Queer Zine Explosion 13

Note that this is a very old edition of QZE, supplied for historical interest only.

See queer zine explosion editions for more recent reviews and addresses. There are some zines reviewed here which do not appear on the more recent list, however.

This list has the zine reviews from Queer Zine Explosion #13, compiled in October 1995. Some of these reviews also appeared in issues of Factsheet Five. This is a version of this file that just has new zines since QZE #12, which was published in May 1995.

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Zines with a "*" at the beginning of the Descr field have new issues, and those with a "+" are the first review of the zine. Those without a symbol are slightly older, but still published since October 1994.

Send queer zines for review to
Box 590488
SF CA 94159-0488
Holy Titclamps web page: http://www.holytitclamps.com)

Abrupt Lane Edge Issue 5
*This issue has several bicycle-themed pieces, including one about finding a bicycle in a dumpster, and one about having a bike named Rory. There's also pieces about TEG's bad attitude; the summer '94 queer gathering in Minneapolis and Charlie Nash's performances there; the right to designate safe space; 80s songs; a piece about a fucked-up roommate situation.

$1 to Chris Wilde Box 80606 Minneapolis MN 55408 28 pages, digest

Aditup Issue 6
+A report on the London gay disco "Heaven"; a visit to Sanrio land; poetry; Madonna, P.J. Harvey, and the Lords of Acid; the musical trio Biatch!; a story about a picnic.

trade to dredge MC Box 3374, Middlebury College Middlebury VT 05753-6033 20 pages, half legal

Adventures of A-Girl Issue 4
*In this issue of this comic zine, the final installment of A-Girl's adventures in Tokyo. A-Girl has another encounter with the little old lady who doesn't approve of A-Girl wanting to wear a boy's school uniform. And she meets the woman wearing a uniform who appeared in issue 2. Also available is A-Girl Etc #2, which has drawings of A-Girl by other artists.

$1 to Elizabeth Watasin 120 So San Fernando Blvd #231 Burbank CA 91502 24 pages, half legal

+A pamphlet giving plans for an electrical device to cure AIDS. The idea is to use a magnetic coil to flush the virus from the lymph nodes, and then pass an electrical current through the body to kill the virus in the blood. Because of FDA regulations, such a device can't be sold, but information can legally be distributed. The pamphlet is for informational purposes only. Email: profusion@aol.com

free or $1 donation to Wayne Green 70 Route 202N Peterborough NH 03458 16 pages, digest

AIDS Kills Fags Dead Issue 1
*A new zine from the editor of Homoboy. A lot of this issue is about his recent trip to Paris. There's a piece about a guy he had a crush on in France; a history of Eric's last two years of his sex life; notes people left at Oscar Wilde's grave; pictures from French safe sex literature; going to confession at the Notre Dame; the superhero "AIDS Avenger," created by Anonymous Boy; the question of whom the responsibility for safe sex lies with; going to a safe sex workshop; the fear of blindness from CMV; trying to follow Hemmingway's steps in Paris; a relationship Eric had with a French guy; an article about skin conditions that appear as T-cells go lower.

$2 to Eric 10415 Tenneta Houston TX 77099 40 pages, half legal

Alien Girl
+This is a t- shirt mail-order catalog (but don't picture something overpriced and glossy -- this is strictly DIY). There's lots of different designs, with messages like "Barbie is not my role model," "girlcrazy," and "out to kill white boy mentality." Plus, there's lots of shirt colors and sizes to choose from.

stamps to Alien Girl 1215 E. Spring, Box 36 Seattle WA 98122 20 pages, digest

Amazine Issue 2
This zine is done by women from two social groups for young dykes in San Jose, Amazon Grrrrlz and Amazon Womyn. A comic about sportsdykes who beat up guys who are harassing them; an opinion piece about life under Gingrich; music reivews; interview with lesbian playwright Carolyn Gage; slut smut section (with a warning to those who belong to the anti- porn anti-freedom of speech movement) with a hilarious story about a novice top and a sarcastic bottom; getting sexually harassed at work; getting mistaken for a man by a nun; comic about teenage dykes excluded by the older LesBiGay community.

$2 to Amazine Box 720191 San Jose CA 95172 48 pages, digest

Angst Funnies Issue 1
+Comics on a great variety of topics, such as James Brown; the Legion of Superposeurs, including Alternachick and Gothboy; condom funnies; the horrors of highschool; portraits of people who are HIV+; more.

$2? to Robt Schreiber 30 Wiggins St Princeton NJ 08540 40 pages, standard

Anonymous Boy Collection Issue 5
*Another collection of drawings by Anonymous Boy of queer punk guys. Also now available is Green Pubes, a 25 minute Anonymous Boy animated video with a punk rock soundtrack ($20).

$1 to Tony Arena 321 West 16th St #2W NY NY 10011 12 pages, standard

Anything That Moves: The Magazine for the Uncompromising Bisexual Issue 9
*A meeting with the author of "Barbie's Queer Accesories"; bisexual visibility at the PFLAG convention and PFLAG's shortcomings in attending to the needs of parents of bisexuals; a review of Women En Large, a book of photographs of fat women; a review of a thigh-mounted dildo harness; immigrant bashing's relevance to queers; FTM transsexual photographer Loren Cameron; a woman finally gets her wish to pay for sex at a brothel in Nevada; a comic by Roberta Gregory.

$6 to BABN 2404 California St. #24 SF CA 94115 68 pages, standard

As I Breeze Through Issue 2
*A zine by the editor of Consort Craving. Being disappointed by not getting to meet Duran Duran; going to a Cranberries show and seeing a cute girl; peeing in the plant bed at Burger King; reviews of shows by Siouxie and Hole; finding obscure records in the central valley; headtrips courtesy of mom; scary and evil straight men; car accident stories; a friend with a phobia of people with hooks for hands; aquiring a fake id.

$2 to As I Breeze Through Box 424801 SF CA 94142-4801 24 pages, half standard

The Assassin and the Whiner Issue 2
+Autobiographical comics by Carrie. Each has the date on it, sort of like a diary. There's strips on topics such as being single; Carrie gets annoyed over kids in a checkout line, and then realizes that she was once a kid who wore shirts with the wrong bands on them; having a bad mood day; the girl that can't get nothing done.

$1 to Carrie Box 481051 LA CA 90048 16 pages, digest

This zine is filled with pictures and writing about assholes, both the body part and the type of human. A diary about going to work at a theater and nearly getting picked up by a guy in a car; "Ten things I've had up my ass"; an interview with Ursula Andress; pictures of celebrities who are assholes; a poem about being a boy who wanted to be a girl; quotes from assholes; Rhino's favorite asshole, Dorothy Parker; questions for readers about assholes.

$2 to Rhino 190 E 2 St. #22 NY NY 10009 36 pages, digest

Balloon Animals Issue 3
+A zine for people who are into inflatable objects for sex play. A story about a guy who orders an inflatable dragon, which comes to life; two male balloon fetishists meet in the forest and produce simultaneous explosions; two guys discover their common interest in balloons; tips for introducing a lover to balloons if he or she isn't specifically into them; plus anthropomorphic animal drawings (careful with that unicorn horn!) Email: yakfnord@delphi.com

$1.25 to Horse/Thorne Publications Box 2446 La Plata MD 20646 20 pages, digest

Bamboo Girl Issue 1
This is a zine by and for angst-ridden rocker chick girls of color. An interview with Cub; a long interview with Tribe 8; diagrams of a Valley Girl bedroom and a Bamboo Girl bedroom; interview with Sexpod; Taglog phrasebook; a statement from a group of lesbians of color who are leaving the Lesbian Avengers; Barbie talks bout how Mattell made her stop doing her zine Hey There! Barbie Girl; Philippine martial arts; a conversation with Leslie Mah of Tribe 8; an experience of getting treated like a sex object on the street; horoscopes, including favorite Urotsokidoji scene and favorite band; Sabrina's perky mainstream twin sister Serena writes a column.

Web page: http://www.bamboogirl.com/
$2 to Sabrina Box 2828 NY NY 10185-2828 60 pages, half legal

Banal Probe Issue 9
A bunch of short prose pieces on various subjects, such as one by a guy who realized his mortality after getting a knife and a gun pulled on him, and a piece by Paul X about a fellow prisoner who's about to get turned out (i.e. become a victim of rape.)

$1.50 to Banal Probe Box 4333 Austin TX 78765 12 pages, standard

Bast News Letter
+This is a newsletter (they also publish the Bast Journal) devoted to Bast, the ancient Egyptian goddess of cats, the rising sun, beginnings, creation, birth, enlightenment, truth, sex, marijuana, drugs, healing, music, dance, the moon, women, and lesbians. They were planning lesbian marriages to be held on the Procession of Bast, August 27th.

SASE to Bast News Letter Box 1361 Tustin CA 92681 2 pages, standard

Batteries Not Included Issue vol 2 #9
*This is a zine of writing about porn. In this issue, the editor summarizes the Wide, Wide World of Jayne Mansfield, Female Trouble, and Thundercrack!, while ruminating on camp and porn, and trying to figure out how to cast the ideal Hamlet from the casts of these movies. Plus the diary of a bondage model; a letter about anti-porn activists; (fake) incest porn movies; Russ Meyer; more.

$3/$4 foreign to Richard Freeman 130 West Limestone St Yellow Springs OH 45387 12 pages, standard

Bifrost Issue 40
+This is the final issue of this zine, which focuses on bisexuality. Some of the people are continuing on with the zine Permission (which see.) Contents include a quiz to see if you're bisexual; Rachael House comics; a guide to "palmsexuality"; an essay about hostility towards bisexual women from lesbians; a report on the group SM Bisexuals; Clause 28, which prohibits promotion of homosexuality, stands in the way of AIDS prevention; the Criminal Justice act (which prohibits free assembly and free speech) may actually prohibit homophobic abuse as well.

1.80 pounds/$4? to Bifrost 58A Broughton St Edinburgh EH1 3SA UK 20 pages, Euro Standard

Big Ad Issue #40
+Big Ad has personal ads for fat men and guys seeking them, but there's much more. There's a photo section (very soft-core -- no genitals shown); an article about self-important egos; a health column with answers to a question about piercing, branding, and other body modification; a sex story about a sales clerk at a store; a column about gainers and encouragers; an article by Elf, an artist who creates pictures of large men, despite the "Tom of Finland" standards of "gay art."

