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Here's some links around the web about gays and hiphop. This is where to look for info about gay and lesbian rappers. With the possible exception of Wendy, this isn't about gossiping or wrecking people's careers. Most of these links are about people who are building stuff up, doing things themselves. I am interested in stuff that's taking this in a positive direction. If you're not taking this in a positive direction, I think you need to realize that for some people this is a very serious thing and it's not to be taken lightly as some kind of "fag" joke.
-- Larry-bob

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The following links are basically listed in the order I added them to the page, newest links first.

Le1f is a rapper and producer based in New York.

Mykki Blanco is a rapper, performance artist, and poet.

And You Belong is a documentary about Scream Club

Wikipedia article on Juba Kalamka, founding member of Deep Dickollective.

Hip-Hop's Bustin' out the Closet - 2012 article on Katastrophe, Ripparachie, JenRO, KIN4LIFE, Montreea, TreZure AKA Widow, Illuminati Princess and Deadlee. Includes links to interiews.

New York Times article on Frank Ocean coming out mentioned Deep Dickollective and homohop.

A Few Thoughts on Frank Ocean "Coming Out" -Don't Forget Those Who Came Before Him by Davey D.

Wheelchair Sports Camp the Denver based pseudo hip-hop band is Kalyn as MC/producer, Abi McGaha Miller as vocalist/saxophone, and brother Isaac as live rhythm.

Zebra Katz signature song is "Ima Read". See NY Times article You Have to Know the Context

Big Freedia is the Queen Diva of Bounce Music, from New Orleans.

Eight Openly Queer Rappers Worth Your Headphones

Homohop Twitter List

Rainbow Noise is a record label out of Vancouver, Washington/Portland, Oregon specializing in GLBTQ music artists with mainstream commercial appeal.

Heidi Barton Stink is a Trans-Radical M.C. based out of Minneapolis MN. Interview from The New Gay.

Kin4Life - hip-hop duo of Nor and IQ, originally from New York, now based in Atlanta, GA.

New York Times article on Sissy Bounce, New Orlean's Gender-Bending Rap

Smut Stud is a rapper representing the bears and chubs. As of 2010 he has a new mix tape coming out in 2011. He's also on Twitter

Rusty Lazer is a DJ from New Orleans who works with Sissy Bounce superstars Big Freedia, Katey Red and Sissy Nobby.

Dat Stud Rapper, Keyon La Don is a female rapper from Detroit, Michigan. Also check out and

Katastophe is a gendermessin' FTM hip hop MC based in San Francisco. After two previous CDs, he has a new one out in the fall of 2009 called "The Worst Amazing" on 307 Knox Records.
There is a music video for the song "Big Deal"
Katastrophe has toured Europe and played at various music festivals.

There are gay hip hop performers at the queer music festival Homo A Go Go August 13-16, 2009 in San Francisco, including Tim'm West, Tori Fixx, Athens Boys Choir, Benni E., Katastrophe, Robo Sapien, and Sgt. Sass. List of music bios from the fest

San Francisco Pick up the Mic DVD release event Thursday June 25, 6pm, at Amoeba San Francisco on Haight St. details

"Pick up the Mic" DVD release event Sunday June 21, 2009 at MJ's Bar in Silver Lake, featuring live performances from Johnny Dangerous, JenRo, JB Rap, Deadlee, Pretty Thugz (Foxxjazell and Prince Cat-Eyez) Director Alex Hinton will be present in person.

Shay Casiano is an openly gay female rapper / producer from Atlanta.

MondoHomo is a queer festival in Atlanta now in its third year. Mondo HomoHop-ElectroClash is a showcase which brings MCs from across the nation to the current pulsing heart of hiphop here Atlanta. Latino queer activist Deadlee is back this year, along with his crew of Los Angeles MCs: Down Low, Last Offence, and Captain Magik. The Pretty Thugz return once again, representing the transgender in homohop with Prince Cat Eyez, FoxxJazell and Ms. Teary. KIN (ATL), Tori Fixx (MN), DaLyrical (OH), Fiona Simone (ATL), and Bennie E (Philly) will also bring it to the stage. Athens Boys Choir (Athens, GA) and Jeremy Gloff (Tampa) add a dash of ElectroClash to this incredible bill.

