Queer Zine Explosion 15

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This list has the zine reviews from Queer Zine Explosion #15, compiled in March 1998. Some of these reviews also appeared in issues of Factsheet Five. This is a version of this file that just has new zines since QZE #14, which was published in October 1996. This is the revised version.

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Zines with a "+" at the beginning of the description are ones that are reviewed for the first time in this Queer Zine Explosion.

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a la brava: A Queer Latino/a Zine
Issue 3
A comic about a woman who casts a spell on her ex-girlfriend to get her back from her husband; poetry in English and Spanish by Francisco X. Alarcon; hubcap earrings; profile of Madre Teresita, who is transgendered; fake prisoner penpal ads.

$2.50 cash to Jaime Cortez 80 Sycamore SF CA 94110 32 pages, half legal

Issue 20
The longest-running queer zine, Androzine is mostly written in French. It includes information on queer bands like Team Dresch, reviews of queer zines, an article on "Homoland," a twice-yearly gathering of left-wing gays, anarchists, etc.; plus international gay news items.

$4 cash to B. Peuportier BP 192 75673 Paris Cedex 13 France 38 pages, Euro Standard

Anything That Moves: The Magazine for the Serious Bisexual... No, Really
Issue 15
*The feature this time is bi comix., from Alex Nordby, Jane Cassel Sumner, Erika Lopez, CK Penchant, Katherine Douthit, and Rachael House. Plus articles on Bonobo apes; has history set the record too gay? -- the bisexuality of Vita Sackville-West; a report from the 1997 International Conference on Prostitution; interview with comedian Brian Norris; a piece on Amsterdam; a married man talks about his and his wife's bisexuality; queerness in a communal community; book and CD reviews. Web Page: http://www.anythingthatmoves.com Email: qswitch@igc.apc.org

$6 to BABN 2261 Market St #496 SF CA 94114-1600 68 pages, standard

As I Breeze Through
Issue 4
Keri's band Ken; owning the coolest cat in the world; hating Joan Osborne; being a bisexual woman attracted to fags; being into British pop; why do all the lesbians go to dance clubs?; meeting Sonic Youth.

$2 to As I Breeze Through box 516 Ripon CA 95366 24 pages, half standard

The Assassin and the Whiner
Issue 7
*Autobiographical comics by Carrie. Seeing a UFO; earthquake weather does not exist; body odor; a conversation with a gay man about how neither of them can manage to meet anyone; "Is that a stalactite in my cervix?"; overhearing the neighbors converse: "How can she be gay? She's so beautiful!"

$1 to Carrie Box 481051 LA CA 90048 16 pages, digest

Assume Nothing
Wow, a book of Liliane comix! It's about time! This collection includes some reprints of hard-to-find stories featuring our favorite bi dyke comic heroine, and some previously unseen work like "Breeders Too" in which Liliane feels her biological clock ticking and actually contemplates getting pregnant. Also now available is the second part of Telephone Temptress ($1.50), in which Liliane takes a job on a French language phone sex line.

$12 US, $13.50 Canada to Leanne Franson C.P. 274, Succ Place du Parc Montreal PQ H2W 2N8 Canada 88 pages, standard

Atomic Love
Issue 3
Comix by Sina (who also does Boy Crazy Boy and the queer zine review Nervous Energy). In this issue, Max and his fellow queer superheroes battle the evil, homophobic Anjelica.

£1/$3 to c/o Sina Box 385A Surbiton, Surrey KT6 7YJ UK 28 pages, Euro digest

Aunt Franne
Issue 5
This issue has some serious stuff -- writings about racism and the term "white trash." Plus there's reader response about reclaiming "the c word." Anonymous Boy lists his top 6 sexy punk boys. There's also a lot of music coverage with show and record reviews and interview with the Teen Idols and Spent Idols. Art by GB Jones, Anonymous Boy, and Rachael House.

$2/$3 Canada/$5 overseas to Aunt Franne Box 523 Stratford NJ 08084 40 pages, standard

Baby Sue
vol 6 #2
*Baby Sue is recommended for the easily offended, those who need to get their panties in a bunch, and those who need a boost in their blood pressure. It would be pointless, wouldn't it, to warn them away from this comic zine. The presumably autobiographical comic about a black maid who worked for the artist's family when he was a child provides an interesting perspective on the creator of "Black Ladies" comics which feature women talking in phonetically rendered dialect. Also in this issue, a comic about gaybashing; a piece of prose that compares God to a slave owner; more sick offensive humor. I'm going to sit down and write a letter about this zine to GLAAD, the NAACP, and the Christian Coalition, and I hope you do too. Web Page: http://www.babysue.com Email: babysue@babysue.com

$3 to Baby Sue Box 8989 Atlanta GA 30306-8989 32 pages, standard

Bamboo Girl
Issue 6
Huge book-like issue of this zine, which is by and about Asian women, particularly Pinays. Interview with Zahera Saed, who was born in Afghanistan; a violent racist incident at Denny's; a call for more pan-asian unity; Reginald Sinclair Lewis, a prisoner, explains his case; information about the Tibetan situation; challenging the tacit laws of queerness; strong anime women; interview with mixed blood Pinay writer Jessica Hagedorn; stereotypes about Asian women; people of color you never knew; breaking the stigma of mental illness; interview with HIV/AIDS activist and writer Irene Suico Soriano; zine and music reviews.
Web page: http://www.bamboogirl.com/
Web: interview with Sabrina, editor of Bamboo Girl
Email: bamboogirl@aol.com

$2 to Sabrina Box 507 NY NY 10159-0507 110 pages, standard

Batteries Not Included
vol 5 #1
*Porn is the topic in this monthly zine. Spence reviews books, including the new Good Vibrations Guide to Sex; an article on S/M in recent Russian music videos; Lisa B. Falour on Krafft-Ebing. Email: bni@aol.com

$3/$4 foreign to Richard Freeman 130 West Limestone St Yellow Springs OH 45387 12 pages, standard

Big Ad
A magazine of personal ads for fat men and guys seeking them. Also includes an article on "The Big Man and Dating," erotic fiction about a guy who has sex on a ferry boat, photos (which don't show total nudity -- for that you have to get another publication likeHeavy Duty), and a column on gaining weight.

$7 to Big Ad Box 14725 SF CA 94114-4725 60 pages, standard

Issue 20
*DFL interview, Lois pinup, rants and information. Courtney has a bunch of other projects, including the new zine Candy Bars from Planet Mars, which is supposed to have a piece on V. Vale of V/Search, vegan recipes, comix, etc. And there's a cassette, Glitter Doll Noise, which has live music from Tribe (8?), Dirt Bike Gang, Vegas Beat, Behead the Prophet, God is my Co-Pilot, interviews, and more. Email: courtoly@aol.com

$2/trade to Courtney 120 State Ave NE #1206 Olympia WA 98501 56 pages, digest

Black Sheets
Issue 12
*The "Sex Pioneers" issue, with a bunch of articles about queer life in San Francisco in the 70s, focusing a lot on sex clubs. Great issue -- history class was never this exciting! Web Page: http://www.blackbooks.com Email: info@blackbooks.com

$6 U.S./$8 Canada /$10 elsewhere to The Black Book Box 31155 SF CA 94131 52 pages, standard Age statement required.

