Holy Titclamps #7
Press here to view full-size cover (42K). Cover art by Nick Leonard.


"Not Another Queer Manifesto" by Larry-bob

"AIDS Testing Problems in Federal Prisons" by Adam Starchild

"Rape as Punishment" by Adam Starchild

"Uncle Phillip Morris" cartoon by Roxxie (22K)

Cop by Andy Baird (27K)

Pope (37K)

"If you want it..." drawing (49K)

Notebook drawing (49K)

Perky's Dad Funnies #1 by Tom Young (48K)

Perky's Dad Funnies #2 by Tom Young (51K)

Book reviews of Dennis Cooper's Frisk and Sarah Schulman's People in Trouble.

The original paper version of Holy Titclamps #7 also included several other works. I am in the process of attempting to contact the artists and writers to get permission for electronic reproduction of their work..

From Holy Titclamps #7
All artwork and writing copyright ©1991, 1996 by the original artists and writers.
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