Queer Music Venues

Here's listing of some gay-friendly places where queer bands play. Please send me more info about more venues. This information can be useful both to people going to see shows and to bands looking for places to play.

See also the list of Queer bands on tour, which you can also search through for cities where the bands are from. If I know about events, I will list them on the bands on tour page, not on this page. The list is sort of in East to West geographic order. You may also want to check out:

NEW STUFF (most recent update November 2014):
Added Rock Hudson at Henrietta Hudson's in NYC [November 2014].
Added StarGayzer Fest in Austin, TX, Luscious Queer Music Festival in Upper Lake, CA, Fed Up Fest in Chicago, Riots Not Diets in Brighton, UK [June 2014] Added No More Fiction in New Orleans and Queer Women in Rock Boston nd Communicate Queerly in Austin Texas [July 2013]
Added Amp Organization and Cut&Paste Rock&Roll [May 2010]
Updated Montreal venues [April 2010]
Added Chicago rock article [April 2010]

Rome, Italy
WARBEAR lives between Berlin and Rome. He is a social anthropologist, Performance Artist, Curator, Festival Promoter and DJ. Facebook

London, England

Dirty Water Club presents live rock music in London.

Duckie is a London-based queer club with live performance.

Club Motherfucker promotes events in London, England with queer bands.

Wotever World is the website of Club Wotever and Bar Wotever and is a non-profit organization supporting queer art, performance, and theory.

Brighton, England

Riots Not Diets: DIY punk night, Feminist-advocating/Queer-identifying punk entertainment, Brighton, UK. http://riotsnotdietsclub.blogspot.com/ http://riotsnotdiets.bandcamp.com/

Glasgow, Scotland

DJ Hushpuppy

Bristol, UK
Local Kid is a DIY punk feminist kid collective based in Bristol, UK.

Cardiff, Wales

Peppermintpatti puts on shows with female fronted bands headlining in Cardiff, Wales

Berlin, Germany

la moustache books female and queer bands. http://www.lamoustache.org

There are links to a lot of club nights in Germany on my International Queer Links page.

Munich, Germany

Queerbeat is a booking and promotion agency based in Munich, Germany.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

the Anticapitalist Ass Pirates appear to be defunct.

Edgy Women Festival is now known as Edgy Redux. See also mimproductions - Also see facebook group MEOW MIXERS. Events include Le Boudoir & Meow Mix.

Queerish Event Guide is a Montreal events calendar.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Note: see down by west coast for Vancouver.

Vazeleen is no longer happening at Lee's Palace - however, the late Will Munro who used to do Vazaleen started a venue with Lyn McNeill called The Beaver Cafe in Toronto's Queer West Village
For more on Will Munro see the book Army of Lovers: A Community History of Will Munro, the Artist, Activist, Impresario and Civic Hero Who Brought Together Toronto's Club Kids, Art Fags, Hardcore Boys, Drag Queens, Rock 'n' Roll Queers, Needlework Obsessives, Limpwristed Nellies, Stone Butches, New Wave Freaks, Unabashed Perverts, Proud Prudes and Beautiful Dreamers by Sarah Liss.

Check out the events listings at Queer West Arts & Culture Community Network for West Toronto and queer goings-on. Not-for-profit Queer West Toronto Arts and Culture Centre, that produces performing arts festivals and outreach programming for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, transsexual, questioning and two-spirited (queer community) since 2001.

Providence, RI

Added November 2010:
AS220 is a venue in Providence. Paint It Pink has produced queer rock shows there in the past.

Added November 2010:
Machines With Magnets: recording studio/show space in Providence, Rhode Island. While this isn't an explicitly/predominantly queer space, it is certainly something that is on the forefront of our minds. Everyone is invited! This certainly is a space where gender variance will be understood, respected, and defended. Also, if folks are looking for a nice place to record, same thing goes. (Studios can often be kind of a bro-sesh...) Here's us: http://machineswithmagnets.com/

Boston, MA

Bazaar Bizarre -- punk craft fair.

Dyke Night -- weekly Thursday night club in Boston. Doesn't seem to do live music but has had drag king shows. The venue has live music on other nights, though.