Blood Brothers
Issue 1
An editorial about being over the white upwardly-mobile "gay community"; a story about a roundtable discussion of cocksucking; an S/M story about a top dressed all in rubber; queering the million-man march pledge; a satire of the obligatory porn shave and homogenous porn models; a rant about what passes for political activity in the mainstream gay community; 20 golden rules for AIDS-treatment activists like "never criticize a drug company"; a short prose piece, "Queer white butt boy."
Email: wendellr@unm.edu
Web: http://home.earthlink.net/~uur/bb1.htm

$8 to Wendell Ricketts Box 40114 Albuquerque NM 87196 28 pages, standard

Boy's Own: The FTM Newsletter
Issue 22
Boy's Own is a publication by and for female-to-male transsexuals. An attempt by a bigot to expose a family which includes transsexuals instead reveals a supportive community; a letter from the Czech republic which reveals that the situation for transsexuals there is fairly good; disability and the FTM; resource information.

2 IRCs/donation to FTM Network BM Network London WC1N 3XX 20 pages, Euro digest

Boy Crazy Boy
Issue 3
Sina's superhero comix are in Atomic Love, while the comic in this issue is an autobiographical one in which he talks about his college experience, trip to San Francisco, etc. Plus comix by Nick Leonard (about the true meaning of the term "shirtlifter), Howard Stangroom (about his Wonder Woman t-shirt), and Bud (about men in an alien jungle.)

£2/$3 to Sina Box 385A Surbiton, Surrey KT6 7YJ UK 32 pages, Euro digest

Boys Who Wear Glasses
Issue 4
This is the Annie Lennox issue. Mark writes about Annie Lennox of the Eurythmics, incorporating autobiographical stuff about what Annie meant to him growing up as a queer kid. Plus a variety of reviews of records by women singers.

$2.50 to (NEW ADDRESS) Mark Hain 901 South Allen St., Apt D-5, State College, PA 16801-6026 68 pages, digest

Boy Trouble
Issue 3
Comix anthology zine by queer guys featuring David Kelly, Jaime Cortez, Michael Fahy, Andy Harzell, Robert Kirby, Josue Menjivar, Tim Piotrowski, and C. Bard Cole. Most of these guys have comix zines of their own, so it's a good way to get aquainted and find other intersting stuff. http://www.davidkellystudio.com/ Email: david@davidkellystudio.com

$3 + postage to David Kelly 1122 E. Pike St. #992 Seattle WA 98122 36 pages, half legal

Bulles Gaies
Issue 6-8
The cartoon adventures of Jonathan, as he decides to come to terms with his homosexuality. The first issue also includes a story about an older man who meets a younger man who owns a lizard. As the story progresses, Johnathan visits a gay bar, goes to a party with some straight friends, and visits a bathhouse. An English translation is included. I'd suggest sending a 100F International Money Order for a complete set.

25F to Jean-Paul Jennequin 24 rue Leon Frot 75011 Paris France 32 pages, Euro digest

The Burning Times
Issue 6
*Great issue here, starting out with cover art by G.B. Jones and an interview with her -- she's the one who started the whole homo-core thing and the reason why you're reading this today. There's an editorial about destroying sexual identity (moving past identity politics seems to be a hot topic in queer zines these days.) Other contents include an article on male sex work; Interview with Propagandhi, artist Anonymous Boy, gay rugby player Ian Roberts, Kathleen Hanna, and Kath of Kill Krush Destroy; introductory Anarchy; a fantasy about Silverchair; issues of male rape; music reviews in a fun tag-team format; zine reviews, resources, and a poster for your closet wall. Email: burntime@melbourne.net

$3 U.S. to Richard Watts Box 425 Clifton Hill VIC 3068 Australia 48 pages, Euro Standard

Caress Newsletter: For Writers of Erotica
Issue 17
A resource for writers of erotica, which lists places to get published, and also publishes reviews. Email: caress@pavilion.co.uk

$5 cash to The Write Solution Flat I Flat 1, 11 Holland Road Hove, East Sussex BN3 IJF UK 12 pages, standard

Cassiopeia the Witch
Issue 36
*In this issue of the comic, Cassiopeia tries working for a psychic hotline and works on her relationship with her girlfriend Janelle.

$1.75 to Perry Lake 6167-B Alamo Wy Paradise CA 95969-4202 32 pages, digest

Cent vingt huit
Issue 2
French language zine with contents a mix of stuff about bands and music and queer issues.

to Jerome Lienard 16 rue pierre curie Sceaux 92330 France 44 pages, digest

Chess Pride
Issue 1
As you might guess, this is a gay and lesbian chess zine. A good part of this issue is related to Anthony Santasiere, who died 20 years ago. The moves of some of his championship games are reproduced. There is an interview with GM (in this context, it stands for Grand Master, I guess) Arthur Bisguier, who knew Santasiere.

$7 to Chess Pride 39F Wellington Drive New Windsor NY 12553 20 pages, digest

The Closet
Issue 12
Another part of a continuing story about a gay highschool student; appropriated Barbie comix in which Ken gets a job on a phone-sex line. Email: zack05@aol.com

free to Brett Butler Box 272982 Boca Raton FL 33427 10 pages, half standard

Issue 1
Jayne County; street harassment; reaching to find a new sex and gender; makeup tips; gender permutations explored in a piece that starts "he's a man who likes to dress as a woman, she's a man who likes to dress as a dyke."

20 pages, digest

Conspiracy of Theory: queer and longing, disaffection and dykes
fall 1996
Getting harassed by a man who says "I'd fuck you if you were a boy"; memoir of a Catholic school; feeling uneasy in lesbian spaces; thoughts on having missed out on childhood queer sexuality; much more.

1 stamp to Amanda Box 436 NY NY 10009 40 pages, Mini

Coughing Up Legoman
Issue 1
This is a personal zine by an 18 year old queer guy. It has a series of essays that have a very from-the-heart, diaristic feel to them.

$1? to Chris Po Box 530 West Ryde NSW 2114 Australia 16 pages, digest

Crazy Pink Revolver
spring/summer 1997
*A protest against Bill Clinton's volunteer summit, including a reprint of Leslie Feinberg's speech; a glossary of slang terminology; poetry and collage art.

$3 to c/o Jackie O PO Box 58203 Phila PA 19102-8203 20 pages, digest

Issue 1
Moving from the east coast to the west; working in a donut shop that gave free donnuts to cops, which amounted to bribery, and the moral questions surrounding that; losing a wallet stuffed with memories; the college/townie rivalry in Bennington, Vermont; an argument with a separtist; an entry on homosexuality from a family health encyclopedia; the word "slut."

$1 to j. flux c/o boxholder PO Box 23055 Seattle WA 98102 pages, digest

Da Juice!: A Black Lesbian Thang
Issue 1
Correspondence between two women sparked by a personal ad; "Blackophelia," about white women who exoticize blackness; dykes do drag; the murder of anti-klan activist Terri L. Jewell; interview with Skin of Skunk Anansie; obscenity legislation unevenly applied to queers; erotic writing, poetry, and more.

$5.50 cash to Da Juice! Box 156 Toronto ON M5S 2S7 Canada 52 pages, half legal

Dick/Brain News:for men with both
Issue 4
*Published guys from the now-on hiatus sex party-throwers O Boys. An article giving the opinion that pissing on someone shows a lack of respect; news items about other sex clubs; a few naked pictures and other items. Web Page: http://www.gaywired.com/oboy Email: oboys123@aol.com

to Dick/Brain News PO Box 29879d LA CA 90029 8 pages, standard

Issue 9
The big feature in this issue is an article on gay in rap. Chris cuts through the bullshit of all that "who's the gay rapper" stuff. Also in this issue, Chicklet gives advice on sex in cyberspace; C. Bard Cole contributes a story about a couple kids who steal a car from a gay guy; Chris gives us a Dirty Diary of his true sex adventures and the story "How Macho Got His Name." Web Page: http://www.banjee.com Email: riotboyyy@aol.com

$3.75 to Chris Leslie Box 1697 NY NY 10009 48 pages, digest Age statement required.

