Holy Titclamps #4
Press here to view full-size cover (22K).



"Support Staff I Have Known" by Michelle Rau (81K)

Review of the B-52s by Michelle Rau

"Lar-Bob's New Piano" comic by Nick Leonard (12K)

"Larry" drawing (46K)

"Dan" drawing (46K)

Fag City USA by Larry-bob

"Neptune" drawing by Nick Leonard (63K)

"Faculty Members I Have Known" by Michelle Rau (67K)

The original paper version of Holy Titclamps #4 also included poetry by Ken Grooms and Chris Davis. However, I have no way of contacting them to ask permission for electronic reproduction, so those pieces are not included here.

From Holy Titclamps #4
All artwork and writing copyright ©1990, 1995 by the original artists and writers.
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