Stories by Villiers de l'Isle-Adam from Contes Cruels (Cruel Tales)

Translated by Hamish Miles

Scanned into the electronic domain by Larry Roberts.

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The following five stories are from the collection of Villiers' stories Contes Cruels (Cruel Tales, also known as Sardonic Tales.) The sixth is from Nouveaux Contes Cruels.

Celestial Advertising

The Desire to be a Man

The Secret of the Old Music

Olympe and Henriette


A Torture by Hope (translated by M. P. Shiel)
Illustrations from A Torture by Hope (from the original publication in The Strand, courtesy John D. Squires.)
Illustration 1, Illustration 2, Illustration 3, Illustration 4.

Essays by James Huneker on the subject of Villiers de l'Isle-Adam:
Villiers de l'Isle-Adam by James Huneker

The Magic Lantern by James Huneker

By the way, I have an odd volume (#2) of Huneker's Steeplejack. Let me know if you have an orphaned copy of Vol 1.


Essay by Arthur Symons on Villiers de l'Isle-Adam

The grave in Le Pere Lachaise of Villiers de l'Isle Adam.

Page on a film based on Villiers' Axel.

Gallica, an on-line French Library, has information and I believe some text by VIlliers.

Page based in Japan with French texts of writing by Villiers de l'Isle Adam

Page based in Italy with French texts of writing by Villiers de l'Isle Adam [page seems to be gone -- try looking at with its url.]

More French texts by Villiers

Pictures of Villiers

Reference to The Aesthetics of Artifice a book about Villiers' novel l'Eve Future. (search for title on site.)