$6 to Big Ad Box 14725 SF CA 94114-4725 60 pages, standard

Bisexual Resource Guide
+Listings of over 1400 bi and les-bi-gay groups in 20 countries, an annotated bibliography of books on bisexuality, recommended films, information on buttons and t-shirts, safer sex info, upcoming conferences, and more.

$8 to Bisexual Resource Guide Box 639 Cambridge MA 02140

Blood Kiss: Vampire Erotica
+The seven erotic vampire stories in this book include gay, lesbian, S/M, and transgendered themed stories. Renee Charles' "Cinnamon Rose" is a sardonic first-person tale of a 20th century vampire/hair stylist. In "Wanting," Amelia G writes about a goth/glam lesbian vampire and her willing victim. Gary Bowen's "The Brass Ring" is about a man whose lover turns him into a woman. Email: circlet-info@apocalypse.org

$10 to Circlet Press Box 15143 Boston MA 02215

Blot Issue 3
*An interview with Shannon Bell about the hysteria around a supposed kiddie-porn ring in Ontario; a piece about memories of a childhood visit to a funeral home; the ILGA gets kicked out of the UN despite ejecting NAMBLA; poetry, art, and photographs.

$2 to Blot Box 271, Station F Toronto Ontario M4Y 2L7 Canada 48 pages, digest

Blowfish Catalog Issue Spring 95
A catalog of erotic items, including dental dams, lubricants, x-rated x- stich, a vulva hand puppet, chocolate penises, books, magazines, comics, and video. Their catalog is also available on-line. Their URL is http://www.blowfish.com/ Email: blowfish@blowfish.com

$3 to Blowfish Catalog 2261 Market St #284 SF CA 94114 48 pages, standard

Boy's Own: The FTM Newsletter Issue 16
*Boy's Own is a publication by and for female-to-male transsexuals. pressing for legal changes affecting transsexuals; a review of "What took you so long: A girl's journey to manhood"; an article about one person's experience of a masectomy; gender-blending in the 18th century aboard ships; resource listings.

2 IRCs? to FTM Network BM Network London WC1N 3XX 20 pages, Euro digest

Boy Crazy Boy Issue 3
*Now that Sina's no longer doing Concerned Muthers, he's doing this comic and Gayforce. The comics in this issue include: a comic about Sina's dad's memories of Allen Ginsburg; She- Woman comic by Jodie of Pretend Best Friend, in which she-woman offers her naked body to the evil Catnip; Max of the Concerned Muthers talks about Gayforce, a group of gay superheroes, while meanwhile Gayforce are being kidnapped by the forces of evil; Damian Cugley asks why mainstream gay superheroes must always be extra courageous; Sina in 2005 AD jam comic; Sina reveals the hell that is high school; comic by Bud about gay astronauts; comics by Sina about swearing, going to a Hole concert, and comiserating with his sister Sara.

$2/60p to Sina Box 385A Surbiton, Surrey KT6 7YJ UK 16 pages, Euro digest

Boy Trouble Issue 2
*David Kelly of Steven Comics is now co- editing this comic zine with Rob Kirby. It's an anthology comic with contributions from various queer men. Michael Fahy contributes several comics about boyfriends, ex-boyfriends, and embarassing incidents; David Kelly does a comic about a talk show about confessions of childhood sissy behavior and one about Kurt Cobain; Steve Matuszak's comic is about a guy who has a conversation with his uncooperative penis; Jaime Cortez's comics are about his sister's Barbie and a rude guy who tries to pick someone up; Dan Seitler of Fagz comics asks if we're in "A New Eisenhower Era for the Gays"; Rob Kirby does a comic about a lonely gay teenager; Nick Leonard contributes comics about Little Homer Sexual and Gepetterast; Rick Campbell's comic is about a smart-alec gay kid on a religious TV show; Roger Guillermo's comic is about a gay couple grocery shopping and bickering; Sina of Concerned Muthers does a comic about his hair and people's reactions to it, like calling him gay. Email: dkpress@aol.com

$3 to DK Press 1711 E. Olive Way #416 Seattle WA 98102; new address: David Kelly, Box 1450, Chicago, IL 60690-1450 32 pages, half legal

Brave New Tick Issue vol 3 #10
*This zine is the center of a network of people who contribute to this frequent publication. It's edited by Paul Normal Dion-Deitch, who came out a few years ago after being married to a woman and having two kids. This issue has a piece which claims that Jesse Helms think you can get AIDS from computer viruses. The Brave New Tick web page is at http://www.tickcentral.com

55 cent SASE + extra stamps to Graftographic Press Box 24 S Grafton MA 01560 26 pages, standard

Buddies Issue 5
*Buddies is a gay comic anthology. Contributions in this issue include a comic by Bob Lynch about a guy who visits a friend with AIDS who's escaping into an alternate world inside the fridge; a comic by Howard Stangroom and Ines Idaho about a guy talking on the phone to a friend; several one-page comics about a gay couple; gay superheroes Major Power and Spunky; a wacky comic about a visit to Queenie Quim's Joyful Juice Bar; Sav sleeps with a man for the sake of statistics; a comic by Sina about sexual politics and hairstyles; a gay couple "straightens" the house for a visit from a relative; more.

$3 surface/$5 airmail to Pretend Family 168 Badric Court, Yelverton Rd Battersea, London SW11 3SP England 32 pages, Euro digest

Bulk Male Issue vol 5 #3
*Bulk Male features photos of fat gay men, and also includes erotic fiction, an article about on-line services, personal ads and girth and mirth/bear club listings. This issue has an interview with the publisher, who's been doing the magazine for five years

56 pages, standard

For current ordering information, visit www.bulkmale.com

Bulles Gaies Issue 1-4
+The cartoon adventures of Jonathan, as he decides to come to terms with his homosexuality. The first issue also includes a story about an older man who meets a younger man who owns a lizard. As the story progresses, Johnathan visits a gay bar, goes to a party with some straight friends, and visits a bathhouse. An English translation is included. I'd suggest sending a 100F International Money Order for a complete set.

25F to Jean-Paul Jennequin 24 rue Leon Frot 75011 Paris France 32 pages, Euro digest

The Burning Times Issue 1-2
+#1: A re-working of Steve Abbott's "Dig Our Heroes Out of the Trash" piece, with some additional material about Australian queer history; an interview with Chris of Pansy Division; punk's gay roots, and the queer future; a comic about feeling like a cartoon character; Kelley writes about being bisexual; alternative bands with queer memebers; sexuality in the goth scene; interview with Matt of the band The Mavis`s; a review of the rock festival Big Day Out; queer space at ConFest (an outdoor festival/convention) #2: A comparison of metalheads and mainstream queers; an interview with Jayne, Booty Pineapple, and Mimi of the band De-Regulator; readers talk about their coming out stories; resources for coming out; a comic in which a gay punk comes out as liking thrash music to a bunch of clones; an interview with Wally Gunn of the band Sickbay; a piece about how Sydney's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras has become apolitical and commercial; an article about rap and gay club culture's antipathy to it; an interview with Peter Happy of the band Tedium; a review of Pansy Division's live shows in Australia; zine and record reviews; letters from readers. Email: council@ariel.ucs.unimelb.edu. au

$3 U.S. to Richard Watts Box 425 Clifton Hill VIC 3068 Australia 40 pages, Euro Standard

Caress Newsletter: For Writers of Erotica Issue 14
*Caress gives information about places where writers of erotical can be published. Plus there's an article on censorship in Australia; reviews of magazines, videos, books, and the Clit Pleaser Ring. Email: caress@pavilion.co.uk

$5 cash to The Write SolutionFlat I Flat 1, 11 Holland Road Hove, East Sussex BN3 IJF UK 8 pages, standard

Cassiopeia the Witch Issue 29
*In this issue of the comic about Cassiopia, the lesbian witch, she starts a coven with some friends, but then has to contend with a guy who summons demons to do battle with her, just as her date with Janelle is getting underway.

$1.25 to Perry Lake 6167-B Alamo Wy Paradise CA 95969-4202 28 pages, digest

Celebrate the Self Issue May-June '95
*The Newsletter for the Solo Sex Enthusiast. This is a publication about masturbation, mainly by and for males. Letters from readers about their masturbation experiences; reviews of products with pointers as to which are ripoffs; book reviews; more.

$2.95 to Factor Press Box 8888 Mobile AL 36689 20 pages, standard

Chaos/Order Issue 2
+This zine is edited by Sarit, who's a member of the London chapter of the Lesbian Avengers. There's a piece on the Avengers; an ode to Justine of Elastica; a guide to being subversive; a campaign to stop the building of new highways; a comic about formulating the perfect dyke pick-up line; a comic about being a long-haired dyke and able to headbang; a comic about a crush.
Web Page: http://www.bluekey.co.uk/chaosorder/

50p/$2 to Chaos/Order 43A St. Mark's Rise, Dalston, London E8 2NL England 16 pages, Euro digest

Cheese Issue 8
+The Marcheese de Sade; what Oregon is really like; interview with a glue sniffer; Kirk Cameron on being a cheesy teen star; interview with a phone sex operator; centerfold of Mr. Cheesecake; How Cheesy is your Sex Etiquette?; cheesy hetero porno review; cheesy music and zine reviews.

$2 to Cheese Box 55211 Portland OR 97238 32 pages, digest

The Cherotic Revolutionary Issue 5
*Edited by performance artist Frank Moore, this is a "life on the edge zine." A defense of bad art, and an examination of Berkeley's law against public nudity; Frank Moore interviews Paul Krassner; a review of Annie Sprinkle's show; the Grand Barn, a place "where the fact of Nudity is only the beginning of the educational process"; magical masks; poetry by Antler and others; art by Labash, including a drawing of Frankenstein's monster and the bride in bed.

$5 to Frank Moore Box 11445 Berkeley CA 94712 32 pages, standard

Coitus Reservatus
+The right for women to pee outdoors; a story about First Nations women; a detourned comic about the death of the patriarchy; stories about menstruation; the sexual politics of meat; the story of cylamates and other hazardous food additives; a prose piece about being a girl between 12 and 14.

$1.50 to Meshall 30 Neeve Guelph Ont N1H 4C1 Canada 28 pages, digest

Concerned Muthers Issue 7
*This is the final issue of brother/sister team Sina and Sara's zine -- they're going to do their own zines from now on, since they say they're getting too much like Baby Jane and Blanche. A comic about a girl who never gets noticed by another girl, so she calls her a bitch; poetry; a comic about a bar owner who tries to make a kid do nude dancing; top 5 homophobic comments by wankers; a piece about Steve Biko; a poem called "I've Got a Gun"; a comic about the band The Googra Gustas, a hilarious spoof of trendy British bands (see the zine Pretend Best Friend for more); a story about a guy whose boyfriend won't answer the phone, but then he meets another guy on the train.