Issue 10
Featured on the cover in living color is Vaginal Davis, who is also the subject of an interview.This issue also has an article by DeAundra Peek (including one of her famous recipes using Vienner Sausages). Other interview subjects include Thom Collins, the Lady Chablis, Lindsey Cochran, Mark Davis' mom Mavis, Alexis Del Lago, Pam Teflon, and the Linguine Sisters. Plus there's full color mug shots from Wigstock West and beauty and costume tips.

$5.95 (add $2 outside US and Canada) to Dragazine Box 461795 West Hollywood CA 90046 48 pages, standard

Drop Dead: The Zine of Lesbian Battering
Issue 1
Top ten stupid comments by lesbians to survivors; packing a dick when going to court; writing on the body instead of cutting; post traumatic stress; signs of a battering personality. The editor is looking for writing by other survivors for future issues.

$2 to Drop Dead Box 28733 Seattle WA 98118 20 pages, half legal

Issue 21-22
Issue 21 starts off with a fascinating interview with writer Giti Thadani about reclaiming Hinduism for women and lesbians. DWAN is largely a poetry zine, and in this issue Donny opens up the editing process of his zine by interspersing comments and letters from poets with their poems. Issue 22 includes Lisa Falour's reminisces about filmmaker Jack Smith; Bruce Boone's article about his visit to the Tenderloin hotel where Valerie Solanas lived; Vernon Maulsby writes about being influenced by Vampira. Web Page: http://www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/Village/6982/ Email: dwanzine@hotmail.com

$2/free to prisoners to Donny Smith Box 411 Swarthmore PA 19081-0411 36 pages, digest Free to prisoners.

Dykatude: A Journal of Dyke Dissent
Issue 3
Boston's dyke march sparks reaction from mainstream gays; a history of Boston's Women's Action Coalition; women from history; lesbian content in young adult books; sexuality roundtable; comic about apartment hunting. Email: bhastie@cfia.harvard.edu

$3 to Beth Hastie 24 Castleton St. Boston MA 02130 20 pages, standard

Dyke Tyke
Issue 2
Who says that a guy can't make a lesbian zine? Rich has ammased quite a collection of clippings of pictures of lesbians -- no porn stuff in this zine, though. Plus a list of "gay" characters in classic TV shows and lyrics for girl-to-girl love songs from supposedly straight bands.

$4 to Rich 100 Day St #1 Boston MA 02130-1105 58 pages, standard Age statement required.

Eightfold Path
Issue 51
+This zine is mostly written in a first-person, conversational style. There are pieces on working in a nursing home; disillusionment with college; going to a therapist; nudism; the word "fuck"; straightedge; the problems of being a highschool teacher; organic vegetables; motherhood; being gay. Also available is a pamphlet, Queer/Kwier.

$2 to Daryl Box 22172 Regina SK S4S 7H4 Canada 52 pages, digest

The Ever Fabulous Queen Zine
Issue 1
Nail polish tips; a past-it fashion designer; Straight Pride vs. Gay Pride; Gay Pride Barbie; the perfect man; Craig sees Captain Eo for his hundreth and final time. With this you get #7 of Suburbia zine.

$2 to Craig Jessup PO Box 329 Larkspur CA 94977-0329 28 pages, digest

Issue 15
Reb reprints his diary from when he was 15, in 1972, the year he first had sex with a guy. It's illustrated with color photos of the young Reb, and pictures of current events from the era, and there's also a run-down of contemporary events and pop culture.

$5 to Fanorama c/o REB, 109 Arnold Avenue Cranston, RI 02905. 48 pages, half legal Free to prisoners.

Femme Flicke
Issue 7
The focus here is on films by women. The zine is an excellent and necessary resource. A review of the sountrack of "All Over Me"; films about women's history; filmgirl's guide to cool web sites; a pull-out guide to take to the video store of 250 women directors and their movies; interview with Watermelon Woman director Cheryl Dunye; "The Year the Dyke Broke": lesbians in films from the past year; Lucy Thane on touring with her video "She's real worse than queer"; Interview with Tammy Rae Carland about her music and video disto Mr. Lady; comic about dating a film girl.

$3 to Femme Flicke 19 Wendell St #7 Cambridge MA 02138 40 pages, digest

Freaky Power!
Issue 3
Queer anarchist perspectives on the commercialized London gay pride festival, veganism, issues with zoophilia, Berlin queer anarchists, and more.

to Vaz c/o 56A Infoshop 56 Crampton St London SE17 UK 4 pages, Irregular

Issue 22
It's been a while since I've reviewed an issue of Fucktooth because even though it's a great zine, its main focus isn't really on queer stuff. But this issue has enough queer-related stuff that I get to review it. Yay! Rants about topics of relationships and sexuality, such as only wanting to date other type-a people, nonmonogamy, long distance relationships, and bisexuality; the problem of D.I.Y. workaholism; interviews from a continuing series called "fifty ways to be punk" with Theo Witsell of the zine Spectacle, Kent McClard of Ebullition and Heart AttaCk, and Ryan Taxles; rants about caffeine, nutrition, women's health, and AIDS and needles; hopping freight trains; getting married; nonmonogamy and queer conciousness; more. Email: jenangel@mindspring.com

$2 to Become the Media (don't put Fucktooth on the envelope!) PO Box 353,Mentor, OH 44061. 88 pages, digest

Gag Rule: zine of queer culture and law
Issue 1
Seus writes about surviving the attempted brainwashing she was subjected to in law school. Topics of the pieces include an essay on having a transgressive sexual identity; queer culture and the privilege of whiteness; an open letter to Governer Pataki saying that the CUNY Law School is a breeding ground for leftists; differences between queer culture and law; not fitting into the assigned role (aren't queers supposed to work in the AIDS unit of a legal service agency?); the way the government gives the taxpayers' money to moneylending institutions; 21st Century Cyberdyke comics. It's all ilustrated with fun photo-booth photos.

$? to S. Bartone 133 8 Ave #1-F Brooklyn NY 11215 22 pages, standard

a gasp, a glitch, and a halting gait
+Four stories with illustrations. The topics are a disturbed woman named Gwendolen; two hippy fags chatting on a riverbank; "A homo, a pretty boy, and a facial tic," about how a guy ended up with his throat cut; a murderer and boyraper named Bob. Make cheques out to Flickerdrome.

£3 to LMFYFF Productions PO Box 17220 London SE17 3ZS UK 20 pages, digest

Issue 3.2
Article by Hakim Bey about "BL" and its representation in capitalist media; Russian writer Yaroslav Mogutin; Charley Shively writes about anarchist lovers Bakunin and Nechayev; turn of the century photos by Lehnert and Landrock; the gay and lesbian movement's attempt to oust boy-lovers.

$7.95 to Gayme Box 15645, Kenmore Station Boston MA 02215 76 pages, standard

Genealo-zine: a zine abour finding your roots
Issue 1
Eddie's zine is about his interest in tracing his family roots. He includes some tips about genealogy; a visit to a cemetery with his mother; effects his research has had on him, including how it relates to being a gay man; irritating things about genealogy work.

$1+stamp to Eddie Mitchell PO Box 2543 Louisville KY 40201 16 pages, digest

Gerbil: A Queer Culture Zine
Issue 8
Confessions of a Xena-phile; a story by Bo Houston and Kevin Killian; a visit from Quentin Crisp; an article about Pansy Division; poetry and photographs. Also available is a poetry supplement. Web Page: (web page no longer works) Email: gerbilzine@aol.com

$3/$3.50 int'l to Gerbil Box 10692 Rochester NY 14610 32 pages, half legal

Girl Cult: Girlkulturzine
vol 2 #1
In the editorial, the editor comes out as being 47, a grandmother, and living with a guy. Articles on power exchange in SM; hairstyle tips; an erotic story about three women.

