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Added August 2012:
EEKUM SEEKUM is a queer feminist trans positive punk band from halifax, nova scotia.

Added June 2011:
The Whole World is a Single Flower blog. "I am a black, same gender loving, writer, blogger, philosopher and sacred activist currently living in The Sonoran Desert/Tucson, AZ. ">

Added January 2011:
Archive of the band Hazel maintained by their dancer, Fred.

Added January 2011:
Block On Rock: Adam Block's Advocate pieces 1984-1992. This includes pieces on zines and queer rock music, including the piece that turned me on to JDs zine and without which Holy Titclamps would not have been possible!

Added November 2009:
Queerics is a Queer Lyrics website. Also check out their Gay Guide to who is and isn't queer in music. And the Extras section has Gender Bent Covers, Drag-tastic videos, and 20 Queer Songs you Have to Hear.

Added October 2009: is the website of Conrad, with an archive of his radical queer cultural and activist work focusing on queer self-determination and self-representation.

Added July 2009:
Pansy Division & Queercore - 8 hour (!) radio documentary with interviews of Jon Ginoli of Pansy Division and G.B. Jones of Fifth Column and JDs zine.

Added March 2009:
Be Yr Own Queero is an activist blog from Wilmington, NC

Added Nov 2008:
Bash Back is a queer anarchist direct action group with chapters in Chicago, Milwaukee, Lansing, Denver, Upstate New York, Memphis, and Washington DC.

Added Sept 2008:
Lorena & The Bobbits is a garage punk band with a queer singer/lyrics from Berlin:

Hank Bobbit is a Rockabilly Butch Dyke with an acoustic guitar:

Added April 2008:
Transpunk webzine for queers and non-queers of all persuasions.

Added March 2008:
StereoHomo is a queer music blog done by Kentucky/New Orleans writer Margaret Coble.

Added February 2008:
Ruit Grrrl Ink is a queer and feminist record label and producer of merchandise. Also on myspace at

NEW SITE January 2008: Webpage of Rink Foto who has been photographic San Francisco's gay community since the 1970s.

New 11/27/2007: Think Pink Radio is a Chicago based queer radio show on WLUW 88.7 fm which has its own website and blog now,

New 5/30/2007: Queer Zine Lit is a new collaborative blog-style site.

NEW 5/6/2007: A queer presence at the US Social Forum in the form of a mutually supportive music+arts festival called MondoHomo is being organized. Like the Social Forum, it's June 27- July 1st 2007 in Atlanta.

NEW 5/4/2007: Queer Control Records is a new queer record label, currently looking for talent. Also at

NEW 5/1/2007: has been revamped -- now it's a collaborative blog.

NEW 2/9/2007: Radical queer history zine from the Bang(a)rang collective covers radical queer history from the Compton's Cafeteria riot to Gay Shame. PDF

NEW 1/25/2007: Val Desjardins is a queer artist based in Montreal.

NEW 11/29/2006: Stephen Mead has a spoken word poetry CD called "Safe & Other Love Poems" in addition to an illustrated booked called "Selected Works."

NEW 8/14/2006: Gays in Metal article from Decibel Magazine.

NEW 7/15/2006: New Fanorama website - one of the very longest running queer zines -- REB's still publishing!

NEW 5/11/2006: official Straight To Hell website.

NEW 4/13/2006: blog of Alison Bechdel, creator of Dykes To Watch Out For.

NEW 3/28/2006: Godspeed Film Project -- project to create a movie version of Lynn Breedlove's novel Godspeed.

NEW 3/15/2006: Queer Radio Listening Grid

NEW 3/14/2006: Queercore category at Wikipedia.

NEW 3/7/2006: Camaraderie Art Salon is a periodic series of art events organized by Rumi of the Cockettes. (Check for archive version.)

NEW 2/5/2006: Website of synthpunk band Nervous Gender. The 3 surviving members Edward Stapleton, Michael Ochoa and Joe Zinnato are currently reviewing all of the Nervous Gender material, (studio, live, rehearsal recordings and performance videos) and intend on releasing a series of archival documents and a NG retrospective.

NEW 2/2/2006: is an anarchic romp through the lesbian jungle, maintained by an Australian woman artist who lives in Oxfordshire.

NEW 1/10/2006: Kit Yan Poetry is place to find the zine and info on gender queer slam poet Kit Yan, who's from Hawaii and now based on the East coast.

NEW: Jameson Currier's queer literary blog Queertype has all the latest news from the world of LGBT writing.

NEW: Allied Productions features multimedia artists Peter Cramer and Jack Waters and their projects such as Naked Eye Cinema and Le Petit Versailles.

NEW: NY Times article on Sarah Schulman's new play "Manic Flight Reaction"

NEW: has short rants and poems.

NEW: TransFM is a network of talk shows that deal with the subject of gender, transgender and intersex issues.

NEW: Jota is a self-published queer Chicana creative writing and art zine based in Los Angeles.

NEW: interview with Eileen Myles

NEW: Camp Stella is a Burning Man theme camp of diverse queer and queer friendly folks who have agreed to experience Burning Man clean and sober for the duration of the event.

NEW: Books To Watch Out For features reviews of new queer books.

NEW: Comix adventures of Spykegrrl and Misster Scratch addresses the issues of transnational queer relationships --

NEW: Website of South African performance artist Steven Cohen.

NEW: There is a limited edition Dennis Cooper book called "The Sluts." It's published by Void Books. There is also a new official Dennis Cooper website,

NEW: Fire and Ink II, A writers festival for GLBT People of African Descent will be in Austin, TX in October, 2005.

NEW: Webpage of Lani Ka'ahumanu, longtime bisexual activist who conducts workshops on various topics.

NEW: Holy Titclamps contributor Owen Keehnen's interviews with people including Dennis Cooper, Joan Jett Blakk, and Harry Hay are available at the Queer Cultural Center website.

NEW: Article on Limpwrist from the SF Bay Guardian.

NEW: Blog about Morty Diamond's art project, "My Year in Pink" --

NEW: ACT UP Oral History Project has interviews with activists from the New York chapter of ACT UP.

NEW: Fernando Carpaneda is an artist from Brazil who does sculptures featuring punks, homeless people, and sex workers.

NEW: Queer Poetry website published work by queer poets.

NEW: The Syndicate are a band from New York who also put on a quarterly event called Q Revue.

NEW: will serve to archive, inform and encourage interaction on topics ranging from regional gay shame actions and events, anti-consumerism, disenfranchised queer youth and radical queer activism, whose roots lie in the famous and everyday acts of queer resistance to police brutality (Stonewall Riots, Compton Cafeteria Riots, etc).

NEW: Queer Firt are a radical queer street action group based in New York.

NEW: Website about the music CD by Jim e Sparkle Pants,

NEW: Clit Rocket website.

NEW: Queer Zinesters Have Lives Too.

NEW: Raydar is a website with news, reviews, interviews, and queer club nites in Australia and around the world.

NEW: Scum Bag Fag Mag is based in New York and Montreal. Their theme issues include Beat, Slut Puppy, Daddy, and Power Bottoms.

NEW: Blood Sisters: Women in metal, hardcore, grind and noise.

NEW: ethno-queer is the weblog of seyd, a 21-yr-old indo-mexican queer guy living in dallas, tx.

NEW: Dennis Cooper interviews John Waters.

NEW: Prism Comics has a guide to GLBT comics.

NEW: Size Queen is a new zine from some of the people who did the zine Fat Girl, coming out in July 2004.

NEW: Webpage of artist Nayland Blake

NEW: Is Gay Marriage Anti-Black? -- an article by Kenyon Farrow.

NEW: Pulp Bits is an uncensored electronic bookshop and self-publishing venue selling highly-screened, often controversial, literature and comics from contemporary authors and illustrators. [click on the "shop" link for links to books.]

NEW: Huriyah -- magazine for queer muslims.

NEW: PinkNoises.Com -- resource on women and electronic music.

NEW: irrk is a record label based in England. Their releases include the Viva La Diva compilation.