Oct 2013: QWIMB Queer Women in Music - Boston has info on bands and venues in the Boston area, including a Musical Queer Calendar. They seem to update their Facebook page more frequently.

There's a production company called Truth Serum that is doing some queer (lady) stuff, drag kings, bands etc.. http://www.truthserum.org/

Boston Queer Agenda has an email list of events. [Formerly Hanarchy List.]

Easthampton, MA
The Flywheel: It is in Easthampton MA, near Northampton and Umass Amherst, Smith College, Hampshire College. They have a webpage at: www.flywheelarts.org They have an art gallery as well. A lot of really good queer/not queer bands play here... very awesome.

Pittsfield, MA
Rebel Sound Records Store does in-store events and has hosted 8 Inch Betsy, The Shondes, MKNG FRNDZ, etc.

New York, New York

Added November 2014:
Rock Hudson at Henrietta Hudson's: Bringing you the best in girl/queer bands, 2nd/4th sunday of every month at the all new Henrietta Hudson.
Facebook (requires signin)

Bearapalooza -- Has done events in Nashville, Florida, Seattle, etc.

Flameout is a webpage with one guy's picks of New York things to do.

Queers Beers Rears (QxBxRx) has done queer live music events in the past and still posts updates to their Facebook page occasionally.

North Brunswick, NJ
The Pride Center of New Jersey has a monthly Open Mic Night called Out of the Box on the third Friday of each month. For info on features, see http://www.pandorascooter.com/news.html

Generation Q is a queer radio show broadcasting on WRSU 88.7 FM.

Philadelphia, PA

There is a party " *girL* " that is every 3rd saturday of the month and has a live music stage as well as djs and dancing http://www.phillygirlparty.com

Updated March 2007:
Sugar Town is a series of music events in Philadelphia. Sugar Town is centered around female performers and DJs. For booking contact sarasherr@gmail.com and you can read more on Sara's Blog
Another series, Plain Parade is no more.

LAVA, the Lancaster Avenue Autonomous Space, is a center for radical media and organizing in the Belmont neighborhood of West Philadelphia.

Make Yr. Break is a monthly queer club night run by DJ Bunnystyle in Philadelphia which has had live hip-hop performances.

General Philly punk info: ExpiredMilk.com

Pittsburgh, PA

queer Event Listings is a mailing list of queer events in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Resyst is a radical queer project.

Washington DC

Added Feb 2009:
Fancy Booking is based in Washington DC and offers help with booking colleges and other tour venues for members of the queer creative community. See their page for Myspace and Facebook links.

3Word Productions supports underserved and underrepresented queer, transgendered and women artists and are based in Washington, DC. See also their list of past shows

Blowoff is a monthly DJ club night done by Bob Mould and Richard Morel. Also check for Blowoff dates at Bob's tour dates

Taint is an indie queer series in Washington DC which replaces the defunct Feint.

The New Gay is a blog which is an Online Resource for Alternative Queer Events and Ideas in Washington DC. They also have a Facebook page.

Qualm -- Queers United Against Laughable Mainstream -- email list based in DC.

NotaSquat House is a queer-friendly venue in Washington, DC. Yes, it's a house. Vicki books shows there (their living room) for local and touring bands, doing a show about once a month. About 50 people can fit comfortably in the space. Contact Vicki at vickiveg@hotmail.com

Richmond, VA

[note: websites nanciraygun.com and queerspace.org not working as of January 2008] The Richmond Queer Space project is hosting a bi.monthly queer night at a local venue called the nanci raygun. Our phone is 804.377.6902. there is lots of info about us on the website and people can email the collective at sc@queerspace.org. all of these shows are all ages unless a band's schedule necessitates them playing a late show. these shows all could start at 5 or 6 pm and go til 9 or 10 pm. they are every other tuesday. we are looking for all kinds of performers not just bands!!!!

The Lone Star House in Richmond Virginia is hosting shows for queer artists. Our house is quaint and has hosted many shows and parties in richmond and hopes to bring a safe fun environment for queers to take a break from challenging and boring clubs in the south. contact tex at 804.437.8655 or quillin99@hotmail.com. (House is personed by members of the richmond queer space project)

Charlotte, NC
Tremont Music Hall is the only venue in Charlotte that books indie bands. Pansy Division has played there in the past, and they've done stuff for the local gay pride festival. More booking information on the website.

