Queer Zine Explosion 16 Corrections

There's a lot of information in QZE, and I make mistakes. Here's some corrections to QZE 16. These corrections have been made in the electronic version, but just so you know, here's what they are.

The comic Les Marsouines can be found at http://francoise-leclere.com/marsouines.shtml

Passionate Frog and N.K Daley have moved, leaving no new address.

Web Page for Russ Turk, creator of Vanilla Bitch and Queer Boy Comics: http://www.beautifulboy.com/russturk/ Also his email has changed to russturk@aol.com. No more copies of the zine are available.

New web address for Club V and the V Files: http://www.neilward.dircon.co.uk/vzone.html

Fanorama has a new address: Fanorama c/o REB, 109 Arnold Avenue Cranston, RI 02905. http://fanorama.tk/

Rainbow Tree was replaced by the publication HOBlink, which has in turn been replaced by Queer Spirit. Email queerspirit@excite.co.uk for more information.

Slab-O-Concrete, the UK comics publisher and distributor, has a website at http://www.slab-o-concrete.demon.co.uk/

Groc, publisher of Ginger has a web page (new address): http://www.grock.org.uk/

The zine Girly now has a website; it's http://www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/Park/3355/

The new address for Jen Angel, Fucktooth, and the Zine Yearbook is Become The Media, PO Box 353,Mentor, OH 44061. Email: jenangel@mindspring.com Don't use the San Francisco address.

Pepper, which reviews New Zealand zines, is a new addition to Non-queer-specific zine resources.

Mohawk Beaver can be reached through the email address sas@dorit.ihi.ku.dk

My mail to Carpathian Quarterly Magazine has been returned - I do not yet have a new address for it.

The zine Spread has a news address: Daniel Kusner c/o Dallas Voice, 3000 Carlisle, Suite 200. Dallas, TX 75204

The new URL for the band Low-End Models is http://www.low-end-models.de

I got the price for Girlfrenzy wrong. The price listed on the cover is 6.50 pounds. I don't know what the mailorder price is from the U.S. Write and enquire, or try to order from AK Press (AK lists the price as $12.50, but that probably wouldn't cover mailing the 100 page book). See also their webpage at Slab-O-Concrete: http://www.slab-o-concrete.demon.co.uk/girl.htm

The correct web address of the band Snowpony's record label, Radioactive, is www.radioactive.net.

Zine World has a new address:
Doug Holland
537 Jones St #2386
San Francisco, CA 94102
Don't use the Valencia address; it does not work. [note: this address doesn't work either!]