's there is an under construction message. Don't you homos have anything to say? It's like an endless hall of mirrors--wander down the corridors, everything looks the rainbow-flaging same. No destinations, only pathways.

Or there's all the web zine editors that did an issue some time in late 1995 and haven't managed to get their shit together to do a second issue. We're waiting, folks.

Then there's the mainstream gay mag web sites. Who are these people who post on the bulletin-board pages of the Advocate and Out about how much they love those magazines. If you've only ever eaten at McDonald's, you probably think that's a great meal.

And our friends in the non-gay on-line media haven't been exactly giving queers a whole lot of attention. Is Suck the only San Francisco-based media publication not to do a special "gay pride" issue?

Now, I admit that my web site is a combination of shovelware five year old zine content and a hotlist which I try to keep updated with the queer results of my obsessive web browsing. But I'm going to start doing a weekly page with some content, even if it's only ranting and foaming at the mouth. Check back here every Monday and see if I've kept up my promises.

[the schedule is now more-or-less monthly. Check back in about a month for a new rant.]


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