Garbo's features female-fronted artists. [apparently defunct.]

Asheville, NC

Joli Rouge features performers including Katastrophe, Athens Boys Choir, and Robo Sapien.

Huntington, WV
Club Echo is a gay friendly venue at 1318 4th ave huntington wv 25701. Myspace is http://www.myspace.com/clubecho1

Atlanta GA
Blake's on the Park -- Blake's has a live music series featuring GBLT performers and is looking to book new ones as well. The guy who books it is Bruce, who can be found at http://myspace.com/southernexposureatlanta Address: 227 10th Street, NE, Atlanta, GA, 30309. Ph: 404.892.5786 http://www.blakesontheparkatlanta.com http://www.myspace.com/blakesonthepark

Wordsmith's Books (Decatur, GA) - http://wordsmithsbooks.com

Kavarna (Decatur/Oakhurst, GA) - http://myspace.com/instantkavarna

My Sister's Room (East Atlanta) - queer bar - http://mysistersroom.com

Sabroso (Atlanta) - tex/mex restaurant in Little 5 Points; they have a queer/lesbian songwriter night on Fridays - http://sabrosotapas.com

The Feminist Outlawz put on a variety of music shows and radical actions in Atlanta and Athens, GA http://www.angelfire.com/indie/feministoutlawz/ http://groups.myspace.com/feministoutlawzrevolution

Mary's Bar is a queer dive bar in Atlanta which has various DJ nights, comedy night, etc.

MondoHomo is an annual queer culture fest on Memorial Day weekend, but they also book queer bands and performers throughout the year. http://www.mondohomo.com/index.php http://www.myspace.com/mondohomosouth

Pink Eye indie queer film salon shows independent queer shorts & films, with performances. http://www.myspace.com/pinkeyefilm http://movies.groups.yahoo.com/group/pinkeye/

Radlanta has a blog and calendar of Radical Different Subversive Underground Alternafun in Atlanta.

Tallahassee, FL
Contact Hank of Xerox Rev Distro for stuff in Florida.

Pensacola, FL
End of the Line -- punk, rock, folk, and open mic shows. New website as of Nov 2010: http://www.eotlcafe.com/

New Orleans, LA
NOLA DIY has events listings and venues listed.

Oct 2013: No More Fiction supports all-girl, mixed gender, female-fronted, queer & feminist DIY and punk bands locally, nationally & beyond! We are also currently focusing on doing shows to benefit community organizations and other local causes. No More Fiction Shows began in 2009, inspired by Girl Gang Productions and She Loves Me/She Loves ME Not Productions.

Tulsa, OK
All Souls Unitarian Church -- The contact person is Justin Schroeder, director of young adult and campus ministry -- jschroeder@allsoulschurch.org (918)743-2363. We have a Sunday night service where bands play, and we're always looking for new bands to host. So if any bands are passing through the Bible belt, stop and stay a while in Tulsa, Oklahoma! If you're wondering, we do pay musicians.

Lawrence, KS
Solidarity! Revolutionary Center & Radical Library in Lawrence, Kansas has live events and hosts meetings of the group Queer as Fuck.

Austin, TX

Added June 2014: Stargayzer is a queer music festival in Austin, TX September 12-14, 2014. Facebook Twitter

Added June 2007: Cockpit in Austin is a gay bar that has live bands on Saturdays.

Added June 2006: There are regular Wednesday rock shows at the Austin, TX gay bear bar, The Chain Drive. Check out the myspace page at http://www.myspace.com/1chaindrive They've got some great shows coming up and it would be a super-friendly place for queer punkers, rockers, or hip hoppers to play if they're in town.

Added Oct 2013: Communicate Queerly lists events like film nights, bands, yoga, etc. in ATX.

QUEER WAD (a social, political and queer night) at Monkeywrench Books 110 E. Northloop Blvd (essentially 53rd and Ave F) on each and every Friday night from 6:30-9:00 pm. have questions, need directions? email mercuryrising22@yahoo.com http://www.monkeywrenchbooks.org/

Queerpunk Austin -- bowling, rock shows and other social functions. Also has yahoo group.

