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The Topic is: WALT MINK: Thursday 3/28 @ 8 PM EST
{CandyMink> Hey reason, I will sue you if your don't give me a big kiss
{reason> i will kiss if i get my el productos
{JohnMink> northfield rules, but B.I.U. rules more
{CandyMink> Hey NORTHFIELD
{reason> biu is that betties in underwear?
{JohnMink>  N.M.H. '85
{CandyMink> I will give El Producto if you can get me into the KISS world your this summer
{reason> mega harsh dealage
{JohnMink> tell me about it
{reason> ok so what's up with the reocrd label?
{JohnMink>  they suck
> seems like you've had your share of label troubles... Have you seen Sony's blank Walt Mink web page?
{reason> worse than caroline records?
{JohnMink> yes, much
{CandyMink> DID you notice that we type WAY slow, cause we studied HUMANITIES in school, and not a viable trade????
{SonicMOD> Hey being that you MINKS are from Minneapolis... have you seen Fargo yet?
{CandyMink> WE've HAD Fargo
{CandyMink> If you know what I mean
{CandyMink> THAT RULES!!!!
{reason> is there really a blank walt mink page?
{JohnMink> yes, a little heavy- handed... if I was minnesotan I'd be bummed...
{reason> i saw a fairly good fan page the other day.
{CandyMink> Of what band?
{SonicMOD> Hmmm not really... you mean you've had a Fargo experience?
{reason> ummm...walt mink.
{CandyMink> OH
{CandyMink> We played a weird little place on the
{reason> seriously they had all the graphics from the new lp and lyrics etc.  
{CandyMink> outskirts of town in Fargo
{JohnMink> that's cool
{CandyMink> Kids showed up and rocked
{CandyMink> Does anybody have video capacities on their computer?
{JohnMink> you're the only person who knows who we are
{reason> do you go back to minnesota often?
{CandyMink> If you do you could see my sexy outfit i have on
{JohnMink> only when we rock there
{reason> no video capacities here
> nope on the video
{CandyMink> I'm showing some tit
{reason> are there any new walt mink videos?
{reason> with tit preferably?
{CandyMink> Funny you should ask....
> So what's with the version of Erasable You on Sonicnet -- is it going to be on an EP or anything?
{SonicMOD> Cool... do people in Minnesota really talk like that?? At the end of the movie.. everyone was repeating "you betcha"...
{JohnMink> no... talk to our label
{reason> so no videos...that stinks, you betcha.
{JohnMink> no no NO!
{SonicMOD> If you all want to see Candace in the flesh... point your CU SeeMe camera to sonicnet.com
{CandyMink> OH NOHHHHH, in the words of MN
{CandyMink> HELLO None
{CandyMink> WHERE is Rosanna?
{JohnMink> I've got my thing out...
{SonicMOD> So how do you both like living in New Yaarkk.. as opposed to Minnesota??
{JohnMink> rules!
{reason> which thing?
{CandyMink> OHHH we lahv it heeere!
{JohnMink> you knoww...
{CandyMink> He's touching my tit with it
{SonicMOD> Johh... you'll have to stick "your thing" real close to the camera otherwise no one will be able to see it!
{JohnMink> are you kidding?
{CandyMink> We're a very dirty people
{reason> I think he's serious.
{CandyMink> Nirvana is on the radio
{reason> candy and john are dirty or people in general.
{JohnMink> here goes nothing
{SonicMOD> I guess the weather suure is alot milder...it's snowing out right now though here in NYC..
{CandyMink> NO kidding
> Does "Hummous Overdose" have anything to do with eating at the Old City Cafe?
{CandyMink> Haven't bathed in weeks
{JohnMink> Brainerd is really an amazing place... no really
{CandyMink> We bathe in hummous, especiqally that of the old city
{NONE> John + Candice, It's Kassner shoutin' out in Cyberland just so you know.  I won't let ya get away with any bullshit.  Love ya, hon.  Saw the ad in the Voice, babe.
{JohnMink> yes! how did you know you geek!
{CandyMink> WHAT ad, Michael
{reason> the Voice...is that still in circulation?
{JohnMink> the Kas!
{SonicMOD> Isn't there a Brainard in Mass??
