Queer Zine Explosion 16

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This list has the zine reviews from Queer Zine Explosion #16, compiled in November 1998. Some of these reviews also appeared in issues of Factsheet Five. This is a version of this file that just has new zines since QZE #15, which was published in March 1998. This is the revised version.

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Here are some Corrections to QZE 16. If you have the paper edition of QZE, check here for the corrections.

The paper version of QZE also has book reviews and music reviews and a zine primer and a list of Non-queer-specific zine resources which can be found by following those links. (these resources will be updated soon.)

Zines with a "+" at the beginning of the description are ones that are reviewed for the first time in this Queer Zine Explosion.

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17 P.H.
Issue 1
+A fetish zine about male legs and feet. The text is in Italian, but the photos of men's feet require no translation.

$5/Lit. 6.000 (postage included) to 17 P.H. Box 443/A P.ZA San Babila 4/D 20122 Milano Italy 24 pages, digest

Issue 1
+This zine is apparently a document of a queer anarchist group from London also called AnarQuist. There is info here about some of the stuff AnarQuist has done, like hosting a couple rooms at a sex party. There's pieces about topics such as resisting mainstream commercial gay culture, a protest of a showing of Leni Riefenstal's Olympia at a gay film festival, and transsexuality. There's a comic about getting repeatedly evicted while trying to squat.

$?/£? to AnarQuist c/o 121 Railton Rd London SE24 OLR UK 44 pages, standard

Issue 21
*Another annual issue of this French-language queer zine. Reviews of queer music and zines; gay news items from many countries. Cover art and other illustrations by Anonymous Boy. Web page: http://www.multimania.com/lesgaybb/pages/androzine/INDEX.html

$4 cash to B. Peuportier BP 192 75673 Paris Cedex 13 France 38 pages, Euro Standard

Anonymous Boy Collection
Issue 6
Drawings by Anonymous Boy, who got his start in the influential queer zine JDs. Nude slammin', a shower scene, a guy with zippers all over his clothes, and more.

$1 to Tony Arena 321 West 16th St #2W NY NY 10011 12 pages, standard

As I Breeze Through
Issue 6
A range of short pieces on a variety of subjects in this zine. Diary entry from a trip to Europe; a guide to European style toilets; graffiti art; De Stijl-influenced chairs; getting Suede tickets; review of Brown-Star's gay pride weekend show; meeting Phranc; losing a suitcase full of CDs on the way back from Europe; show reviews of the Cardigans, Suede, the Breeders, and Josephine Wiggs; gay and lesbian culture and butch lesbian identity; short profile of sculptor Louise Nevelson. Email: fredmail@hotmail.com

$2 to As I Breeze Through box 516 Ripon CA 95366 24 pages, half standard

The Assassin and the Whiner
Issue 9
*Carrie writes and draws comics about her life. Carrie reflects on her father's alcoholism and her own; Carrie has a conversation with her mom, who still hopes Carrie will get over her homosexuality; Carrie misses out on a robbery by paying cash; the family Christmas thing, when Carrie's dad gives her a bible and lectures her about the evils of homosexuality; Carrie's happy and in love; a pet-sitting disaster.

$1 to Carrie Box 963 Havre de Grace MD 21078 16 pages, digest

Issue 2
A new comic by Moby, creator of Down and Out in Berkeley. Instead of a focus on the homeless like in his old comic, this one is about people who have a home - a communal house, to be exact. This issue is about a house meeting in which all the various residents argue with each other. It's all very vivid and real, and it's one of my favorite comics.

$4 to Mike Moby Theobald 2425b Channing Way #666 Berkeley CA 94704

Issue 13
+Fan Club publication for the B-52's (you know, the band.) An interview with band member Keith, a feature on the rare Japanese Snakeman Show LP, photos, and more band info. Wacky 5x17 inch format with da-glo ink on the cover.

$3 to B-Hive Loring Box 50126 Minneapolis MN 55405 12 pages, oversized

Baby Sue
vol 6 #4
*Offensive humor comics zine. Billy and Barney Beaver celebrate diversity; further adventures of a yard sale rater; shitting in public; why kids kill; black ladies, jesus, and of course Baby Sue herself. Web Page: http://www.babysue.com Email: babysue@babysue.com

$3 to Baby Sue Box 8989 Atlanta GA 30306-8989 32 pages, standard

Bamboo Girl
Issue 7
*Another jam-packed issue of this asian women's zine. Big feature on mental illness among Asians, including a list of resources and medical article citations; an interview with DJ Rekha Malhotra, who runs the club Basement Bhangra; a travelogue of a trip to the Philippines; interview with Karen Maeda Allman, who was in the 1980s punk band Conflict from Arizona, which Donna Dresch cites as an influence; interview with Rona Ballesteros Taylor, a theatrical director who is Black and Pinay; plus many other features pointing out cool or fucked-up things.
Web page: http://www.bamboogirl.com/
Email: bamboogirl@aol.com

$3 to Sabrina Box 507 NY NY 10159-0507 84 pages, standard

Batteries Not Included
vol 5 #11
*A publication of writing about porn. There's a review of a biography of Victoria Woodhull, "Other Powers" by Barbara Goldsmith -- Woodhull was a 19th century advocate of free love, and the book sounds fascinating. Cleis press is calling for input from people with disibilities for a sex-positive resource guide for people living with disabilities. There's an excerpt about working as a submissive from Lisa Falour's forthcoming autobiography. Mykel Board writes about the dearth of bisexual porn, and reviews some bi films. An Annie Sprinkle Filmography. And some articles about het porn. Email: bni@aol.com

$3/$4 foreign to Richard Freeman 130 West Limestone St Yellow Springs OH 45387 12 pages, standard

Black Sheets
Issue 14
*This is the second issue that's had the theme "Damn Bisexuals!" Editor Bill Brent contribute an editorial about the lip service gays give to diversity and the dynamics of pansexual sex play parties; letters of response to their "Unsafe" issue; article on queer life in India (originally published in Zibaq); a talk with mom about sexuality; two guys look at computer porn together and it leads to other things; review of zappy electrical sex toys; "Husbands," a story about two women who are looking for companionship; Carol Queen on the question "Are bisexuals kinkier than everyone else?"; A daddy writes to a boy who was born a girl; a man who's mostly been with men writes about sex with women; Johanne Blank writes about fat people and sex; having a relationship with an intersexed person leads to the question of if even the word "bisexual" is adequate. Web Page: http://www.blackbooks.com Email: blacksheets@blackbooks.com

$6 U.S./$8 Canada /$10 elsewhere to The Black Book Box 31155 SF CA 94131 52 pages, standard Age statement required.

