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Walt Mink has three official full-length releases. However, that's only the tip of the iceberg as far as their recorded output.

Many Mink fans enjoy listening to their demo tapes, which, though admittedly lo-fi, sometimes have more separation in the guitar parts and performances which are different from (and, dare I say, more over-the top than) the commercial versions. Also, altough many demo tape songs have eventually been re-recorded for commercial releases, some songs are only available in the demo tape versions. The demo versions can be purchased on CD -- see the blog on http://www.waltminkthemovie.com which also has mp3 versions.

This is a list of their releases in approximate chronological order. I've also made a list of Walt Mink's songs arranged in a table according to release. There's also a non-tables file.

Split single with Gneissmaker (Skene! Records 6, 1990)
Walt Mink's songs on this single, Fragile and Croton-Harmon (Local), are the same as the versions on Listen Little Man. The single was on the Skene! label, and there's also a Skene! compilation which includes one of these songs. Croton-Harmon (Local) refers to a train John used to take in New York, and not, as I earlier stated, to a bus route in the Twin Cities.

Listen Little Man cassette (self-released, 1990?)
This was a demo tape release. It was sold by the band and offered through record stores in the Twin Cities area, but is probably no longer available. The title is a reference to Wilhelm Reich (who wrote a book called "Listen, Little Man), as is the logo used on this cassette, Poll Riders, and the split single.

The Poll Riders Win Again!! cassette (self-released, 1991)
A second demo tape release, released under the same circumstances as Listen Little Man. "Recorded in January 1991 in our livingroom."

Miss Happiness (Caroline 1992)
The band's first full-length release on Caroline Records. Recorded at Smart Studios, Madison WI, produced by Mr. Colson. Versions of "Disappear" and "Everything Worthwhile" were also recorded at this time, but were not put on the album, though "Disappear" later appeared on the Chowdertown EP.

Pink Moon/Free To Be You And Me (Red Decibel 92004, 1992)
A single with a version of Pink Moon different from those on other releases, and a cover of Free To Be You and Me. On red vinyl. Recorded by Jay Perlman at Gark.

Cowboy Teashow #3 (Rocketsound RS-1006)
A 10" compilation record with one song by Walt Mink, a live version of "Erasable You." Recorded live at Loring Park, Minneapolis.

Showers Down/New Life (Crackpot Records 2063, 1992)
A single with these two songs. On orange vinyl, 3000 numbered copies. Groove marks read "The feel of mink/ hot shot one shot." Recorded by Jay Perlman at Gark.

Chowdertown EP (UK Quigley HRECD 1, 1992)
Includes versions of Chowdertown, Pink Moon, and Disappear. The first two songs seem to be the same as the versions on Miss Happiness, but Disappear is different from the version on Bareback Ride. It says the songs are licensed from Caroline Records. The cover art shows a balloon animal, photographed by Daniel Corrigan, who also did the cover photo for Miss Happiness and has done photography for a lot of Twin Cities bands, including Husker Du. Produced by Mr. Colson.

Dumb Angel "Topflite" cassette (Generator G-2, 1993)
Not actually a Walt Mink release, this is John and Joey doing some accoustic music along with some vocals by Tim Gartman. Dumb Angel is also the name of Walt Mink's publishing imprint. (Dumb Angel was a working title for Brian Wilson's Smile album.) This is available from Generator Records. (new URL as of the year 2000.)

Bareback Ride (Caroline Carol 1737-2, 1993 / UK Quigley QUIGD3)
The band's second full-length release on Caroline Records. Produced by Walt Mink, Engineered by Brian Foxworthy at Music Box, except "Sunnymede" engineered by Ezra Gold at Gark, Minneapolis.

El Producto (Atlantic, 1996)
The band's third official full-length release, and their first on Atlantic Records. Produced by John Agnello and Walt Mink.

Colossus (Deep Elm, 1997)
The fourth studio album, produced by Mr. Colson.
Goodnite (Deep Elm, 1998)
Live album, recorded at the band's final show in 1997.
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Thanks to Uncle Fester, Harihari, Andrew Jenkins, Adam Greuling, and everyone else who's exchanged email about Walt Mink with me.
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