Godly Sodomites

There are many publications in gay Christian Most homosexuals are doubtless familiar with the usual Biblical justifications for homophobia (Sodom and Gomorrah, for instance) and the gay comebacks (that the Sodomites were simply guilty of inhospitibility.)

Yet I think that it all boils down to wanting to hold two contradictory beliefs. Christianity is at its heart a homophobic religion, and those who would deny it are wrong.

Usually when I run across an anti-homosexual article, it makes my blood boil. But I enjoyed Joe Dallas' article Responding to Pro-Gay Theology, published in The Journal of Human Sexuality, which also features a contribution from noted crackpot (and father of a gay son) Charles Socarides.

Dallas, a former dupe of the Metropolitan Community Church, explodes all the usual arguments about why the Bible doesn't say that homosexuality is bad.

However, I don't reach the same ultimate conclusion. Rather than shunning homosexuality in favor of Christianity, I shun Christianity in favor of homosexuality. Christianity requires faith in God, which I don't believe in. Homosexuality doesn't require faith in anything except wanting to have sex with someone with the same gentials as yourself. And it's a hell of a lot more fun. "Hell" -- what's that? Just a concept used to strike fear into the hearts of the ignorant.

The flaw in Pascal's wager [not Descartes as I initially wrote] is that if we act as though God exists, on the off chance that heaven and hell really exist, we miss out on the guaranteed pleasures of this earthly plane in hopes of getting a pie in the sky that really isn't there.

And if you are going to bother yourself with faith, why not pick a religion that at least doesn't think pleasure is a bad thing. Try tantra or something.

The MCC has always struck me as a group of homosexuals playing at being a church. My guess is that the members were brainwashed into Christianity as children, perhaps went through a period of being unchurched, but the ingrained guilt of their childhoods was impossible to overcome and they sought out a church that could accept them as they were. Oh well, I guess it's better than joining some ex-gay ministry or other.

There is another point on which I have some common ground with the anti-homosexuality forces. They feel that there is no such thing as gay people, only that there are some people who perform homosexual acts (which they call sins.) Although I have at times claimed a gay or queer identity, I am exporing moving beyond such categories. The upside of the argument that there are no homosexuals, only homosexual acts, is that since "all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God," everyone has the potential to participate in homosexual sex acts. Naturally, some people are more likely to do so than others, but there's hope for everyone.

Just as I have lost any faith I might have once had in the existence of God, I have lost my faith in gay identity and essentialism.

Of course, not all Christians are rabid right-wing homophobes. There's plenty of left-wing churches that ordain openly homosexual people, and generally live as though it weren't still the dark ages. But as much as I respect what they're doing, I still think worshipping a non-existent God is a big waste of time. Couldn't these groups just get together and do socially responsible things and drop the religion angle?

As a wise man once said, living on Earth is like living on a planet where everyone believes in the Easter Bunny and is willing to kill for him.

Let's face it, God hates fags.


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