Perky's Dad decided to watch a TV Nature show. Usually he felt sick when he watched Nature TV but this one had a monkey with a nose like a peter and Perky's Dad thought it might be good. It started out telling about how it rained there all the time. Perky's Dad said "That's like Sacramento" (which is where Perky's Dad did many safe butthole selections.) There was a bathhouse there by a stockyard & the smell made Perky's Dad want to puke but he got used to it like he got used to commercials and hearing about people killing each other all the time. Perky's Dad thought queers were best because instead of fighting & killing they safely selected each other's buttholes instead & then had love from that. Perky's Dad told Perky that he could be a queer and Perky said THAT'S GOOD. ["Oh Mary!"] [only pretend that Perky can talk.]

By Tom Young
From Holy Titclamps #7
Copyright ©1986, 1996 The Estate of Tom Young
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