NEW: Article by Damien Snakebones about anti-homophobic lyrics in anarcho punk music.

NEW: Wonderground -- the TV show of Cindy Wonderful of Scream Club.

NEW: Remote is a DVD compilation put together by the people who did the zines Kill the Robot and Strange Fruit. Here's an article about Remote.

NEW: Rock My Gender -- article on queer bands.

NEW: Mouthy -- a queer girl spoken word tour based in Chicago with JT Newman, JenFish Superstar, Rose Tully, and Elizabeth Whitney.

NEW: article about the Queer Zine Archive Project.

NEW: Byketrash -- art and wearables made from bike parts.

NEW: Assacre dwells amongst Austin TX and creates symphonies of blasphemy on a primarily subjective & temporary level.

NEW: - a new non-mainstream queer resource with information on music, organizations, venues, literature, and more. (unfortunately, website is gone as of 12/2007.)

NEW: Elliot Torres is a writer based in New York City who has a new book of poetry called "Five Years of Solitary."

NEW: CameraQuery -- photography by María DeGuzmán.

NEW: Scott Treleaven, did the zine Salivation Army and the film Queercore: A Punkumentary.

NEW: Infestant Propaganda -- patches, t-shirts, cum rags, and more.

NEW: QZAP -- the Queer Zine Archive Project -- has pdf files of queer zines, and is looking for more queer zinesters to give them files.

NEW URL: Scooter Fag -- zine about queers and motorscooters, now with a page for queer skinheads with scooters. Looking for submissions -- writing and photos -- from queer scooterists.

NEW: -- website about the 1970s-era gay musician.

NEW URL: Malaqueerche: Queer Punk Rock Show is new video with a queer punk soundtrack, and also they're doing Junk, a traveling queer film festival.

NEW: Pills, Thrills, Chills and Heartache -- new anthology edited by Clint Catalyst and Michelle Tea.

NEW: Blowoff -- monthly club night in DC run by Bob Mould and Richard Morel.

NEW: Fret is a mag for the fretful gay lad in all of us.

NEW: Stewart Laing is a artist -- check out his weblog and writing. He also has these other sites: Wurmhowlz and Cinders.

NEW: The Disposable Boy Toys -- Santa Barbara's drag king troupe.

NEW URL: Deep Dickollective is a queer hiphop group based in the San Francisco bay area.

NEW: Leigh Bowery tribute website.

NEW: Tranzilla is a comic, the story of a trannygirl who goes to the store for hormones and returns a monster.

NEW: Mutilated Mannequins are a rock / post-industrial band from San Francisco.

NEW: Free Rein -- website for rural queer youth.

NEW: Marshall Moore is the author of the novel The Concrete Sky.

NEW: The Hidden Cameras -- Toronto based music project.

NEW: QUIT -- Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism. A queer group based in the San Francisco area supporting the movement for Palestinian liberation.

NEW: Circus Amok is a circus troupe based in New York City.

NEW: Debunking AIDS Denialists -- links from the South African Treatment Action Campaign.

NEW: Really good Huggy Bear website.

NEW: Website of Sweet Pam of the Cockettes, with lots of information about the troupe.

NEW: Trannyboy greeting cards

NEW: Pirate Tattoo is a dyke owned and operated tattoo studio in San Francisco specializing in custom ink and no attitude. Sissies & Cowards Welcome!

NEW: Website of poet Staceyann Chin.

NEW: Myspace for the band Limpwrist

NEW: Smells Like Girl makes trash fashion -- clothes, record purses, and more.

NEW: The zine newyorkcitystation no.2 is available now in several san francisco stores, or email for mail orders. details: (click on PROJECTS then NEWYORKCITYSTATION)

NEW: The Clitboys were a punk band from Wisconsin from that put out an EP in 1983 with a song called "Gay's OK." The EP has been reissued on a CD compilation called "World's Finest Hardcore" also has the Angry Samoans "Queer Pills" 7". Here's a webpage with an interview from Maximum Rock N Roll which gives insight into the song.

NEW: Alla -- 2/3's lesbian-driven band based in Buffalo, NY fronted by Moscow, Russia native Alla Ivanchikova.

NEW: 16 Records has records by the Haggard, Running Ragged, Dominatrix, etc.

NEW: Bum Tracks by Lawrence Ytzhak Braithwaite.

NEW: feature article on Seattle's Faux Bang hosts Ursula Android and Jackie Hell.

NEW: Poet Tongues On Fire: Radical Queer Voices spoken word CD.

NEW: -- lists zines by Grrrls -- including non-English language zines by language.

NEW: Metro Madness has writing about gender, identity, and other topics.

NEW: East West Magazine

NEW: Boifest is going to be happening May 10, 2003 at the University of Oregon.

Musician and writer Phiiliip has a new website that is visually stunning.

Suspect Thoughts: A Journal of Subversive Writing.

The new issue of Ashe is now available online. Contributors include: Trebor Healey, Lawrence Schimel, Mogg Morgan, Ma Yoga Laxmi, Chaintanya Keerti, Ansya Atkins, Shri Sahajananda, Autumn Pardee, among others. Features include: Queer stangers in strange langs, modern Hindu sannyas, Osho Neo-Sannyas, the Rise and Fall of Rajneeshpuram, Orisha Consciousness and Adi-Nath Tantrika.

Rise Above: The Tribe 8 Documentary is currently screening at festivals.

Automatic Pilot, San Francisco's satiric/ erotic jazz wave ensemble, was the bleeding edge of the gay musical movement from 1980 to 1985.

Wanky Comics is a new series of gay sex comics by Bil Sherman.

The second issue of Solanas Online is now available. It has interviews with Kevin Killian, Claudia Gonson, Bruce Benderson, Mike Albo, and text and images by various artists. The first issue includes interviews with Dodie Bellamy, JD Samson from Le Tigre, Justin Bond, Philip Guichard and Brian Pera. The focus is queer cultural production, coming out, sex, sleaze, high art and low, creativity without limit.

Victims, the first novel by Travis Jeppesen, is coming out in May 2003.

The Divided are a band from Portland, OR.

Pharmacy are a band from Sweden. -- the title once belonged to a zine, now it's film.

Queeruption 5 will be happening May 19-26 in Berlin. Here's the official site,, Yahoo Group and an old webpage about it.

Spike Punk Dyke Comix

Scootstar is a new record label based in Australia for indy unrecorded women's music.

Soft Pink Truth -- a Matmos side project.

Home of the Vancouver BC queer punk band the Skinjobs.

Lynn Breedlove interviewed about her book "Godspeed."

Various DIY distros have the Swiss feminist band "Re-Sisters" 7" titled "Riots Not Diets" which includes a track "Lesbisch" -- see google search

NEW URL: Queers Can Rock Too compilation.

Ralowe's Crappy Music is the website of solo projects of Ralowe.

OK Commuter is the website of the zine written on public transport.

Scarecrowe Productions organizes mixed-media and cross-cultural events for communities in the Boston area. Scarecrowe creates equal spaces based on gender, race, sexuality, and identity preference, and does not affiliate with any particular political party or scene, other than the radical. We focus on promoting hip-hop, punk, electro, and reggae.

Article on Q'vetsh, SF's monthly queer open mike.

Article by Michael Bronski on Harry Hay.

Trade: Queer Things -- it's an online zine. Nice design, good content, such as an article about a mmf bi porn website.

(archive version) FireHorse Productions sells queer comics -- many of these titles were ones I hadn't heard of before.

Chi Chi Palace -- bay area band. is the website for Emi Koyama, the activist/ author/ academic working on intersex, sex workers' rights, (queer) domestic violence, genderqueer, anti-racism and other issues. Includes a distro for zines and buttons.

The Woodyz are a ten piece all-drag 50's rock n' roll band made up of queers and queens. They're from San Francisco. is a great database of when queer bands are playing.

Nomy Lamm has a website with information about her projects.

Curbside Comics is the website for Robert Kirby's comics.

The Califias -- band from London, England.