50p+postage ($3 US?) to Concerned Muthers c/o Box 385A Surbiton, Surrey KT6 7YJ UK 40 pages, Euro digest

Conmocion Issue 2
*The Erotia issue of this Latina Lesbian magazine. True cunt stories, Dildos y Feminismo, HIV, Forbidden fantasies, Puta Pero No Arrastrada, a stripper's story, plus poetry, cuentos, reviews, erotiza memaz, and lusty love letters.

$6 to Conmocion 1521 Alton Road #336 Miami Beach FL 33139

Crazy Pink Revolver
+This zine is edited by Jackie O., a bisexual artist "living and struggling, occasionally kickboxing in Philly." Tips for femme empowerment; unjust fear of fur, real or faux; "Sappho was a Rite-Aid woman," a paen to a beauty-supply store, I guess.

$1? to Jackie O c/o 1514 Pine St. #3R Phila PA 19102 16 pages, digest

Cross-Talk: The Gender Community's News & Information Monthly Issue #70
*Features include an article on transgendered behavior in ancient times and photos from the Wigstock movie, plus a wide variety of columns, news items, and resource listings. Email: kymmer@xconn.com

$7 to Cross-Talk Box 944 Woodland Hills CA 91365 44 pages, standard

Cusp Issue 1
+This zine is done by Sara, who used to be one of the people who did Out of the Vortex. Visting the Gertrude Stein status in Bryant Park, a visit marred by an encounter with a Dittohead; a woman binds her chest; getting labeled as a forigner; thoughts about riot grrrl and post-r.g. groups; a report on NOW's Young Feminist Summit Against Violence; Sara works as a summer camp counselor and doesn't shave her legs, despite worries the kids would tease her.

$1+2 stamps to Cusp Box 4619 Gaithersburg MD 20885 32 pages, digest

Daddy: the magazine
+The press release they sent says, "The ultimate source for the Daddy/Son experience. DADDY the magazine explores the facets of this unique and growing culture through hot photos of mature men, erotic bed- time stories, exciting artwork and hundreds of personal ads." Age statement required.

$7/$10 outside North America to Ganymede Press 1735 Maryland Ave Baltimore MD 21201 Age statement required.

Dark Moon Sisters Issue 1
+Prose, poetry, and drawings on the subject of female vampires and other denizens of the night. Stories include "Concersations in the Night," "Just Dessert", "The Glaistig," and "Colors."

$5 to Dark Moon Sisters Box 681 San Leandro CA 94577-0068 56 pages, digest

De'Pressed Int'l Issue 4
+"The Mag for Fucked Up Individuals with a Lot of Class." The editrix, Victoria, puts together this zine with poetry, prose, and reviews. A couple pages of introspction, a monologue for Newt, and a review of the soundtrack of "The Incredibly True Adventures of 2 Girls in Love," in which she says "Finally, someone sends me a gay CD! I was wondering when you folks were going to figure out what I like."

$1 to De'Pressed Int'l Box 2806, Trolley Sta Detroit MI 48231-2806 28 pages, digest

Dead White Male Writers
Six short stories by Clint Burnham about members of the Toronto literary establishment, whose sins include hogging the spotlight and not giving attention to experimental writers. Among the stories are "How I'll Kill Geoff Hancock" and "Gangbanging Brian Fawcett."

$4 to Chris Kubsch 566 Oakwood Dr Pickering Ont L1W 2M7 Canada 40 pages, digest

Deeznuts Issue 1
A diagram of a Long Island girl; what punk rock is not about; the problem with people who don't like Pulp Fiction; an appreciation of the Fat Boys; the sad effects of female heterosexuality; lessons learned from exes; trendy people latching onto the "grrrl" thing; the vegan bandwagon; a rant about people who claim to be straightedge.

$1+stamps to Deeznuts 1029 Eglon Court Merrick NY 11566-1010 32 pages, digest

Derogatory Reference Issue 80
*Arthur writes about his exploration of the internet, and mentions his spouse Bernadette's involvement with internet discussions of polyamory (alternatives to monogamy, such as the committed arrangement Arthur, Bernadette, and her other spouse Kevin have) and fat acceptance; some letters on the subject of Wile E. Coyote and the religion devoted to him, the Church of the SuperGenius; plus info on APA-69 Classic.

$1/trade to Arthur Hlavaty 206 Valentine St. Yonkers NY 10704-1814 8 pages, standard

De Un Plumazo Issue 4
+A radical gay magazine from Spain. It's all in Spanish, which I can't read, unfortunately. Articles include "De maricas y vampiros"; "Amosal para el armario"; "Mass maricas, menos mediatizadas"; "Ni¤os maleducados"; an article about queer cinema; an article on Pansy Division, including Spanish translations of their lyrics.

La Radical Gai Apdo 8294 Madrid 28080 Spain 32 pages, standard

Dork Dyke Issue 2
Dork Dyke is a lesbian magazine with lots of humorous articles and comics, such as the dangers of pursuing cars with rainbow stickers; getting called a fag by kids; dork dyke fashion tips; alternative video workout tapes; important gossip for the lesbian community; the lost episode of Laverne and Shirley where Laverne reveals that the "L" on her sweater stands for more than "Laverne"; "Thank God I'm a Hick-type Person": listening to John Denver; panicing about technology; a conversation with a computer therapist program.

$2 to Tara Moyle 1319 1/2 W. Estes #26 Chicago IL 60626 40 pages, digest

Double Bill Issue 4
*A brand-new issue of the Bill Conrad-lovin', Bill Burroughs hatin' zine, featuring tabloid-esque stories about the lovable TV star and the wife-murdering beat. Included are stories about Burrough's mutant baby; a Burroughs annecdote from Lois; a bulldog that's the reincarnation of the late Conrad; revalations that Burroughs keeps shooting TV sets when Cannon is on; Kathy Acker claims to have done the "William Tell" with Burroughs; Allen Ginsberg steals a woman's stuffed mushrooms; plus more.

$3 to Double Bill Box 55 Sta E Toronto Ontario M6H 4E1 Canada 28 pages, half legal

DWAN Issue 9
*A list of books and articles about Jeffery Dahmer; poetry; zine and book reviews.

2 stamps to Donny Smith Box 411 Swarthmore PA 19081-0411 (NEW ADDRESS) 20 pages, digest Free to prisoners.

Eidos: "Everyone Is Doing Outrageous Sex." Issue vol 8 #2
*Eidos comes in two sections of newspaper -- there's a huge amount of stuff in here. An article about a leather Mardi Gras ball; an analysis of why true Heavy Metal is dead, including a delineation of metal's literary roots; the trend towards sexual openned in former Communist countries; habits, mannerisms and techniques in erotic girl/girl performances; Lady Green on the topic of anal play; many book and zine reviews, letters, and personal ads.

$15 to Eidos Box 96 Boston MA 02137 96 pages, tabloid

Eros Comics
+Most of Eros' Comics titles (they're published by Fantagraphics) are produced for the sexual gratification of heterosexual fanboys, but they do have some gay titles also. "Major Power and Spunky" is about a not-so-bright superhero and his cleverer sidekick ($4). "Leatherboy" is about a scantily-clad superhero and his nemesis, a villian with a literal dick of death. "The Deathsnake" is about a swamp-dwelling voodoo warlock, and you can guess what the title's a reference to. "Beatrix Dominatrix" is about a lesbian woman who works as a dominatrix with male clients, such as the pathetic older man in this issue. It's drawn in a realistic style, and is actually pretty good.

$3.50 to Eros Comics Box 25070 Seattle WA 98125-1970 28 pages, comic book

Evidence of Frozentown Issue 4
This is the "Dead Friends" issue, with writing and art by various people about their dead loved ones. Stacy Small writes about her sister and her friend Lisa, both of whom were in car wrecks (not fatal in her sister's case); letters from Karen Vargas; Yankee writes about her brother who died of AIDS; Karl writes about his friend James who comitted suicide; Charlie Nash writes his friend Jim who knew the Cockettes; Rachel writes about her queer bi friend Evan and her girl friend Robin.

$4+3 stamps to Rachel Frost Box 2362 Seattle WA 98111-2362 68 pages, half legal

Fanorama Issue 11
This is sort of a mini-issue (or a "single" as REB calls it). It's a story called "Pinboy," illustrated with line drawings. It's about a guy whose lover recently died who meets a guy with a safety pin in his ear.

$2 to Fanorama c/o REB, 109 Arnold Avenue Cranston, RI 02905. 20 pages, digest Free to prisoners.

Fantastic Fanzine Issue 6
*This is a big issue with lots of writing on personal/political subjects by a bunch of people. Contents include: an article about class background; defining oneself as non-white, rather than as a person of color; Jewish cultural identity vs. punk rock's automatic writing off religion; green jealosy pages, including contributions from Nomy Lamm; an article about being a bisexual feminist who takes her clothes off for men for a living; a self-evaluation of Riot Grrrl Press; home-made lube recipe; more.

$3 sliding scale to Erika 1573 N Milwaukee #473 Chicago IL 60622 72 pages, digest

Fat Girl: A Zine for Fat Dykes and the Women Who Want Them Issue 3
*Fat dyke videos at the film festival; being fat and healthy; an interview with Dorothy Allison; an archaeologist discovers a use for an ancient fertility figure; Wry Crips Disabled Women's Theater; women talk about being in relationships between fat and skinny people; erotic stories; likes and dislikes about being fat; a roundtable on racism and fat hatred; a comic about Max's first dyke friends; tips for dating fat girls; dealing with depression; plus plenty of photos of fat girls in action. Fat Girl has a web page: http://www.fatso.com/fatgirl/ Age statement required. Email: airborne@sirius.com

$5 to Fat Girl 2215-R Market St. Box 193 SF CA 94114 72 pages, standard Age statement required.

