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The web is a pretty United States-centric place. I thought it would be helpful for people from other places in the world to have some links to queer stuff in their countries and languages in one convenient place. Let me know what you think by email at and if there's anything I should add.

Try this page of Free Translators for more languages than Babelfish offers, like Finnish, Polish, etc.

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Argentina | Armenia | Australia | Austria | Belgium | Brasil | Canada | China | Chile | Czech Republic | Denmark | Europe | Finland | France | Germany | India | Ireland | Israel | Italy | Jamaica | Japan | Mexico | Netherlands | New Zealand | Poland | Portugal | Russia | Singapore | Slovenia | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland | Turkey | United Kingdom

International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission -- IGLHRC -- looking out for the rights of queer folks around the world.
International Gay and Lesbian Association has overviews of various countries around the world.
Amnesty International's OUTfront: Human Rights and Sexual Identity.
Immigration Equality - formerly Lesbian and Gay Immigration Rights Task Force
The Gully offers news from a leftist, queer perspective with a global view.
New Internationalist issue from 2000 on sexual minorities around the world.
The website has information for activities in various countries, and allows for easy self-serv updating. (note - Queeruption 11, which was being planned for 2008 in in Rome, Italy has been cancelled.
Queercore Latino Spanish-language queercore email list. has info on upcoming Ladyfest events around the word.
Grrrl Zine Network has interview with women from around the world doing zines.
Youth Suicide website with many international queer links. -- gay punk picture profiles from all over the world. (URL taken over by commercial site, not sure if it's worth it.)
Girlports - lesbian travel site.

Absueltos are a band with queer members from Argentina.

Celeste Carballo -- major lesbian musician from Argentina.

Cojidos Y Tatuados -- spanish language queercore webpage from Argentina. Has a lot of links, a discussion forum, and more information.

Muchacha Punk -- article on the queercore scene in Argentina.

"Perversos, Desviados y Invertidos" is a 7" compilation with songs from Islam, the She-Devils, The Haggard, and Limp Wrist

Updated Feb 2010: Eyeliner is a series of queer parties in Buenos Aires -- and and

Updated July 2007: She-Devils, political woman-fronted punk band from Argentina --


Gay Armenia is a blog covering gay Armenian items.


Kristy Apps is a musician from Australia.

The Burning Times was a queer punk zine from Australia. The editor, Richard, now does the blog Man About Town. Based in Melbourne.

Added Feb 2009:
The Cubby House is a bear cub podcast from Melbourne.

Added Feb 2009:
Fabrik is an indie queer night at Eurotrash in Melbourne.

Added Feb 2009:
Indie Queer night at A Bar Called Barry in Melbourne.

New URL Feb 2009:
King Victoria -- Melbourne drag kings.

The Mavis's were an Australian band with great pop songs like "Do You Have a Brother."

Queer Collaborations -- annual conference in Australia, held at various universities.

Queeruption 7 in Sydney Australia 16-23 February 2005

Queer Radio is a weekly show in Brisbane.

Queers for Reconciliation was formed in response to the need for a presence in the 1998 Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade to express support for the Reconciliation process and the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander community.

Q + A -- queer and alternative -- was a queer club in Melbourne. (now defunct.)

For radical queers in Australia, check out the email list rad_kweer

Scooter is a non-profit venture set up by a bunch of queer Anarcho punk girls in Sydney to provide space for un-established girl musicians to perform and inspire more women to start playing instruments and form bands. They started at the Emu Cafe, which apparently closed in Summer 2001.

Scootstar is a record label for indy unrecorded women's music.

Added January 2009: - An online community & information resource for lesbian, bi & trans women in Sydney. Facebook: Myspace:

Added June 2006:
Trough is a non-mainstream queer music night in Sydney. Also see

Word Is Out was a queer online publication from Australia. Check out the article "Queers, anti-capitalism, and war" in the first issue.

Österreich - Austria

Added 5 Oct 2006: CuntStunt is a lesbian zine from Vienna.

Added 5 Oct 2006: FMQueer is a queer group associated with the radio station FM4 that does events in Vienna including performances by queer bands.

Frauen Banden website.

Belgique - Belgium

Genres Pluriels : Visibilité des personnes aux genres fluides, trans' et intersexes

Queerilla.Be -- Queer Kafee and more in Gent.

Added August 2012:
Queer Punx Belgium blog

Transformer - Queer Festival happened in Brussels, Belgium in April 2008.