DJ Hushpuppy DJs clubs in Glasgow, Scotland including Abnormals Anonymous and Divine.

Dead Moon Circus -- band from New York.

Out Loud Radio -- radio by and for queer youth.

The XY Conspiracy is a "fictional website" all about the biology of gender, alien conspiracies, and UFO-hunting road trips by queer strippers.

Shawna Virago and the Deadly Nightshade are a San Francisco-based band.

GB Jones message board.

Slit -- Australian lesbian zine.

Drag Queen Discography

Artist Will Munro (1975-2010) made art out of underwear, ran Toronto queercore night Vazaleen, and much more. 2010 Interview will Will Munro * Spacing Toronto article "The evolution of the big gay dance party" * archive of

The End Of The World -- download mp3 files for this queer trans hip-hop crew from San Francisco.

Instant Noir -- drawings with amusingly bleak writing.

Website of actress, musician and writer Omewenne.

Phranc has a new website, (the old site got nabbed by pornsters.)

The Gully offers news from a leftist, queer perspective.

Miss Cookie is a drag performer based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Charlotte Cooper's website has information about her new novel, Cherry, plus her zines including "Kink."

Merkury Burn are a band from Toronto.

Gina Young is a performer from New York. has drawings of various cities. Explore!

Gay Shame SF stands up against the commercialization of gay pride.

Biographical page on musician Patrick Cowley, who worked with Sylvester. In English and Spanish.

M2Words -- writing by Mark Mardon on various topics, including the Cockettes film Tricia's Wedding, queer musicians, and more.

Butchdykeboy has info for Boston Queer, Transgender and Genderqueer folks, and information on the monthly Gender Crash open mic.

interview with Bertie Marshall and some writing by him in 3AM Magazine.

The OG Panty Complex is a synthcore project from the East Bay and has a CD out on Boom Box Recordings

Greg of the band Pretty Pony has a website with his writing and more. is "The NU site 4 BenT PUNKS, Sk8rZ, gRUnGE + INDIE KidZ."

Craig Schoonmaker has been working on various projects for quite some time, including Homosexuals Intransigent, which started before Stonewall.

Joke Kaviaar is a lesbian poet from Amsterdam. Read her U.S. tour diary.

Queer country music duo Y'All has a website.

Jockohomo has a weblog and lots of links. is the home of the queer metal email list.

Gravy Train and their hit song "You made me gay" from the Menz EP.

DL is a new AIDS prevention compilation with music by Deep Dickollective, Blackberri, Dutchboy of Rainbow Flava, and others.

Metromadness has several interesting articles on gender.

interview with Low-End Models, all-dyke queercore band from Germany.

Fagatron interview at Invisible Missle. (archive version.)

PHAT FAMILY: The Dozens -- info at

boy skout is a San Francisco based band.

Flaming Pulp -- San Francisco lesbian fiction site set in a cafe with event listings, message board, and more.

Dear Dio is a queer underground film looking for bands to play on its soundtrack.

Robbie D. is a musician based in Los Angeles who also DJs at Susanne Bartsch's clubs in New York and Chicago.

Jason Mecier is an artist who does mosaics of beans and pasta of celebrities. Check out for example Buffy.

Freewheel is an e-zine with an emphasis on female and queer bands. Based in the UK, also with an Italian contributor, Veruska of Clit Rocket.

Generation Q is a queer radio show on WRSU-FM 88.7 from Rutgers hosted by Pedro Angel Serrano and Bill Stella.

GiltaGrrl collects and customizes Barbies and makes films. (archive version.) has information about the writer of the book "Tramps Like Us" and a web version of "joezine."

Juha is a arts company and hip hop crew with a queer arab twist. They're based in Hawaii. Their CD is released by Agitprop

Article on Ariel Schrag, creator of the comic Definition, about a lesbian in highschool.

Queer Punk Webring

Interview with musician and writer Phiiliip. His website is at

Check out Readme by Gary Sullivan, particularly Issue #3's Steve Abbott related material, and he's also done interviews with various writers.

Brokenboi's livejournal has some interesting thoughts about gender...

Butchies interview at

Big list of links to queer comics on-line (archive version)

Queeruption 4 website has info on the Queeruption in London in March of 2002 and other information...

Plexifilm is releasing Mala Noche and Benjamin Smoke on DVD.

AgitProp Records has replaced Mission Distro -- they have put out a new compilation of queer bands.

Let Me Feel Your Finger First -- with HomoZombies and more.

Sugarpuss is an all lesbian aggressive rock band from Los Angeles.

Drubskin -- queer skinhead art.

Sarah Schulman's play The Child is about a 15 year old gay boy caught between his family, an older man, and the legal system.

Gallery of photographs of gay writers by Robert Giard.

Radical Queer Homopage at the IWW including interesting radical queer history. -- website about the legendary trans rocker.

For those of you into the yahoo clubs, check out Punk Queers and Gay Punks -- these are the most active, though doing a search on yahoo clubs for punk gay indie queer gay will find more. And don't forget the venerable queer-punk mailing list. (the yahoo queerpunk group without a hyphen got too spammy and has been retired.)

Beardburn includes the piece Smart Fashion: Back into the Closet, a Bruce LaBruce interview, Camper English on "notties" and more.

Queercore Latino is a Spanish-language queercore email list.

Grind Zine is from Brazil and describes itself as "Pop, Rock & Cultura GLS."

Article on Rudy of Scutter from Frontiers. He's also featured on

Article from Frontiers on the Moth Wranglers -- see also their website.

Queer Liberation Front -- organization of autonomous cells, including folks putting together a queer space in Richmond, VA.

Queerwatch page at Z Mag.

Stephen Lucas interviews Dennis Cooper

Gurlesque is a lesbian strippers club based in Sydney, Australia.

Subtonix unofficial band website.

Velvet Mafia -- not to be confused with the musical group -- is a website with "Dangerous Queer Fiction".

Disinfo article on Dennis Cooper. Has lots of other good Cooper links.

SF In Exile produces spoken word events and archives them on their website where recordings are available.

Website for the san francisco based band Running Ragged

Kirk Read is the author of the book "How I Learned to Snap."

an Australian band with great pop songs like "Do You Have a Brother."

QueerYouthTV has streaming video on queer youth topics.

DisidentityZine-- with articles on Queer Grrrl Punk, Gender in Los Angeles, a piece on South Africa, and more.

Calling All Trans mostly focuses on masculinity. Has a calls for submissions page.

C. Bard Cole's web page has been updated for the paperback release of his book "Briefly Told Lives."

Kiki and Herb host the Anti-Grammys -- streaming video.

Soy in Toronto sounds like a very cool queer youth group -- it includes subgroups for those interested in pagan issues and ecological issues.

A new Limpwrist link from Xtra in addition to these: photo by Scallen, review of show at Dumba, review of 7".

Gender Blur has Prose, Graphics, Forums, and more.

Rotten Fruits -- Chicago based queer band.

Homocorps -- has events in New York City. has stuff on writers Lake, Michelle Tea, Clint Catalyst, Danielle Willis, and Donna Tartt.

Narrativity is a literary site edited by Mary Burger, Robert Gluck, Camille Roy, and Gail Scott.

DoubleDareYa.Net -- grrrl-oriented DIY on-line store.

Crisperanto is the Quentin Crisp archive website.

Piece on Kevin Killian's book Argento Series. -- site of prolific artist Rafi Peretz. Also see the interactive

Queercore DC night in Washington, DC

Homosexual Armed Resistance Movement: Take off the dress and pick up a gun!

article on films about Leigh Bowery by Charles Atlas and on Klaus Nomi by Andrew Horn.

Website for the book The Splintered Day by V.K. Mina, published by Serpent's Tail.

Heartcore has a new URL: it's HeartCoreRecords.Net

Don't Need You is a documentary about Riot Grrrl.

The Kingdom has plenty of drag king links and information.

Alix Olson is a feminist poet based in NY who has a CD available.

Queer Music Heritage is a monthly radio show that features old and new queer music, hosted by JD Doyle.

webpage of Gordon Gordon of the zine Teen Fag.