$2 to Joannie 48 Craig St. London N6C 1E8 Canada 32 pages, half legal

Issue 15
*Avoiding injury playing softball; a funny piece about groovy femme-jock shoes; playing lesbian mind games; a big feature section on snack food; in-line skating; interview with a kickboxer; how to not be smelly; Roxxie gives advice about when to quit; comix by Leanne Franson and Joan Hilty. Web Page: http://www.girljock.com Email: roxxiet@aol.com

$5 to Girljock Box 882723 SF CA 94118-2723 36 pages, standard

Issue 2
I thought the article in this zine about an experience with a mental hospital and the eagerness doctors have to prescribe antidepressants was really interesting. Other contents include an essay about girl hate and cattiness; places to write for political action about sex tourism and female genital mutilation; a warning about a scary cop.

$1 to Girlwize 22 Albany Cir Beverly MA 01915-1267 28 pages, standard

Girly: Transgender Zine
Issue 9
Those girly Hanson boys; going on public transport in drag; a report on Sydney Lesbian & Gay Mardi Gras; Eddie Murphy clippings; going out wigless. Web: http://www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/Park/3355/
Email: museum@popmail.com

$1 to Mona 33 Romford Rd, Stratford London E15 4LY UK 2 pages, Irregular

Glamour Comix
Issue 1
Miss Electra Complexion reveals her origins among a tribe of head mannequins.

2 stamps to Christopher Smith 141 Whiteman Rd Stephentown NY 12168 16 pages, Mini

Happy Fag
Issue 4
This issue has an amazing story by Tom Brown about a college same-sex experience he had in the 1950s. There's also excerpts from Scooter's diary and a report on a trip to New York New York in Las Vegas. Email: scooter@happyfag.com

$3 to Scooter 323 Broadway East #902 Seattle WA 98102 36 pages, digest

Issue 2
*Dark and scary drawings like a queer Geiger. There's some humorous one-panels about a hairdresser for monsters; a suicide note from a cartoonist; a comic about an obsessive gay relationship; comic abot queen Amfet-Amin and her royal orgy; a journey into the mind of Bobby, creator of Homoeroticon.
Web: http://www.homoeroticon.com

$3 to Bobby Tran Dale 3300 Jordan Road Oakland CA 94602 88 pages, standard

House Organ
Issue 21
+A poetry zine, with a historical eye on Black Mountain and Beat related poetry, as evidenced here in a piece on Black Mountain poet Charles Olson. There is also a piece in memory of poet Carroll Arnett/Gogisgi along with two of his early poems.

$1 to Kenneth Anthony Warren 1250 Belle Avenue Lakewood OH 44107 24 pages, half standard

I'm not waiting
Issue 2
+A piece about that whole selling out thing; Alanis Morissette says she would like to live with a woman; interviews with the Panties and Tuskadero; beyond bisexuality; zine book, and record reviews.

$1 to Bussel 130 New Road #L-10 Parsippany NJ 07054 28 pages, half legal

If Prince Was My Girlfriend
Issue 1
If Prince was her girlfriend, they'd go to Meow Mix and be the envy of all the dykes. Rather than being a boring discography fanzine, this is all about being a prince fan. It's fun and hilarious. Interesting question raised -- was Prince's writing "slave" on his cheek inspired by Kathleen Hanna writing "slut" on her belly?
Web: http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Village/6680/
Email: amykel@sprynet.com

$2 to Amy K. 112 W. 15th St #3 NY NY 10011 56 pages, digest

In Cadence
Issue 1
The absurdity of the Christian religion illustrated by the song "Jesus loves even me"; Brock writes about his father, who teased him when he was a kid and cheated on Brock's mother; interviews with Alvin of the zine Ugly Boy and with the band Ghosty Grams; a manifesto; a call for people to write for a zine about dealing with mental illness; schools Brock went to; Brock writes about why he doesn't like the idea of same-sex marriage; customer hassles at the ice cream shop; outline of how an anarchist society would work.
Web page: http://www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/Park/8247/

$1+stamp/trade to Brock Po Box 11 Hayti SD 57241 24 pages, digest

Issue 6
This queer pagan zine features some interesting unearthings from the past -- an article on Lucian Alexander the False Prophet; an 18th century erotic masque (drama) called "The Triumph of Hercules"; a recipe for tofu mock baby for magical cannibalism; manifesto of U.G.L.I (United Glamour-free Les-bi-gay Individuals).

$1 or your firstborn to Infantile 16 Keystone Ave. Toronto On M4C 1H1 Canada 24 pages, half legal

Issue 6
In the future, Interbang is going to have a queer section, and Ben is looking for contributors. The zine also has stuff on punk, David Duke, copwatch, veganism, and more. http://members.tripod.com/~interbang/index.html
Email: binterbang@hotmail.com

$2 to Interbang Box 671 Ravenna OH 44266 48 pages, standard

Information about the films in Queer (S)punk, a film show at the Mix festival which Stephen Kent curated; Creamachine, an installation using 8mm porn films in the men's room at a movie theater; an email exchange with a punk guy; a reprint of a porn comic with a guy with a mohawk; RCalifornia MenS by William Burroughs; correspondence with German filmmakers Dom and Ben Redding; information on filmmaker G.B. Jones; reprints of articles on queer punk. Web Page: http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Lofts/1847 Email: skj@echonyc.com

$3/$5 overseas to Stephen Kent Jusick 23 E 10th St. Apt PHG NY NY 10003 44 pages, digest

Cough Syrup -- My Downfall
A new artist's book from the creator of "I Was the Pusher's Plaything."

$6 to c.topher sinkinson 2086 NW Kearney #7 Portland OR 97209 24 pages, Mini
May be viewed on the web at http://home.pacifier.com/~swallowp/books.html

Jailhouse Turn Out
Issue 1
A new zine from Tammy Rae who used to do "I (heart) Amy Carter." It has a manifesto about being out in public; a piece about Portia, who died of an AIDS-related illness; articles about abuse between women; Jeffery Kennedy writes about being a gay man with a lesbian sister, and how their family deals with them; pages on Aileen Wournos; an article about depression medication; excerpts from old books about lesbians in prison; learning to communicate with girlfrinds; Kaia writes about the Michigan Women's Music Festival, specifically the concept of "The Land." Email: tcarland@depauw.edu

$3/no trades to JTO/Tammy R Carland PO Box 3189 Durham NC 27715-3189 40 pages, digest

James White Review: A Gay Men's Literary Quarterly
Interview with Alan Hollinghurst; fiction by Kevin Esser, Glen Retief, and Norberto Luis Romero; essay by Bill Gordon about his therapist dying; there's also poetry, but I don't summarize poetry.