Q.B. "The Gay Vigilante" is a new homohop artist in Chicago. His myspace is and also he's got a blog at

Democracy and Hip-Hop is a website based in New Orleans which covers a broad range of hip-hop politics and culture. A substantial focus is directed towards queer liberation and the tensions in hip-hop as they are reflected by this generation.

BASH'd: A GAy Rap Opera has been produced in New York.

For solo stuff from Shunda K of Yo Majesty see

Alicia Leafgreen is from Minnesota and has an EP called "White Lesbian Rapper."

Lester is a rapper based in New York who makes his own original tracks with an electro flavor.

In November 2008, The "3 The Hard Gay" tour will traverse the West coast spreading gay hip hop. On all dates will be Tim'm West of Deep Dickollective, Deadlee, and Last Offence. At various dates of the tour they will be joined by Mid*One, Baraka Noel, JenRO, Solomon, MC Flow, Foxxjazell, and Tori Fixx.

Solomon is a rapper from San Diego. His first mixtape, Rhyting Rhymes is now out - is a nwe GLBT hip hop forum. They also offer event promotions, graphic designs, and much more.

Yo Majesty are a hiphop group from Florida. Here's an article on Yo Majesty from the New Yorker. And another from After Ellen.

Unecc is a female gay artist out of Ohio. She has videos on YouTube. Also she has a rap group with her brother called UntouchablE. They have done a lot of pride events.

Sin is a lesbian rapper who lives in Seattle (originally from NYC.)

(Bone) Intell is a rapper from New York State.

Khalil Amani,spiritual advisor to Deadlee, the "gayngsta" rapper. Khalil Amani is a straight black man and gay right's activist. He is the author of "HIP-HOP HOMOPHOBES: Origin & Attitudes Towards Gay & Lesbians in Hip-Hop Culture; As Perpetrated By Rappers, Thugs, Athletes, Reggae Rastas & Religionists; Essays On A 3,000 Year Old Lie Against Homosexuality; A Religious Hoax!" ( Nov. '07). Mr. Amani can be visited at . Excerpts from his book in blog.

Captain Magik is a rapper from Cleveland Ohio with a new album coming out at the end of november 2007. First single on myspace

Nfamus Tha Kid is a 23 year old lesbian female rapper from camden nj.

Sugur Shane is an upcoming gay rapper and house vocalist from Philadelphia.

Jonny Cash is a lesbian rapper from Philly.

Sgt. Sass is a queer hip-hop duo from Philadelphia. Check out this feature article in the Philadealphia Weekly.

HomoRevolution Tour 2007 a regional tour of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgendered rap & hip hop artists which earlier had covered the southern part of the US is doing midwestern dates in October. This leg features Deadlee, Tori Fixx, Bigg Nugg, JFP, Foxxjazell, and NYC's Shorty Roc, plus DaLyrical from Atlanta.
October 4: Columbus, OH
October 5: Indianapolis, IN
October 6: Milwaukee, WI (Kenosha)
October 7: Minneapolis, MN

NPR Roundtable: Homophobia in Hip-Hop with New York-based writer Staceyann Chin, rapper and satirist Deadlee, and author and educator Mo Beasley.

June 2007 Now Toronto article on Deep Dickollective.

"The Gay Rapper" Caushun finally fully exposed as the fraud he always was, with an interview with his former "manager" and ghost-rapper Ivan Matias:

Julie Fucking Potter is a San Francisco based rapper and comic. She is having a CD release party with special guest Bigg Nugg from Ohio on Friday May 25, 2007, 9pm doors & DJ, 10pm show, At El Rio, 3158 Mission Street @ Cesar Chavez, San Francisco, CA 94110.
JFP is San Francisco's own premier lesbian Lyricist. This west-coast white girl will rap circles around what you think you know about hip-hop. JFP is a fierce, comical mc who is revolutionizing rap, one mic at a time.
So, come celebrate JFP's debut rap album EXODUS. Fresh off the HOMOREVOLUTION TOUR, JFP is throwing a party in her adopted home town to launch her new album. Other HOMOREVOLUTION artist, bigg nugg, will grace the stage to get things started. Then JFP will unleash every song from EXODUS, live! Supporting JFP on violin and vocals will be her true love, C-Note.
Space is limited and this show will sell out! Tickets: $10 advance/$15 at the door Admission + autographed CD: $20 in advance. Tickets go on sale Now!