Elsa Gidlow published the first book of lesbian poetry in the U.S. in 1921.

Brazen: a webpage about writer Michelle Tea.

Radio Vago is an all-women band from Los Angeles. They're great and very original.

Tablet is a Seattle-based publication that did a June 2001 "kweer" issue with contributions from a bunch of queer zine related folks.

Sleep In a Nest of Flames is a film about surrealist writer Charles Henri Ford, who knew people like Djuna Barnes and Gertrude Stein.

Webpage of writer Don Bapst, who has written for Holy Titclamps.

The Radical European Queer Network has lots of non-mainstream info about Europe.

SynthPunk.Org has stuff on the Screamers, Nervous Gender, and more.

Queeruption is a queer gathering. One is coming up in London London in March 2002. There was one in San Francisco in the fall of 2001. Past events have taken place in New York and London.

Article on the Butchies

article by Michelle Tea about getting bugged by guys while writing in bars. has a weblog, article links, and more.

Website for Scutter -- the zine, the music fest, the record label.

Burn Your Jockstrap -- rants against the mainstream gay scene.

Webpage with much info on Kitchens of Distinction. See also Stephen Hero, the current musical project of Patrick of KoD.

Gorgeous zine has interviews with G.B. Jones, Jena von Brucker, Jon Ginoli, God is My Co-Pilot, etc.

Website of Greek Buck, a musical project which involves Don Pyle of Shadowy Men (the band that played the Kids in the Hall theme music).

Ready Light is the website of filmmaker and musician William Blue.

Updated link Sept 2010: You can read back issues of the zine Homocore on-line.

Nick Name and the Normals are a band based in L.A.

The Plath are a band from Toronto, Canada.

SPAWN OF FAT GIRL! Editors Max Airborne and Sondra Solovay are seeking original art, comics, rants, smut, etc. for a book relevant to the lives and issues of fat dykes, queers & trannies, as well as our friends, admirers and allies of all sizes. We are preserving our history and creating culture we want to live with. Join us!
Deadline: April 1, 2001 (no foolin'). For guidelines: Contact: or Spawn of Fat Girl c/o Sondra Solovay 2625 Alcatraz Ave. PMB 261, Berkeley, CA 94705.

Alternaqueer Comics -- comics about a queer supervillian.

Low Blue Flame includes contributions by Stephen Beachy, Melissa McIntosh Brown, Mark Ewert, Phoebe Gloeckner, Kevin Killian, Douglas A. Martin, Daniel Nicoletta, Brian Pera, and Ira Sachs.

Golog: Rebel Nomad -- queer street and crusty punks webzine.

Red Jordan Arobateau webpage with excerpts from his books.

interview with Michelle Tea at Venus or Vixen.

Genetic LOAD is a gay band in Japan.

Webpage for the Tokyo Gay and Lesbian Music Festival 2000.

NEW URL: Xerox Revolutionaries: paper zines for queer punks -- is a paper zine distro. Check out their site for some queer zines that were news to even me, and also a host of cool links.

Note: Mission Distro site down now -- look for some of these pieces to re-appear at AgitProp Records. Mission Distro has interviews with Kim of Faggo, The Haggard, and Ernesto and Sascha of Heartcore. Also check out this interview with a guy from Argentina who put out a compilation with bands including Limp Wrist. Watch for more interviews in the future.

Bertie Marshall -- official website of the author of "Psychoboys" and "Torn" -- he's been published in Holy Titclamps as well.

Resyst is a queer youth political action group. Also on the site is info about the queer youth anthology Revolutionary Voices.

Faith Nolan is an African Canadian Out Lesbian singer/ songwriter. She plays blues guitar and harmonica and has recorded 4 CDs.

Gaypunk.De is a German gay punk website.

Articles about the San Francisco queer rock scene by Larry-bob and Jenny Hoyston of Erase Errata.

Supersnail has photos of people at San Francisco's Dyke March and other events such as Burning Man.

Best Revenge is a band from Los Angeles.

Website of the Lesbian and Gay Country Music Association.

The Gay Metal Society is for gay fans of metal music.

There is an official site for the German film Oi Warning by Dom and Ben Redding.

Article on the Queerstock music festivals from

JT Leroy, author of Sarah.

Spoonfed Amerika is a queer art publication. is the webpage for Milo's zine Mutate.

Web page tribute to Benjamin of the bands Smoke and Opal Foxx Quartet: Benjamin Remembered.

Rain Taxi's website has an interview with Charles Henri Ford. Ford is one of the few if not the only living person who knew Gertrude Stein, Djuna Barnes (nothing of her in this interview sadly), Cocteau, and so on. Must read.

Myles of Destruction is a band from Philadelphia.

Don Baird, who's a rock DJ at San Francisco gay bar Hole In the Wall, writes a column for the Bay Times newspaper. You can find some columns on his website. Many of them touch on music, from Kiki and Herb to Bomb and the Butthole Surfers.

Locked Out is an organization that supports queer prisoners.

Homoeroticon is a queer horror comix zine that now has a website.

Captain Lash is an epic prose poem.

The Need and other folks were involved with a rock opera called The Transfused.

Bluff Magazine has stuff like Gay: It's That Easy!, which compares the likelihood of success at becoming gay to becoming a fundamentalist Christian or a concert violinist.

Article on Queer Zine Culture from the Canadian zine-review zine Broken Pencil.

Apathy Magazine includes a rant about being a homophobic homosexual. (archive version.)

The Polyester Liberation Organization is active in New York and San Francisco and sponsors interesting events - check their website for current info.

Two Girls & A Garage sells t-shirts, including ones with vegan messages ("Where's the Tofu?") and feminist ones.

GLBT Weblog Portal has links to weblogs done by queer folks.

Queerspotting - artile from Spike on homosexuality in the writing of Irvine Welsh and Alan Warner.

Showdog Tunes is the website of musican David Clement., website of the famous drag performer.

page on Chicago queer band Boys' Entrance

Page on musician Robert Urban.

Page on performance artist Ron Athey.

Ride The Beaver, home of Evil Beaver, a dyke musical duo from Chicago.

Outvoice page at Plus there's the Outvoice page which has a gay top 40.

Matmos page at Brainwashed

The band Drag King has a page of Queercore and women making music links.

Nest O' Vipers is an on-line lesbian poetry zine, plus info on the Amazon Slam in Cambridge, MA.

Dyke Diva has stuff on skaterdykes, advice, rants, and more.

Beat Legacy - transcript from a panel at Naropa, which includes a section from an Allen Ginsberg interview in which he discusses his recollections of Jack Smith, Cockettes, Angels of Light, Hibiscus, Irving Rosenthal, etc.

These days, it seems that skinback is mostly doing design work (but browse the portfolio for Homocore Chicago and Heterocide designs.) There is an archive of an old webzine that includes an interview with Rose Troche and conversations with straight boys.

Remeber the little artist's book "I was the pusher's plaything"? You can view it on the web here, at Swallow Press, a project of Topher Sinkinson and Kristan Kennedy.

Tarin Tower's website includes a Sister Spit roadtrip diary (only a couple of days though) and a guide to S.F. including poetry readings. Plus what's in her fridge.

Club Makeup is a glam club in L.A. that's on the first Saturday of each month.

Remember the Castro Sweep! has information about the 1989 police riot.

Marc Geller Photography has photos of lots of well-known queers.

Website of musician Robin Renée.

New webpage for Elegant Discourse, a zine, record label, and music night in St. Louis.

A memoir of Robert Mappelthorpe by George Delmerico.

Calling All Trans is a webpage with trans resources, mostly focused on FTM.

Interview at Giant Robot with the late artist Martin Wong.

DykeDaddies: interactivity for Daddies, boys and girls brought to you by girlCotton.

A page in Celebration of the 175th birthday of gay rights pioneer Karl Heinrich Ulrichs.

Chicago-based queer band Three Dollar Bill has a new website:

Black Grrrl Revolution - website debuts Nov 1, 1999.