Carpathian Quarterly Magazine
+This publication contains stories about vampires of a particular kind called Carpathians. They are hermaphroditic. The vampire erotica stories in the magazines the society publishes include gay, lesbian, and a few straight themes.

$4 to Carpathian Quarterly Magazine 1209#A West Main St J.C. MO 65109-1354 (address may not be current.) 24 pages, standard

Catfood in my sock
Issue 1
+Some anti-poems; band interview with Matramuta; interview with Richard Watts, DJ and editor of the queer zine Burning Times; band interview with Healthy; comic adventures of Ben the Fag; getting attacked by a homophobic bird; band interview with Resistica; horror movie news; zine and CD reviews

free (trade or send $ for postage) to Andrew Box 3141 Broadmeadows Vic 3047 Australia 22 pages, standard

Celebrate the Self: The Magazine of Solo Sex
Nov/Dec '98
*This is a magazine about masturbation, something everyone does. It's mostly about male masturbation, though there is a review of a Betty Dodson video. There's a feature article about library censorship, including internet censorship. Readers suggest solo sex techniques, and there is health information, anecdotes, reviews, and more. Web Page: factorpress@zebra.net

$2.95 to Factor Press Box 8888 Mobile AL 36689 32 pages, standard

Coughing Up Legoman
Issue 4-5
*#4: Diary of a trip to Melbourne; "I want to fuck Henry Rollins"; equalising the age of consent for homosexual men; Australia kicks a Black Panther out of the country; not leading a double life and pretending to be Str8; lists of various queer stuff. #5: a woman talks about being bi; protests against the police; a history of Queer; anti-McDonald's info; Doof dance parties; Oms Not Bombs movement; organizing to stop a uranium mine at Jabiluka; Chris writes about how the punk scene has to keep evolving to be relevant to kids; a report from San Francisco of punk/anarchist stuff; anti-gentrification article; Reclaims the Streets events; anti-Olympics info (the 2000 Olympics will be in Sydney); police crackdowns on kids; public transport weirdness; music and zine reviews.

$3 to Chris Po Box 530 West Ryde NSW 2114 Australia 68 pages, digest

Crossroads: Supporting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Youth
Winter 1998
+Newsletter produced by the National Youth Advocay Coalition. Information about the costs queer youth activists have to pay; a discussion about class issues; a warning not to call the Youth Crisis Hotline of San Diego which offers referrals to ex-gay ministries; financial hardships of queer youth; report on NYAC's First Annual Summit, where 200 youth and adults discussed GLBT youth issues; GLBT youth info on the net; private funding for GLBT youth; healthcare issues for transgender youth; the film It's Elementary: Talking about Gay issues in School.

free/donation to National Youth Advocacy Coalition 1711 Connecticut Ave NW Washington DC 20009 20 pages, standard

Crush Zine
Issue 7
+A zine with lots of comics, edited by Carrie of The Assassin and the Whiner, from a variety of contributors, on the subject of crushes.

$1 to Carrie Box 481051 LA CA 90048 64 pages, digest

Death Camp
Issue 20
+This is an AIDS dissident publication. There is a comparison made between doctors diagnosing people with HIV (which according to this view does not actually exist) to doctors in concentration camps chosing who is to die. There is also a series of quotes from philosophers and other writers about totalitarianism.

(Underground publication - address unavailable) 17 pages, standard

Dick/Brain News: for men with both
Issue 5
*An article by the late Scott O'Hara about his bad experience with the producers of the play Making Porn; Richard Berkowitz, coauthor with Michael Callen and Dr. Joseph Sonnabend of the original safe sex manifesto, How to Have Sex in an Epidemic, writes about safe sex; bathhouse and sex club closures; Geoffrey Karen Dior writes about the dangers of mixing recreational drugs with AIDS drugs; an article against bareback sex which points out all the lovely opportunistic infections associated with AIDS. Web Page: http://www.gaywired.com/oboy Email: oboys123@aol.com

to Dick/Brain News PO Box 29879d LA CA 90029 16 pages, standard

Issue 10
*Sure, the sex stories and nude photos in Dirty will get you off, but there's more to it than that. Chris offers some comment on getting hassled by the police, the future of computers and privacy, a followup to the article on gay in rap in the last issue, and the supposed "gang problem" in New York.There's photos of guys from a Latio Fan Club video and a skinny white guy with sideburns. The fiction section includes an article about a guy who has sex with his frat brother; a story about picking up a guy who likes getting beat up; Chris continues his story about Macho and Joey. Plus personal ads. Web Page: http://www.banjee.com Email: riotboyyy@aol.com

$3.75 to Chris Leslie Box 1697 NY NY 10009 24 pages, digest Age statement required.

Dirty Tricks
Issue 2
+ A rant against mainstream gay culture; getting thrown in jail (fortunately the charges were dropped); lots more personal rants. Plus nice horror movie graphics.