For Tori Fixx, check out Here's a May 2006 article on him:

Sonny Louis is a rapper from Brooklyn.

Grand Royal is a rapper from Brooklyn.

Foxjazell -- -- is based in LA and appeared on the Tyra Banks show with Deadlee and Tori Fixx.

HomoRevolution Tour 2007 is the first ever HomoHop Tour of the Pacific Southwest, a regional tour of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgendered rap & hip hop artists (featuring Deadlee, Johnny Dangerous, Tori Fixx, Delacruz, Melange Lavonne, Salvimex, Bigg Nugg, Julie Potter, Foxxjazell and more at various stops. They will travel from San Diego to L.A., Vegas, Phoenix, Albuquerque, El Paso, San Antonio, Houston, Austin, and Dallas.

Houston Chronicle article on Miss Money.

Bigg Nugg is a rapper based in Ohio -- his website is and he's on myspace at and he also runs the website

Deadlee interview on CNN, February 2007

Kiyle is a rapper from Washington State.

Feloni is a rapper from Detroit. Her website is at and she's on myspace at

Mz. Fontaine is a musician based in the UK who has quite a few releases and has performed extensively.

Larry-bob's YouTube Playlist of HomoHop music videos. Get in touch if you'd like me to add yours.

The Phenom is a rapper living in Washington DC.

Age of Consent were a polysexual and gay rap group based in Los Angeles from 1981-1985.

Triple Threat are from Dallas, TX and their website is

VIP: Philly Queer all stars rap project.

Webpage for God-Des GOD-DES & SHE are also on Myspace: Their song "Lick It" was heard on "The L Word."

Peace Out South is back in 2006. It will be held on Saturday, September 2, 2006, in Atlanta, Georgia. Currently, we are looking for artist. If you are planning to be in Atlanta during Labor Day Weekend, contact Basil at and get music to him by April 15.

Dallas News podcast interviews with Miss Money and Juba Kalamka -- uses the term "queerhop."

Phat Family webpage - includes profiles of Homo Hop performers.

Pick Up The Mic is a documentary about homohop performers which had its world premiere at the prestigious Toronto Film Festival on Sept 11, 2005. It is also playing at other festivals -- Check their website for details -- upcoming in March and April 2006 are SXSW in Austin, TX and the London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival.

Deadlee is a queer latino rapper from Los Angeles. He's also on Myspace --

The Punk of Da South is from Miami FL. Check out his Myspace with music and more info.

Rigomortis (aka Tre Vasquez) is an MC based in Oakland CA. (Myspace site)

Oct. 28-30, 2005: PeaceOUT The 5th Annnual World HomoHop Fest, Oakland.

September 16, 17, 2005: PeaceOUT Northwest, Portland, Oregon.

PeaceOut UK, London, England -- August 4-6, 2005:

Sapience Magazine article on gay hip hop.

Horse Hospital Radio: goes out bi-weekly, Sundays 11.30pm-12.30am GMT upon or if in the UK 104.4fm It's called Horse Hospital Radio and is " the world's only punk rock queer occult noise hiphop radio sculpture, hosted by Mister Sloane and The Hare, often with some guy called Dave." More details and tracklistings upon -- website of Jacub Perez, aka Scarletto.

James Schwartz is a gay poet/writer whose next book features a literary cameo by gay rapper Prince Bee and explores gay hip hop themes. James' website is at

March 4 - 6, 2005: QUEER MC'S FOR THE STRAIGHT HIP HOP: Gay and tranny rappers and their homies give hip-hop a makeover. MC's DeadLee, JB Rap, Katastrophe, Salvimex, Jenro, Rigamortis and DJ Johnny Turok. + Screenings of excerpts of "Pick Up the Mic" + "Good Soldier." Friday + Saturday 8:30 pm + Sunday 7:30 $15. t Highways, 1651 18th Street in Santa Monica. Directions at There's an article about this at

SF Chronicle article on Katastrophe. is on

Article on Katastrophe from the East Bay Express.