The seminal 1990 docoument Queers Read This/I hate straights.

Virgins, Guerrillas & Locas is a new anthology of writing by Gay Latinos edited by Jaime Cortez, who did the zine a la brava.

Website of lesbian torch singer Elaine St. George.

Alan Wiley, in addition to being the host of the on-line radio show Homophonic is a musican with his own record label, Short Round.

A Gay Ex-Punk writes about his life.

Modern Renegades is a literary zine website.

Think Again has a page with graphics such as the "Queer Youth Manifesto", "Heterosexuals use mind control to recruit their children", and images related to hate crimes. They also have postcards.

Musician Nedra Johnson has a webpage with info on her upcoming shows, lyrics, pictures, and more.

Queer Bedrooms is a comic drawing website about queers at home.

Chelsea On Fire is a band from Boston.

The Bradlands is a weblog run by a gay guy.

Matthew Kingston's weblog is done by a library grad student at the University of Illinois.

Lavender Links has links to all sorts of queer stuff.

The zine Volcano: A Subversive Dyke Reader now has a website:

Chrisdude's Gay Rocker Hang-out - web page for gay metal fans. (archive version.)

Website for the film documentary on the Cockettes

Sir (the band) is a band who are from the New York and have a queer member.

Nerve has a piece by Mark Ewert about the time he had sex with William Burroughs.

Dyke Action Machine -- activist website.

Rick Castro: photographer, co-director of Hustler White, and publisher of The Bondage Book.

God Hates Figs. (archive version.)

Ties That Bind, a site for "Real" masters and "Real slaves." (note that it's hosted by a site that does popups. Try turning off javascript before visiting.)

interview with Marci Blackman, author of Po Man's Child.

Tribe 8 interview

Varla Jean Merman video order page.

Queer Pagan Punk website; also points to an archive of flyers from the clubs Junk and Muffdive and other art by Zanne.

Swedish queerpunk webpage

Soma Literary Review has writings by writers from the South Of Market Area of San Francisco.

Androgynous Mind is a website from Denmark.

Article on gay musicians in Boston area bands.

Sister In Metal is a webpage in English and Japanese about Lesbian Studies and Heavy Metal. is the official website of the artist and former member of the Screamers, Tomata Du Plenty.

Maybe DYKE, Maybe NOT (for those whothink they are lesbian, bisexual, gay, or are just unsure) has writing by Mimi N. of the zine Slant.

Web page for Trebor Healey, poet and Holy Titclamps contributor.

Theoretical is an amazing archive of information about people involved in non-mainstream queer performance in L.A. in the 80s. Craig Lee, Jim Yousling, Tomata Du Plenty, and more. is the place for the queer music encyclopedia on CD-rom, OutLoud.

Groc, publisher of the comic Ginger, has a new webpage at

The zine Noise Queen now has a web page. (check for archived version.)

Paxton is a gay band based in NYC. They recently won a GLAMA award for Best Band of 1999. In addition to the band page link above, there is a MP3 Paxton Band Page

Annie Sprinkle needs your help - information on helping performance artist Annie Sprinkle, whose home recently burned down.

Webpage about The Divine David

Alvin Orloff's webpage with info about his books, Klubstitute, Diet Popstitute, and more.

Website for the band Peyote Circus

Dirty Barby is a band from Florida, with pictures and sound samples on their website.

Archive: Queercore em Português has information about Pansy Division, Extra Fancy, Behead the Prophet, and more. And there's a queercore mailing list in Português!

Turn Magazine - the new rag for dykes.

Exoticize my fist has tons of Asian American Feminist resources.

Web page of Meg Hentges , former member of Two Nice Girls.

Rainbow Smasher -- queers make fun of other queers.

Dropstich Bitch has interviews with Madigan and Lois.

new | zines | comix | comedy | music | film | vaginal davis | subcultures | transgender | grrrls | art | writers | misc


Androzine web page.

The bisexual zine Anything That Moves has a new website.

Baby Sue, the web site of the comics and humor magazine, has articles such as "Jesus Hates Stupid Homosexuals Like You."

Interview with Sabrina, editor of Bamboo Girl

Black Books is the publisher of The Black Book, a directory of resources for sexual minorities, and Black Sheets magazine.

Blair has a new issue (#5) which includes an interview with Lynda Barry, Vanity vs. Apollonia, and more. And make sure to check out the back issues with "Gay or Eurotrash" and other fun stuff.

Blithe House Quarterly -- gay fiction website which has just been updated with its Winter 2000 edition.

The Brain That Wouldn't Die has articles about the over-commercialized Los Angeles gay pride celebration; "No fats, No fems", an issue of the e-zine with articles about being fat and gay; and "Kill the Fascists?!?".

There's a web page with material from issues of Brat Attack: The Zine for Leatherdykes and other Bad Girls. Also, check out Fish's DevilDog Graphix site, with cartoons, dreams, and games.

(the) Brave New Tick is a monthly zine edited by Paul Normal Dion-Deitch.

Bringdown has a healty dose of cynicism. Tour the Jelly Belly factory, Hallmark kiddy porn, and more.

Chaos/Order has info on the UK queercore scene.

Frank Moore's Cherotic Revolutionary web page is associated with the performance art zine of the same name. It's a really colorful, well-put together web site.

Coochies! A Hip Magazine For Teen Muffmunchers is a new e-zine.

Cooties has stuff about a protest of a Fred Phelps march, info on an anti-abortion terrorist, and more.

Check out crude_rom which has a whole complex of stuff, including the queer club Meow Mix, Drum Core, DykeWeb, and more.

Daddy Magazine, the ultimate source for men who prefer mature men now has a web site.

Dent is a queer ezine edited by Bruce Benderson and Stuart Bernstein. It includes articles on Samuel Delany, and Jayne County, and writing by Robert Gluck.

(Archive version): Donny Smith's web page has information on Valerie Solanas, Jeffery Dahmer, and Straton of Sardis. Donny does the zine DWAN.

Dyxploitation : Entertainment for Lezzies is a humorous e-zine. The theme of the first issue is "gay shame."

Dead Jackie Susann Quarterly is a hilariously well-written zine from a camp-savvy lesbian perspective with features like "I was an Undercover Go Go Girl for Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund."

Dirty, a true queer sex zine, has a new web site now. There's a choose your own adventure story, nude photos, and more. Check out the article on "Gay in Rap" -- there's also feedback from people about the article.

An article on Diseased Pariah News from Stim.

Fat Girl is a zine for fat dykes and the women who want them. [link to archive version of site, which no longer exists.]

Fishnet is an on-line zine published by the folks from the Blowfish catalog of erotic items.

Gerbil: A quarterly queer zine. Now up on the site is the new issue on the topic of Queer Media. (website no longer works and now links to a porn site. Anyone in touch with Gerbil?) is the official website of the zine and book Girljock.

There is also a Girljock area on AOL. Use the keyword "ONQSF," and the front menu highlights Girljock.

Archive of Webpage for Girly, the zine that likes to say drag, edited by Mona.

Gutterfag: queer street punx is listing of punk events, meeting place & linxfor queers into street punx/skapunx/oi/& crust. It's home of free punx/skin/sk8er naked pix gallery.

Paul Baker's homepage includes Handbag, the magazine for the 55-year old lady called Edna who lives inside all of us. Hilarious captions on photos of atrocious fashions from the 70s, "Is your son a homosexual," and more. (Third issue up now.) Plus The Plastic Injected Melrose Place pages, Polari, and more.

Harvard Gay and Lesbian Review with articles by Sarah Schulman and others.

Hodgepodge has an interview with Kaia of the Butchies, ex-Team Dresch. A past issue has an interview with Martin of Los Crudos.

InsideOut is a queer youth magazine.

The text of the broadside It's Time to end the gay rights movement as we know it is available on-line now.

Judy Who? is a queer web-zine -- check out the Propaganda section for stuff on various bands. Leslie Mah interviews Natalie and Idexa from Black & Blue Tattoo. It's a little hard to navigate, but there's a lot of stuff. Just keep clicking on the icons at the top when they say "more."