Brasil - Brazil

Added July 2011: Revista Bagoas: Estudos gays Generos e sexualidades - LGBT studies journal from Brazil.

Article in Portugese on Oakland, California gay hiphop group Deep Dickollective.

Fernando Carpaneda is an artist from Brazil who does sculptures featuring punks, homeless people, and sex workers. Also see this interview

Dominatrix were an all-female band from Brasil. Here's a webpage about them, and their Official page. Also see page on Dominatrix.

Grind is a club night. They had a magazine which described itself as "Pop, Rock & Cultura GLS".

Added July 2009:
O Caralho do Rock - Brazil queer music blog.

Added December 2017:
Pistoleira is a corollary of the musical experiences and researches of Brazilian singer, composer and instrumentalist Paulo Fraval and musicians Bruno Costa, Duh Rodrigues, Gê Silva, Moacir de Sousa Filho, Monique Stahlschmidt and Bertisson Lobo. "Foró", "Brega" and another trpical rhythms produced in the suburbs of Fortaleza and other Brazilian cities, turn into an inexhaustible inspiration source for Pistoleira's creative process. They are based in Fortaleza. Instagram YouTube

Queer Punk Queer Funk is an event in the North and Northeast of Brazil.

New August 2007:
Solange, tô aberta!'s main goal is to contest, deconstruct and expose situations, behaviours and discurses adopted by different sectors of society. We are against the catholic church's dogmas, the binarism and heteronormativity. We support de legalization of abortion, the black movement and the LGBT movement and women and anybody that is kept quiet. The band experiments with electronic music by creating original stuff as well as samples. Its main sources are from the music of mass culture and the invisible music that are done to entertrain and/or question. Rhythms both from Brazil and from other countries add to the electronic repertoire. Because of this mix, new rhythms are created by this overlapping.

Blog page of Vange Leonel, Brasilian singer.

Riotpower page has Riot Grrrl information in Português!

Added June 2009:
Teu Pai já Sabe? Queercore band from Curitiba, Brazil.


the Anticapitalist Ass Pirates who used to operate in Monstreal seem to be defunct.

The Beaver in Toronto is a venue run by Will Munroe who used to do Vazaleen at Lee's Palace.

Filmmaker Bruce La Bruce has an official website at ...

The Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives in Toronto has a lot of queer zines.

NEW 1/25/2007: Val Desjardins is a queer artist based in Montreal.

G.B. Jones is a queer artist and filmmaker based in Toronto who was a founder of the pioneering queer zine JDs. See also Wikipedia Article for more links.

Les Pantheres Roses (the Pink Panthers) are a group from Montreal.

Limp Fist is a feminist anti-capitalist anarchist anti-racist queer liberation group from Toronto.

MimProductions produces cabarets and concerts in Montreal.

Miss Cookie is a drag performer based in Vancouver, BC.

January 2009: nouveauqueer blog is based in Montreal.

April 2010: Queerish Event Guide for Montreal

In Toronto: Queer West

Queer Punk Collective is based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Queer in Your Ear is a gay music column by Joe Clark.

Radical Queers Halifax

January 2009: Facebook page of Radical Queer Week in Montreal. Also see article on radical queer week

Vancouver based band Skinjobs

Scott Treleaven, did the zine Salivation Army and the film Queercore: A Punkumentary.

New September 2010: Tourism Montréal has a blog called The Montreal Buzz with travel tips, and they also have a Gay Life Blog covering queer events in Montreal.

WayOutWest.TV has clips of a TV show done by folks in Vancouver, B.C.


Shanghai LGBT email list has 1000+ members.

First Shanghair Pride, June 7-14, 2009:

Chile is the official Chilean gay and lesbian resource directory. is a gay chat site based in Chile.

Czech Republic

Queer Skinhead Nation is a website done by an anti-fascist Irish/English skin who lived Prague and offers a gay guide to the city.

2009 queer pride events in Czech Republic:

Danmark - Denmark

Interview with Gritt Uldall-Jessen, who did the zine Mohawk Beaver.


European Tourdates of Grrrlbands.

Check out the Queeruption website for many UK and European resources.

NEW URL: Riot Grrrl Europe has links to bands and more from around Europe.

Suomi - Finland

Finnish gay links

Väki -- Finnish feminist and queer info.


Act Up Paris -- AIDS activist group.