Fearless Issue 14
*A collection of poetry by various writers, including editor Kevin Hibshman, Walt Phillips, Lyn Lifshin, Drew Blood, R.L. Nichols, Joe Rochette, Tom "Tearaway" Schulte, Jim Buchana, John Gray, Tom Caufield, B.Z. Niditich, Jesse Speicher, Tamara Troutman, and Kristen Frey. This issue is dedicated to the late Jon Smiley. Here's a quote from "A Little Exorcism": "what pissezzme off so much about these sunday morning xtn antigay hersheytrailblazing dia tribes is that they're so damn convincing." Also available is Pariah, a chapbook of poems by Kevin.

$? to Kevin Hibshman 201 W. Walnut #2 Lancaster PA 17603 12 pages, standard

Feedback Issue 28
*Carol writes about her late aunts; a letter to the city of Lansing about some trees they wanted to cut down; book reviews.

78 cents in stamps to Feedback 619 N. Magnolia Lansing MI 48912 6 pages, standard

Fembot Issue 7
I guess Fembot is changing its name to "Jam While You Cram" or something. Anyway, this issue includes a rant about a writer for a gay rag who accused Heavens to Betsy of "reverse misogyny"; a page of authographs from the likes of Cherrie Currie; an interview with a woman who works with injection drug using homeless youth; books suggestions: the Scum Manifesto and Liz Renay's autobiography; a fight over a towel at the Gogos concert; Victoria Sutcliffe's 10 favorite punk albums; a comment sheet from a punk who wonders if all shows at Epicenter are for homosexuals; the smiling bag lady who carries a fake baby; a conversation with Fagbash.

$1 to Fembot Box 421912 SF CA 94142-1912 20 pages, digest

Femcore Issue 1
+A report on Kingdom of Girls, a feminist activism organization; a poem about a Dipstick Dyke; a warning for women with male iguanas; playing the drums; a woman shoves a tampon up a guy's nose; a dream about punk old people and an elderly drag queen; much more.

$2? to Olivia 3233 Juliet St Pittsburgh PA 15213 40 pages, digest

Fiasco Issue 1
+Hindu comic books; retro computing with old Apple IIs, TRS-80s, etc; wacky TV evangelist Dr. Gene Scott; the history of Walter Cheeseman; in memoriam to modern dancer Tim O'Slynne, who died of AIDS. Email: slawson@rmii.com

$2 to Steve Lawson Box 482022 Denver CO 80248-2022 44 pages, half legal

Flaming Jewboy Issue 1
Looking for dick on network television; comics about Meshugeneh Mary; a poem and clippings about Jon-Erik Hexum; porn collages Abraham made when he was a teenager; an amazine piece of political surrealism that begins "Four score and seven years ago AIDS was spread by washing dirty people's mouths out with soap"; a story about a guy who comes home from a job as a go-go boy to find his female roommate's picked up and bound a gagged a man as a present for him.

$3 to Abraham Katzman Box 20656 Seattle WA 98102 36 pages, half legal

The Foot Fraternity
+A group for men who are intersted in the erotic aspects of feet, boots, etc.

SASE to The Foot Fraternity Box 24102 Cleveland OH 44124

Gayforce Issue 1
+Val (who goes by the code-name Voodoo Queen) tries to join the team of superheroes called The Superiors, but they reject him because he's gay. He meets up with three other gay superheroes in the midst of a battle with some creatures from another plane, and they decide to form their own team, Gayforce. I guess continuity-wise, this comes before the strip in Boy Crazy Boy #3.

$2/60p to Sina Box 385A Surbiton, Surrey KT6 7YJ UK 44 pages, Euro digest

Gayme Issue 2.2
Gayme features photos of young men (those who are pictured nude are over 18). Features include an article about the photos of Larry Clark, a story about an intergenerational relationship gone bad, and a story about a Mexican bathhouse.

$6 to Gayme Box 15645, Kenmore Station Boston MA 02215 76 pages, standard

Gazelle Issue July 95
*This is a mostly French language magazine for lesbians, but this issue has an article in English on traveling. The French articles include one on synchronized swimming.

Gazelle 1212 St-Hubert Montreal PQ H2L 3Y7 Canada 32 pages, digest

Gendertrash Issue 4
*An interview with Dancing to Eagle Spirit about addiction and recovery and running a drop-in program for people in the street transsexual community; an interview with transsexual AIDS outreach worker Diane Gobeil; racism and poverty in the transgender community; an article by a deaf transsexual prisoner; another installment of TSe TSe Terrorism, this time in the form of a musical; listings of resources and publications; personal ads.

$6 to Genderpress Box 500-62, 552 Church St. Toronto Ontario M4Y 2E3 Canada 48 pages, standard Free to prisoners.

Gerbil: Queer Culture Zine Issue 2
Interesting writing and pleasing design come together in this queer zine. Thoughts on the word "queer"; two gay men talk about their experience with a houseboy; an article about being a queer with cerebral palsy; an interview with a former prisoner about being gay in prison; a story about a dinner party; an advice column; why fags should carry guns; Camp Sister Spirit.

$3 to Gerbil Box 10692 Rochester NY 14610 32 pages, half legal

Ginger Issue 2
*A comic about a homophobic politician who gets tied up for the benefit of some leather daddies; reviews of British mainstream gay mags; a diagram of a bimbo consumer queen; Groc and Helga the bull-dyke guinea pig go out for a drink; comics about Helga's anal phase; a piece about how gays and lesbians should likely be more attuned to realizing the lies consumerist society is based on; computer porn drawings; a comic by Jeremy Dennis; Groc visits a bookstore that doesn't have a "queers that kill" section, but at least it does stock a book on Jeff Dahmer in the cookery section; Grog and Helga trade barbs about whether gay or lesbian sex is more mechanical; an article about computer porn panic in the media. Also available is "Groc" comics.

$3 to Groc 4 Wellingham Avenue Hitchin Herts. SG5 2UJ UK 36 pages, Euro digest
Web page: http://www.grocko.freeserve.co.uk/

Girlhero Issue 4
*A couple of characters in the continuing "Bottlecap" comic have been captured by the evil Boenhauser corporation and are being tortured, while the wife of the corporation's president, who has an affair with Animata, one of the girlheroes, gets put in a mental hospital by her husband. The other story in this issue is about a woman who has an affair with a married man.

$3 to Megan Kelso/ High Drive Publications 4505 University Way #536 Seattle WA 98105 28 pages, standard

Girljock Issue 14
*What are you doing with your nose buried in that zine? You should go out and play some sports! Or at least read Girljock. Trina Robbins paperdoll cover; editorial about how the Women's Basketball Coaches Association unwittingly paid for a bunch of issues of Girl Jock; fear of ridicule causes women's tennis to reject sponsorship by Tampax; a Joan Hilty comic about a future in which women's sports get proper respect; trading cards featuring women athletes; notes for the newly single; 10 best things about lesbian sex; New Zealand women's rugby; Joan Hilty comic about Martina; the all-purpose snappy answer to stupid questions: "Excuse me, were you born in a barn?"; wrestling in New York; going shopping for a dildo; advice from sports slut. Web page: http://www.girljock.com

$5 to Girljock Box 882723 SF CA 94118-2723 44 pages, comic book

Girly: Transgender Scene Zine Issue 1
+From the creator of Transtastic Comics and Sky High Heels (available for 1 pound and 50p, respectively) comes this publication, with the stated goal of setting things up for discussion in the scene in London and elsewhere. A piece about developing taste in drag; thoughts about solidarity and friendliness (or lack of it) in the transgender/drag scene. Web: http://www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/Park/3355/
Email: mona_cee@geocities.com

IRC to Mona 33 Romford Rd, Stratford London E15 4LY UK 2 pages, Irregular

Gruf Magazine: Great Unshaven Faces Issue 3
The main focus is, naturally, photos of and writing about guys with beards or that Arafat/Don Johnson look. Photos of guys in a sex club; a story about sex in a park; a lengthy article on astrology; on- line resources; photographer Greg Day; photos of pits and tits; a report on a holiday in Britain; personal ads. Full color cover.

Web page: http://www.creative.net/~grufone/

$5 to Gruf Magazine 2235-A Market St SF CA 94114 68 pages, digest

Handjobs: Cum Dripping Daddy-Boy Stories Issue September 1995
Most of this publication is composed of sex stories about "daddies" and their "boys," illustrated with photos and drawings, plus a section of personal ads. Their disclaimer states "Despite the use of terms such as `boy' or `son,' all characters in the fiction in Handjobs are 18 years of age or older." Age statement required.

$4.50 to Avenue Services Box 390811 Mountain View CA 94039 44 pages, digest Age statement required.

Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review Issue vol 2 #3
The Oregon Citizen's Alliance's revisionist claims about "Pink Nazis"; an interview with Larry Kramer; an interview with Col. Margarethe Cammermeyer about gays in the military; Lev Raphael on gays in the holocaust; Laura Antoniou defends pornography against Dworkin and MacKinnon; Renate Stendhal on Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas; Jaffe Cohen complains about musicals; many book reviews. Email: hglreview@aol.com

$5 to Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review Box 180722 Boston MA 02118 58 pages, standard

Hatcher Center for Human Rights
+Eddie Hatcher is a PWA and Native American activist who has been fighting against government corruption and Jesse Helms in North Carolina. He's selling T-shirts with a cartoon picture of Helms that say "Jesse Helms - the Antichrist." Shirts are $10, or $8 each for 3 or more.

Hatcher Center for Human Rights 120 Amber Road Hamlet NC 28345

HBS Issue 1995
+Among the things the title might stand for is "Horny Bisexual Sluts." Clippings about a couple that lost custody of their child because they took photos of the child and her father nude together; a review of Pat Califia's book Public Sex; disco night at the Dreamtime Village; an excerpt from a filmic work in progress; a collage about "the persistence and apparent universality of transvestism as a sacred and powerful condition."

$1 to HBS Box 11589 Detroit MI 48211 10 pages, standard

Her Posse Issue 2
A rant about how mainstream homos are the enemy; the pitiful corner report on the 1995 East coast Leather Conference; a rant about HIV Anonymous, whose first step is "We admitted that we are powerless over being at risk or infected with HIV, that our lives had become unmanageable"; a questionaire with questions such as "gay and lesbian issues that make you sickest"; a guide to interpreting gay personal ads; having virus envy; notes to a speech given at Outwrite about writing an autobiographical first novel/bestseller (so pathetic it must be true); shit list, including Greg Louganis, Chastity Bono, and even Diane DiMassa; an open letter to Bob Jackson-Paris.