£1+postage to Tommy, 66 Cathnor Rd, Shepherds Bush, London W12 9JA UK 40 pages, digest

Issue 24
*The pages of this issue alternate between entries from Donny's diary going back to 1982 and poetry. The journal entries range from when Donny was first coming out to recent events in his life. The poetry includes translations from Greek and poems in Spanish, as well as English language poems. There's also a letter from Lisa Falour touching on some of her same-sex experiences. Web Page: http://www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/Village/6982/ Email: dwanzine@hotmail.com

$2/free to prisoners to Donny Smith Box 411 Swarthmore PA 19081-0411 32 pages, digest Free to prisoners.

Issue 12
+This issue focuses on religion, with articles by several different people about religion, including one by Kate Cooties about Christian homophobia. There's also an interview with Chloe of the Portland zine store Reading Frenzy, interviews with the bands Smart Went Crazy and Roadside Monument, band photos, and reviews. Email: pressure@spiritone.com

$2 to Jerod Bogli 7622 SE 36th Ave Portland OR 97202 48 pages, standard

Issue 17
*This issue's theme is "transformation," and one of the transformations seems to be REB's exploring being ex-boyfriends with Collin, who's still a big part of his life, though he's now moved away. There's a story about meeting fishboy in an aquatic club; an excerpt from a novella in progress alled "The Boy with the Invisible Heart"; astrological photo portraits; eulogy for Scott O'Hara; plus poetry and lots of photos, some in color, many featuring the nude male body.

$5 to Fanorama c/o REB, 109 Arnold Avenue Cranston, RI 02905. 56 pages, half legal Free to prisoners.

Issue 40
*Mostly this issue is a review of a John Cale concert. Carol also offers a synopsis of recent events in her life, and some favorite recent CDs.

stamps to Feedback 619 N. Magnolia Lansing MI 48912 6 pages, standard

Gay Black Female
Issue 76
+Article on the singer Medusa; lesbians of color in the workplace; an erotic story called "I Said Lick It!"; article on polyfidelity; a reinterpretation of greek myth in which Athena is jealous of Medusa; facts on sexually transmitted diseases; a true story of meeting a soulmate on-line; advice column; personal ads; article on people who play games and are dishonest.

$2 to GBF 6312 Hollywood Blvd #23 Hollywood CA 90028 40 pages, digest

Issue 9
*A discussion of the etymology of the word "faggot"; article on the 1997 Yo-yo a go-go music festival, with interviews of The Need and Behead the Prophet; an essay on queerness in Russ Meyer films; an experimental piece based on Australian anti-paedophilia campaigns; the lesbian following of performers at the Lilith Fair; a piece about the charges of sodomy leveled against the former Zimbabwean president; zine and web reviews. Also available is a free poetry chapbook by Tony Leuzzi, Dream Lessons of the Mouth.
Web Page: (no longer works)
Email: gerbilzine@aol.com

$3/$3.50 int'l to Gerbil Box 10692 Rochester NY 14610 32 pages, half legal

Issue 3
*Mini-comic with bits about Groc and his friend Helga, a lager-swilling lesbian guinea pig.
Web Page: http://www.grock.org.uk/
16 pages, Mini

Girl Cult: Girlkulturzine
vol 2 #1
*Things Joan learned on her trip to Spain; information on breast exams; a story about a highschool guy who discovers his homosexuality; skincare tips; y-front underwear; an erotic story about two women; Bondage Barbie coloring contest; An open letter from the new queer radicals from Scott of Salivation Army zine.

$2 to Joannie 48 Craig St. London N6C 1E8 Canada 32 pages, half legal

issue 7
* This excellent zine with a focus on comix by women has a new issue. Web: http://www.slab-o-concrete.demon.co.uk/girl.htm

6.50? pounds to Erica Smith Box 148 Hove, East Sussex

Girlhero Report
+Megan Kelso of Girlhero comics reports on what she's been up to lately. There's going to be a book called "Queen of the Black Black" (available for $10 in the US, $15 overseas), a little comic called "Angieland" for Slab-O-Concrete, and she's doing a long story for Highwater's anthology Coober Skeber.

stamp to Highwater Books PO Box 1956 Cambridge MA 02238 2 pages, tabloid

Girly: Transgender Zine
Issue 10-11
*Looking for stuff on Varla Jean Merman, Patty Hearst, Bernadine Dohrn and the Weather Underground on the internet and finding practically nothing; seven principles of Girly Transgender Mayhem; the book "Boobs, Boys and High Heels"; Barbie dolls, Patti Smith, and Yoko Ono; Luis' Tranny Guide to Drugs; the film Franchesca Page, which has Varla Jean Merman and Rossi de Palma in it; Israeli transsexual singer Dana International reprents Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest. #11: Leigh Bowery; the Lana Turner murder case; the question of realness; review of the Bob Flanagan movie Sick, and more. Web: http://www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/Park/3355/
Email: museum@popmail.com

$1 to Mona 33 Romford Rd, Stratford London E15 4LY UK 2 pages, Irregular

Issue 2
+The question of what is art; a questionaire with answers from Sharon Topper and Daria of God-co, all the members of Pansy Division, and G. B. Jones; a lesson in masturbation for females; sex toy review; before and after makeover pictures; article about hypocritical gay men who don't treat women well; people who don't write back to rural people; pix of Carrie Brownstein and an imposter.

