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______________________Dragattack Cabaret Presents______________________

                          * THIRD ANTENNA *

    A Feature Length Documentary About the Radical Nature of Drag


Upcoming Third Antenna screenings (2002)

4-26:Boston, Ma @ the Berwick Institute(
4-27:Welseyan College, Middletown, CT
4-28:(watch Drag King Murray Hill's show in Providence)
4-29:Providence, RI
5-01:see Nomy Lamm read, Toronto, ON
5-02:Toronto, ON, Cynecycle, 129 spadina ave., 9pm
5-10: ABC NO RIO, NYC, benefit for queer jewish group against occupation
5-12:Philadelphia, PA
     A-Space, 4722 Baltimore Ave,1pm,$5+donation
     Space 1026, 1026 Arch St,door:7:30, show@8,$5+donation
5-13:Swarthmore Univ., Philadelphia, PA
5-14:Attic:queer youth center, Philadelphia, PA
5-17:Chicago, IL, Univ. of Chicago, gender workshop@4pm
5-18:A-Zone screening, 9pm
5-19:(go see the Gossip in Iowa City)
5-20:Lawrence Public Library Auditorium ,707Vermont St., Lawrence, KS, 6 pm
5-21:TBA, Lawrence, KS
5-22:Rag Tag Cinema, Columbia, MO , 7pm, $3-5
5-23:TBA, Columbia, MO
5-24:New Orleans, LA
5-25:rural tennessee, IDA radical faerie land

end of June:
Atlanta, GA?
Memphis, TN
Denton, TX
Los Angeles, CA?
your town? write us!

MAIL: P.O.Box 253,Olympia,Wa,98507


Greetings from the creators of "THIRD ANTENNA, a documentary about the 
radical nature of drag."

We completed our movie in the fall of 2001 and are excited to bring it to 
new audiences everywhere.  It has shown at The Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film 
Fest, The International Drag King Extravaganza, and various other venues on 
the west coast.  If you haven't seen or heard of the the movie we've sent 
along our press release to tell you more about it.
We are looking for screenings in the northwest in January, February and 
March. In the spring we are headed to the midwest, east coast, and south. 
Screenings at colleges are of special interest to us because the potential 
audience is different (in some ways) than the filmfest crowd.
Our needs for a screening are these...

...a promoter: This person needs to get the word out so people turn out for 
the screening. We will provide you with posters, postcards, press releases, 
etc., for you to distribute as needed. The promoter also deals with the 
venue, money, equipment, etc.
...a video projector (for either vhs/ntsc or betacam sp format)and sound 
system appropriate to the venue. Don't forget someone who knows how to run 

...a venue; Size is up to you although...
...we need some $$$!  We have not been paid back for our investment in the 
film and because coming out to present it takes even more personal time, we 
ask that you be able to pay us a minimum of $200 plus travel expenses. If 
you have access to college budgets that could pay an appearance fee, as much 
as you can get would be greatly appreciated.

...depending on how far you are, we may need a place to stay.
After showing the movie, we would be available for questions from the 
audience.In a addition, but only if you are interested, we are also in the 
process of developing a hands on drag experimentation/gender theory 
discussion/workshop. We will have a variety of options of things to 
emphasize during the workshop, depending on the audience. It will be 
structured and interactive and will work as an independant piece or in 
compliment with the movie, so it can go before or after the screening. Let 
us know if you think there would be enough people interested in 

More about the movie:
It's running time is exactly 90 minutes

To make a screening happen:
...make sure you can meet our needs and suggest a date.

Thanks for you time and interest. We're looking forward to bringing you 
Third Antenna.

Third Antenna

WHO WE ARE_____________________________________________________________
Reno Durham, Freddie Fagula and Hellery Homosex are three drag kings/trans 
folk from the Pacific NW who have performed in numerous drag shows around 
the USA and in Canada.

Reno Durham was one of the organizers of the First Annual Transgendered Film 
Festival 1999 in Olympia, WA and also helped found Gender Machine Works, a 
group in Portland, OR providing support and services for Female Assigned 
Gender Variant people.

Freddie Fagula cleans houses in Olympia, WA to support his endeavors in the 
arts and other community projects.  Last year he directed the first Olympia 
production of The Transfused, an original rock opera by Nomy Lamm and The 

Hellery Homosex was the assistant director and make-up artist for the 
original production of The Transfused and she is the author of her zine 
"Ring of Fire" which explores issues of disability, gender and sexuality.