$4/$5 Canada to Box 3356 Traffic Station Mpls MN 55403 20 pages, tabloid

Jelli Comix
Issue 1
An anthology of "dykey" comics from all over, published out of Australia. The printing uses some color inks, including metalic silver. Cover art by G.B. Jones; Miriam English contributes computer-oriented comix; Katrin Kremler explores the portable phone as a sex toy; Bex Nioni demystifies leather (yes, it comes from animals!); Jimini contributes the story of the Stella expedition, a crew of intergalactic anarchofeminist cyberpunks; Cowgirl explores the moral quandry of piercing for animals; In Kaen Selby's Pulp Friction, a gay neighborhood is about to fall vicitim to the wrecking ball; Wolf draws strange creatures like the boreocrat; reprints of comix by Sarit and Fish; Irene Mulder illustrates lesbian sadomasochism; Karen Kinder contributes a wordless, surreal strip about a delivery person; back cover art by Marion Conrow. Web Page: http://www.cat.org.au/mags/rev-puss.htm Email: voltpuss@cat.org.au

$5 Australian to Jelli Comix (send email for ordering information) 36 pages, comic book

King of the Fairies
Issue 4-5
+Issue 4 of the fanzine devoted to queer Canadian fiddler Ashley MacIsaac comes complete with a portable shrine to Ashely. The zine has an Ashley doll on the cover; an essay titled "Understanding the Music Man: Anthropologizing Ashley"; marketing condoms, including a storyboard for a proposed condom spot featuring Ashley MacIsaac; memories of gay life in New Brunswick in the 1970s; the film "The Hanging Garden," in which Ashley appears and provides music. #5 discusses the media manipulation that publicists do; Ashley's dancing; dreams about Ashley; a memory of an experience with a whore named George.

$2 to Glendon McKinney 91 Sackville St Toronto Ont M5A 3E6 Canada 32 pages, digest

Kink: kinky queer grrly sexy
Issue 1-2
A little collection of interesting stuff on sex-related topics like Bob Flanagan, a shoe gag, that wacky Marine piercing ritual, a group of men into mud and other sloppy stuff with sex, and bearded ladeez. Issue 2 has stuff on watersports, a first sex experience, a Christian tract in which a kid spanks his dad, and a femme bitch top paperdoll. Email: charlotte@ylwde.demon.co.uk

$1 per issue to Kink 33 Romford Road Stratford, London E15 4LY UK 2 pages, oversized

Kiss Off
Issue 2
+I dunno, maybe there needs to be another review zine for zines that don't have queer content but want to get reviewed in Queer Zine Explosion anyway... This is a zine done by two self-described punk geeks, or riot nrrrds as it says on the cover. There's an interesting piece about a legal case which a company won against a native group in Alberta in which the group had got people to boycott the company but the judge said it was interference with economic relationships.

50 cents/trade to Kiss Off 26 Assiniboine Dr. Nepean ONT K2E 5R7 Canada 40 pages, digest

Kreme Koolers
Issue 4
A good piece on the tendency of punk of ripping off revolution for fashion; the problem with generalizing about middle-class people -- the generalizations are made about white American middle-class people, who aren't the only kind; fashion magazines that say to ruin your food so you don't want to eat it; run-ins with cops while shoplifting.

$1 to Keyan PO Box 2434 Olympia WA 98507 20 pages, digest

Leather Pride
vol 4 #6
Leather (that means S&M) event newsletter for the northwest United States. It seems that the motorcycle column is an ongoing feature, this time featuring motorcycle dancing (!?) Web Page: http://home.aol.com/lthrpride Email: lthrpride@aol.com

to Leather Pride 1202 E Pike St, Suite 707 Seattle WA 98122 16 pages, standard

Lettuce Be
Issue 3
The adventure of shopping for a vibrator; going to the psychiatric hospital; reactions to stupid statements like "you're too hot to be a riot grrrl"; "You're not allowed to grow up queer in suburbia," an examination of the propaganda that people are fed; a narrative of a queer boy surviving a suburban highschool.

$1? to Lettuce Be 7206 North Broad St Philadelphia PA 19126 28 pages, digest

Lezzie Smut
Issue 7
Advice column with dildo-buying tips; a photo spread of two leather-harnessed women on a rooftop; Q & A about sex; "Dirty Girl," an erotic story; Trash & Sleaze group photo shoot; a woman's lover sends her to a clinic to have her limits expanded; more erotic writing; photo spread involving sucking on a dildo; an article about porn videos; internet guide for electric perverts; reviews of zines. Email: lezzie@prometheus.digital-rain.com

$7 to Hey Grrrlz! Productions Box 364-1027 Davie St. Vancouver BC V6E 4L2 Canada 52 pages, standard

Magic America
Issue 0
Crappy millenium-inspired movies; thoughts on bisexuality; a crush list; revenge is dumb; making fun of Oasis; annoying features of an ex.

$2 to Magic America Box 20067 Ferndale MI 48220 32 pages, digest

The Mailbox: voices of men
A story about a childhood incident in which the guy a kid has his eye on blows up the family mailbox, leading the kid's father to spank the pepetrator.

$1 to P.D. Miles Box 38032 Greensboro NC 27438 12 pages, digest

vol 2 issue 1
A queer literary magazine from Stanford University. There's a story about a gay couple and a man who is a "Third Wheel" (as the piece is titled); a really nice piece about a woman's visit to a gay man in Cuba; a story about seeing a woman on the bus that reminds the narrator of her lover; there is also poetry, drawings, and photos. Web Page: http://www.stanford.edu/group/masque Email: lchu@leland.stanford.edu

$4.50 to Larry Chu Box 8265, Stanford University Stanford CA 94309-9303 40 pages, standard

Mattilda's Purse
Issue 1
Gay people who should be put back into the closet and have the key thrown away, like Andrew Sullivan and the Gay Rodeo people; a rant about Art and Understanding, the AIDS magazine with celebrity covers; a written conversation at a bar with a deaf guy; the whore's guide to Seattle hotels.

$2 to Mattilda Box 402024 Brooklyn NY 11240-2024 32 pages, digest

Mirage #4/PERIOD[ICAL]
Issue 72
*This poetry and prose magazine is edited by Kevin Killian and Dodie Bellamy. Cecilia Dougherty writes a poem about meeting Yvonne Rainer; Kristin Prevallet contributes about poem about the death of Princess Diana.

$3 to Killian/Bellamy 1020 Minna St SF CA 94103 18 pages, standard

Mixzine 96
Issue 1
Mix is the Lesbian and Gay Experimental Film Festival, which just celebrated its tenth anniversary. This zine presents documents from the history of the festival (posters, programs, correspondence from filmmakers, correspondence between festival organizers, etc.) Among the items are an annotated article by Bruce La Bruce from his early politically correct period, reprints of statements about homosexuality by Jonas Mekas from his Movie Journal; correspondence from Gregg Arakai and Todd Verow; comics by Eric Shanower, Jennifer Camper, David Kelly, and others; color photo section. Plenty of juicy info in this thick book. Email: skj@echonyc.com

$5 to Stephen Kent Jusick 23 E 10th St. Apt PHG NY NY 10003 184 pages, half legal

Muffmonsters on Prozac
Ruth's got a collaborator on the zine now, Terry, hence a subtitle "with Fagboys on Lozac." Contents include a rough guide for cyberqueer wannabes; dyke icon Xena; an anti-Andrew Sullivan article; a trip to Manhattan; Sister Rage and Nice Nun comic; an article on Lydia Lunch, and more. Web: http://www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/Heights/8234/zine.htm
Email: muffmonsters@hotmail.com

$2+postage to Ruth c/o Box 44 Belfast BT 1 N. Ireland 28 pages, Euro Standard

My Bloody Sister
Issue 3
This is the "Naughty Nursie" issue, and if you're wondering what that means, there's a list of definitions right up front. The zine contains drawings and collages with writing exploring playing doctor and the mysteries of the medical establishment.

$2 to Daughters of Houdini Box 40291 San Francisco CA 94140 28 pages, half legal

My Man Hit Me and it Felt Like a Kiss
Issue 1
This zine uncovers the queer undercurrents of country music. The first part of the zine is an expose of the life of country music star and underage transsexual prostitute Maybellean. At the end of the zine are excerpts from biographies of female country stars on topics such as lesbians.

