This is the first time I've had a letters column, mainly because this is the first time I've had any letters to speak of Here's the deal; I'm going to assume that if you have a P.O. Box address that your mommy and daddy aren't reading your mail so it's o.k. to publish your letter with a name and address. Otherwise I won't print it unless you tell me to. Some people sent me real nice letters but I didn't print them anyway. Guess I'm a little flighty today. Ta-ta, and enjoy the letters--
Love, Lar-bob.
Merry Christian Onasis!

Here's hoping you get mega goodies in the coming New Year. Thanks for the latest copy of Holy Titclamps. It makes me want to run out and get my Gish pierced. Just returned from Paris. Paris, France, not Paris Texas, so expect a lot of Euro gossip in next issue of Fertile LaToyah Jackson Magazine, as well as interviews with Glen Meadmore, Summer Caprice, Billy Wisdom and the He-Shes, Lisa Suckdog & more homo-erotica. Are you wet, yet? Thank you again!

Love & fornication,
Ms. Vaginal-Cream Davis,

Dear Boxholder,
Saw yer ad in HOMOCORE #5. Finally, a 'zine from Minneapolis that deals with Homo-type stuff. I was thinking of starting a 'zine, but I'm broke. There seems to be a lack of 'zines in MN that really interest me, but I guess I can scratch that notion. Anyways, I put a dollar in for #1 & #2 of Holy Titclamps! if possible. Thanx,
Coon Rapids, MN

Larry-bob sez: from what I hear from Pat, he'd love to hear from punks and skins in a pen-pal manner. So get out your pens and paper & start writing!

Thanks for the Titclamps (zine that is!) A new "My Comrade" just came out by the way. Do you see much live music in Minneapolis? There are a lot of bands from there I like. Two bands esp. have total hunks for lead singers -- the Swinging Teens and Mile One. One's a total punk, and other a baby faced preppy. Johnny from Swinging Teens does this total Iggy Pop number and always performs barechested. The singer from Mile One (at least at the show I saw in NY) didn't take his shirt off although he has the kind of swaggering good looks that suggest he does sometimes. I'd love to hear what you're into -- bandwise and boywise! Keep up the good work.

Joe B.

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