Androzine is a French queer zine, and the longest-running still published queer zine. Androzine web page.

Babes in Boyland is a radio show that features bands with women in them. There are a bunch of interviews with bands on the website.

Bang Bang is a French-languge anarcho-fairie zine. Visit the website for info on La Croisiere.

Jérémie Farel's writing is available at Le Marginal.

GayKitschCamp is the European Archives, Studies & Research on Homosexualities Centre. It's a registered association and has the support from the County Concil, the General Council, the DDASS, the DRAC, and the Town of Lille.

April 2008: Homozikal is a website about gay references in music, with song lyrics. is a French website which includes a directory of gay websites.

Les Pantheres roses -- gay group in France.

PinkPurplePop produces shows in France -- their first show was with Le Tigre.

Popingays is a French gay indie music association.

TaPaGes -- queer group in Strasbourg, France.

Têtu has some interesting interviews, for instance with Bruce LaBruce.

Deutschland - Germany

Added March 2010: elcassette are a band from Munich, Germany

Up Your Ears is a queer music festival in Berlin September 4-6, 2009.

Berlin Queer Festival 19-22 April, 2007

Spicy Tigers On Speed - we are from berlin. we are here to perform gender cliches and smash them. we will dance with you until your head spins. our hot fake and real stuffers and fake and real tits are way more important than germany or any other nation.

Cafe Fatal offers ballroom dancing in Berlin. I've heard great reports of how fun this event is.

Din-A-Queer is a queer music night in Münster.

Drag Kingdom -- German drag king website.

ETuxx includes an article on with a long message board following it.

Feucht Rasiert -- all woman band from Germany.

Gay Berlin Punx website.

Gay Misfit -- "Be proud of who you are, not what you are." They are also involved I think in the event Maladjusted in Köln.

Gaypunk.De is a german gay punk website.

Genderterror -- party in AZ Mülheim.

Heartcore Records is a record label based in Germany and New York, with releases by gay artists.

Homo Elektrik does electronic music in Germany.

Webpage of cartoonist Ralf Koenig.

La Moustache puts on non-profit diy gigs in Berlin with a focus on female/queer artists.

Lorena & The Bobbits is a garage punk band with a queer singer/lyrics from Berlin:

Hank Bobbit is a Rockabilly Butch Dyke with an acoustic guitar:

Low End Models are an all-dyke queercore band from Germany, based in Koln. has a good links page.

Oi Warning! is a film by Dom and Ben Reding about skinheads. Search around for more about the film. There is an official site for the film at

Queerbeat is a booking and promotion agency based in Munich, Germany. They are also on myspace:

Queer Gestellt is based in Köln. has info and links about queers in Hamburg.

Queeruption 5 happened May 19-26 2003 in Berlin. Here's the Yahoo Group and an old webpage about it.

RockSie! is the website of the European Music Network for Women.

Search and Destroy: Queer Noises is a club night in Berlin.

Step Up and Be Vocal is a 2001 documentary with interviews from 1999 with people in San Francisco's queer punk scene: Lynn Breedlove, Matt Wobensmith, Jody Bleyle, The Psychic Sluts, Wendy-O Matic, Laura Litter, Mia d'Bruzz, Anna Joy. It was uploaded to Vimeo in 2013.

Tuntenhaus Berlin -- queer squat in Berlin.

U-Turn -- queer radio show from Hamburg.

Vaginal Davis is now based in Berlin. See also Vaginal Davis' 2001 appearance in Berlin. Plus Vaginal Davis and Ron Athey's performances in October '96 in Germany.

Westdyke are a band from Germany.

[added 4 May 2008] Xposed is an international queer short film festival in Berlin. The 3rd annual one is June 26, 2008. Trailer on YouTube:

Zacker Nights is a multisexual party for the queer underground in Leipzig.


Added March 2009:
Scripts is a queer zine from Mumbai (Bombay) India published by the organization Lesbian and Bisexuals in Action. Here's a link to the call for submissions for their 12th issue, with the theme of censorship, from October 2008.


Knifed are from Dublin and have done a split 7" with Limpwrist. Rejected Records is label of Mero of Knifed.

Muffmonsters on Prozac is a zine from Ireland.

Black Laundry -- queer direct action group against the occupation and for social justice.

QueerHana -- group that does a Gay Shame type anti-commercial event. Site is mostly in Hebrew.