$1.50 + 2 stamps to Gorgeous RD 1 Box 1074 Russel PA 16345 18 pages, standard

Heavy Girl
Issue 1
The zine kicks off with an editorial which notes the lack of fat girls and women in pop culture. There is much art (including covers) by Fiona Smyth. There's a piece by a man who's on the subway with his formerly chubby ex-girlfriend and sees a big woman he's more attracted to; a fake ad pitch for Bally Fat Chicks weight gain centers; what Roseanne gave us; poem to a big butch; an invitation to the Heavy Girl Salon. Email: hgirl@sympatico.ca

$3 to Heavy Girl 2490 St. Clair Ave W #307 Toronto Ont M6N 5B1 26 pages, standard

Holy Titclamps
Issue 16
*OK, it's my own zine, but I may as well list the contents. Interview with men who knew Valerie Solanas by Donny Smith of DWAN; comics by Rachael House, Nick Leonard, Robert Triptow, and Rob Kirby; a childhood memoir by Michael Layne Heath; art by Andy Baird, Duncan, and Devra Polack; article on obscure books by Brian Bouldrey; interview with Tomata du Plenty of the Screamers by Larry-bob; an appreciation of William Burroughs by C.A. Schneck; illustrated stories of gay lives by C. Bard Cole; Visitation Ramble by Owen Keehnen; rediscovered writers, musicians and artists by Larry-bob; top 10 lists. Web Page: http://www.prismnet.com/~larrybob Email: larrybob@prismnet.com

$3 to Holy Titclamps Box 590488 SF CA 94159-0488 64 pages, digest Free to prisoners.

Issue 3
*Bobby is an incredibly talented and prolific artist, here releasing his third thick book of queer horror comics. In some cases the stories are wacky, as in the strange Flendosia, sometimes comic, as in the single-panel "Helldresser" comic featuring a hairdresser to the horror stars, and sometimes touching on real-life horrors such as gay teen suicide and the life of a drug addicted, homeless hustler. There's a mini-comic preview of the next issue, which will be a queer version of E.C. comics. Age statement required.
Web: http://www.homoeroticon.com

$3 to Bobby Tran Dale 3300 Jordan Road Oakland CA 94602 72 pages, standard

Homopunk World
Issue 1
Interview with filmmaker Bruce LaBruce; Pansy Division interview; what is the most homophobic punk record?; Straight and Narrow comics; Anonymous Boy interviews Aunt Franne; a who's who of homocore bands; a list of queer themed punk songs.

to Tony Arena PO Box 1502 Old Chelsea Stn NY NY 10011

House Organ
Issue 24
*This issue is dedicated to a retrospective of the work of the recently deceased poet William Sylvester. Issues of this magazine usually have contemporary poetry and historical views of Black Mountain and Beat poets.

$1 to Kenneth Anthony Warren 1250 Belle Avenue Lakewood OH 44107 20 pages, half standard

how i learned to do IT bloody murder
+Although at first glance this may look like a zine, it's actually a book. It's about Molly Tremble, a teenager whose parents have her sent to a psychiatric hospital, and her life before, during, and after the hospital. The book exposes the cruelty of parents, schools, peers, and the mental health industry, and the facade of normalcy put up around this mess. The author, Heather Lynn, has a very good understanding of the workings of this system.

$3 to Heather Lynn P.O. Box 7023 Grayslake IL 60030-7023 60 pages, digest

I Love You (Queerly, Not Dearly)
Issue 1
Letters from childhood penpals; confessions of a failed Korean Presbyterian; how Riot Grrrl saved a closeted artfag dyke from the lazy apolitical depths of big-10 hell; interview with lesbian performance artist Jess Dobkin; advice against going to art school; Asians with poofy hair; my punk rock pretty pony; Clover writes about her father teaching her and her siblings martial arts; prison facts; zine reviews.

$2/free to prisoners to Clover Paek Box 2331 Bala Cynwyd PA 19004-6331 32 pages, digest

Issue 8
Infantile has something missing from practically every other pagan zine I've seen: humor (though surely memory fails me - put away your black candles, please!) Bad pagan art is exposed as the curse of modern paganism in this issue of Infantile. Plus an apology for monkey violence in Japan and other world disasters caused by an incorrect performance of a rituals; a sigil rose which can be used for killing Jesse Helms; a profile of "our astral boyfriend," mad King Ludwig of Bavaria; how to make a Homunculus; review of the movie "Sex-slave boys of Delphi"; ad for the pagan phone-sex hotline. Email: atys@interlog.com

$2 to Infantile 16 Keystone Ave. Toronto On M4C 1H1 Canada 48 pages, half legal

Insterbate + Destroy
+Amazing zine that combines dyke smut with anarchist politics. This zine totally fucks the status quo with a dildo. Several incidents in which a group of freaky stinky queer girls get kicked out of lesbian clubs; a newspaper rejects a personal ad as too freaky; a woman gets abducted by lesbian aliens who experiment on her; a dyke daddy/girl story; a dyke and a femmy fag punk fuck with gender and each other; dog smut - slipping into fantasy at the animal liberation meeting; a response to those who say S/M is a "warped repetition of abuse"; sexual opportunities in mosquitos and burrs; "These girls were trouble," a smut story about a gang of anarchist dykes; "assasin bitches in heat"; the President goes down; sexual opportunities for amputees; a car battery cleaner as sex toy; great illustrations of rampaging dykes throughout.

$1 + 2 stamps to Insterbate + Destroy Box 22824 Seattle WA 98112-0824 44 pages, digest

Issue 7
*Punk-oriented zine with music and political coverage. News items on topics such as Chiapas; article on Polyamory (responsible non-monogamy); rants on a variety of topics, including one on homophobia and sexism in the scene; getting involved in political action; Mumia Abu-Jamal; interview with J Church; reviews and more. Web Page: http://members.tripod.com/~interbang Email: binterbang@hotmail.com

$2 to Interbang Box 671 Ravenna OH 44266 64 pages, standard

James White Review: A Gay Men's Literary Quarterly
Fall '98
*Publication of the JWR, a long-running gay literary magazine, has been taken over by Lambda Book Report. This is a memoir and autobiography issue. There's a series of letters from the late author Coleman Dowell to his lover "Allen," and letters to Edmund White from his late ex-lover Chris Cox. Kenny Fries writes about being asked to model for drawings in a gay sex manual because he is disabled. There's also writing by a bunch of other gay male writers. Web Page: www.lambdalit.org

$4/$5 Canada to JWR c/o Lambda Literary Foundation Box 73910 Washington DC 20056-3910 24 pages, tabloid

King of the Fairies
Issue 7
*Fanzine about queer Canadian fiddler Ashley MacIsaac. This issue is devoted to Sex. There's an interview with Ashley; a true sex story by Scott Treleaven of Salivation Army; an essay on Fear of Phallus, which touches on how American films won't show frontal male nudity; comics about Jesus and Glendon's first time seeing a porno flick; reviews of concerts by Ashley, Rufus Wainwright, and others.

