Date: Mon, 6 Oct 1997 23:51:44 -0400 (EDT)

Walt Mink Fans & Friends:

It is with great sadness that I must inform you Walt Mink has decided to call it quits. Through it all...playing together for eight years since 1989, releasing four full length records, various cassettes and 7-inches, four videos, three drummers, two cities, four record labels, nearly a dozen a&r people and tens of thousands of road miles traveled...John Kimbrough and Candice Belanoff stuck together. For that dedication alone, save their stunning songwriting and musicianship, I have the deepest personal respect.

Their music and live performance meant so much to them, that no matter what happened, they pushed ahead. Zach has quickly become an irreplaceable member of Walt Mink, but his chronic back problems now prevent the band from long distance touring. Therefore, all dates except one, have been canceled. So, on the heels of the release of Walt Mink's best record to date, one of the greatest bands ever to grace the stage has decided to move on...

Walt Mink feels they owe an opportunity to themselves, their fans and their friends to share in one last set of rock and roll. Their last and final show will be on Saturday, November 1st at Mercury Lounge (217 East Houston, New York City) at 11pm. It's a 21 and over venue and the number is (212) 260-4700. Capacity is only 250. Contact the venue with all questions.

You have not heard the last of Walt Mink though. There exists plenty of other Walt Mink music yet to be released on cd (including their early cassettes), and their new video for Brave Beyond The Call will also soon be available. I also heard talk of a new band...

If you would like to write to Walt Mink, you can do so in care of Deep Elm Records.

Walt Mink would like to thank their family, friends and fans for years of faithful support.

John Szuch Deep Elm Records