Italia - Italy

Clit Rocket is a dyke zine from Italy -- plus Veruska also does a Lesbopunkfeminist radio show. Here's the Clitrocket webpage. Veruska has a column about her radio show at Freeweel -- see here. You can email her at veruskaoutlaw [at]

Hup Concerti -- Hopelessly Ugly People -- does events in Rome.

Phag Off produces events like Queer Jubilee and a New Years 2005/2006 event in Roma.

Pornflakes produces queer events in Italy.

Queerzone -- Italian weblog with a visual focus.

Sally Cellophane does art stuff.

Speed Demon is an Italian queer zine. Their address: speed demon c/o magnani - via ponte seveso 44 - 20125 milano - italy If you have trouble reaching the website, try this address. Also check out their blog

The people from Speed Demon also have a radio show.

Squat.It -- independent queer ezine, with queer skinhead content.

Torazine -- counterculture zine.


J-FLAG is an organization based in Jamaica.

Nihon - Japan

Books Rose sells Japanese gay books, magazines, and videos.

Genetic LOAD was a gay band in Japan, now broken up. That website doesn't work anymore, but the former leader Naoyuki is at and has a song called "I'm a gay man."

Added March 2008, URL updated July 2012: Queer Music Experience is a website by Takaki Fujishima with a blog about queer music (mostly in Japanese, with some links to English sites.)

Article in Japanese on queercore from this dictionary of hip stuff. See also the entry on Dennis Cooper.

Sindbad Bookmarks -- gay Japanese search engine.

Ubiqueer Diary -- blog with info on queer, asexual, etc. stuff.

Your Factory is a Japanese record label that has put out a compilation of music by gay musicians, as well as other CDs by gay musicians.


March 2008: Article on violence against Emo kids and gays in Mexico.

GAYSTENCIL es un proyecto de arte urbano (en Guadalajara Mexico) en el que todos podemos participar. GAYSTENCIL consiste en sacar a la calle las frases, iconos y puntos de vista de la comunidad gay con sentido del humor, como un proyecto artistico y politico, sin intenciones activistas.

Les Voz -- lesbian publication from Mexico.

Rabia Rosa - angry queer music oriented and queer-friendly artists blog

MSN Club for gays who love rockers and alternative ways of life: Por Un Beso - Rockeros Gay and blog:

Nederlands - Netherlands - Holland

Butt is a Magazine for Homosexuals based in Amsterdam.

Cruise Control is a 'queerparty electronique' in Utrecht, the Netherlands. A clubnight for alternative queer people who like electro & synth musique. The website has playlists, party pix & dates.

Doorbreakers were a band from Amsterdam.

Homodok is a gay and lesbian archives in Amsterdam.

Joke Kaviaar is a lesbian poet from Amsterdam.

The Pink Light House was a queer squat in Amsterdam in 2003.

Queeristan is an Autonomous DIY Queer Festival that has happened annually in Amsterdam in 2011, 2012, and 2013.

Queeruption Netherlands (Queeruption 6) -- held in 2004.

New Zealand

Artium Elegantium Studium is the website of artists Karl Amundsen and Xavier Radic, who live in New Zealand and teach art and run retreats for queer & straight artists in New Zealand.

Diversityworks is the website of queer disabled performer Phillip Patston.

Article on queer bands from New Zealand: Princess Diana, Thought Creature, Curfew Girls, and Golden Axe.

Polska - Poland

There is going to be a Grrrl Punk Festival in Warsaw in December 2003. Details at

EmancyPunx is a distro and record label formed to spread independent women culture. They're based Warsaw, Poland. They have been involved in "Noc Walpurgii", and antisexist, antihomophobic festival in Poland which happens every two years -- see below.

Homomilitia was a band from Poland. They also have a song on the second "Stop Homophobia" compilation.

Noc Walpurgii (Valpurgis Night Festival) is an anti-sexist, anti-homophobia festival in Warsaw, Poland, which happens every two years (including in April 2012.)
2012 Noc Walpurgii Festival
2010 fest info

Added February 2008:
Sister to Sister distribution - feminist and pro-queer zine and music distro, based in Wroclaw, Poland.


Panteras Rosa -- Group combatting homophobia.

Russki - Russia

There is a chapter on feminism and queers in Craig O'Hara's book "The Philosophy of Punk", and there's a Russian translation. Online section - Larry-bob quotes are footnotes 189 et seq

Lesbiru is a Russian Lesbian website. Here's an interview with one of the founders.