Gaby & Mo's was a gay owned and operated venue in Austin, TX. They have apparently closed. The Butchies and the Haggard have played there. For more info, try sending email to gabynmos@hotmail.com

Scott Wiggerman sets up group queer poetry readings in Austin.

Denton, TX
mabel peabody's beauty shoppe and chainsaw repair is the only lesbian owned queer bar in denton texas and we are the only venue in the north texas area that is girl run and fully supports and solicits girl and/or queer bands/poets/performers/etc.... bands and performers like tracy and the plastics, bonfire madigan, semiautomatic, heart beats red, radio berlin, evil beaver, made for tv movie, thea hillman and storm florez, japanic, karate cowgirl, allison williams, etc...have played here and many more are lined up to play on their next tours. my goal as a booking agent and promoter is to raise the musical consciousness of north texas, to create a scene that is all inclusive, and to make mabel's THE stop for all the rad queer/girl bands that are on tour. for booking info contact pearl fish at radfem@bust.com or leave a message at http://pub65.ezboard.com/bmabelpeabodysbeautyshoppeandchainsawrepair26056 Webpage: http://www.mablepeabodys.com/

Wildcat Infoshop, 832 Porter Place, Lexington, KY 40508, http://www.wildcatinfoshop.org [site no longer works]
We're a pro-queer venue/infoshop/bookstore in Lexington, KY. We just opened in November 06 and are an explicitly pro-queer, anti-capitalist space. All of our shows are all-ages, and drugs/alcohol are not allowed in or near the venue. [Apparently has been shut down.]

Antioch College is very queer-friendly and has booked performances by the likes of Tracy and the Plastics, Nomy Lamm, and Alison Bechdel. You can write to the community government for booking info at cg@antioch-college.edu
Here's info on Antioch's Queer Center.

Indianapolis, IN
Sarah -- luxurydreamhome@hotmail.com -- formerly promoted shows under the name of Temporary Structures -- All ages & 21+ shows, in Indianapolis and Bloomington. Also book tours at very affordable prices. Have been doing shows for years, and have worked with everyone from Sweep The Leg Johnny to the Poster Children.

Detroit, MI

The Trumbullplex (aka Trumbull theatre) is an anarchist collective space doing organizing and all ages shows. http://www.myspace.com/trumbullplex - Its phone numbers are (313)832-1845 or(313)832-7952 [numbers may be outdated] the mailing address is 4208 trumbull, detroit mich ,48208. Booking email is trumbullplex@yahoo.com - Here's an article

Xhedos Cafe - old management went under, is now AJ's Music Cafe - http://www.myspace.com/ajsmusiccafe 240 West 9 Mile Rd. Ferndale, MI. 248-399-2946.

Blind Pig. 206-208 South First ST. Ann Arbor, MI. 734-996-8555. www.blindpigmusic.com

Try calling mike trombley at (810) 367-3180.

Also a possiblity: Urban Break Coffeehouse.

Here's a webpage with a list of Michigan venues.

Chicago, IL

FED UP Fest - Chicago's Queercore fest, July 25-27, 2014.

2010 Chicago Tribune article on queer rock in Chicago

Cake Chicago is a monthly live queer music show at The Redline Tap.

Dykediva.com has Chicago events.

Feast of Fun hosts a daily queer podcast.

The Finger was an All-gender queer open mike and variety show which ended in Spring of 2005. Hosted by Nomy Lamm and Jae Crue. At Early to Bed, 5232 N. Sheridan, Chicago.

The Flesh Hungry Dog Show did a monthly live GLBT music show at Jackhammer in Chicago. However, shows ended in April 2012. They occasionally still may do special shows. See http://www.fleshhungrydog.com
Article on The Flesh Hungry Dog Show
Flesh Hungry Dog Show ends seven years

New URL: HomoLatte: queer spoken word and music showcase, now 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month. new location as of 2006 - Big Chicks / Tweet (Enter through Big Chicks/performance in Tweet space) 5024 N Sheridan 773-728-5511. all ages, $5 donation requested. Hosted by Scott Free.