$2 to Glendon McKinney 91 Sackville St Toronto Ont M5A 3E6 Canada 52 pages, digest

Kink: kinky queer grrly sexy
Issue 4,5,6
*4: Charlotte writes about dealing with the Women's Press, who published and censored her book "Fat and Proud." They wouldn't let her refer to the zine Fat Girl because it "promotes pornography." They wanted her to use the word "lesbian" instead of "queer" and made her remove references to butch dykes, transgendered people, pornography and SM. Besides that, this issue has a review of Bob Flanagan's Sick; an article on enemas; sex vocabulary from a Keith Moon biography. 5: Charlotte's job packing porn; the phrase "I couldn't give a cunt's width"; the wonderfully mainstream lesbian and gay film festival; a review of a lame lesbian sex book; gay and lesbian fetishes like rainbow stickers. 6: letter from a lesbian bigot about bisexuals at pride; how Charlotte lost her religion; the film The Wicker Man; interview with a former tongue-speaking Christian. Email: beefergrrl@hotmail.com
Web: Charlottecooper.net
$1 per issue to Kink 33 Romford Road Stratford, London E15 4LY UK 2 pages, oversized

Kurluk Newsletter
April 1998
In this zine, it is descriped as "All Male Queer Brotherhood Zine to express Spiritual God in that of SELF." There are items here about the beliefs of the Bloodstone Brotherhood; an opinion piece in opposition to gay marriage, on the grounds that it is a Straight World concept; being spiritual and being queer; food that causes blood clots; the purity and evil of Jesus Christ.

$1+Long SASE to John Kurluk PO Box 6095 Baltimore MD 21231 6 pages, standard

Les Marsouines
+A French-language comic about a group of lesbians, including three women who are in a band.

France. 60 pages, standard

vol 2 issue 3
*A queer literary magazine from Stanford University. This issue includes a feature on photographer John Dugdale, who has lost his sight as a result of HIV. There's a prose piece by Gary E. Crane about drag shows; there's also much poetry and photography. Web Page: http://www.stanford.edu/group/masque Email: lchu@leland.stanford.edu

$4.50 to Larry Chu Box 8265, Stanford University Stanford CA 94309-9303 40 pages, standard

Issue 7
+Groovy zine with articles on a variety of topics. There's a comic on being a nerdy girl; brushes with famous people Neil Schon of Journey and psychic Uri Geller; the paranormal explored in articles about In Search Of... and a Bigfoot convention; a comic about Marsha Brady's bad busride experience; the life of an adult paperboy; searching for the virgin mary; Jim Jones writes about the vision of Buddha a friend with AIDS had; who to screw on 90210; Peace Corps horror stories. Also in the works is a queer/punk zine called Bite Size, which will have an interview with Gordon Gordon of Teen Fag, interviews with a john and a hustler, and more. Email: dkwok@seanet.com

$3 to c/o de 1419 31st Ave S #B Seatle WA 98144 52 pages, standard

Mohawk Beaver
Issue 1-3
+Denmark is the home of this lesbian zine subtitled "a zine for the clits of tomorrow." It's in English. This first issue has an interview with entertainer and author Irma Henriksen, who is 60, has come out as a victimized housewife and done nude modelling as a demonstration of "how sexy a fat woman can go"; an essay about the pleasures of low life; how to get kinky for less, a guide for poor perverts. The 2nd issue has an interview with a mistress; dealing with confronting sexual harassment; interview with Japanese performance group OK Girls; interview with New York personality Otter; guidelines for inferior gender (male) genocide. The third issue has articles about drag kings; a personality test; an essay about lesbian fantasies about cocks; a response to people who have questioned the politics of the zine. It's illustrated with great drawings and very nicely designed. Email: sas@dorit.ihi.ku.dk

$3.50/£2/Dkkr20/5 Dm to Mohawk Beaver Poste Restante Nørrebro Postkontor Copenhagen N DK-2200 Denmark

Muffmonsters on Prozac
Issue 3
*An article about a new Queer Space in Belfast; a piece by Charlotte Cooper about nearly getting married to an older American photographer; an appreciation of the magazine "Take a break," which has a working-class readership; a comic about how queers don't really treat their pets like children; a prose piece by Fagboy about another guy; a board game for bored queers; great article pointing out that social progress has bever been made by being quiet and nice; an ad for male escorts for closeted lesbians from Diva magazine; Web Page: http://www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/Heights/8234 Email: muffmonsters@hotmail.com

$2+postage or £1+post. to Ruth c/o Box 44 Belfast BT 1 N. Ireland 40 pages, Euro digest

Naughty Bits
Issue 27
*In this issue, we go back to the 14th Century, where Bitchy Bitch (presumably in an earlier incarnation) is accused of being a witch. These Christians are even scarier than the one Bitchy works with in her modern-day office! Plus back-up comics from "Super Vagina" by Christine Olsen, Rob Kirby's Curbside book, and more of Robert Triptow's class photo comics (part of the series was published in Holy Titclamps #16.) Web Page: http://www.robertagregory.com

$3.45 ppd to Fantagraphics 7563 Lake City Way NE Seattle WA 98115 28 pages, comic book

Parterre Box: The Queer Opera Zine
Issue 33
*On the cover, James shows off his new tattoo of Maria Callas, and inside offers a spoof of Groucho's "Lydia the tattooed lady." There's plenty of opera gossip; reviews of live performances; a humor piece about a master class led by Bitchy Spice; opera records that never quite happened, and more. Web Page: http://www.anaserve.com/~parterre Email: jjorden@ix.netcom.com

$2 +SASE to James Jorden 174 West 76th St Apt 12-G NY NY 10023 36 pages, digest

Passionate Frog
Issue 2
+An article on the G-Spot; article on dildos titled "Lesbian transexuals and genderbenders"; a salute to Anne Heche; a story about to women who learn to communicate with each other about their arrousal; Stella the Lesbian Witch talks about healing stones; erotic massage with aromatherapy; do-it-yourself erotic tapes; a piece about a dominant/submissive relationship. Age statement required.