Blair Robert is the author of the book, Breathe, an urban/hip-hop teenage coming out story.

SF Bay Guardian article on San Francisco gay-friendly hiphop clubs has a profile of a new Lesbian Urban/Hip Hop musician every month -- profiles have included Miss Money and Jen Ro -- plus updated news and gossip every other day. Past profiles are available in their archives.

East Bay Pride in cooperation with Sugartruck Recordings, A.C. R.O.N.Y.M. Records and Phat Family proudly presents PeaceOUT: The 4th Annual World HomoHop Festival October 22-24, 2004, Oakland CA.

Press on PeaceOUT 2004:
East Bay Express, Oakland:
San Francisco Weekly

Anthony Antoine is a musician based in Atlanta. more of his music is available at -- website of QBoy, gay rapper from the UK.

Pac-Man -- British gay hip-hop club.

Interview with Deadlee

NEW URL: Ralowe's Confused Suburban Laughter is the website of solo projects of Ralowe, aka G-Minus.

Article on musician and producer Tori Fixx.
New site for SalviMex, the Latin rap duo featuring Drastiko (Deadlee's sidekick) and Tercer Discipulo (Third Disciple).

July 16-18 2004: Peace Out East homohop festival in New York:

Newsweek article in advance of Peace Out East.

Tablet Magazine (Seattle) article on queer hip hop.

NEW URL: B.Q.E. is Dutchboy and Paradigm, based in New York.

Aaron Carl is a musican whose recordings include the CD Uncloseted.

Jen Ro is a rapper based in South San Francisco.

Descendants of Freedom: A Futuristic Queer Hip Hop Odyssey is a play being produced as of Spring 2004 in New York City. More info at

Second Sunday of each month, started in April 2004: Archie Bunker & ButtaFlySoul Presents "Flow" Hosted by: ButtaFlySoul. At Nuyorican Poets Cafe, 236 E 3rd Street btw Ave. B & C, New York City. Time: 9pm. Price: $10. HIP-HOP SHOWCASE AND POETRY OPEN MIC: Note to all that are intrigued... this showcase is meant to reveal the other hip-hop artist, the one you don't see in the videos. Well, you may see them but they aint tellin' CONTROVERSY!

Hissy Fitt is from San Diego.

article: Queering the Mic and Tim'm West's response.

Deep Dickollective's new CD "The Famous Outlaw League Of Proto-Negroes" is as of now, January 2004, available at More distributors coming soon. You can listen to it at

Pac-Man is a monthly hip-hop night in London, England.

Hip Hop Homos, a short film focusing on Deadlee and God-des.

Interview with Shante Smalls.

Matt Wobensmith's review of the 3rd annual PeaceOUT HomoHop Festival

Nedra Johnson, popular lesbian singer at the michigan womens festival for over 10 years... has a new rap single.. titled "Not Slim but Shady" dissing eminen and his treatment of gays/lesbians..

Johnny Dangerous -- gay rapper from Chicago. His new album produced by Tori Fixx includes guest appearances by Deadlee, Dutchboy, Protegee, and more. See also the Johnny Dangerous IUMA site.

A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. is the record label that will be putting out Deadlee's album "Assault with a Deadlee Weapon."

San Francisco Chronicle article on the 2003 HomoHop Festvial.

Interview with The Urban Hermitt.

Hip-hop homophobia softening? article from Southern Voice.

In Philadelphia, G Room presents GrrlHIVE, a weekly hip-hop party, featuring local breakdancers and MC's. It's about Music + positive vibes to unite a divided gay & lesbian community.

article by Pedro Angel Serrano about the Eminem controversy and responses.

September 11-14 2003: PeaceOUT: The Third Annual World HomoHop Festival at EastBayPride, Oakland CA., details here

SexTV "Homothugs" video clip.

Article on TruDog who is a gay rapper from New York. Here's also Village Voice article about TruDawg.

Scream Club are a hip hop duo founded in Olympia, Washington, now based in Berlin, Germany.