There's an Indie-queer guide to Chicago.

Joanna, who was one of the people from Homocore Chicago, starting a new promotion business. It's not necessarilly queer, and she's ramping up slowly, but if you're looking to get booked in Chicago you may want to contact her at: flamedog@mindspring.com

The Mess Hall has exhibitions, screenings, lectures, workshops, meetings, music, and hosts the series "Hardcore Histories."

The Orphanage is an all-ages performance space/Art gallery in Chicago. Contact Angel who is liason to the gay community.

OutMusic / OutLoud Open Mic Night is now Fourth Thursday at Rubin's Chicago Room Callery Cafe, hosted by Lars VonKeitz. http://www.outmusic.com/chicago/index.html www.chicagoroomgallerycafe.com

Think Pink Radio is a Chicago-based queer blog with a lot of music coverage.

Minneapolis. MN
Homocore Minneapolis -- http://www.myspace.com/homocore Produces queer live music shows in the Twin Cities.

The Flaming Film Festival is an annual festival in the Twin Cities founded by Lisa Ganser. http://www.myspace.com/flamingfilmfest

Fayetteville, AR
Five Squirrels: http://www.fivesquirrels.com 523 West Poplar Fayetteville, AR 72701, Telephone: 479-442-3052, FAX: 479-442-3052. This venue has 3 different rooms available.... The Big Room, The Small Room, The Hub. Plus an infoshop and Indymedia Arkansas. They are a Counter Culture Cooperative.

St. Louis, MO

StLPunk has profiles and lists of venues in St. Louis.

(old info below, rather outdated -- someone with current St. Louis info please get in touch!)

From Amy:
I live in St. Louis, MO and I do a zine called Elegant Discourse. The Hi-Pointe is a VERY cool club here in town that lets us put on Elegant Discourse Night there monthly. Bands that play are either female/part-female and/or queer/pro-queer. You get the idea. People who bring a copy of the zine get drink specials all night and the shows are alway all ages or 18+. I do a write up about the show, bands, etc., in the following issue of my zine. This is the only night of its kind in the area and it's starting to gain some momentum. If you are in a band or know someone who is and would like to play an upcoming show, e-mail me at mail@elegantdiscource.com or call me at 314-845-7673. Thanks.

Omaha, Nebraska
The Cog Factory was a punk venue in Omaha, Nebraska. Various queer bands have played there in the past. Apparently they have closed as of the beginning of 2002. Their site still has some good links though.

Salt Lake City, Utah
Utah Pride Center: We are a small venue that can hold about 30 people and is a small coffee shop atmosphere and set up. We are best suited to small bands or acoustic performers. We do provide a PA system, but most artists prefer their own mics, as ours are not top quality. We are an all ages venue and can not charge admission, but artists receive a small stipend, can take donations and sell CDs and promo material.
Utah Pride Center, Center Space, 361 N. 300 W. Salt Lake City UT 84103

Santa Fe, NM
For suggestions, please contact Cooper Lee Bombardier at thriftstoretroubadour@yahoo.com

Phoenix, AZ
Soul Invictus is a gallery and cabaret in Phoenix, Arizona.

Tucson, AZ
SAFEHOUSE espresso bar
4024 e speedway
tucson, arizona 85712

Surly Wench Pub -- queer-friendly venue that has live bands.

January 2009; Also check out the following venues, which a local Tucson resident assures me are queer-friendly (though not queer-specific): Plush, Club Congress, Solar Culture, The Rialto, Sabine's Cafe Passe, and the Red Room at the Grill.

Las Vegas, NV
C@meron Obscura from Vegas offers the following information:

The Huntridge Theatre-1208 East Charleston, Las Vegas, NV 89104 (it's a landmark, pretty much the only thing we have yet to explode...plus it was in Alex Cox's The Winner, so it's got extra indie cred.)...Imperial Teen were supposed to open for the Breeders back in Feb.(but for some reason didn't) & Le Tigre are playin' June 16th, 2003...

then there's Double Down Saloon -4640 Paradise Rd Las Vegas, Nevada 89109 (702) 791-5775...which is located in the pseudo-affectionately named "fruit loop" hub of gay bars(the Gypsy, Free Zone, etc.)...I believe Sister Spit has been there twice and they were just on Comedy Central's Insomniac...

and there's The Rock-4550 S Maryland Pkwy Las Vegas, Nevada 89154 702.795.7625 and The Cooler Lounge, 1905 N. Decatur Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89108 702-646-3009(mostly a bar but has some shows)...