$1+2 stamps to N.K. Daley 755 Crescent St. Apt 419B Brockton MA 02302 [moved, no new address] 16 pages, digest

Penguins and Alligators
Issue 3
+Zine with lots of comics by Alexis, with some contributions from her girlfriend, Raven. There's a comic about a strange bus ride, a comic about an elevator ride to an alien encounter, a couple of pieces about dealing with stupid hetero males, and a diary of stuff Alexis and Raven did together. Web Page: http://members.tripod.com/~pengator/index.html Email: pen_gator@gurlmail.com

$2 to Alexis McQuilkin Box 61241 Seattle WA 98121 48 pages, digest

Issue 1-2
+ #1: Opera queens; thoughts on butch celebrities; living as a celebrity look-alike; heavy metal; questions people ask about tattoos. #2: Having a septum piercing; being attracted to and being a fat bloke; "Women I have loved"; Cory Spondance paperdolls.

$1 to Pop, BCM 5524, London WC1 3XX 2 pages, oversized

Issue 1-2
+Ariel Schrag's autobiographical comic about being a lesbian in highschool. At the beginning of the first issue, she breaks up with her boyfriend and tries to get a girl to date her. There's a complex web of characters, and things don't always turn out as planned. Ariel also has two earlier comic books, Awkward and Definition. Email: pv4rt@aol.com

$3.50 to Slave Labor Graphics 325 S. First St #301 San Jose CA 95113 36 pages, standard

Queer Boys: A Totally Homo Comic
Issue 1
A comic book about two highschool boys who fall in love, get kicked out of their homes, and go to New York. Even though it deals with some serious subject matter, it's still in a fun style. Web: http://www.beautifulboy.com/russturk/ Email: russturk@aol.com

No more copies available. 24 pages, standard

The Rainbow Tree
Issue 45
+Gay/lesbian/bisexual pagan/occult publication. Articles on qabalah, runes, politics vs. paganism, pyramid power, millennial pandemonium. Plus a calandar of events and resource listings. [Has now been replaced by new publication Queer Spirit - send email for info.] Email: queerspirit@excite.co.uk

$5 to HOBlink PO Box 814 Southampton SO17 2SZ 20 pages, digest

Red Hanky Panky
Issue 6
*Comics on a variety of topics by Rachael, such as Pride Œ98's exclusion of bisexuals; the Pink Paper mentions "slap-on dildos"; bisexuals whinging about being excluded from boring gay culture; 70s vs. 90s feminism; ear candles; violent women; and more. Plus guest comics by Anonymous Boy, Sina, Nick Leonard, Mark Connorton, and Martin Hand.

$2/£1/trade to Rachael House 7 Old School Buildings, St. Clements Yard, Archdale Rd London SE22 9HP UK 36 pages, Euro Standard

Revolutions Per Minute
Issue 1
The main theme of this zine is gender identity issues. Areas related to this are explored, such as being mistaken for a man (as in Tribe 8's song "Wrong Bathroom." There's a manifesto that beings "There is no sex, and the idea of a fixed gender is a myth." Annie Lennox is pointed out as an early figure of hope and possibilities. A female dog named Drew brings up questions of people assigning gender. There's a list of transgendered people who have been killed because of who they are. And there's drawings of cartoon superheroes combining characters of different genders.Plus book reviews and a glossary. Email: matthewsc@ufrsd.k12.nj.us

$1/trade to Colleen Matthews & Tara Orlowski 122 Austin Ave 2nd Fl Hamilton NJ 08629 12 pages, digest

RFD: A Country Journal For Queer Folk
Issue 95
*The theme of this issue of RFD is "a celebration of our elders." There's an homage to poet James Broughton; an article on Walt Whitman; an appreciation and discography of composer Lou Harrison. There's also an interview with Kate Bornstein, several stories, prisoner penpal ads, contact letter, and more.

$6.50 to RFD Box 68 Liberty TN 37095 76 pages, standard

Ring of Fire
Issue 2
*This zine deals with the aftermath of Hillary having both of her feet amutated as a result of a train-hopping accident. It's an incredible zine - required reading.

$1 + 2 stamps to Hillary Russian PO Box 22824 Seattle WA 98122-0824 60 pages, Mini

Issue 1
+A zine about death. There is a long article on the death penalty; a six-point plan entitled "A Reasonable Approach Concerning Death and Dying"; the theory that Bon Scot of AC/DC may have been killed because he was a homosexual and that threatened the career of the band; Colma, the necropolis of San Francisco; DIY death; planning for death and avoiding scam artists; a funeral price guide in the form of a fake Dischord Records ad; interview with a Memorial Society, which arranges affordable funerals.