Houston Bernard is a Bisexual electro Hip hop musician based in Brooklyn.

The people from have made a docoumentary about the 2002 Peace/Out festival called Homo Hop.

Cazwell is a hiphop performer in New York, formerly of Morplay.

Globe and Mail article on Homo Hop, and rap by feminists, Muslims, Christians, and aboriginals.

Soce The Elemental Wizard is an MC based in New York City.

Article from England deconstructing the stereotype of hip hop as homophobic.

New York Times article on gay rappers. Can also be read here. Also see Hanifah Walidah's response.

blingit! is a hiphop/acid jazz night starting up in Montreal, Canada. Also check out B'Ugo's website

Scarecrowe Productions -- event production in Boston area - find Stephen Crowe at

Phat Family put out three volumes of LGBT hip-hop compilations. These were available at, which has ceased supporting independent artists. Hopefully these will be available again -- in the meantime, check out the Rainbow Flava website.

Hanifah Walidah's website is at

Queer Youth TV has performance clips by Jen Ro, Deep Dickollective, and Juba Kalamka.

2001 article "All the 'Flavas' of the Rainbow from Bay Windows on Rainbow Flava:

NEW URL: D/DC: Deep Dickollective has a website with music, message board, and more. They get a mention on this article on queer spoken word. And here's an article from Brazil ... SF Bay Guardian article on Deep Dickollective. DDC on the BBC
Video of DDC at the SF Liberation Radio benefit.

Peace Out LGBTI Hip Hop Festival took place place August 29-September 1, 2002 as part of the 6th Annual East Bay Pride Celebration. Queer rappers and Hip Hop artists from all over converged on Oakland, California. Contact Juba Kalamka at
Friday August 30, 3-5 pm: PeaceOUT: With The Key: The Homohop Swap meet and indy promotion forum. @Sweeties 1800b Telegraph at 19th ST. FREE.
Friday August 30, 10 pm: PeaceOUT: RAINBOW FLAVA (sf/nyc) | SHANTE SMALLS (nyc) | DJ MISTER MAKER (UK) | DIME LIFE CROOKS (Oakland) | HERMITT (Seattle) at Oakland Metro, 201 Broadway.
Saturday August 31, 11 AM- 6 PM: The PeaceOUT Stage at East Bay Pride 14th St. between Clay and Jefferson $5 All Ages (Free Till 12 Noon!) with DEEP DICKOLLECTIVE | HANIFAH WALIDAH | RAINBOW FLAVA | THE CONSCIOUS DAUGHTERS (Oakland) | TORI FIXX | GOD-DES | DEADLEE | DJ TOPH ONE (redwine/strawberry).
Saturday August 31, 10 pm: PeaceOUT: DEADLEE (LA) | G.R.E.Y. featuring CHASER (Dallas) | JEN-RO (Daly City) | MARCUS RENE VAN (Ventura, CA) | THE END OF THE WORLD (sf) | DJ MANNY BLACK (ca). at Oakland Metro, 201 Broadway.

Gays & Hiphop: Refute The Stereotypes

Check out the Rap news page [click on Rap in lower left frame] at Outvoice gay music site.

DL is a new AIDS prevention compilation with music by Deep Dickollective, Blackberri, Dutchboy of Rainbow Flava, and others.

Sugartruck is a label with releases by members of Deep Dickollective.

Juha is a arts company and hip hop crew with a queer arab twist. They're based in Hawaii. Their CD is released by Agitprop

East Bay Express article on Deep Dickollective.

Cyclone is a bisexual rapper from the East Coast.

Youth Radio piece on "Homo Hop"

SF Chronicle article on D/DC.

Website of hip-hop pioneer Man Parrish -- and his party Sperm.

Young, Black, Gifted -- and Gay -- article on gay hiphop artists.

Response to Vibe's Homo thug article.

Article on Trilambs which includes member "Gay Jamie" aka Captain Girl. -- site for Swedish gay rapper Maasen, whose 7" is out on Uru records.

Caushun's website -- An article from the Uk paper The Guardian about Caushun and guys on the DL.

Article on Caushun, openly gay rapper from Brooklyn.

Rainbow Flava now has downloadable mp3s and more on their website!