3 stamps to Her Posse Box 15137 Boston MA 02215 24 pages, half legal

Hippie Dick Issue 6
This is the first issue in a long time of this porn zine. It starts right out with a series of pictures of two long-haired, bearded guys nuzzling each other. Then there's a diatribe against prison wardens who have kept the zine out of prisons and claimed that it depicts anal sex, when it hasn't in the past -- then follows a series of drawings of a buttfucking orgy, a fine fuck-you to censorship! Then there's a long sex story about a hippie hitch-hiker, and another set of photos of a hippie guy jerking off. Age statement required.

$6 to Film At Eleven 2215-R Market #559 SF CA 94114 52 pages, digest Age statement required.

Homo Explorer Issue 1
+An article on flirting; the environs of New London, CT; a review of a book by a gay ex-FBI agent; an erotic story about being tied up between two trees; preparing for political typhoons; being out to straight neighbors in a small town; sketches of cocks (I mean the bird, silly); a review of the book "First Comes Love, Then Comes Money," about discrimination against unmarried people.

$3.50 to Lone Wolf Studios Box 346 East Haddam CT 06423 16 pages, half legal

Hormone Frenzy Issue 3
*Mark's zine combines a mix of about half comics with opinions, fiction, and reviews. An article about trying to find queercore entertainment in the disco wilderness; the press tries to prematurely declare queercore dead; a comic about when Mark worked on a supermarket, and got picked up by a repair man, but it didn't work out; krazed kristianity korner; a wacky story with found photos about a guy who falls in love with his boss; having mixed feelings about the depiction of queers by straight people; a comic about a bad sex encounter with an insensitive guy; another episode of Cyberqueer Tales of the City; a comic about a couple of assimilationist homosexual superheroes and their nemeses, the Brotherhood of Transgressive Queers; reviews of No Skin Off My Ass and Super 8 1/2; pomosexuality, defined as someone who says they're bisexual to be hip, but hasn't had a same-sex relationship; a comic about the queer venue The Bell.

$1/50p/swap to Mark C. Box 361 Cambridge CB1 2BZ UK 24 pages, Euro digest

Hothead Paisan: Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist Issue 18
*In this episode, Hothead pukes bricks, her friend Roz helps her deal with some personal demons, and her friend Daphne gives her a diary. Email: giantass@aol.com

$3.50 to GAP Box 214 New Haven CT 06502 32 pages, digest
Web page: http://www.hotheadpaisan.com

In Your Face: political activism against gender oppression
+Information about transsexual and transgendered activism around the country. My copy was distributed with another magazine, but I assume you can get it directly also. Email: riki@pipeline.com

SASE to RAW 274 W 11 St NY NY 10014 4 pages, standard

James White Review: A Gay Men's Literary Quarterly Issue vol 12 #2
*One of the top sources for gay fiction, poetry, art, and photography. In this issue, the stories include one about two guys whose car gets burned up on a freeway. Plus book reviews and a review of a show of paintings by Marsden Hartley and Robert Indiana.

$3 to Box 3356 Traffic Station Mpls MN 55403 24 pages, tabloid

Kappa King Issue 1
+An interview about being the "Kappa King" -- chosen by sorority girls and having to kiss the girls; Time-Warner's broken-down cable equipment; celebrity sightings, including Mickey Rourke and Thurston Moore; a diary of a drive from Portland to Houston; an interview with Gus Van Sant; punk rock show reviews; a complaint letter to John Grisham about a gay stereotype in "The Pelican Brief".

$2 to Peter Box 172, Cooper Station NY NY 10276-0172 48 pages, digest

Ketchup Issue 10
*What feminism means to one woman; people who hurt other people in the mosh pit; God S. tries to remember where she parked her car while staying alert to creepy men; dancing at shows even though nobody else is; disappointment with Tank Girl; a stupid het boy who thinks girl love has something to do with him; being concerned about sizeism; record and show reviews.

2 stamps to God S. 5106 Albemarle St. Wash DC 20016 28 pages, digest

Labyrinth Issue 1
*This is a comic about hybrid animal/humans. The main story is a twist on the old story of the three pigs. A responsible pig is letting his two freeloading brothers stay with them, since they claim they were being harassed by a wolf. But when the pig meets the wolf, he finds the truth is somewhat different. Turns out the wolf's fantasy is to be topped by a pig, and that's just what happens. Also available is Spike, another anthropomorphic comic book. Age statement required.

$7.50 to Minotaur Comics c/o Gordon Spurlock 3656 N. Lakewood Ave Chicago IL 60613-3275 48 pages, standard Age statement required.

The Lavender Salon Reader Issue vol 3 #2
*"The Newsletter & Literary Review for Gay & Lesbian Reading Clubs." Information about what books clubs in various parts of the country are discussing, plus a listing of the Lambda Rising Book Award winners.

$2 to The Lavender Salon Reader 1474 Home Ave Menasha WI 54952 8 pages, standard

Leather Pride Issue vol 2 #6
+A newsletter for the leather community in Washington State, but also with information about events in other places in the Northwest, such as Vancouver BC and Portland.

to Leather Pride 1202 E Pike St, Suite 707 Seattle WA 98122 16 pages, standard

Lezzie Smut Issue 5
*An erotic story inspired by the Little Sisters Bookstore censorship trial; instructions for masturbating; a spanking story; a story about a painter who gets picked up at an art opening; a series of photos of Robin and the Three Bares (all three of whom she found just right); more erotic writing and photography. Note the new lower prices. Write checks to "Hey Grrrlz"

$7 to Hey Grrrlz! Productions Box 364-1027 Davie St. Vancouver BC V6E 4L2 Canada 48 pages, standard

Lickety- spit:the lean clean bi zine Issue 2
*A comic about looking for ladies' long-sleeved gloves; Hey Luv goes out in her nice dress and nice boots; a stick figure comic about censorship of nude art; a re- reading of the 70s movie "A Different Story," in which a lesbian and a gay man go straight; a rant about the media's endless coverage of auto- erotic strangulations; a triptych of a cock, an ass, and a pussy; a comic about two schoolgirl roommates who start being more than just friends; a comic about Kurt and Alistair -- Kurt looks rather demonic with his pointy tail.

$2/75p to c/o D. Cugley 9 Belvedere Road OXFORD OX4 2AZ UK 32 pages, Euro digest

Liliane comix Issue 29
*The "Butchy Dykes" issue. Illustrations of various types of butches; butch fashion do's and don'ts; butch role- models, from Tatum O'neal to Phranc. Back issues are still available, including #28, with the last of Liliane in London.

$1.50 (no U.S. change, please!) to Leanne Franson C.P. 274, Succ Place du Parc Montreal PQ H2W 2N8 Canada 16 pages, digest

Lovely Prudence Issue 1
This comic should appeal to fans of Baby Sue and sick humor in general. There was a previous Lovely Prudence, but this is a new comic-book format issue with a full-color cover. Lovely Prudence, who looks like a bug-eyed alien, watches MTV (there's a passing comment about "The Real World goes to Bosnia" which I'd love to see played out) while eating Rare Bitz crackers, and falls asleep and has a weird dream. In another story, Prudence visits a mall. And Prudence babysits a kid and reads Sinderella.

$3 to All the Rage Comics Box 721, Times Square Station NY NY 10108 38 pages, comic book

L.S.D. (Non-Grata Lesbianas Se Difunden) Issue Junio 95
+A Spanish lesbian magazine, all in spanish. An article about HIV and lesbians; a lesbian's life history; a review of Sarah Schulman's book Empathy, which has apparently been translated into Spanish; "La Discursiva Invenci˘n del lesbianismo"; an article about menstruation; the necessity of lesbian action and imagination; an article about coming out.

L.S.D. (Non-Grata Lesbianas Se Difunden) Aptdo. 7086 Madrid 28080 32 pages, standard

Marcia Clark's Hair Issue Summer 95
+The death of "My So Called Life"; a piece about goiters; a woman invites her lover and her lover's best friend to her mother's house for Xmas.

$1 to Analise 38 Don Jose Loop Santa Fe NM 87505 16 pages, standard

+A series of monologues by various queer characters. Jan really captures the various voices of the characters, and you can imagine them speaking these monologues; this reminds me of Juliana Leuking. "Peter" is about a kid who's convinved he has AIDS because he messed around with another boy; "Lauris" is about a girl who likes bicycles and whose parents tried to get her committed; "Nacey" is about a butch woman with a dick named Chuck; plus there's two more monologues.

$3 to Jan Nathan Long Rt 1, Box 84-A Liberty TN 37095 24 pages, half standard

Ms. 45 Issue 6
+Info on a raid of an anarachist bookstore for displaying explicit pro-gay stuff; news about various other zines; the unfair burden of women doing most of the housework; reasons for divorce; breakfast foods; recipes for slovenly, destitute bums; a 1943 article on men doing housework.

$1 or IRC to Ms. 45 Box 2063 Fitzroy MDC Victoria 3065 Australia 6 pages, Euro Standard

My Car Pinto Issue 2
*A piece about a boy who lied about having broken up with his girlfriend; being forced to give oral sex to a boy; protesting at Bob Dole's election speech and getting hassled by his supporters; a dream about being a member of the Brady Bunch and getting harassed by a man at the tennis court; Steph loses her virginity with another girl; an interview with Mary Lou Lord; visiting a friend in a mental ward; feeling conflicted about a girlfriend who says "we'd be having sex all the time if you had a dick"; an interview with the band Thanks to Gravity.

$1 + 1 stamp to Steph 5 Oak Ridge Road Exeter NH 03833-5609 13 pages, standard

Nasty Boyz Issue 2
*This contents of this zine are fantasies about non-consenting sex. The editor makes a point of saying that in real life, rape is not o.k., but this is about fantasy. The stories include "My Son the Cocksucker," "The Swim Champ and His Dad," "The Redhead in the Isolation Cell," "From Hanging Out at the Mall to Main Course at a Homo Orgy," and more. Age statement required.

$5.75 to ATKOL 912 South Avenue Plainfield NJ 07062- 1852 72 pages, digest Age statement required.

Now I Don the Masque of Melancholy Issue 4
Another issue of this zine with the ever-changing title from Josh of the queercore bands Mukilteo Fairies and Behead the Prophet. This is the goth issue, and quite hilarious it is, as Josh reveals his gothic past. A secret goth club; wacky goth clothes Josh used to wear; goths' favorite words (shroud, moribund) and least favorite words (jeepers, yodel); goth poetry; goth kids have a run in with the police, in a story that gives new meaning to the phrase "fashion police"; plans for a goth coffee shop called "Espresso Death"; Christian friends in high school; walking with mom and getting called "fags"; a Legendary Pink Dots concert; goth music; espresso and vampires in Spokane.