$1/free to prisoners/$3 foreign to Rinky-Dink Box 1061 Pacifica CA 94044 26 pages, digest

Salivation Army
Issue 7
An article on blood runes - which involve cutting symbols into skin; a proposal for socially active magikalism; an article on the original Lavendar Panthers, a 1973 gay street patrol that was an inspiration to the people who did the zine JDs; Scott screens his documentary Queercore, and rants against one of the screening's sponsors, XY magazine; comic about a dog of Celtic legend; ceremony of elevation to the 33rd degree; thoughts about heroes by Glendon of the zine King of the Fairies. http://www.salivationarmy.org/

$2 to c/o Fierce Little Engine PO Box 67539, RPO Spadina Ave, West Toronto ON M5T 3B8 28 pages, digest

Seasonal Thought Process
Issue 3
A conversation with performance artist John Kelly, who's known for his Joni Mitchell performances; the experience of living in Idaho; a story about the first time being a male prostitute; intervierw with musician Robin Holcomb; a guy comes out to his sister while dressed as the Easter Bunny. Email: seasonalthought@yahoo.com

$3 to STP PO Box 500513 Atlanta GA 30350 23 pages, standard

Issue 3
*Saro writes about turning 30 and his teenage promise to kill himself if his life hadn't sorted out by now; Saro writes about his sex escapades; imaginary boyfriends - celebrities people wish they were dating; interview with Brother Tom about his music project Arcanta; a comic about seeing a woman at the beach and wishing to know her; Spice Girls concert photos; Saro meets Siouxsie; a spooky halloween story.

$2 to SHME Box 13155 Chicago IL 60613 46 pages, standard

South Chicago ARA Alert
Issue 1
+A publication of a new chapter of Anti-Racist Action, based in South Chicago. There's pieces about what this ARA chapter has been up to; a long article about racism and housing in Chicago's South Suburbs; newpaper clippings about various topics, including the lynching of James Byrd Jr.; articles about this history of abolition and Fredrick Douglas; anti-sprawl activism. Email: ara_s_side@hotmail.com

$2? to South Chicago ARA Alert Box 721 Homewood IL 60430 60 pages, digest

vol 5 #1
Wide-ranging interviews with subjects such as photographer Joel-Peter Witkin, Donovan Leitch of Nancyboy, singer Poe, Brian Grillo of Extra Fancy, and Laetitia Sadier of Stereolab. Plus a phone conversation with Quentin Crisp. Email: daniel-kusner@mailexcite.com

$5 to Daniel Kusner c/o Dallas Voice, 3000 Carlisle, Suite 200. Dallas, TX 75204. 28 pages, tabloid

Issue 8
*A split issue with Tennis and Violins #2 - see there for a review of the Tennis and Violins part. Contents include responses to past issues, including letters about Butch/Femme; feeling burnt out on zines; commentary on white people and privilege - feeling frustrated with other white people who feel they can be cured of racism; teen pride manifesto; article about being of both Jewish and Christian background; Team Dresch baseball cards; gender independence; piece about making out with another girl while putting on makeup; a piece about getting rejected by punker-than-thou zinesters; interview with Christine about Butch/Femme (especially Femme); pictures from the SF Bay area girl convention and Yoyo-a-gogo. Email: cecibeans@gurlmail.com

$2 to Ceci Moss Box 70773 Point Richmond CA 94807-0773 96 pages, digest

Issue 1997
A mix of stuff about Hawaii and Minneapolis, since the editor of the zine apparently moved to the islands from the tundra. So whether you're interested in pirate radio in Minneapolis, gay marriage in Hawaii, gay bars in Superior, Wisconsin, surfing in Hawaii, or making pesto wherever you are, this is the zine for you.

free -- email scrunge@hotmail.com -- 20 pages, digest

Tennis and Violins
Issue 2
*A split issue with Suburbia #8 - for review of that half, see above. A bunch of letters to the editor; an article on Barbie dolls; Teen Army Manifesto by Spaz; quotes from Rachel Carns of the Need -- about queercore, she says "the weather in my world is gay everyday, and kids who dig the music gotta take it from there"; pop culture obsessions like The International Male Catalog and Waffle House; warning about why you shouldn't use tennis raquet string for bondage; article about getting beaten up by dad; a panel discussion about drugs and alcohol; memories of summer vacation going to Yoyo-a-gogo, San Francisco Girl Convention, etc. Web Page: http://www.geocities.com/westhollywood/9352 Email: rdysetgo@hotmail.com

$2 to Kristy USF 30334 4202 E Fowler Ave Tampa FL 33620 96 pages, digest

Ten Reasons/Lame Zine spilt
Issue 1
+Brock of the zine In Cadence does the Ten Reasons part of this split zine. There's a rant about zine cliques; journal entries about stuff like a kid whose Lutheran group is praying for Brock because of him being gay; a fat manifesto; a critical analysis of turning 18; a reaction to a piece from a Christian youth mag with the position that without god there's no morality. Gabrille's half of the zine ("Lame Zine") has an article about birth control information; a piece about having a Cuban/Jewish background, and racism; movie reviews (probably fake); Gabrielle's dog Tallulah; realizing that the kids on TV are younger than you, meaning you're getting older; article on Gender Identity Disorder; article on so-called feminists like Camille Paglia and Katie Roiphe; what society thinks is wrong with vaginas; lying; games to play at punk shows. Email: paulpry@yahoo.com

$? to Brock Box 11 Hayti SD 57241-0011 48 pages, digest

there but for the grace of god
Issue 4
+Matt writes a about being a queer punk kid; Matt's answers to a questionaire; the time Matt checked himself into the hospital because of depression; the history of Matt's relationship with Jason. Email: mattbile@hotmail.com

$1? to TBFTGOG c/o the world's tiniest goatboy Box 64 Norris TN 37828 22 pages, digest

Tommy Gunn: Fierce dyke adventures
Issue 8
There's a snowboarding comic in which our heroes deal with obnoxious breeder boys; a comic about the evolution of the sleep-over from tomboy to dyke; Team Tommy Gun combat IT - an evil force that preaches right-wing fundamentalism; Queer Edge drawing.

$1 to Wytt POB 5262, NOG Station Mangilao GU 96923 16 pages, digest

Ugly Boy
Issue 14
Story of a failed romance with a leatherman; celebrity lust lists; review of a Bow Wow Wow show; reviews of the X anthology and Auntie Christ; sex survey results; a naked man tries to get in the apartment in the middle of the night.