$3 to My Man Hit Me and it Felt Like a Kiss 1740 N Maplewood 1W Chicago IL 60657 36 pages, digest

Nervous Energy
Issue 1
The UK Queer Zine List, a counterpart to Queer Zine Explosion with information about British-based queer zines.

$1/postage to c/o Sina PO Box 385A Surbiton Surrey KT6 7YJ UK 8 pages, Euro digest

New Uranian: Exploring the fine art of being queer
Issue 7
A big chunk of this issue is an editorial about such subjects as Stonewall 25 and an attempt at gay political organizing in Arizona. Plus an essay by Selena Anne Shepard/Andy Plump about feeling "quind of queer"; a poem by Edward Mycue; and the night Pansy Division deflowered Tucson. Email: jurig@bird.library.arizona.edu

$1 to New Uranian Box 42933 Tucson AZ 85733 16 pages, digest Free to prisoners.

Nice Animal
Issue 1
This is a zine of writing and art about male sexuality. Matt Handscombe's essay "Taking Sides" explores such topics as childhood exposure to pornography, finding a middle ground between the conservatives and radicals; RM Vaughan contributes the poem cycle "Cultivating Tornless Roses or 5 Conversations About Anal Sex." Plus more poetry, prose, photography, and art.

$2.50 to Fierce Little Engine PO Box 67539, RPO Spadina W. Toronto ON M5T 3B8 Canada 44 pages, standard

Noise Queen
+Prose and poetry by Anne Sevelius; editor Tim contributes a story about a Rush-Limbaugh-like homophobic talk show host and the gay conspiracy against him; the gay gene and the danger of eugenics; a hemp store is raided by the police; an article about Nico; zine and CD reviews. Web: http://www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/Castro/7507/ Email: noise_queen@hotmail.com

$2 to Tim Murphy 238 Glen Castle Road Kingston Ont K7M 4N8 Canada 16 pages, standard

Non Sono Sempre Cosi
Issue 1
Briar writes about dealing with the death of her mother; coming out and queer people sleeping with the opposite sex; popular misconceptions about Briar; crocheting scarves while watching over her mother.

to Briar Sauro 3rd Floor, 150 Columbus Ave Tuckahoe NY 10707-2507 20 pages, digest

Issue 17
Although the lesbian comix zine OH used to have a glossy cover, these days it's more zine-like. Lisa Maas draws a lesbian take on Betty and Veronica, while editor Hope contributes comix about her characters Agent Street and Tara King. Plus comix reviews and letters.

$4 to OH Box 41030, 5134 Cordova Bay Road Victoria B.C. V8Y 2KO Canada 32 pages, standard

Issue 7
Final issue of this zine -- but Matt will soon start a new project, Queercorps. A big focus of this issue (and Matt's future project) is queers in hip hop. There are interviews with queer people involved in making hip hop music. Also available is the previous issue, #6, which is an anthology of material from other hard-to-get queer zines. Web Page: http://www.sirius.com/~corps Email: corps@sirius.com

$3 to Outpunk Box 170501 SF CA 94117 48 pages, standard

Out Up North
vol 3 #1
A newsletter for the lesbian and gay community in Northern Wisconsin. Contents include perspectives on gay pride from a rural rather than an urban perspective, book and movie reviews, news items, and event announcements. Email: lrobmc@win.bright.net

stamps to Dee Tritus Box 695 Washburn WI 54891 14 pages, digest

Issue 2
Pamela is interested in ancient sacred sites -- there's an article based on a conference about them she went to; a piece by a bi woman dating a man; a piece about time: "We can transform Time into ANYTHING yet it seems the majority of us agree that turning time into money should be the focus of our lives;" a rant about the state of the planet. Email: paganda@interlog.com

$2 to Pamela Brown 209-437 Jarvis St. Toronto ON M4Y 2H1 Canada 24 pages, half legal

Parterre Box: The Queer Opera Zine
Issue 29
Most music zines, it seems are about that boring old standby, punk rock. Not this one -- it's devoted to opera. But it's hardly dry and stuffy -- while the knowledge is in-depth, there is also much humor. In this issue, a Spice Girl becomes an opera diva; open homosexuality in opera; operas based on Joan Crawford films (is this a spoof?); interview with actor/playwright Charles Busch. Web Page: http://www.anaserve.com/~parterre Email: jjorden@ix.netcom.com

$2 +SASE to James Jorden 174 West 76th St Apt 12-G NY NY 10023 36 pages, digest

Passion Brigade
Issue 13
Anarchist perspectives on gun control and fox hunting, two issues which the new British Labor government has been working on legislating; an essay about masculinity; the U.S. prison and legal system; review of Jeremy Seabrooks "Travels in the skin trade"; a first-person account, "How I ended up on the streets"; a legal case in which a man was put on trial for owning books with Jock Sturges and Sally Mann's photographs of nude children; conflicts between the Muslim and homo/bi/trans communities.

$2 cash/60p to Passion Brigade BM Box 207 London WC1N 3XX UK 28 pages, Euro digest

Issue 1
Transcript of a roundtable discussion with Kathleen and Tobi from Bikini Kill and Jody and Marci from Team Dresch; work stories from Kinkos; an interview about a cooperative studio/performance space; zine reviews.

to Matt Obert 350 Webster Ave Cranston RI 02920 20 pages, half legal

Penatrated Pork
Issue 2
Jean-Paul responds to Bill Clinton's call for national service -- and Jean-Paul should know, since he's worked as a caregiver for people with AIDS and in a homeless shelter. The issue includes writing by other people who worked with Jean-Paul in Ameri-corp; there is also a piece by Vernon Maulsby about the experience of transphobia.

$1 to Jean-Paul Page 797 Oconee St Athens GA 30605 28 pages, standard

Issue 1
Doggies and kitties are the subject here, with contributions from a whole bunch of people, including several pieces that have a queer slant. Email: gfrise@oise.on.ca

$5 to Petzine 401 Richmond St West Suite #358 Toronto Ont M5V 3A8 Canada 67 pages, standard

Pink Noise
Issue 14
Here's the place to get all your queer political info. Act Up communiques, Green Party politics, the Labor Party (a U.S. one), Youth Pride Day, and more.

$1 to Pink Noise Box 57370 Washington DC 20036 8 pages, standard

Queer Dream comic
Issue 1
Comic from Saro of SHME. Send age statement of age 18.

$2 to SHME 1516 W Byron Chicago IL 60613

This little art book with poems by Elissa Joy has three doll eyes staring through holes drilled in the pages, and a boy-fairy on the cover with a dress made of actual fabric. Web Page: http://www.interlog.com/~ian/ Email: ian@interlog.com

$15 to Pas de chance Box 6704, Station "A" Toronto Ontario M5W 1X5 Canada 40 pages, digest

Issue 27
Italian queer magazine, with some articles in English. Feature articles on queer cinema; gay life in Florence in the '50s and '60s.

$4? to c/o Arci Gay/Arci Lesbica Via S. Zaonbi, 54/r Fierenze 50100 Italy 36 pages, digest

The Racer-X Diaries
Issue 1
A zine in the form of a series of diary entries. There's also a chapter from Racer-X's novel about two highschool girls who are exploring their sexuality. Also, Racer-X is interested in mail art -- send a collage using a photo of a toilet.

to Racer-X 2610 White Oak Houston TX 77009 16 pages, half legal

Rebel Fux
Issue 1-6
Little booklets with collages and text featuring people like Emma Goldman, David Wojnarowicz, Baudelaire, Kathy Acker, etc. Email: rebelfux@aol.com

free to Kate Huh 18 First Ave #15 NY NY 10009 16 pages, Mini

Red Hanky Panky
Issue 5
Rachael's comics about bi life never fail to amuse and enlighten. There's something kind of zen about comics like the one where Rachael goes around her house looking for heterosexuals and not finding any. Other comics include "What to look out for at Pride" and a couple in which Rachael wonders if she will ever regret having tattoos or a vagina.