$1+2 stamps to Joshua Ploeg Box 1473 Olympia WA 98507-1473 52 pages, digest

OUTcast Productions
+A catalog of recordings by lesbian and gay musicians and women in rock, including such acts as Girls in the Nose and Dos Fallopia. They're also looking for more queer rock and punk bands to include, so bands, get in touch.

$3 to OUTcast Productions 3811 Ditmars Blvd #234 Astoria NY 11105 32 pages, digest

Outpunk Issue 4
Matt, who runs the queer punk record label Outpunk, also does this zine of the same name. Jon Ginoli of Pansy Division lists the 10 cutest boys in Indie Rock; Jill Reiter writes about her movie "In Search of Margo-Go, which stars Kathleen Hanna; comics by Tony Arena; an interview about being a prostitute with Vic St. Blaise of Whorezine; questions and answers with Behead the Prophet; interview with Jody Bleyle about Free to Fight, the self-defense compilation; a beginners' guide to the Internet; an interview with transgendered punk Sherry; fake queer bands; record reviews and letters from readers. Email: outpunk@sirius.com

$2 to Outpunk Box 170501 SF CA 94117 56 pages, standard

Pagan Yard Sale Issue 1
A catalog of various nick-nacks -- like a penis crucifix, a skull candelabra, drums and cymbals, winged ghouls, cats, and pigs, a horned god water font, unicorn wall hook, etc.

$1 to Stoneoak Productions Box 36422 Albq NM 87176 12 pages, digest

The Palace of Faux Pas
*This is a story about the Queen of the Palace of Faux Pas, who is "a shadow obsessed with jewellry and morphine and getting serviced by the local rough boys." There's a section with a dialogue between the queen, William Burroughs, and Kathy Acker.

Order from AK Press. 28 pages, Euro Standard

Parterre Box: The Queer Opera Zine Issue #14/15
*This is the one and only queer opera zine. It has a great gossipy, yet very musically knowledgeable take on opera criticism. A review of the movie Farinelli, and a note on apropriate use of male/male arias in gay movies; a report on opera in San Francisco; a fan letter from Wayne Kostenbaum, author of "The Queen's Throat"; a fax from Flora Bervoix; a review of the opera Harvey Milk; much more. Subscriptions are $25 for 10 issues, which includes a Maria Callas t- shirt. Web page: http://www.anaserve.com/~parterre

$1.10 in stamps to James Jorden 174 West 76th St Apt 12-G NY NY 10023 16 pages, digest

Pasty Issue 4
*A wonderful new apartment gets ruined by the housemate from hell; pet peeve: male customers at the family planning store who ask for "condoms for the larger man"; another peeve: riot grrrls with short on top, long in back haircuts; things to hate about summer; menarch hell; zine reviews.

2 stamps + spare change per issue to Sarah-Katherine 6201 15th Ave NW #P-549 Seattle WA 98107 28 pages, digest

Ped-Men Issue 9
*"Non-fiction narratives of Man-Boy love written by prisoners incarcerated for the same, and those that support them." Accounts include one by a summer camp counselor, and the story of a man whose testified against his Boy Scout troup leader when he was a teen.

$5.50 cash each to J.M. Box 571 Whitman MA 02382 12 pages, standard

Permission Issue 1
+Some of the people from the now-defunct magazine Bifrost are starting this publication, with the subtitle "The Journal of Permissive Society." They say "We aim to document and celebrate today's hidden pleasures -- sex, drugs, politics, body art, fetish fashion, and rock'n'roll ... but not very much rock'n'roll." The first issue should be out by now.

2 pounds/$4? to Permission Box 1057 Edinburgh EH3 9DH

Picklejar Issue 19
*A review of the made-for-British-TV version of Hanif Kureishi's Buddha of Suburbia, which is unlikely ever to show on U.S. TV; a tribute to Oscar Wilde; a poem about associations between colors and sexuality; drawings about conversations with mom about homosexuality; more of the continuing story of Iris and Tamara; reading books about sexuality that tied it up with negative judgement; Hugh writes about body image and bugs; book and music reviews.

free (send stamps) to Eve & Hugh Box 9785, Friendship Stn. Washington DC 20016 26 pages, standard

Playn Q Issue 3
*Looking back on life, Beth recognizes queer tendancies like having a crush on a girl in kindergarten; reflections on looking in the mirror; the war against the meat industry; the right to burn the flag; not shaving; a creepy taxi driver; a 1972 Psychology Today article about blacks at white colleges; reasons to be pro-choice.

$2 to Beth J.R. Smith Hall, 640 Huntington Ave, Box 303B Boston MA 02115 26 pages, standard

PMS Issue 6
This is a zine about Personal, Musical, and Sexual topics: hence the title. Rik warns the queercore scene against becoming just another gay clone; an interview with Fifth Column; an interview with Matt Wobensmith of Outpunk; Rik writes about the end of his relationship with his boyfriend and the rebound; Rik's whirlwind tour of 23 North American cities; an interview with Ben Weasel; Rik compares drag to minstrel shows; people who talk about political correctness instead of the real issues, and people who talk about what's "punk"; interview with Larry Livermore; 83 cool things about Boston; music and show reviews.

$4 to PMS/Rik Box 2563 Cambridge MA 02238 48 pages, standard

+A zine by Sara of Concerned Muthers, co-edited by Tin Can Full of Tequila Sunrise. This zine has lots of writing, drawing, and collages in it, and these are just some of the highlights: a comic about taking a the notebooks of a dead friend who hadn't come out to his parents yet; a story about a vampire woman's revenge; a Jeremy Dennis comic about a girls' dormitory; a story about a woman who meets a bass-playing woman at a show; aliens land and demand "Tack us to your leader" (sic), but Emma Thompson saves the day.

c/o RRAB Productions PO Box 385A Surbiton, Surrey KT6 7YJ UK 60 pages, Euro digest

The Polished Knob Issue 7
*Most of this zine is true sex stories (no fiction allowed) in the tradition of Straight to Hell. The other contents include Mitzel writing about Barney Frank, who he hopes will one day be Speaker of the House; funny pages with Baby Sue and Adda Dada; the penis owber's manual and user's guide; Boyd "Straight to Hell" McDonald's final interview. Age statement required. Email: polshdknob@aol.com

$3.95 cash to The Polished Knob 1230 Market St. #513 SF CA 94102 52 pages, half legal Age statement required.

Positively Natural: Journal of the Northside HIV Treatment Center
+This publication is about alternative therapies and holistic living for people with HIV and AIDS. An article about possible problems from drinking milk; an expose of the highly-touted (but medically unproven) Kombucha "mushroom"; a column on traditional Chinese medicine; an article on headaches; an article on the virus HHV-6, which is claimed may be the cause or a co-factor of AIDS; a journal of a bout with PCP; an article on wasting syndrome; the dangers of dioxin. Email: posnatural@aol.com

$5 to Positively Natural 4101 North Sheidan Rd, Suite 300 Chicago IL 60613 24 pages, standard

Pregnant Muse
+Prose, poetry, and collage touching on transgender issues. Some of the pieces are Gender Rap; A Little Ditty about Life Through the Looking Glass; a dialogue about being forced to choose a gender and a sexuality; 9 reasons why I became a cross-dresser; The Tale of a Pregnant Man.

$? to Andy Plumb/Selna Anne Shephard Box 5112 Larkspur CA 94977 24 pages, standard

Pretend Best Friend Issue 1-7
+This is a great comic zine about a band called the Googra Gustas. It's sort of a parody of British bands like Suede or Blur, but they're queerer than the real bands. For instance, one of the members always has animals for lovers, and there's one member who's had so much plastic surgery s/he doesn't quite remember what gender s/he was originally.

50p+SAE/$2?/trade to Jodie 2 Mercury Place, Crookhorn Waterlooville, Hants PO7 8BA 26 pages, Euro Standard

Princess Issue 1
This is a nicely-designed zine on topics relating to women. There's an article on Aileen Wuornos; excerpts from the diary of a sex worker; the search for a bisexual symbol, or "bicon"; an article by Tammy Rae Cartland about space for lesbian public sex; an article about sexism in indie rock; a sequence of photos of two women making out with a text about memory and ghosts; a dialogue about stardom and fandom between Kathleen Hanna and Kathy Strieder; Ananda La Vita writes about assumptions about what being a "real" lesbian is; Donna Morrow DeCamp writes about biblical passages about homosexuality. (By the way, someone in San Francisco also decided to call their zine "Princess," so don't get confused!)

$4 to Princess 151 First Avenue, Suite 129 NY NY 10003 44 pages, standard

Publik Enema Issue 8
*Skot's story of leaving Long Beach after getting beat up by a psycho roommate and getting hassled by the cops; a Greyhound journal; a visit to Bellingham; doing mushrooms in New Orleans; panhandling tips; a visit to "dead guy's" house; shoplifting as addiction; sex and feminism; clowns gone bad; New Orleans skams.

$1 to Skot! Steppenwolf 1426 Oretha C. Haley New Orleans LA 70113 24 pages, standard Free to prisoners.

Punk Lust Issue 16
This is the "Babs Lust" issue, with a picture of Barbra Streissand on the cover. Reviews of K Records, Hazel, Fastbacks, Godhead Silo, Slick and ye No-Talents, and Solger. Plus a poem by the late Todd Nelson.

$1.50? to Wilum Hopfrog Pugmire, Esq. 2418 Western Ave Seattle WA 98121 12 pages, standard

Pups Issue 1
+Not to be confused with the gay zine "Pup," this zine is put out by a lesbian, and features her dog Tillie on the cover. Comebacks to stupid things men say; Joan Crawford lines; a trip to Idaho; comics about gays; dating tips for dogs; what's the big deal with going online?; a list of cool stuff like Keith Haring dominoes; a comparison of a hellish job to being a cow in a slaughterhouse. Email: lainerd@aol.com

$2 to Elaine Box 510 Southwick, MA 01077

Pussy Bites Back Issue 2
+This is the zine of the London chapter of the Lesbian Avengers. There's reports on actions and zaps; an erotic story; advice to the recently dumped: join the Lesbian Avengers; a zap against the conservative politician Emma Nicholson; Diana, bummed out that Prince Charles has taken up drag, visit the world's richest Lesbian, Queen Cleopatra; comics.