Website on writer Yaroslav Mogutin aka Slava, who's been in Bruce LaBruce films. Also here's another website with photos of him.

Added Oct 2013: Mokroshelky is a Riot Grrrl/ Queercore band from Saint Petersburg. Their recordings can be heard on Bandcamp.


Trippers was a Lesbian punk zine from Singapore. Back issues were available from Puinkilla Distro, but that website's stuck in 2003.

Republika Slovenija - Slovenia

Ying yang Club hosts parties in Ljubljana, Slovenija. --

España - Spain

Spanish Pansy Division page.

Sverige - Sweden

Club Slick is in Stockholm starting in 2003.

Combustion is a queer club in Stockholm. Also see Combustion Malmö [added August 2006, updated March 2008]

MaaSen -- queer Swedish Hiphop.

Queertopia Festival in July, 2010

Sylvester -- queer Swedish website, and they also publish a magazine.

Added April 2009: Trikster - Queer Nordic journal and blog.

Schweiz - Suisse - Switzerland Out & About with Brewer & Berg is a philosophical travelogue of Europe with two zany guys in an amazing filmed documentary of their vision quest in search of a new mythology that includes gay and lesbian consciousness.

Offstream -- the alternative gay party.

RadikalSugarPuff -- Family Plüsch had a house in Zurich, and now have other projects.

Various DIY distros have the Swiss feminist band "Re-Sisters" 7" titled "Riots Not Diets" which includes a track "Lesbisch" -- see google search [released circa 2000.]

Suendikat - queer events and band bookings. email,

Türkçe - Turkey

July 2007: Icimdeki Ayi is a bear blog based in Ankara, Turkey, in English and Turkish.

Kaos GL is a Turkish queer anarchist group which publishes a magazine.

United Kingdom

Charlotte Cooper's website has information about her new novel, Cherry, plus her zines including "Kink."

Chaos/Order has info on the UK queercore scene by Sarit M. [archive version from 2000.]

"Queer literary journal" Chroma:

Club V was a now-defunct queer indie club in London, England. Check out their page for their zine, the V Files. [archive version of site]

Wotever World - home of Bar Wotever, Club Wotever, even Club Wotever in Stockholm. For DragKings, Butches, Trannifags, FTM's, Femme Fatales, Transgendered grrlz, Queer Bois and...

DJ Hushpuppy DJs at clubs in Glasgow, Scotland -- check out Record Playerz Club. He's and expert in rare groove and Northern Soul, and has also remixed The Free Design.

Duckie is a London-based queer club.

Added 6/9/2007: F.A.G. Club puts on events for QuAGS (queers of all genders and sexualities) in Cardiff, Wales, showcasing all that is unusual, subversive and freaky. They also release records by great people.

Fanny published a comic book of the same name, and Dyke's Delight comics. is the website of an alternative queer club night in Brighton, England, which does regular benefits for queer/radical causes.

Gay London Writers is a group of gay male writers in London.

New Jan 2010: Get Bent Manchester: A Festival of Queer Diversity happened in 2007. Also see Myspace Get Bent Manchester Queers

New Feb 2009: Ghost School is a monthly club night in London.

Gingerbeer is a lesbian/bi guide to London.

Homophone is a queer open mike that happened in London.

Kaffequeeria is a queer collective based in Manchester.

NEW URL Feb 2009: Kill Everybody In the Whole World is a website by and for slightly disturbed queers in Scotland.

New February 2009: Sign in to your Yahoo account and check out LadiDah for queer events in London.

Added Dec 2007: Local Kid is a DIY punk feminist kid collective based in Bristol, UK.

Added Feb 2010: Ste McCabe is a political queer musician from Manchester, England and also has a radio show on Dandelion Radio

Peppermintpatti puts on shows with female fronted bands headlining in Cardiff, Wales at the Chapter theatre.

Check out this page on the secret gay language, Polari.

Popstarz has info on various clubs in London that play indie and other music. Also check out Ghetto which has different theme nights seven days a week.

Pottymouth is a London-based weekly club that features music with female vocalists.

Queer Rebel Alliance is a Wales-based group.

Added April 2008: Transpunk webzine for queers and non-queers of all persuasions.

UK Gay Indie Scene website lists lots of clubs. (Still seems to be updated as of Feb 2009.)

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