$2/£1/trade to Rachael House, 7 The Old School Buildings,
St. Clements Yard, Archdale Road,
East Dulwich SE22 9HP, UK.
36 pages, Euro Standard

RFD: A Country Journal For Queer Folk
Issue 91
RFD is the prime source for radical faerie information. In this issue, Reynardine writes about faggot spirituality; an erotic gardening story; fashion photos; a report from a direct action to save forests; being queer in an "Intentional Community"; love note for Allen Ginsberg; prisoner penpal ads; contact letters. Subscriptions for prisoners and PWAs are $10.

$6.50 to RFD Box 68 Liberty TN 37095 84 pages, standard

Ring of Fire: a zine on lesbian sexuality
Issue 1
First time getting drunk in New Orleans; diary entries about developing an interest in S/M; classic coming-of-age lesbian novels; oral sex and HIV; overcoming discomfort with Toys in Babeland; masturbating with the bathtub; lesbian sexual abuse.

2 stamps to Hillary Russian PO Box 22824 Seattle WA 98122-0824 60 pages, Mini

Issue 1-3
This is a really great zine done by Chris from Dirty and Bard, who's done stuff like Tattooed Love Boys. It's about calling into question many of the assumptions of mainstream gay culture. Chris writes about "banjee" which is a male sexuality which is available to men, but not "gay." Bard writes about stuff like the marketing of gay magazines, and in issue 2 he interviews Anonymous Boy, the artist whose work was featured in the primal queer zine JDs and who did the animated video Green Pubes. #3 has a piece by Chris about rumors of gays in hip hop, and Bard writes about queers on TV (The Da Da Da boys, Ellen, and Xena) and his Selected Gay Lives. Web Page: http://home.earthlink.net/~cbardcole Email: riotboyyy@aol.com

$4 to Chris Leslie PO Box 1697 Ny NY 10009 40 pages, digest

Issue 5
An interview with Suzanne Vega; an excerpt from a play about a talk show; a dream narrative; Combustible Edison interview.

$1 to Christopher Box 383 Bayport MN 55003 24 pages, digest

Salivation Army
Issue 6
This is a queer pagan nomad punk zine. Germ warfare courtesy Uncle Bill; thoughts about the commercial crap that passes for culture from Pamela of Paganda; a rant about technology and why Salivation Army isn't becoming an e-zine; Burning Man; making your own porn as a revolutionary act; an essay about occulture; "Never Trust a Christian" propagana-art; sexual teleology; taking a week's vacation from beauty; "bi's dykes and fags" comic by Rachael House.

$2 to c/o Fierce Little Engine PO Box 67539, RPO Spadina Ave, West Toronto ON M5T 3B8 28 pages, digest

Seasonal Thought Process
Issue 1
Joe writes about growing up in the Southern Baptist Church, figuring out he was gay, and getting disillusioned with the church. Also, a letter to a church official asking to be removed from their membership list. Also in this issue: "Why Marvel Comics is a big joke"; different types of annoying radio DJs; a rant saying that people should cook at home; getting annoyed with the blame-the-victim mentality common in New Age; sabotage in the workplace because of a homophobic and racist boss.

$3 to Joe Horne PO Box 500513 Atlanta GA 30350 18 pages, standard

Skyjack: For gay people who fly
Issue 11
This is a zine for gay fans of air travel. I suppose if there was a gay airline, Skyjack would have to be its in-flight magazine. Features include a piece on the futuristic air hostesses of The Fifth Element; the renaming of Houston's airport to honor George Bush; sharing a flight with Patty Hearst, and more. Email: chesnutair@aol.com

$3 to Skyjack Box 66268 Houston TX 77266

Issue 4
AIDS: A Government Experiment; Church and State comic features queer terrorists; webpage reviews; the Sneer guide to ordering pizza; a queer rant. Web Page: http://www.sneerzine.com Email: sneer69@aol.com

$2 to Sneer Box 32711 Kansas City MO 64171 20 pages, standard

Solanas Supplement to DWAN
Issue 2
More information about the woman who shot Andy Warhol, including an interview with director Mary Harron, bibliographical information on Solanas, and a letter from Lisa B. Falour about the Warhol crowd. Web Page: http://www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/Village/6982/ Email: dwanzine@hotmail.com

$2 to Donny Smith Box 411 Swarthmore PA 19081-0411 20 pages, digest Free to prisoners. (out of print, see website.)

Sot el khawal
Issue 1
This is a zine about being arab and queer. Ghalib writes about his background (he's Palestinian, born in Kuwait and lived in Jordan for 4 years); "even though i am an arab", a list dispelling a few myths; seeing racist graffiti in a bathroom; the war in America: AIDS; Arab stereotypes in Disney's Alladin; differences between Arab and American humor. Email: gmeF94@hamp.hampshire.edu

$1 to Ghalib El-khalidi Box 407, Hampshire College Amherst MA 01002 16 pages, digest

Speed Demon
Issue 9
Huge issue of this Italian-lanuage queer zine. Contents include a project for an Italian lesbian guide; an interview with Pansy Division; an article on the Turn & Milan gay and lesbian film festivals; an article about the writer Sapphire; an interview with the Roman all female punk band Fuckin' Barbies, which has two dykes in it; an article on homosexuality in sports; an article on homosexuality in manga; interview with musican Lenny Scolletta; article on French all female band Mafucage, with 3 dykes in it; interview with poet Trebor Healy; article on lesbian beminism; an article on the band The Dicks; interview with Linda Perry; films with homosexual themes; music and zine reviews. Comes with 17 Plastic Horses, a fetish zine about men's legs and feet. Email: cmolina@micronet.it

$5 to Speed Demon Box 44/A P.ZA San Babila 4/D 20122 Milano Italy 80 pages, Euro Standard

Spontaneously Combustable
Issue 3
Fake ad for gay bar colorforms; working a phone selling job; sick gay joke starring Hitler; mock interview with the author of Blacks are from Mercury, Whites are from Jupiter; humorous dialog of some homophobes.

$1 + a stamp or trade to Kevin Joy PO Box 284 Eastpointe MI 48021 36 pages, digest

Square Peg
Issue 2
Reprint of stuff from Free to Fight; essay that starts "how could people be so ashamed of living with or being related to a lesbian woman or gay man?"; reprint from Listen Up by Nomy Lamm about fat oppression, feminism, and punk; interview with VSS; sexual harassment; found writing by Kathleen Hanna.

to Lisa Eggers Box 493 Cardiff CA 92007 32 pages, standard

Issue 1
Starlettre is a French gay and lesbian group. The text is in French, Spanish, and English. This sample issue includes reports on gay-related human rights incidents in various countries (Mexico, Turkey, and Romania.)