50p/$2 to Pussy Bites Back c/o The Wheel, Wesley House, 4 Wild Court London WC2B 16 pages, Euro digest

Pussycat Issue 3
The lowdown on the Yuma cheerleader scandal; an article about wicca; a friend who says she is not a feminist -- "she pushes the record button when she is at church or her mother is talking, then plays back the response to me in her own voice"; a review of the movie The Children's Hour; a reaction to anti-abortion propaganda; a poem about Eve; a rant about stupid skater guys and stuck- up scenesters; a rant about Madonna; rumors of being a dyke spread at school.

$1+a stamp to Melody 4312 Cactus Rd St.11 #353 Glendale AZ 85304 20 pages, digest

Quarter Inch Squares Issue 2/3
Three stories involving Henry Rollins -- getting taken to a Black Flag show by a dyke who passed as a man, going to a Rollins spoken word show and rescuing a woman who was getting harrassed by a drunk guy, and appearing in a video about a girl being seduced by a woman pretending to be Rollins; asking a faerie godmother grants a girl's wish to be a dyke; working for a security firm with Norm Schwarzkopf on the board of directors; Laurie dresses up in a velvet dress; a story about Esmelda, goddess in training; poems about Kristen Pfaff; getting mistaken for a man by a woman in the bathroom and by a clerk at the government center. The next issue will be the Barbie manipulation issue.

$2 to Quarter Inch Squares Box 80606 Mpls MN 55408-8606 32 pages, digest

Queer Nasty Issue 6
*A piece that asks "whatever happened to queer activism?"; fundamentalist Christian freaks (literally); comics about homophobes from Springfield; advice from Mother Nasty; reasons to play with your cunt; guys who yell "faggot" from cars are just repressed queers; dysfunctional horoscopes; a "scene" with a hungry "baby"; Chumbawumba on Homophobia. Check out their web page at http://www.efn.org/~daniele/index.html Age statement required. Email: daniele@efn.org

$2 to Baby Rhino Press/Dan Box 10181 Eugene OR 97440-0181 48 pages, digest Age statement required.

+A piece about an encounter between Jack Smith and Roy Cohn; a recollection of a performance Charlie did the night he heard Ethyl Eichelberger died. Plus some shorter text fragments and photos.

SASE to Charlie Nash 619 N Magnolia Lansing MI 48912 8 pages, digest

Quir Issue 20
*This Italian queer magazine, has English translations for most articles. An interview with Luca Enoch, a straight cartoonist who does a comic with lesbian characters (sounds quite Love And Rockets- like); a review of a book of lesbian cartoons by a lesbian, Maureen Lister; an article about assimilationists and language; an article about lesbian history, including a first-person account of a lesbian who survived the fascist period.

$4? to Quir Via del Leone, 5/11 r Fierenze 50124 Italy 36 pages, digest

QZ Issue 4
*This is the British equivalent of Queer Zine Explosion. It lists British queer and women's zines and comics. A great resource for people in the UK and others interested in the British queer zine scene.

2 IRCs to Damian Cugley 9 Belvedere Road OXFORD OX4 2AZ UK. 2 pages, Irregular

Rant & Rave Issue 6
Miss Rant rags about phone company ads, those Keith Haring rip-off ads, and the horrors of shopping in the Castro, while Miss Rave complains about commercials as well, and Newt. David Faulk contributes sarcastic comics such as "Adventure of the Society of Super-Enabled Community Coalition Providers." Miss Rant and Miss Rave may testify in the O.J. trial; Sister Vestal warns against those who have been "seduced into accepting the idea that there is more than one kind of family"; an article about the drug DNCB, which boosts the cell mediated immune system -- Miss Rant strongly endorses DNCB; Whoreboy and Miss Rant dish restaurants in San Francisco. Age statement required.

$3 to Rant & Rave Box 14793 SF CA 94114 48 pages, digest Age statement required.

Red Hanky Panky Issue 3
*Rachel does comics which often ask or answer an intriguing question about sexuality. Comics about stuff like: wearing leather trousers; fun with periods; wondering if not having a girlfriend anymore, but having a boyfriend, means one is straight, and has to do straight things; a comic about the stereotype that bis are confused; a question: are celibate people allowed to wank?; fears about labia piercing and tampons; questions about Sheila-na-Gig; "les/bi/gay" and other labels.

$2?/1 pound/trade to Rachael House 7 The Old School Buildings, St. Clements Yard, Archdale Road, East Dulwich SE22 9HP UK. 28 pages, Euro Standard

Rude Issue 1
+This zine is produced by four roommates, two men and two women who say "fuck the rules" to the rule that you shouldn't fuck your roommates. Dirk writes about television; Kerry writes about their roommate situation, in which everyone sleeps with everyone else; Alice writes about negativity in our generation; a roundtable discussion about the sad state of entertainment; Jordan writes about the first time he had sex with another guy.

$2 to Rude Box R, 9604 SE 5th St Vancouver WA 98664 12 pages, standard

Rungh Issue Vol #3
+This is the queer issue of this South Asian culture magazine. There's an editorial about "How Do You Say `Queer' in East Asian"; the diasporas of South Asians and of queers; filmmaker Pratibha Parmar writes about lesbian images in Indian films; a critique of the gay South Asian film "Destiny Desire Devotion"; a story with illustrations about Barbie's new home, with a South Asian boy; investigations into South Asian lesbian invisibility, and Annie Sprinkle's appropriation of Tantrik practice; a review of the video "Her Sweetness Lingers"; an article on the films of Tanya Syed; a review of Shyam Selvadurai's novel "Funny Boy"; resource listing. Send email for info on their forthcoming web page. Email: rungh@helix.net

$5 to Rungh Station F Box 66019 Vancouver BC V5N 5L4 Canada 40 pages, standard

Salt and Sage: A Sacred Faerie Circle Magazine Issue Vol 4 #2
This newsletter covers the activities of a group of faeries in Utah, with listings of their events and other faeries groups, and writing about topics such as rituals, gay icons, uses for expired condoms, and a chart of who's slept with whom.

$2 to Salt and Sage 165 Regent St SLC UT 84111 20 pages, digest

The Satin Shoe: a zine of mutual respect and freedom to be Issue 2
*An article about environmentalism; a piece about human knowledge; World Anarchism through Crossdressing; an article about sexism among crossdressers; reviews of an article about Bonobo chimp sex and society, a female-centered society; a review of the Scum Manifesto; letters from various people.

Pat Earl #20149-148 Box 1000, C-111 Lewisburg PA 17837 16 pages, digest

Sensual Moments Issue 5
*An interview with a transsexual in prison; Goddess Natasha writes about the training of her male slave; reviews; personal ads.

$1 to c/o D.B. Box 991424 Redding CA 96099-1424 10 pages, standard

Servant's Quarters: Devoted to the Art of Submission Issue 2
This is a publication for submissives. Robin Sweeny discusses the myth of the 24-7 submissive; a story by Nina Rinehart about a slavegirl and Lady Jane; a poem by Pat Califia about a pony girl; a story about being a servant at a tea party by Charles Stephanski; media reviews and classified ads. Email: servantsq@aol.com

$4 to Six of the Best Publishing Box 11724 Berkeley CA 94712 36 pages, digest

Shaved Anus Issue 3
Paul puts together this text- loaded zine that tears the head off of pop music and sews it back on and makes it stalk like a zombie through the streets of indie-ville wearing a shirt that says "Indie Pop Sucks Dick." Paul's ad gets rejected by NME; the British music press presents exaggerated reports of the death of queercore; the Pet Shop Boys revealed as the antichrist; "A fag millennium; hallucinatory document for future generation revisionists"; thoughts on living on British politics; Huggy Bear's last stand; a rant about rip-off artists Elastica and other pre-fab pop; a tribute to Sister George; a big list of top songs, films, moments, etc.

$3 cash/70p to Paul 26 Belgrave St. Brighton BN2 2NS UK 28 pages, Euro digest

Sissy Boy Issue 2
*From the creator of Queer Action Figures, this is a series of collages of found images and captions. Examples: a picture of a shirtless man with the caption "It looks sweet but not to eat for decoration only"; a picture of two penises captioned "I like a boy who is two inches shorter than me"; yet another revision of the old Charles Atlas sand-in-the-face comic; what do you do if a woman is being harassed in front of you; a Sissy Boy superhero tries to stop the catastrophe of the Gay and Lesbian business expo. I also got another set of loose-leaf mini-fliers with slogans like "sissies for sisters" and "A boy woman of the opposite sex. Do you understand?"

$1 to Charlie 151 1st Ave #82 NY NY 10003 24 pages, Mini

Skating on the Dark Side of the Moon
+A poetry chapbook by Vytautas Pliura, whose work has also appeared in DWAN. There's a poem about realizing that a boy from Lapland on the cover of National Geographic is gay; one called "The Ghosts of the Boys Killed by John Wayne Gacey Dance on his Rooftop each Valentine's Eve" with the lines "He was only following orders/ If you are a homosexual you get the message that you are the scum of the earth/ that you are better off dead." This poetry is insightful, not obtuse, and vital stuff.

$5 to Alpha Beat Press 31 Waterloo St. New Hope PA 18938 40 pages, digest

The Skin Chamber Issue 1
A small catalog of leather items, including restraints, cuffs, collars, whips, and other things, including human skulls.

The Skin Chamber Box 27598 Knoxville TN 37927 8 pages, standard

Slut Magnet Issue 9
+Cleo says right up front, "I'm Cleo the baby dyke." Contents include an article about fat discrimination; an excerpt from the Scum Manifesto; getting a kick out of saying no; "My father is an asshole"; clippings from Sassy about lesbians; reclaiming the word "bitch"; punk pig boys; girl terrorist who torch the boxes of the Toronto Sun, which has topless pinup girl pictures in it; stupid anorexic girls who complain about their weight; being made to feel stupid by older friends; the checkout woman at the store immediately bags a box of pads; having been afraid of sleeping with another girl; a call from a boy who claimed he wanted to be the first male riot grrrl; a vow never to be a breeder; a girl who won't acknowledge that she knew Cleo due to homophobia; a radio report about homophobic bigots. Plus a mini zine with the continuing story of Sleeping Butch.

