People Search for the Stupidest Things

Infoseek is a web site that allows searching on keywords. When people link from the search page to one of my pages, I get to see the keywords they used to search when I examine my logfiles. Don't worry, I can't figure out your email address, though I can determine what site or service you're connecting from. For some reason, on Decemeber 9th, 1995, links to my Queer Music Explosion from Infoseek started to appear in huge numbers. Before, there'd been three or four links a day to my home page. Apparently, they'd added Queer Music Explosion to their index.

Now, among the search words, there's some reasonable searches, such as for Pansy Division, Team Dresch, etc. But there's also a lot of what could be termed "wishful thinking" searches. Here's some of the gems folks have come up with. These are real searches, people, done between December 9th and 13th. Hmmm... kind of reads like found poetry. All typos are sic.

Thanks to for their great [but no longer available] article Logs of Love on silly strings from search engines.

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