NEW URL: Jennifuh Leathuh does a drag queen version of Jay-Z's hip-hop hit, "I Just Wanna Love U (Give It To Me)."

Sleze Nation -- article that touches on gays in hiphop. Site uses flash.

Village Voice article on gay people behind the scenes in hip-hop.

Miss Money represents The Dirty South and is involed with the Twisted Tongue project.

Karter Louis is a openly gay recording artist who is putting together a documentary about the gay hiphop scene called "Twisted Tongues."

New New Times LA did an April Fools hoax about a gay mc named Rodney Waltrip, AKA MC Sirius, and then a later article about how it was a joke.

Glaad -- the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation -- hosted a panel discussion Tuesday Feb 20, 2001 in New York entitled "Homie-sexual Hip Hop."

MaaSen -- Queer Swedish Hiphop

Mz Platinum, lesbian rapper/singer from Atlanta -- had an website [ no longer supports independent artists.]

SF Weekly article on Rainbow Flava from Jan. 2001.

QueerTelevision is a Canadian TV show that did a segment on "Hip Hop Homos." You can watch it via streaming video.

The October 2000 issue of Out Magazine has an article on Gay hip-hop, including info on Morplay and Rainbow Flava. Sorry, no content on their website -- you have to find the paper version of the magazine.

Fat Rat is an openly lesbian rapper from Washington DC. Keep an eye out for her production company, Down 4 Lyfe.

Harith Miles is an openly gay musical artist.

Citysearch article on Rainbow Flava.

Katey Red is a New Orleans based gay rap artist who recorded for Take Fo' Records. Here's a New York Times article on her: Katey Red: A Most Unlikely Star. Also see this Amoeba Records blog on Sissy Rap and another on Take Fo'

For live performances in the bay area by queer hip hop performances, check my Queer Things to do in San Francisco page -- look for stuff like Rainbow Flava, Club Swerve, etc.

Radio Catch has gay hip hop audio content.

There's a great cypher thread on queer hiphop going on now at okayplayer

Mother Jones/Mojo Wire article on gays in hip-hop.

Da Dis List is a list of homophobic lines from rap.

Article from Poz on AIDS and Hip-hop

Mixmag article on Gay Hiphop.

Village Voice article "Homo Thugz blow up the spot" from February, 2000.

Article from QV Magazine about latino hip hop headz.

Dyamond Theory - lesbian hiphop group from the midwest. Used to have a webpage, but it doesn't exist anymore. Contact info:
Dyamond Theory
c/o Jarvis Smith
3414 Grace 1st Fl
St. Louis, MO 63116
(314) 771-6432
(314) 999-8471 voicemail

A paper about gay and lesbian themes in popular music, including rap.

Follow-up at to Dirty's article on gay in hip-hop.

The last issue of Outpunk (#7) is no longer available on the web. It featured a big series of articles on Queers 'n' Hip Hop. You can order a copy of it from Chainsaw. Includes interviews with Cyryus, Nikki, Rainbow Flava, etc.

The July 1998 issue of Girlfriends Magazine has Queen Pen on the cover and an interview with her. Not available on the web, but look for it at your local bookstore.

1998 article on Queercorps Records and queer hip hop.

Article about Queen Pen, who has a song on her album called "Girlfriend" that has a lesbian theme. (from the New York Times.)

Divisional Calculus, an article about how homophobia in hip-hop.

Article by Davey D on gays in hiphop culture. Another article by him highlighting some of the gay folks who have been influential DJs in the San Francisco area is here

Issue 99 of The Source has an article on gays in hiphop, including a piece by writer James Earl Hardy. You can read the articles on-line here.

GLAAD's sample letter to the Source about their article on gays in hip-hop.

Queercorps was a record label that put out a record by the rapper Cyryus. They no longer have a working website. You used to be able to order the CD from Chainsaw Records, but I don't see it listed in their current catalog. See here to check if they're listing it.

The infamous gay rapper article by Jamal X and the followup by Wendy Williams. (from the now-defunct website - for everyone who wants to know "who is the gay rapper".)

Let me know if you know about any more gay hiphop links, have tapes or CDs to send me, etc.

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