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This is an unofficial fan page for the band Walt Mink. Best place to go for current information is www.waltmink.com

NEW STUFF (sorry if any of these old links are broken -- if they aren't working, try Google-ing for content or pull up copies with the URLS from www.archive.org

February 2004: Walt Mink The Movie -- it's a documentary in progress, about a certain band. Note: Read the blog on the site -- it has info on how to buy a CD of the demo tapes and support the movie. mp3s are also available on the site.

Hey! As of May 2001, John Kimbrough of Walt Mink has a new website with Mp3s of B-sides, message boards and more. Check it out at WaltMink.Com

An article from Oculus from 1997 about the demise of Walt Mink that I hadn't read until now.

Pitchfork article on the Walt Mink video compilation.

Walt Mink live pictures by Rich Horton - picture 1, picture 2, picture 3.

Deep Elm Records has a new website, Deepelm.com. The Walt Mink page is here. Note also that the record label has moved to North Carolina.

John Kimbrough + Candice Belanoff performed in NYC Monday - 4/5/99)
*** APR 05 - New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge, 7:30PM
*** John Kimbrough solo performance + Candyburger (Candice's band)
*** 217 East Houston, NYC (212) 260-4700 for advance tickets

WALT MINK's "Brittle Little Life" videography [out of print.]
Available on Youtube.
Includes videos for "Brave Beyond The Call" (directed by Adam Rothlein), "Shine" (directed by Sofia Coppola, edited by Spike Jonze), "Fragile" (directed by Miguel Arteta) and "Chowdertown" (directed by Kevin Kerslake), clips from MTV Indie Outing's coverage of the making of the "Brave Beyond The Call" video in the streets of New York City, two live performances on HBO's Reverb, some outtakes and WALT MINK's last ever performance "Tree In Orange" (which is not on Goodnite) from the final show. Emotions were running high in the Deep Elm office when we saw the final cut of this videography. No fan can watch John Kimbrough perform "Tree In Orange" acoustic, the last song he would ever perform as WALT MINK, without shedding a tear.

Complete LYRICS for Walt Mink's "Goodnite" and "Colossus" are now available on the Deep Elm website for the first time. Check it out at: http://www.deepelm.com/bands/index_mink.html Note that lyrics for all releases are at http://www.waltmink.com/releases.html

Deep Elm has released "Goodnite," a live collection of 18 songs, 75 minutes long, recorded during Walt Mink's last performance in November 1997. For more info, visit Deep Elm's web site. It has a new song called "Fourth Wave." Also planned is a future release of demo and rare material.

According to the Deep Elm web page: "WALT MINK Re-Union Tour: All shows have been cancelled. There are no more shows."

Walt Mink has broken up. See this email from their record label.

Currently, Deep Elm is selling copies of older releases by Walt Mink. This is a chance to get those rare singles.

Walt Mink's fourth album "Colossus" is on Deep Elm records. Deep Elm's Official Walt Mink Site has information on how to get their albums by mail order.

An article on Walt Mink from the Minnesota Daily.

Walt Mink has been on two episodes of HBO2's Reverb. They were on shows #11 and #12. I couldn't find any info about them anymore at HBO's site. The Reverb material is available from Deep Elm - see the info above.

A review of Colossus is at Babysue.

Lyrics for Brave Beyond the Call, courtesy of John at Deep Elm records:

A photo of the band. (110 Kb)

Here's the cover art of Colossus. To see a larger version, click on the cover.

Check out the review of Walt Mink's first three albums in the new Trouser Press Record Guide for the 90's.

Here's a start on a lyrics page. Or if you prefer, the frame version of the lyrics page. If you're inspired, figure out your interpretation of Mink lyrics and send 'em to me and I'll post 'em here. (New lyrics added Oct 16, 1998.) Note that complete lyrics for all Walt Mink releases are now at http://www.waltmink.com/releases.html

Pitchfork has an interview with John of Walt Mink, which has lots of info (though it was done before they knew the album would come out on Deep Elm.) Also, check, out an old interview from when Pitchfork was called Turntable. And there's reviews of El Producto and Colossus. [note: for old URLS, try http://www.archive.org]

Another review of El Producto.

I first saw Walt Mink play sometime circa 1990 in the basement of the now-defunct Speedboat Gallery in St. Paul, Minnesota. It's strange to think that's they're now signed to a major label.

One of the reasons I decided to do these fan pages was to provide information about the band's earlier releases, especially their demo tapes and singles. Here's a discography, which includes a pointer to a file cross-referencing different recorded versions of their songs across different releases.

I've written a band biography which includes some juicy gossip and info.

I've also written a couple of reviews of live shows by the band. Feel free to send me your live reviews of Walt Mink.


There's a somewhat critical article on Walt Mink at Oculus. Also a review from there of Colossus

An El Producto review from a college paper the Brown University College Hill Independent.

SonicNet has apparently purged their archive of chat transcripts. Here's my copy of the interview, which is what I captured from the chat. I don't think it's the whole interview (I came in late) but their transcript had some stuff edited out. If anyone has a copy of the SonicNet version of the transcript, please send it to me so I can put it up.

Thanks to Uncle Fester, Harihari, Andrew Jenkins, Adam Greuling, and everyone else who's exchanged email about Walt Mink with me.
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