A while back, I and over a dozen of my faerie compadres went on a shopping spree at Saks. The department store chain recently opened a branch here in lovely Minneapolis, and we wanted to check it out. So, as you can see from the photos, we decked ourselves out in faerie finery and converged on he Nicolet Mall.

Once inside Saks, we were offered credit cards, which we waved off with a flip of the wrist, and beauty make-overs, which we gladly accepted. We crossed the skyway to City Center and took a turn on the fashion runway thoughtfully provided for us.

After being escorted out by the hunkiest security guards, we took to Dayton's Oak Grill and dined most festively. Finally, we circled outside and to the tune of the Mary Tyler Moore theme, tossed our chapeaus sky-high. Girl, you're gonna make it after all!

Shop till you Drop!

From Holy Titclamps #3
Photos by Mildred
Copyright ©1989, 1995 Larry Roberts
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