$2/trade to Cleo Box 6 Site 209 Rr2 New Sarepta AB T0B 3M0 Canada 36 pages, digest

Smeg Dog Issue 1
+An article about caffeine as god; a reprint of an article by Rex Wockner about how being gay is inherently radical; recipes for potato soup; being a hustler in Seattle; a comparison of prostitution to the metaphoric prostitution of most jobs; a recipe for brewing cider and mead; not being allowed to go into the former Stonewall Inn. Email: quilombo69@aol.com

$whatever to Ken Box 6917 South Brunswick NC 28470 12 pages, digest

The Smoke Exchange Issue 3
A Newsletter for Hot Men with a Cigarette Smoking Fetish. This issue includes letters from guys who are surprised and gratified to find others who share their fetish; a list of favorite smokin' movies; "Hot Smoking Stories" about sex and smoking, and personal ads.

The Smoke Exchange Suite 123, 1456 Second Ave NY NY 10021 11 pages, standard

Society of Crossdressing Hardware Engineers Mail Issue 4
*SCHEMail, while political, also has a quirky sense of humor. An article about the connections between libido and hormones; a review of Martine Rothblatt's The Apartheid of Sex; a dream about deciding not to have sex reassignment surgery; a review of the classic transphobic text The Transsexual Empire, which Nancy says "Is kind to transsexuals the same way the iceberg was kind to the Titanic"; lying or being out about being transsexual; a poem by Riki Anne Wilchins about transgendered people who have been killed or maimed; another installment of "I Was a Transsexual Prostitute". Email: nrn@world.std.com

$5 to SCHEMail c/o Nancy Nangeroni 276 Pearl St Unit L Cambridge MA 02139-4716 16 pages, standard Free to prisoners.

Spunk Jizbiz Guide Issue Vol 4 #1
*Not to be confused with the L.A. bar rag of the same name, this issue lists baths, cinemas, dark rooms, and other sex spots in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

$2+SASE to Studio Iguana 501 First St, room 419 SF CA 94107 2 pages, tabloid

Starchild Issue 4
*In this issue of this comic, a snake-haired woman battles a giant penis, sort of a metaphor for the right-wing government. Also available is Banana Woman and Chatter bomb. Age statement required.

$2 to Allan Angel Box 32231 San Jose CA 95152-2231 24 pages, digest Age statement required.

Steam Issue vol 3 #2
Steam is loaded with information about where to find gay sex in public places. Columnists and guest writers give in-depth reports from various cities in the U.S. and worldwide, plus there's a section with brief updates.

$6 to PDA Press, Inc. 530 Howard, Ste 400 SF CA 94105 124 pages, half legal

The Story of Mongrel
*A chapbook of poetry by R.L. Nichols with poems such as "A Bitch B4 God" and "Pump tha' Rump". Also available is a "long ass luv poem" called "Bulletin: Daniel Crocker is Having Joe Rochette's Love Child and R.L. Nichols Has Been Named Godfather."

$1? to Robert Nichols Box 3756 Erie PA 16508 14 pages, standard

Story of Naughty One Issue #1
A story written in the second person about being disciplined. Many other titles are also available, such as "Sexy Shoe Scenarios" #1-4, and "Trampy Rubberneckin' Sex" #1-4. Age statement required.

$1 each to Night & Day Productions Box 1474, Sty. Stn. NY NY 10009 24 pages, Mini Age statement required.

Strange Fruit Issue 1
+A new queer zine with a lot of interesting contributors and snazzy design, including a full-color cover. Killing your parents; writing about the band Fagbash; thoughts about identifying as bisexual; a comic about a guy who cheats on his boyfriend; Patty Powers goes cruising with Ron Athey; an excerpt from Sarah Schulman's forthcoming book "Rat Bohemia"; a piece about Proposition 187, California's anti-immigrant resolution; a piece about how having Asian supermodels doesn's equal a move forward; an interview with straightedge queer vegan punk rocker Kim Kinakin of the band Sparkmarker; an essay about working in the business end of the porn industry; a piece about getting date raped by another guy; a piece about AIDS activist burnout, media coverage of Greg Louganis, and right-wing radio.
Email: strange@sirius.com

$2.50 to Strange Fruit Box 423144 SF CA 94142-1872 56 pages, standard

Teen Fag Issue 4
The theme of this "Damage Control Special" issue is bad homos, people the gay community would rather not acknowledge. Gordon Gordon and his writers do some in- depth research on queer serial killers and other skeletons in the community's closet. By the way, in his editorial, Gordon clarifies that despite the name of the zine, he's not actually a teenager. Dion Hansen explains why she hates Camille Paglia, who's so busy complaining about lesbians that she never manages to mention Tribe 8 or Susie Bright. Miles Long profiles several Gay Republicans, whom he refers to as "House Niggers of the New Right." Kathy Sawhill report on the Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians (PLAGAL), a group of homos who are actually anti- abortion. Gordon interviews Bill Andriette of the NAMBLA Bulletin, who joined NAMBLA at age 15. At the bloody heart of the issue are profiles of bad, bad homos Jeffrey Dahmer, Roy Cohn, John Wayne Gacy, Aileen Wuornos, "Patient Zero" Gaetan Dugas (though I think Teen Fag should have sought opinions besides Randy Shilts on this one), Leopold & Loeb, and the trio of queers from Tacoma who faked a hate-crime attack on their home. The review section includes an in-depth analysis of Boiled Angel and Baby Sue comics that is the sort of reviewing that should be undertaken by more zines. Plus lots of comics by Blair Wilson, Bea Bea, David Kelly, Goat Boy comics by C.A. Fig, VelVeeda, Tony "Anonymous Boy" Arena, Sarah Bell, etc.

$3 cash/$3.50 Canada/ $5 world to Chow Chow Productions Box 20204 Seattle WA 98102 40 pages, standard

This Is So Exciting Issue 2
+Going to a Barbra Streisand concert; reviews of records by Sandra Bernhard, Nichelle Nichols, Helen Reddy, and Marianne Faithfull; TV's hottest guys, including Bruce McCulloch and a Jason "Pretzel Boy" Alexander pinup; an in-depth article on the Stepford Wives; more movie reviews, and book reviews of books on Nico and Chuck Barris.

$3 to Johnny Nolan Box 977 Bryn Mawr PA 19010 24 pages, standard

Thorn Issue 6
An anti-Sassy rant; Slim Moon talks about his record label, Kill Rock Stars; a comic by Megan Kelso about Kurt Cobain; getting harassed by a guy while doing telemarketing; a review of former Black Panther Elain Brown's book; an interview with the band Fagbash; a review of Destination Glamour, a cabaret event that included Joan Jett Blakk, Fagbash, and many others; a tribute to the band XO Dynamite; Tammy Rae writes about her family's sleeping arrangements.

$3.50 to Kelly Martin 2300 Market St. #23 SF CA 94114 36 pages, standard

Tit Torture Technical Journal Issue 2
+If you're disappointed because Holy Titclamps doesn't actually have any tit- torture content, this is the publication for you to read. It's full of information about how to get really big nipples using such techniques as snake bite kits, etc.

$2.50 to Madman Industries Box 148044 Chicago IL 60614 8 pages, standard

Top? Issue 1
+Judy's last zine was "Ginger's Hut." A big list of good things (fuzzy blankets, Patti Smith, doing radio); reading a zine at work, one of the women questions a cartoon in the zine which shows a woman getting revenge on a rapist; self-inflicted violence (cutting); a woman's coming out story; a poem about dealing with childhood abuse; live reviews of bands like Cheesecake and Vita Pup; getting reprimanded by a boss at Lutheran Social Services for telling women how to use a condom; having to correct people who mistakenly think she's a man; the Clothesline Project, in which survivors create t-shirts about the abuse they've gone through; interview with Kirsten, another zine editor; Lesbian Avengers; a response to Rolling Stone's article about queercore; a letter to MTV about how they ignore women playing hardcore, but play a Johnny Cash song about killing a womyn.

$1 stamps or equal trade to Judy Ricardi 79 West St #4F Worcester MA 01609 58 pages, standard

TransSisters: The Journal of Transsexual Feminism Issue 9
Information on the continuing protest against the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival's exlusion of transsexuals; news on topics such as the conviction of Brandon Teena's murderers; a call for a book about transsexuals' experiences; revalations about cruelty to horses during the production of estrogen; establishing transexuality as a disability in legal terms; a long interview with Rachel Pollack which touches on many subjects, including Doom Patrol, the comic she wrote, plus an article by Pollack about archetypal transsexuality and a tarot reading by her. Email: davinaanne@aol.com

$7.50 to Skyclad Publishing 4004 Troost Ave Kansas City MO 64110 60 pages, standard

Wad Issue 4
An exchange of letter in which Christopher defends his right to say "queers bash back"; Christopher writes about how he has a Chicano name but is not Chicano; an essay about Valentino and pornography; reading a porn story about a rape fantasy, and the resulting dream; a diary entry about running a jock boy over; a comic about meeting a boy at a Mukilteo Fairies concert; an open letter to ex-boyfriends; a comic about Dolly Parton; an article about a friend who joined an ex-gay group, but hasn't shown up on a talk show yet.

$2 to Christopher Becerra Box 80061 Lincoln NE 68501-0061 64 pages, digest

Women's Music Plus: Directory of Resources in Women's Music and Culture
+A directory with more than 5200 entries of women's resources for music. The publishers used to produce the now-defunct magazine Hotwire, of which back issues are availabe -- send them a SASE for a list of issues.

$15 to Women's Music Plus 5210 Wayne Chicago IL 60640

Y is for Yuck Issue 3
The comics in this issue include "The silliness of slamming with big tits"; "Rubber or Leather," with words by God Is My Co-Pilot; "Blister Judy"; and a list of Yucks (Kathy-Lee) and Yums (Chris Farley). Age statement required.

$1 + a stamp to Y is for Yuck Box 420424 SF CA 94142 20 pages, digest Age statement required.

Young Guys Club
+The YGC produces a bi-monthly paper based newsletter and a monthly e-mail newsletter on a subscription only basis. The YGC newsletter features photos of the YGC models, amateur male models ages 18-25. These guys produce and sell their own photos and use the YGC newsletter as their primary means of advertising their photos to the YGC members. The newsletter also has personal ads, stories often written by one of the YGC members, as well as some news for the members. This newsletter is intended for adults of any sexual orientation who enjoy the artistic and erotic type photos/drawings/gifs/stories of young (over 18) men. Email: ygc@lava.net

Young Guys Club BC Dept 3781, 2357 S Beretania #A-718 Honolulu HI 96826-1499