$1+3 stamps to Alvin 903 Union St #516 Seattle WA 98101 16 pages, standard

Utopia Roaming
Issue 1
+A zine about a group of performance artists who traveled around New York State doing performances for kids and for adult lesbians. Includes advice for people going on tour, diaries, resources, lesbian money, and more. Email: utopiaroam@aol.com

to Jess Dobkin PO Box 262, Prince St. Station NY NY 10012 40 pages, digest

Vanilla Bitch: Angry Gay Comics
Issue 1
Among the comics in this humorous collection are ones about Zeke the gay hillbilly tries to fuck his cow, the day Greg Brady snapped, the lost episode of the Frugal Gourmet, seeing John Waters at Squeezebox, and the adventures of Supergayman, whose biggest priority is not saving people, but getting laid. Plus many more. Web: http://www.beautifulboy.com/russturk/ Email: russturk@aol.com

$3 to Russ Turk 82 wayne street #1-r jersey city nj 07302 (new address) 36 pages, standard

The V Files
Issue 22
*This is the official zine of London's queer indie nightspot Club V. Errol travels to India, Paris, and Stockholm; Popingays, a French indie pop music association (web site: http://www.chez.com/popingays); an article on Xfm which is optimistic about its takeover by Capital Radio; retrospetive on John Foxx, ex-Ultravox; the pre-Stereolab band McCarthy; interview with Nightnurse, the new band of Ellyott of queercore band Sister George; possible future genetic removal of the gay gene; record reviews and more. Web Page: http://www.neilward.dircon.co.uk/vzone.html Email: neilward@dircon.co.uk

22 to The V Files Box 7984 London SE13 7XR 40 pages, Euro digest

The Volcano: a subversive dyke reader
Issue 2
+There's a big feature on butch on butch sex; the Volcano manifesto; a review of a show by the drag kings from New York's Club Casanova; an erotic story called "Squirm"; and more.
Web : http://www.thevolcano.freeservers.com/
Email: thevolcano@hotmail.com

$2 to 3 Firey Ho(l)es PO Box 682 Madison WI 53701-0682 20 pages, half legal

Issue 3-4
+The theme of issue 3 is classism in the transgender movemment. There's a big article on the topic by the editor, Jayson; critique of a Lesbian Avenger action which made a lip-service mention of transphobia; speculation about what makes people trans; a friend who used to say "If you only had a ... you'd be the perfect man for me"; comic about Ashley's last days as a Lesbian Avenger; review of Ma Vie En Rose; article by Margaret Deirdre O'Hartigan writes about inconsistencies in advocating for healthcare for trans people, and problems with removing the diagnosis of Gender Identity Disorder; an essay by Jayson called "Just how queer am I?" The theme of issue 4 is Transsexualism and Disability; an article by Rachel Koteles suggests that rather than demanding that they not be called disabled, transsexualism should be removed from the list of conditions not protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act; My Husband Before and After comic by Jayson's wife; Jayson writes about the issue's theme; Jayson's bodybuilding; an open letter by Margaret Deirdre O'Hartigan to PFLAG about transsexual contributors being excluded from a book on the families of transsexuals; the New Transsexual Empire - feminist academicians; the Lesbian Avengers putting up "he's/she's" stickers on a bathroom -- Jayson asks why the Avengers are trying to deal with Trans issues; Jayson ends up having to pay back SSI because of changing his last name to the same as his partner; comic about the Lesbian Avengers; Jayson's spring vacation visiting family and friends; review of the transgender issue of GLQ. Email: willyzine@aol.com

$3 to Jayson Barsic Box 2603 Portland OR 97208 60 pages, digest

Wishing for My Star
Issue 1
+Queer romance fiction, V.Vale and Lois interviews, indie rock jokes. Courtney also runs the Olympia Zine Library - pamphlet available. Email: courtoly@aol.com

$1 +2 stamps to Wishing for My Star 120 State Ave. NE #1206 Olympia WA 98501 16 pages, standard

You're Not Normal
Issue 6
+Bands interviewed include TCM451, Dirthead, Religious Fucks, SBitch, and more. And Sean interviews himself about his own one-person band, Decimation of Authority. The bands generally are asked political questions, including their views on homophobia. There's articles about the war on drugs, a note of appreciation for the gay and lesbian community, ranch-raised fur, trapping, why gay rights matter, and more. Sean's also looking for bands, art, articles, graphics, rants, comix, etc. for the second volume of a compilation called "Fuck you I'm queer."

to Sean Lambert 2835 Delaware Ave, Apt 1 Kenmore NY 14217 26 pages, standard

Z Files
Issue 2
+This is a zine about zoophilia, that is, sex with animals. There's a piece about seeing a bear in the woods; Adolph Hitler's canine fixation; items on zoophile issues; jokes, and more.

$1 + 2 stamps to Doug Lieber PO Box 312 Dewitt NY 13214-0312 24 pages, standard

Issue 11
*This issue of the queer pagan zine Zibaq has an article on the symbolism of the peacock; an analysis of revisionists who say the Nazis were gay; the Minoan Brotherhood, a men's tradition of witchcraft established in the 70s; "Why I am not a Christian"; zine reviews. Email: abrapubs@aol.com

$3.50 to Abrasax Publications Box 1219 Corpus Christi TX 78403-1219 16 pages, standard

Zines Are Stupid
Issue 1
+New zine from the creator of Spontanously Combustible, with lots of laugh-out-loud humor. Wacky letters companies and responses, including a suggestion the treasury department print three dollar bills with Andy Warhol on them, and a request to become a human guide dog for the blind; Kevin gets a blowjob from a taxi passenger; fun jokes to tell Christians; crazy shit that happened at a restaurant; having a telemarketing job; comic about Chad's boyfriend telling him he's a Wookie on the Jerry Sphincter show; anecdotes from selling gay porn; comic of different kinds of gay vampires.

$3 to Kevin Joy 5221 Gullen Mall STE Box $506 Detroit MI 48202 56 pages, digest