Riverside, CA

Back to the Grind Coffee/Art House in Riverside, CA is queer-owned/ mixed audience, customers. contact Darren @ (951) 784-0800. http://www.back2thegrind.com/

Long Beach, CA

Added May 2010:
AMP Organization is based in Long Beach and does events including the annual festival Cut&Paste Rock&Roll

Los Angeles, CA

San Francisco Bay Area, CA

I maintain this listing of Queer events in San Francisco -- check it out for ideas of venues where people perform.

August 22-24 2014: Luscious Queer Music Festival, Saratoga Springs Retreat Center, Upper Lake CA

There was formerly a monthly GLBT Singer/Songwriter showcase at the Bazaar Cafe. It's not currently happening but it is a good venue for original singer songwriters (no ASCAP/BMI covers) http://www.bazaarcafe.com/

Dolores Park Cafe is a queer-owned cafe which has live music on Friday nights.

El Rio is a great queer friendly music venues that has live performances and dance parties. Outdoor patio, two rooms, mixed crowd. Fridays are specifically queer band night.

924 Gilman Street is a collectively run punk club in Berkeley, CA. Gilman has had almost every big queer/feminist punk act play on our stage. tribe 8, bikini kill, sleater kinney, harum scarum, pansy division, even chumbawamba (way back when, mind you). They book three months in advance, don't book racist sexists, homophobic or major label acts. all shows are all ages, drugs and alcohal free. send promos or demos to po box 1058 berkeley ca, 94701, wait 3 to 4 weeks for them to listen to it, then call 510.524.8180. More booking info

Bands have been playing Thursday nights at the Eagle in San Francisco. Doug handles booking -- for booking arrangements contact doug@sf-eagle.com

Homo a Gogo which has happened in Olympia in the past happened August 13-16, 2009 in San Francisco. Homo A Go Go has music, film, spoken word, visual art and workshops.

Kimo's is a gay bar in San Francisco that has bands play. [when it first started doing music, the bands would often perform in drag.] 1351 Polk at Pine. Am not familiar with bands that have played there recently.

The Oven is a new as of 2009 queer frindly all ages venue in the middle of everything in sf, a few blocks from the mission, the haight, the castro, downtown, and close to public transportation. Address is not put on fliers, but those interested can email the gmail account theoven51.

Queer Cruz is a new queer Santa Cruz events website started in fall of 2010.

Try Santa Cruz Underground Music for advice on Santa Cruz. (last updated 2003)

The Coco Club closed. Other CLOSED, NO LONGER EXISTING local venues: Club Hot, The Cocodrie, Boomerang, Epicenter, Mission Records. Queers Together in Punkness (QTIP) used to put on shows in San Francisco, but hasn't since May 1996 (sigh... wow, it was over 10 years ago!)

Portland, OR

Blow Pony is a queer music night at Rotture in Portland every 4th Saturday which started in 2007 and is still going as of 2014. They also present Blow Pony Seattle. Twitter Facebook

Added November 2009: Fabulous PDX Portland queer events listing site

qPDX: Queer, news, views and events for Portland, Oregon

Puppet is no longer in Portland.

To get on a Portland events list, email list@puppdx.com

No longer happening, were at at the Doug Fir Lounge ( http://www.dougfirlounge.com): Snatch! A Dyke Knight and Jack! Queer as Fuck - http://www.jackpdx.com
Holocene ( http://www.holocene.org): Check website for what queer dance parties are currently there.

Current club as of late 2009: GayCation

Mondays: Queer Night at Le Happy, Free. (1011 NW 16th Ave.) Le Happy is a creperie with great drinks. No dancing.