Archive: A Limp Wrist and a Pulse and other columns from Guelph, Ontario, including a Rufus Wainwright interview, plus info about his film and video screening "Invasion of the Small Town Queers."

Nerve (an e-magazine subtitled "Literate Smut") has articles by Sarah Schulman and Quentin Crisp, and Lars Eighner

Archive: Not Pretentious is an online zine featuring Stories, art, and poetry from a dark, intellectual, and queer viewpoint and articles and interviews involving society, rock and roll, and philosophy. They are now seeking submissions.

Monk Magazine is a travel magazine produced by two guys who traverse the U.S. in a mobile home.

Check out the current monthly issue of the gay and lesbian youth magazine Oasis. They actually manage to put up new content every month, unlike a lot of web sites I could name. Back issues include three columns on Queercore. Here are the first, second, and third Queercore columns written by Midol. (Note that the assertion that the term "queercore" originated in England is not true. It was used by G.B. Jones and Dennis Cooper before that.)

QueerRevolt homepage featuring the QueerRevolt Manifesto. (server occasionally has problems.)

Parterre Box, the queer opera zine, now has a web site, with plenty of opera gossip.

Pas De Chance: publisher of limited edition works by various authors, including Jeffery Kennedy.

Planet Q, not to be confused with QWorld or PlanetOut, is a glossy e-zine which has some interesting content (but those re-loading ads sure are annoying.)

Planet Soma is a web guide to the Soma area of San Francisco, and includes a section about queer San Francisco in the 70's. The site is frequently updated.

The fourth issue of the e-zine Pug is now available, with a story by Deran Ludd, an article on freaks, and more. Past issues include an interview with queer filmmaker Rosa Von Praunheim, a retrospective of Babysue, and more.

Queer Nasty is a queer zine full of great cynical humor. After some downtime, the site is back as of October, 1996.

QWorld is a web site with an on-line magazine, chat and message boards, and more.

Queer Zine Explosion is the list of queer zines which I compile. This file is the most recent, issue 16, compiled in the Fall of 1998. site.

Cristin's web page has some cool Dyke Stuff and stuff about the queer zine Rocketdyke.

Web site for the queer lit zine Screaming Hyena and the Australian bookstore Hares & Hyenas.

Rumpus Room is an ezine with stuff on such topics as the Search for the Elusive Perfect Love.

Shades Beyond Gray is a pansexual erotic e-zine.

Slippery When Wet is a magazine about sex and stuff, with the subtitle "Bisexual. Penetration Positive. Queer." Beware the porn ad banners.

Sneer is a queer e-zine with an interview with Pansy Division, Church and State comix, an article on Queer Skinheads, and more.

An old article on Spew, the first queer zine conference in 1991.

Square Pegs is a queer zine from Santa Cruz. [published in 1996]

Supermarky's Home Page has stuff about artist Adolf Woelfli, Supermarky's music, flame wars, advanced AIDS education, and more.

The Archives of the Academy of Men's Sexual Research includes Translux, which has writing by Steve LaFreniere, Dennis Cooper, Lydia Lunch, and Cookie Mueller in it, and Hard Copy, with true sexual histories by anonymous writers from Straight To Hell. [all seems to be gone as of 9/2001, sigh...]

Jackie 60 was a club in New York.

Archive: UhOh, a queer punk web page includes rants under "Spray," poetry, pictures, links, and more. Also now includes the ezine ZMISSION, which has stuff on queers and class, unschooling, and Queer By Choice.

Xcentrix is an ezine with fiction, fashion, and really groovy design.

XXX-Fruit is a queer lit-zine. Contributors include Bob Gluck, Sarah Schulman, Joe Westmoreland, and many other well-known queer writers. Second issue also available.

A web page from an exhibit on gay history featuring Queer zines.

new | zines | comix | comedy | music | film | vaginal davis | subcultures | transgender | grrrls | art | writers | misc


The Alleged Website, put together by Damien Cugley, has comics by Jeremy Dennis, and information on Caption, the small-press and alternative comics convention held in Oxford, England.

There's a web site for gay cartoonist Howard Cruse, creator of Stuck Rubber Baby and Wendel.

Gay Comics List includes a weblog reviewing various comics.

Bertie Marshall article on Mike Diana.

Fanny published a comic book of the same name, and Dyke's Delight comics.

The Gay League of America is a web site for gay comics fans, with bioraphies of artists, message boards, and more.

There's a new web page for cartoonist Roberta Gregory, whose comics include Naughty Bits, featuring Bitchy Bitch, and Artistic Licentiousness., all about the comic about the homocidal lesbian terrorist.

There's an unofficial Hothead Paisan site devoted to the essential comic about the homocidal lesbian terrorist.

RealVideo interview with Dianne DiMassa, creater of Hothead Paisan on Dyke TV at Free Speech TV.

T-Gina -- transgender comix.

Robert Triptow, former editor of Gay Comix, has a web page with samples of his comix work.

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All gay comedy links can now be found on my comedy website,

new | zines | comix | comedy | music | film | vaginal davis | subcultures | transgender | grrrls | art | writers | misc


Many more queer music links are on my Queer Music Explosion and Queer Hiphop Links

A. Billey's page with pictures of The Need, Tribe 8, The Butchies, Third Sex, Harum Scarum

Adams Dress web page has info on Essential Logic, weird Washington DC stuff, and more. Check out JS Adams' avant-garde music reviews for American Bear magazine.

De Stijl Music is the music company of Jack Curtis Dubowsky, who has composed music for films such as "That Man Peter Berlin" and also plays in the band Winsome Griffles.

MadKats where drag is king! Kronicling Kings since 96.

Butchies fan page. For official info, go to their record label website Mr. Lady.

Archive: Info about 7 Year Bitch and related bands like Clone.

Club V (formerly Vaseline) is a queer indie club in London, England. Check out their page for info about their events and their zine.

Nick Drake -- A Gay Perspective.

Archive: Check out errrk, which has stuff about punk bands in Spokane. Check out the flyer M The Importance of Queer Punk and the lyrics to F.F.A.'s songs, such as "Straight Boy".

The infamous gay rapper article. If that site's not working, I have a copy of the article and the followup. See also my list of Gay in Hiphop links.

Article by Davey D on gays in hiphop culture.

Archive version: Webpage for the band Fagatron.

A paper about gay and lesbian themes in popular music, covering punk, folk, rock, rap, and country music.

Glamazon is a San Francisco-based cyberock band with a transsexual lead singer.

Heartcore Records has put out records by the Haggard, The Little Deaths, Fighter D, and others and a video about Cherrybomb. It's a new queer punk record label.

Webpage with a sample of a song by the Polish band Homomilitia.

Homophonic is an on-line music radio show which has much queer music.

Index of Johnny Ray Huston's Out Loud music review column in the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

Archive: Web page about 1970s openly gay rock star Jobriath

Sarah Jacobson interviews Jody of Team Dresch.

Johnny Depp Clones is a band with members including Karen Dior and Chi Chi La Rue. [URL not working 12/1/99]

Kidnapper home page for the UK-based indie-pop band which includes ex-members of Sister George.

Web page of singer Veronica Klaus

Home page for the UK based Queercore band Mouthfull. (See Mike's new band Stuntman )

LadyStar Productions is the home of the zine Secret Senses and Jessycka is also working on a tape compilation of progirl/proqueer bands. Plus T-Shirts and stickers.

Web page with info about Longstocking and related bands.

Matmos fan page for the SF-based electronic music duo. has a downloadable MP3 single from the band Nightnurse.

Klaus Nomi yahoo group

Queercorps is the new record label run by Matt from Outpunk.

Article on Queercorps Records and queer hip hop.

The Queer Punk mailing list is housed at To subscribe to the new replacement queer-punk list read my instructions here.

The official Pansy Division page.

Vaginal Davis interviews Pansy Division.

Article from Metropolitan about Pansy Division.

Pansy Division videos at Throttlebox. Available in mov format from Lookout Records website.

