Ordering Holy Titclamps

I am now accepting payment by Paypal for back issues of Holy Titclamps.
Prices are as follows: #9 is $2 each, and 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17 are $3 each. #18 is $1 each, and #19 is free. Add $1 per issue for overseas shipping.
Complete sets of issues 1-19 are also available for $35. Contact me for info on price for overseas shipping.

Holy Titclamps #19, published in the summer of 2003 is free if you can find it. Email me at larrybob@gmail.com if you can't find it. Mailing address: Larry-bob, Box 590488, San Francisco, CA 94159.

Dog's Best Friend by Jennifer Argle
Mary Magdalene by Red Jordan Arobateau
Art by Andy Baird
If I Am Murdered by Sherilyn Connelly
And It Was Too Good by Jim Dewitt
The way you hold your knife by Tim Donnelly
Photos by Eric/Checkers
Whores Against War by Charlie Huzzle
On Poems by Edward Mycue
Vegas Vacation by Alvin Orloff
Privates by Roger Pinnell
God poem #1 by Andrew Ramer
A Biography of Winning His Way by Irving Rosenthal
Teeth by Matthue Roth
Excerpt from Freddy by Lito Sandoval
mix and match by Julia Serano
Night Crawlers by Lloyd Stensrud
Smiling Cannibal by John Tunui

Holy Titclamps #18, published in the summer of 2002 costs only $1 by mail, or send $4 cash and I'll stuff a flat rate envelope full of copies of it. Mailing address: Box 590488, San Francisco, CA 94159.

A humorous piece by Aldo Alvarez
Greater Deepshittium by Ralowe Trinitroluene Ampu
Art by Andy Baird
Binky comic and treacherous queen art by Bobby Tran Dale
Poetry by Dutch lesbian poet Joke Kaviaar
I Wanna Be A Gay Wingnut by Larry-bob
Art by Steve MacIsaac
Poetry by Edward Mycue
Fiction by Roger Pinnell
Alan Reade on the Tubs
Poetry by J. Jaye Sablan
The Phenomenology of Cocksucking by Simon Sheppard
A piece set at the Lone Star Saloon by Ron Suresha
Michelle Tea on her encounter with Gene Loves Jezebel
Poetry by Marcus Rene Van

Holy Titclamps is #17 was published in 1999. It's a retrospective issue with new pieces by past contributors. It includes:

To order current issues of Holy Titclamps, send cash (no checks, please) to

Box 590488
San Francisco, CA 94159-0488

For international orders, add $1 U.S. cash to the above prices. (once again, no checks.)

To order the paper version of Queer Zine Explosion, send 2 U.S. stamps (or 2 IRCs or $1 U.S. cash) to the same address. Queer Zine Explosion is included with Holy Titclamps; no need to send extra money for it.

Back Issues

Back issues 9 and 12-17 are also currently available. #9 is $2 each, and 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17 are $3 each. #18 is $1 each, and #19 is free. Add $1 per issue for overseas shipping.
I am now accepting payment by Paypal for back issues of Holy Titclamps.

Issue #16 of Holy Titclamps includes:

#9: An excerpt from "The Lizard Club" by Steve Abbott; museum guard comic by Rob Kirby; "Mr. Salt and Pepper Moustache" by Larry Johnson; E.M. Forster pastiche by Larry-bob; Own Keehnen; Larry- bob on mycology; Nick Leonard reviews Fertile videos; Jenni Olson on the Nancy Sinatras; Sal Martinez on Idaho's prisons; Larry- bob's Open Letter to Tracy Chapman; Deke Nihilson vs. MR&R; art by Satyarthi, Andy Baird, Guy Davis, and Paul Kip Kirk; poetry by Antler and others. $2

#10 [currently unavailable]: Rob Kirby comic; Jan-Nathan Long goes to a mall kiss-in; outdoor sex story by Larry Johnson; "It's AIDS," by Owen Keehnen; "Why I Like Fags" comic by Michelle Rau; "Dirty Pictures" comic by Quetzal; Spew 2 report by Fluffy Boy; Road Trip with Azalea story by Larry-bob; art by Andy Baird, Satyarthi, Guy Davis; poetry by Ed Mycue and more. $2

#11 [currently unavailable]: Photo-copier drawing by Robyn Scott on the cover; prose by Kevin Killian & Matias Viegener; Homo Patrol comic; Frisk parody by Jenni Olson; Larry-bob's highschool diary; Kirby comic; "Eating Our Own" by Owen Keehnen; comic by Quetzal; "School Nites" by Sea King; Azalea/N.Y.C. story by Larry-bob; comic by Nick Leonard; art by Baird, Larry Johnson, Davis. $2

#12: Breast-feeding Vampire cover; Paul Bonomo visits a sex club; comix by Quetzal and Kirby; dolphin sex story; Owen Keehnen; "Cultural Subversion" by Frank Moore; Larry-bob on Political Correctness in the zine scene; Robert Gluck's "Drape It, Then Rape It"; gay old folks home story by Larry-bob; art by Baird, Satyarthi, Jim Jeske; "Denny" poem by Trebor. $3

#13: Larry-bob solo issue. Road trip to Oregon; anti-looksism essay; guide to selling out; childhood friends; unsafe sex guide; anti-San Francisco rant; Fag City USA 1997; plus comix by Sina and Quetzal. $3

#14: Queer History Issue. Joe Westmoreland on the San Francisco punk scene of the late 70s; "I Was Queer When Gay Meant Happy" by REB; "My Unexceptional Dyke Life" by Spence; "Out of Iowa" by Mountain Lily; "Roy Cohn Revisited" by Larry-bob; "Instruction" by D. Travers Scott; "I was a Twinkie for the Catholic Church" by Mick Dee; Larry-bob on actor Ernest Thesiger; an interview with Glen Schellenbery of Toronto new wave band The Dishes; "Intergenerational Yearning, or, the Dating Game," by John Paul Ricco; "Schmitty," by Tom Scut; Robynski on queer anarchists Nechaev and Bakunin. Art by Andy Baird, Jim Jeske, and Jorge Domingos. $3

#15: The contents include Bertie Marshall's story of how he caught crabs from Nancy Spungen; Larry-bob and Nick's diary of their trip to England; Paul Kip Kirk's story about getting a blowjob in a Times Square theater; Thomas Nelson's story about a queer vampire; Larry-bob on New Orleans musicians Bobby Marchan and James Booker; "I Love a Man Who Can Put Away" by Dylan Lawson; an interview with queer punk poet Drew Blood; an article about writer/photographer Carl Van Vechten; comics by David Kelly and Sina; art by Andy Baird, James Jeske, and Satyarthi.

Ordering Holy Titclamps in 10 Easy Steps.

1. Take your wallet out of your pocket or purse.

2. Remove $3 in cash.

3. Find an envelope.

4. Write my address and yours on the envelope.

5. Find a piece of paper.

6. Write your address and which issue you want on the paper

7. Put your money and the paper in the envelope.

8. Seal the Envelope.

9. Put a stamp on the envelope.

10. Put the envelope in a mailbox.

For more information about issues of Holy Titclamps or Queer Zine Explosion, contact Larry-bob at larrybob@gmail.com

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