Queer Radio Listening Grid

This is a worldwide schedule of when queer radio shows are on the air. Grid times are in PST/PDT (GMT + 8).

OutRadio at Queer Music Heritage lists queer radio shows with contact info.

Gay Media Resource List has LGBTQ TV and radio shows listed.

current local times around the world
World Time Server has a time calculator.

To get your show listed, email larrybob@gmail.com

5 am Tues 10 pm Melbourne local time: Cake and Sodomy: Alternative music show on 24 hour gay station JOY 94.9 FM 6 am
6 am   6 am
7 am Fri 10am-1pm EST: Amazon Radio on WPKN, New Haven, CT 7 am
8 am Mon 11am-noon EST: OutFM on WBAI New York, NY 8 am


9 am   9 am
10 am 10 am
11 am Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Tues 2pm-4 pm EST: Generation Q, WRSU New Brunswick NJ, listen online     Fri 2pm-4 pm EST: Generation Q, WRSU New Brunswick NJ, listen online 11 am
noon   noon
1 pm Mon & Tues 1900-2130 GMT: Tom Robinson BBC 6 Saturday 10 am Auckland NZ time: Queer Not Folk: Queer, grrrl punk music show on community radio station Fleet fm www.fleetfm. co.nz 88.3fm, streamable. 1 pm
2 pm Sunday 2-2:30pm PST: Out in the Bay on KALW, SF   2 pm
3 pm   3 pm
4 pm Sun 3-5 pm AST: HomoPhonic Radio on KSUA, Fairbanks, AK Sundays 11 am Melbourne Local Time: 3 Chords & The Truth, blues, country folk and gospel show on 24 hour gay station JOY 94.9 FM (streamable) 4 pm
Tues, 6:00-8:00 CST: Think Pink, Chicago, IL WLUW -
5 pm Wed 7-7:30 CST: Queery, WORT, Madison, WI Thursdays 7-8 pm CST: Fresh Fruit, KFAI, Minneapolis, MN 5 pm
6 pm 6 pm
7 pm Sundays, 7-9pm PST, Shake Radio, formerly Queer Channel Radio on KQKE The Quake, 960 AM., San Francisco. Also downloadable as a podcast. 4th Mondays, 9pm CST Queer Music Heritage on KPFT, Houston, TX [other Mondays is Queer Voices.] Mondays, 7pm-8pm PST: IMRU on KPFK, Los Angeles. Mondays, 7pm-8:30 pm PST: Closet Free Radio on KZSC 88.1 fm, streamable. Fri, 10pm-11 pm EST: Out, Loud and Queer on WJFF, Jeffersonville, NY 7 pm
Thurs 7:30-8pm PST: Out in the Bay on KALW, SF
8 pm Sun 11-11:30 pm EST: Amazon Country and Sun 11:30-midnite EST: Q'Zine on WXPN, Philadelphia Sun 10pm-11 pm CST: Windy City Radio on WCKG, Chicago, IL Sun 8pm-9 pm PST: Outbeat, KRCB Rohnert Park, CA   8 pm
9 pm 9 pm
10 pm Saturday midnight-4 am CST: After Hours, KPFT, Houston, TX 10 pm
11 pm 11 pm
midnight midnight
1 am 1 am
2 am 2 am
3 am 9-11 pm Wednesday local time Queer Radio Brisbane, Australia. 3 am
4 am 4 am
5 am 5 am