Pervertidora Records put out Glen Meadmore's new record.

Popingays is a French gay indie music association.

Queer in Your Ear is a gay music column by Joe Clark.

Here's a big file of postings from the AOL queerpunk folder.

The Queer Rap Report from BAM magazine by Billy Jam.

Here's an article from Q San Francisco about queer music.

There's now a web page for the band Quivvver.

Ratt records will be putting together a spoken word tape about issues that gay, lesbian, bisexual and questioning youth face. Send your stuff on a regular audio tape BEFORE SEPTEMBER 15TH to JT, POB 4526, santa rosa CA 95402. Email can be sent to

Rainbow Flava is a queer hiphop crew.

Official Tom Robinson site features information about this pioneering queer rocker.

Scooter is a non-profit venture set up by a bunch of queer Anarcho punk girls in Sydney to provide space for un-established girl musicians to perform and inspire more women to start playing instruments and form bands.

Shout It Out Loud is an online MP3 label from the UK. They have a new single from Nightnurse, "Dive In Me" available for download.

The Sleater-Kinney Media Empire has info about the band.

Slojack is a hard rock gay band from Los Angeles.

Official Chainsaw Records Web Page, home of Team Dresch. (new URL.) Archive version of old site

Terre Thaemlitz is a musician who has made records of ambient music and a record of piano versions of songs by Kraftwerk. Here is an article about Terre from The Wire. Terre's record label is label is Comatonse.

Interview with musician Terre Thaemlitz

Tongueman web page -- the history of the pioneering UK queer band. is the new official site of the band.

Alternative Tentacles' web page is now up and has pictures of and interviews with Tribe 8.

Trip Records is a record label with various projects including "This Way Out," a compilation of music by gay and lesbian musicians. They also have a new queer audio magazine called Sibilance.

Ultra-red is an audio action collaborative based in Los Angeles. They have made ambient music based on sounds from the gay cruising area in Griffith Park.

new | zines | comix | comedy | music | film | vaginal davis | subcultures | transgender | grrrls | art | writers | misc


Articles on filmmaker Sadie Benning from the SF Bay Guardian and Eye.

Big Miss Moviola is a project for women film and video makers to get their work seen. See also Miranda July page at K.

Bright Lights Film Journal -- has articles on Joe Dallesandro, The Hanging Garden and more.

Cinema Q (aka is a website with queer film links.

Check out Free Speech TV, which is a cable programming service. Their site includes audio and video of a reading by David Feinberg, Dyke TV, and more. Check out this audio from Queercore, a punkumentary.

A Gun For Jennifer is a film which has Tribe 8 in it.

G B Jones page about the filmmaker (The Yoyo Gang), artist (Tom Girls), musician (Fifth Column) and queer zine pioneer (JDs).

GB Jones art biography.

Article on Miranda July of Big Miss Moviola.

Interview with filmmaker George Kuchar

Interview with George and Mike Kuchar. (make sure to follow the "next" link at the bottom)

Videos by George Kuchar

Bruce LaBruce has a couple of new books: Ride Queer Ride and The Reluctant Pornographer.

Filmmaker Bruce La Bruce has a column in the Toronto-based magazine Exclaim. He's also got a column in Eye called Feelings -- the column appears every two weeks. Here's a couple: Overrated and Underrated and The Uncut Truth. There's more columns there if you dig around. is the official website of Bruce LaBruce, filmmaker and zinester.

review of the movie Hustler White and an interview with the directors, Bruce LaBruce and Rick Castro. Also available in a German version.

MIX is the New York Lesbian & Gay Experimental Film/Video Festival. the festival is generally in the fall.

Jenni Olson's film projects, including "The Joy of Life" and "Blue Diary."

Here's more info about Queer Spunk, originally a MIX film program

Out In Space is a gay oriented animated short feature now in production.

PopcornQ is a web site that is part of Planet Out which is devoted to queer cinema.

Randy Riddle is a documentary maker whose projects include "TLC: Year with a Leather Club" and "Goatboy and the Music Machines." He's also doing research for a documentary on female impersonator Ray Bourbon.

The San Francisco Lesbian and Gay Film Festival has a web page with listings of the films in the festival. The 1997 Festival program is now up.

Flicker, the experimental film site has a Jack Smith filmography and biography.

new | zines | comix | comedy | music | film | vaginal davis | subcultures | transgender | grrrls | art | writers | misc


To contact Vaginal Davis via email, write to vagdavis{At} -- replace {At} with the @ sign.

The official website has constantly update information about Vag's Club Sucker in Los Angeles and other news.

Guy Trebay column from the Village Voice mentioning Vaginal Davis.

There is an article on Vaginal Davis' Terrorist Drag in an issue of Social Text. The article has now been reprinted in the book "Disidentifications" by Jose Munoz - and Vag is on the cover of the book.

An article on the band Black Fag, which Vaginal Davis was in with Beck's mom, Bibbe Hansen.

Reviews with photos of shows at Vaginal Davis' club Sucker from Endless Los Angeles: Feb. '97, April '96, May '96, July '96 -- all of these are from Endless LA. (These are no longer available on the web but will be available on the Endless CD-Rom -- see the Endless web site for information.)

Check out the L. A. Weekly article by Vaginal Davis and Ron Athey about their trip to Palm Springs.

Vaginal Davis and Ron Athey's performances in October '96 in Germany.

new | zines | comix | comedy | music | film | vaginal davis | subcultures | transgender | grrrls | art | writers | misc


Planet Bears is a site with daily updates of bear news. [formerly Bearpress.]

Bearyouth is for younger bears.

Feel like you don't fit in with older Bears? Try Gen-X Bears and their e-mail list.

Gen X Bear Rock email list for all you rock-loving cubs.

Article from the bear-oriented e-zine Versimilitude about bears and music.

Lesbears and Transbears discussion.

Oak Grove Oracle is a space for Radical Faerie multimedia self expression.

The Radical Faerie home page includes links to the e-zine "Thyber Thithie"

Kawashaway is the Faerie land in northern Minnesota.

Old Wise One is the website of Pedro Angel Serrano, who is a Puerto Rican gay skin who lives in New Jersey and does a radio show.

Queer Skinhead Nation is a website done by an anti-fascist Irish/English skin living in Prague.

Queerskin has a webpage with his art and other stuff.

Queer Skinhead Brotherhood page has contact info for other queer skinheads, and more.

An academic paper on the Queer Skinhead Brotherhood.

RadFae.Org is a Radical Faerie Web Server

Scut's Garden has info from a vegan gardner -- his writing has appeared in Holy Titclamps.

new | zines | comix | comedy | music | film | vaginal davis | subcultures | transgender | grrrls | art | writers | misc


The American Boyz is a support and social group for people who were born female but who feel that is not a complete or accurate assessment of who they are. Butches, F2Ms, Transmen, FTVs, Gender Outlaws, Transsexuals, Drag Kings, Boychicks, She-Bears, Shapeshifters, Tomboys, Passing Women, Amazons, Intersexuals, Female Guys, Boss Girls, Transgenderists, Sirs, and our Significant Others, Friends, Families, and Allies. (SOFFA)

The Androgyny RAQ (Rarely Asked Questions) has a dictionary of terms, suggestions of manners, renaming bathrooms, "what is gender," and more.

Club Casanova, a New York Drag King club.

A review of a book on a 1940's drag bar in Seattle in Hotwired.

Hedda Lettuce's web site is the on-line presence of this New York drag queen.

The House of Diabolique is a fun web site which includes stuff about honorary members of the House, such as Lamar, the flaming black fag from Revenge of the Nerds. The site is frequently updated!

Cable TV sensation DeAundra Peek is among the residents of Odum's All Double-Wide Mobile Homes Trailer Park. There's also a trailer devoted to the RuPaul fan club.

Tara Limbaugh at SpiritShow and SF Metropolitan.

A gender bending history lesson on the Sluts-a-Go-Go.

