Walt Mink Unofficial Bio

The current members of Walt Mink are John Kimbrough (Guitar/Vocals), Candice Belanoff (Bass/Vocals).

Former drummer Orestes Morfin was formerly the drummer in the band Bitch Magnet, which was Soo-Young Park's band before Seam.

The band was kind of in limbo for a while between their second Caroline record and the one on Atlantic. They got signed to Sony/Columbia, but got dropped without releasing anything on Columbia. I don't really know any more about that stuff. (That link is to Sony's totally blank Walt Mink page.)

The original drummer was Joey Waronker. Joey's main gig now is as Beck's drummer. He's also played with other people -- for instance, he plays on John Doe's new album. Joey's sister Anna is in That Dog. In fact, Anna, Rachel, and Petra of That Dog sang backup and played strings on Walt Mink's second Caroline album, Bareback Ride. Joey's father is Lenny Waronker, formerly Chairman of Warner Music Group, and now part of DreamWorks.

Speaking of famous parents, John's father is Charles Kimbrough, who's a cast member of Murphy Brown. (He plays anchorman Jim Dial.) He also played Victor the Gargoyle in Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame.

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Last updated October 4, 1996