Perky's Dad knew he would get lots of queens mad at him if he said this out loud too much BUT he thought that TV show about the oil company and everybody treating each other like cock roaches all the time pissed him off and made him want to puke. He thought that ALEXIS probably had a secret case of EXLAX in her basement. He thought she needed to go to Woolworth's an eat breakfast at the counter & then buy yellow canvas shows & then take the bus to a famouse temporary job where they didn't even give her a coffee break. Perky's Dad would go with her and talk about toe jam and safely selecting buttholes the whole time, AND also make her wear the canvas shoes and NOT tell her where the BATHROOM is... [Can you find Perky?] In conclusion Perky's Dad said "If that show is any good then I'm the Emperor of China and have two buttholes"... Perky said he did have two buttholes once (selecting being silly)... Perky's Dad said he could pretend anything because he was Perky.

By Tom Young
From Holy Titclamps #7
Copyright ©1986, 1996 The Estate of Tom Young
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