There is a new all-ages venue in the old Meow Meow space: Loveland Internation. http://www.myspace.com/lovelandinternational http://www.loveland-international.com/

NEW URL: Check out the queer page from alt.portland

Olympia, Washington

Jake's on 4th is a queer bar and they're always looking to promote queer artists, host shows, etc. Contact information is as follows: Jake's on 4th, Olympia, WA. Show promoter: Alex Awesome Contact: alexatjakes [at] gmail.com

There will be a Queer Music Festival in March of 2008. They are now booking. Contact: Queer Music Festival, Olympia, WA, March 2-6, 2008, Contact: Alex Awesome, queerfestoly [at] gmail.com

Homo a Gogo festival happened for the third time on August 2006 in Olympia, Washington. The 2009 festival will be in San Francisco - see above link.

Yes Yes Alliance is an alternative art space and all ages music venue

Seattle, Washington

Bend-It is an annual queer DIT (Do it Together) fest in Seattle.

Cherry - the 4th Saturday of every month, now at Re-Bar (as of June 2007, started in December 2005) A hot night for lesbians and their friends. Resident and guest DJs. 21+.
Cherry website: http://www.cherryseattle.com
Re-bar: http://www.rebarseattle.com/

Girl4GIRL Seattle has been supporting the LGBT community and hosting the largest all-women's events since 1998, how held at the Premier Club every 3rd Saturday of each month. You can check them out at http://www.girl4girlseattle.com

Le Freak - the 5th Saturday of any month at the Wildrose (1021 East Pike St. Seattle, WA 98122) (still going as of June 2007.) A Queer dance party with resident DJs Amateur Youth, Blu, Julia and Teenburger. $5 cover, 21+, 9pm.
Le Freak website: http://www.lefreakyou.com/
Le Freak myspace: http://www.myspace.com/lefreakyou
Wildrose - lesbian bar, has live music sometimes: article on live music show. website: http://www.thewildrosebar.com/

The Vera Project is an all-ages venue in Seattle.

Seattle Spit: Seattle's queer spoken word event. Every first Thursday, 8pm, at the Wild Rose (1021 E Pike on Capital Hill).

Three Dollar Bill Cinema -- shows queer films in Seattle.

fast balls and cheap meat: queer pinball at shorty's 8pm, last thursday of every month

Pho Bang -- or as they seem to be spelling it now, Fauxbang -- is a club night in Seattle with a live band and radical drag hosts Ursula Android and Jackie Hell. Formerly at Foxes, and Sit and Spin, and also formerly at Rebar

Framework Productions is a non-profit art organization booking shows in and around Seattle, WA. We are always all-ages. We also do benefit shows for local organizations and are always looking for queer/queer friendly bands! 2222 2nd Ave., Suite#200 Seattle, WA 98121 frameworkpro@hotmail.com (206)447-6179.

Spokane, WA
For all-ages show bookings, email Nicki at Sabalu@aol.com or http://www.myspace.com/sabalu

Bellingham, WA
Rumors Cabaret is a gay bar in Bellingham which has a monthly live music night called Band Fight.

Vancouver, Canada
Gaylord is a collective of queer artists, performers and organizers in Vancouver.

Skank and the queer punk collective are based in Vancouver BC Canada. If you are going in that area, join the QP Collective list for info on upcoming events, places to play, crash, etc.

Queeruption 10 happened in Vancouver in August 2007. For more information see http://www.queeruption.org/


Muchacha Punk -- article on the queercore scene in Argentina.

"Perversos, Desviados y Invertidos" is a 7" compilation with songs from Islam, the She-Devils, The Haggard, and Limp Wrist.

For a look at what music-oriented queers in Brasil are doing, check out Grind at http://www.aloca.com.br

Lismore, NSW, Australia
Tropical Fruits is a group in New South Wales that has been doing a New Year's Eve party for 19 years and does other events as well.

Sydney, Australia
NEW URL: Scooter is a non-profit venture set up by a bunch of queer Anarcho punk girls in Sydney to provide space for un-established girl musicians to perform and inspire more women to start playing instruments and form bands.

Melbourne, Australia
Added Feb 2009:
Fabrik is an indie queer night at Eurotrash in Melbourne.

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