TransBoy Resource Network, a web page for F2M (female-to-male) transgendered, transsexual, genderqueer and questioning youth.

new | zines | comix | comedy | music | film | vaginal davis | subcultures | transgender | grrrls | art | writers | misc


GirlCon is a convention that happened in April 1997 at Wellesley College.

Revolt'n Pussycat is a dykey web-site for ratbag brat grrrlls.

RiotGrrl Web has a lot of good content and links.

new | zines | comix | comedy | music | film | vaginal davis | subcultures | transgender | grrrls | art | writers | misc


Jerome Caja -- art by the late San Francisco-based artist and gogo dancer. And here's an article on Jerome.

Web site with art by erotic artist Marc DeBauch

Photographer Chris Komater is based in San Francisco and produces a variety of works, including photographic grids abstracting male bodies.

Queer Arts includes a on-line exhibit of works by G. B. Jones, Nayland Blake, Keith Mayerson, and Nicole Eisenman.

The University Art Museum in Berkeley had a great exhibition about Queer art called In A Different Light. The exhibition has closed, but you can still visit the on-line version.

Check out the Library of Congress Carl Van Vechten page. Hundreds of photos of famous folks from the 1930s to the 1960s, such as Emma Goldman, Frida Kahlo, Cab Calloway, Bessie Smith, James Baldwin, Jane Bowles, Billie Holliday, Truman Capote, Gertrude Stein, etc. There's an article in Holy Titclamps #15 about Van Vechten. Also, check out their collection of Walt Whitman manuscripts.

new | zines | comix | comedy | music | film | vaginal davis | subcultures | transgender | grrrls | art | writers | misc


Steve is a memoir of the writer Steve Abbott by his daughter Alysia Abbott.

Michael Atavar is a writer and performer from England.

Article by Dodie Bellamy on Kathy Acker, Dennis Cooper, David Wojnarowicz, etc.

An excerpt from Bruce Benderson's Toward the New Degeneracy. Another "excerpt" appears to be an out-take.

Bolerium is a bookstore specializing in used books about gays, labor and radical history, and African Americans.

Vicar/Victoria is a short story by Brian Bouldrey. Here's part 1 and part 2. has writing by and about the late author James Robert Baker.

An interview with Lawrence Braithwaite, author of Wigger. is devoted to the writings of Susie Bright.

A page about the book Fat and Proud by Charlotte Cooper

Interview of Charlotte Cooper about her book "Fat and Proud" conducted by Rachael House of the zine Red Hanky Panky.

official Dennis Cooper website.

Closer: The Dennis Cooper Web Resource

Dennis Cooper Papers at NYU

Interview with Dennis Cooper from the New York Press by JT "Terminator" Leroy.

An interview with Dennis Cooper, in which he talks about his next-to-most recent book, Try.

Finish Line, a story by Dennis Cooper at Nerve

Official web site of the writer Jane DeLynn, author of Don Juan in the Village and Bad Sex is Good.

Whether you're a fan of Lars Eighner's book "Travels with Lizbeth" or of his gay porn writing, or both, you'll want to check out his home page.

Everglades Book Company sells used gay and lesbian books, has a monthly feature on a single book, and also has a bibliography of gay books.

Interview with Robert Gluck.

Web page of writer Daniel Harris, author of The Rise and Fall of Gay Culture. He is also interviewed in the December issue of Oasis.

Interview with Bertie Marshall, author of Psychoboys (and contributor to Holy Titclamps #15) at Spike. Also, an excerpt from his current work in progress, I, A Sailor is available on-line from the Barcelona Review of Contemporary Fiction.

Odd Girls Press has a bibliography of lesbian and gay books.

Priapean Tomes is a book dealer in gay books. The prices are high, but you might find out about some interesting books by reading their catalog.

A science fiction marketing story by Sarah Schulman from Poz.

Sarach Schulman talks to James Hardy about her play The Burning Deck

Review from the Boston Phoenix of Sarah Schulman's book Stage Struck and a review from the Austin Chronicle of her book Shimmer.

Interview with Sarah Schulman, who has a new novel, Shimmer.

Interviews with author Sarah Schulman about her novel Rat Bohemia from the Hungry Mind Review. Plus an article by Michael Bronski about Sarah Schulman.

Website of D. Travers Scott, author of Execution, Texas: 1987.

Interview with D. Travers Scott, author of "Execution, Texas: 1987."

Serpent's Tail is a publishing company which publishes many vital books. is the website of the editor of the book "Anti-gay."

Sister Spit is a group of women spoken word performers who have gone on several road trips around the U.S. [website working again feb 2000]

Sylvester and Orphanos has an extensive catalog of rare used gay and lesbian books.

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The Adult Children of Heterosexuals web page has music reviews and links to bisexual, transgender, and other queer sites. is a site about alternative media. Among the items available is an interview with queer zine pioneer Les/Linda Simpson and an interview with Nancy Clue author Mabey Maney.

Anxiety's Toxic Snowglobe has a variety of odd items.

Blowfish is a catalog of erotic items. See also their on-line magazine Fishnet.

Joan Jett-Blakk page featuring the San Francisco-based talk show host and presidential candidate.

An article on performance artist Leigh Bowery.

Leigh Bowery Links pictures and info about the costume desginer, artist's model, and human art object.

Did you go to Burning Man over Labor Day Weekend? Check out Ggreg Taylor's page on the M*A*S*H*CARA Ladies' Militia Forced Aid Camp and Adrian Roberts' "Piss Clear" zine.

Cockettes web page has photos and information about the Cockettes.

Dan, the Queer Ska Librarian has a web page. You can guess some of the subjects from his title, but there's also material on the group for queer and questioning kids of queer parents, Second Generation.

DaveS is queer punk from Milwaukee. He also runs The Squat, a place for midwestern queerpunks.

Gay and Lesbian Atheists and Humanists

Gayscape is a listing of gay web sites.

Check out this page on the British gay slang Polari, which was spoken by the characters Julian and Sandy on the radio M show Round the Horne. Kenneth Williams, who played Sandy, also appeared in the Carry On movies.

Archive: The homepage of Len, a bisexual straight edge guy.

Taylor Mead pieces about the Shooting of Andy Warhol from Alt-X.

The Queer Resource Directory has all sorts of information about all sorts of queer topics.

Queer War Society is an organization devoted to sharing radical, revolutionary, and/or anarchist inspired queer ideology.

Tom Nelson's story Transition appears in Holy Titclamps #15. You can find more of his writing here also. (Look under "Dark".)

Duckie is a London-based queer club.

GLBT Historical Society of Northern California web site

Gayellow Pages offers LGBT listings in the U.S. and Canada.

Go Girl! is a queer pinball game.

Han Queerean, the queer Korean-American web page.

Indie-queer guide to Chicago

Mississippi Eyes, Katia's web page has rants on various topics, a recommended reading list, and more. Here's her other web page with stuff about being a library science student, queer resources, and more.

Tracy and Mia are a couple of dykes who are into Peeps. Their pages also have stuff about Grassroot Queers. They are doing a radio show on Philadelphia Pirate Radio, 91.3 FM Thursdays 8-9 pm, alternating with two fags.

Queer Artist Collective (QuAC) is a performance art group based in Houston.

Queer Vampires Website has info on homoerotic bloodsuckers in writing, film, and more. It's part of a larger Queer Horror website.

Queer Wide Web? is an analysis in terms of queer theory of the world wide web.

Slash fanfic is fiction written by fans about characters from mass media culture in which the characters turn out to be secret homosexual lovers like in the classic case of Kirk/Spock. For more Slash, see Yahoo's Slash index.

SpiritShow is site with horoscopes and more from Tara Limbaugh and Chrystallah.

Just Plain Strange in a Web Page expresses a vision of World Peach through Pure Pleasure, from Just Plain Strange de Jim of San Francisco.

Ggreg Taylor's web site has Burning Man pictures, Ggreg's collection of kitsch art, and more.

Dan Tsang runs the Alternative Research page, and has a radio show called Subversity. He's a librarian who's been spied on by the CIA, and sounds like an amazing guy. is up and running again with resources for queer youth.

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