IRC to c/o MAB 37 rue Burdeau 69001 Lyon France 4 pages, digest

Straight to Hell
Issue 63
The long-running journal of true sexual adventure returns with more tales of homosexual consumation, profusely illustrated with photographs of physical specimens of male sexual arrousal. No doubt the interested reader will derive many hours of stimulation therefrom. Web Page: http://www.postfun.com/academy/

$4 to STH Box 20424 NY NY 10023 52 pages, digest

Issue 7
Women's sexuality and the Muslim and Catholic religions; interview with Cypher in the Snow; a manifesto against media-promoted Generation X apathy; selling out; labels like "queer"; highschool homophobia; the butch/femme thing; piece about the allegation that Jux of Punks with Presses is a rapist; pictures from A John Waters Xmas; letters calling Ceci on a classist statement she made in a past issue; coming out to dad; an article about menstruation; interview with zinester Kristy Chan; interview with Heather Matarazzo, star of Welcome to the Dollhouse. With this you get The Ever Fabulous Queen Zine. Email: astrogrrl@aol.com

$2 to Ceci Moss 521 Golden Gate Ave Point Richmond CA 94801 68 pages, half legal

Issue 1-4
+This zine has an article about how to start a band, which Abe knows from experience since he has a band called Fagatron (you can get their tape for $2). Also, an interview with a bisexual woman; things heard from heteros ("everything you talk about is fag fag fag") and homos ("women are so gross, I can't see why boys even touch them"); slipping in practicing safe sex; how to get along with straight people. #2 has a cartoon about dealing with a heckler at a Fagatron show; a bass-playing manifesto; self-mutilation; the sociology of frat boys. #4 has the story of Fagatron's tour to Minneapolis and Columbia, MO; an interview with Christopher Becerra, formerly of the zine WAD; a kid getting attacked at highschool for being gay; Fagatron opens for Pansy Division.

stamps to Abe Miner 4711 S. 43rd St Lincoln NE 68516 12 pages, digest

Tawdry Times
Issue 3
There's 80 pages of writing in this zine, and it's nearly all sex. Talk about bang for your buck. A lot of is it growing up stories, including when B.J.'s dad taught him to jerk off.

$4 to B.J. Buckley PO Box 420875 SF CA 94142-0875 82 pages, standard

Teen Fag
Issue 6
*This issue reprints material from early issues of the zine, including an interview about bathhouses; a memoir of attempted suicide; interviews with people who placed personal ads; Roberta Gregory interview; article on Frances Farmer.

$3 cash/$3.50 Canada/ $5 world to Chow Chow Productions Box 20204 Seattle WA 98102 40 pages, standard

Issue 13
TeenMom turns 13 (issues, that is), so naturally it's time for a Bar Mitzvah. The history of Whoopi Goldberg (you won't read the facts in this article anywhere else); voyeurism in the TeenMom community; Betsy Ross, our nation's first TeenMom; Jonathan Taylor Thomas' all-male Bar Mitzvah; 13 Bar Mitzvah boys to watch for, with their favorites, turn-ons, and turn-offs listed; how to score with a Bar Mitzvah boy; teen divorce; Dr. Henry Foster, C Everett Koop, and other members of the National Campaign to Promote Teen Pregnancy meet; half-naked photos of Olympic athletes from sports like leapfrog and jarts; a list of people early in their careers but already annoying, like Liv Tyler. Web Page: http://www.pform.com/teenmom/teenmom.html Email: teenmom@aol.com

$3 to TeenMom 2211 N Cahuenga #306 LA CA 90068 24 pages, standard

Tennis and Violins
Issue 1
A creepy letter from a guy who runs a mail-order bride business; thoughts on "fake queers"; interviews with Ceci Moss of Suburbia zine and Matt Wobensmith of Outpunk; growing up near a papermill; racism and internalized racism; thoughts on class; photos from the Dirtybird queercore festival. Kristy also does Riot Grrrl Review, a contact listing zine and is putting together an anthology of writing and art by Asian people. Riot Grrrl Review web site: http://www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/9352 Email: rdysetgo@hotmail.com

50 cents to Kristy (new address:) USF 30334, 4202 E. Fowler Ave., Tampa, FL 33620-3033 56 pages, Mini

Issue 1
A collection of stories, poems, and comics from various writers. In "The T-Word," a guy is defended from a bully by a transsexual; "Giri" is about a young man in a Japanese prison; in an untitled story by Minnie, a transsexual has to deal with a woman who recognizes her from before her transition. Also available are issues of Retro. Issue 3 (1 IRC) is about Mike's recently deceased father; Issue 4 (3 IRCs, including a tape) is about the singer Martika; Issue 5 (3 IRCs, also with a tape) covers various topics.

2 IRCs to Mike Coleman 18 Sunningdale Avenue Sale Cheshire M33 2PH 8 pages, Euro digest

The Tidewater Times
Nov/Dec 97
Newletter of the Tidewater Bears, a social group in Southeastern Virginia.

$1.50 to The Tidewater Times Box 2241 Newport News VA 23609 8 pages, standard

+The Autonomous Operational Cell is a group who are producing a series of one-off events. AOC Manifeso; interview with an equesterian club kid; the AOC's deceased patroness; Justin Bond, performing as Kiki gets kicked at Madonna's birthday party.

$2/£1? to Autonomous Operational Cell PO Box 17220 London SE17 3ZS UK 20 pages, digest

Ultra Violet
Issue 4
The Dorian Gray syndrome and older gay men; a big old nasty crush; a travel diary of Italy; interview with Ira Sachs, director of The Delta; interview with Jim Harrington about gay life in Chicago in the 50s; satriric pieces on how to grow old gracefully and how to spend your youth; essay on Cunanan.

$1 to Ultra Violet Box 41074 Memphis TN 38174-1074 16 pages, tabloid

Unapologetic: The Journal of Irresponsible Gender
Issue 1
+Great new zine from a transsexual punk persepctive. Comic about a gay "daddy" who straps on a leather clit and has his "boy" suck it; a diary of the Sister Subverter women's gathering; the band Bitchhips; M2B transsexuals -- male to butch-identified lesbian; scenario for Transexual!: a horror movie; comic about being a bike messenger and getting hit on by a straight boy messenger; privacy and class issues; TransPunk Manifesto. Email: aloe@genderweb.org

$2 cash, no checks to J. McGeehan 3712 N. Broadway #564 Chicago IL 60613

Issue 1
Charlotte Cooper, who also does the zine Kink, did this one-off zine about the dead fashion mogul, and of course also the gay serial killer who offed him. Email: beefergrrl@hotmail.com
Web: Charlottecooper.net
$1 per issue to Versace 33 Romford Road Stratford, London E15 4LY UK 2 pages, oversized

The V Files
Issue 22
This is the official zine of London's queer indie nightspot Club V. How these people manage to put on a club twice monthly and also put out nearly two dozen issues of this zine is beyond me. This issue has articles on gay pride; an interview with British queer band Mouthfull; a report on the Glastonbury festival; reviews of shows by Lou Reed, Stereolab, and Minty (who are still carrying on without Leigh Bowery); review of indie music night at a sex club (just imagine a guy getting fisted to "Boys don't cry"); a trip to Spain; Charlotte Cooper and Mona visit the rock wax museum. Email: neilward@dircon.co.uk

£2 to The V Files Box 7984 London SE13 7XR 40 pages, Euro digest

Issue 5
+Interview by Donny Smith of Dwan with Jill Nagle, author of "Whores and other feminists"; a piece about people freighthopping; getting called on a sexist statement by a three-year-old daughter; an article on racism; Titantic sparks a realization about the preciousness of life.

$2/£1 to Sarah Manvel 1905 Sands Drive Annapolis MD 21401 40 pages, digest

Issue 9-10
*A publication on queer tantra, paganism, magick, and so on. #9 has the first in a series of articles on travels in Queer Asia, an article on Malaysia by Ganapati Durgadas; a review of Cassell's Encyclopedia of Queer Myth, Symbol and Spirit; finding tantra on the web. #10 has the second of the travel articles, this time on India, an article on Skanda, the magikal Heat; an article on Internet Relay Chat. Email: abrapubs@aol.com

$3.50 to Abrasax Publications Box 1219 Corpus Christi TX 78403-1219 16 pages, standard