{NONE> Cause I scan the hyroglyphics in the back weekly like religion.  I'm at Voyager. (MK)
{CandyMink> A Brain grows in Mass.
{reason> that's braintree...skate punk rules.
{JohnMink>  no, only in MN.
{JohnMink> B.I.U...
{CandyMink> Babes in Uniform
{JohnMink> Kas!
{CandyMink> Bulldogs is Ubiquitous
{funkez> join #u2
{reason> billy is unruly
{CandyMink> Michael, what's up?
{NONE> So, this is rock and roll?  What are you doing for Pesach?  Nu?
{JohnMink>  he's a fool
{CandyMink> Basically I Urinate
{reason> bondage is unnecessary
{SonicMOD> So, what are your touring plans.. John & Candy??
{CandyMink> Beastial if Upstairs
{SonicMOD> or should I say John Candy?
{JohnMink> no passover stuff- there's time for that later
{reason> john candy r.i.p.
{CandyMink> Good Pesach, to all the Yids in the house
{SonicMOD> John had that last piece of "large" candy... bummer..
{CandyMink> SEXY
{JohnMink> whoah...
{SonicMOD> Anyways... what's the touring agenda for the summer for Walt Mink... lollapalooza???
{JohnMink> haha ha ha ha ha ha!
{reason> lollapalooza would be good, but i guess it isn't happening.
{NONE> Candice, I'm fighting with my publisher all the time.  Life is good.  I just had to check this thing out.  It's just too bizarre, computerdom, but here we are, talking.  I could \'ve used the phone but I like being a professional pain in the ass.  (MK)
{JohnMink> more like Dingleberry Junction
{CandyMink> UH yeah, we're starting our own summer tour. It's called "Wollop a Loser" where you can beat upo the bands if they suck....
{JohnMink> glad to hear all's good Kas xxox
{JohnMink> naturally we'll be pretty bloody by the end of the summer...
{reason> So when will Walt Mink be on Letterman.  If Sky Cries Mary can play with Dave...
{CandyMink> When I SUCK him off
{NONE> Thanks, Whollop a Loser sounds good too.  How about Gallup a Loser - get ready to market next years products.
{JohnMink> if big head todd and the monsters were on...
{CandyMink> If Paul SChaffer is on every night....
{JohnMink> i love all of you!
{reason> if chris elliott was able to suck him off...i think john can do a job or two.
{CandyMink> Or how about "Lollypop snoozer" where if you fall asleep with candy in your mouth, your hair gets all sticky....
{NONE> Lolla pa Boozer.  Lolla pa Hoosier.  Lolla pa Loofah (in case it rains) MK
{reason> you're suppoed to take it out and put it on the bed post for the next morning.
{CandyMink> REASON, where are you?
{JohnMink> i definitely want to see bad religion!
{reason> NYC is in the house 53rd and Park.
{reason> brian baker is gay.
{CandyMink> SHUT UP, I was just there
{JohnMink> the hood...
{JohnMink> yes he is!
{CandyMink> Bakerpaloozah
{NONE> Doleapalooza
{JohnMink> dag nastypalooza
{CandyMink> Where you stand there
{JohnMink> duh
{NONE> dag hamereskjoldpalooza
> So John, how's your dad like working with Pee Wee Herman?
{reason> did anyone hear that Dole in Persian means Penis.  They don't know what to write in the newspapers.  Penis for President.
{CandyMink> and say "Walt Mink is about VALUES"
{JohnMink> loves it
{CandyMink> Wait we're too slow for this
{SonicMOD> Doesn't Dole mean Pineapple in Hawaii??
{CandyMink> Michael is funny
{JohnMink>  i'm too dumb for this
{reason> No that's banana.
{NONE> funny lookin'
{JohnMink> do we have fans?
{JohnMink> at all?
{CandyMink> They're blowing me around
{JohnMink> silence
{reason> a few
{reason> thousand
{JohnMink> a few is right
{NONE> Yes, "obsessive fans."  Where do you live?
{CandyMink> A thousand
{SonicMOD> You guys have fannies...
> yeah, I see postings in alt.music.alternative from time to time...
{CandyMink> I live in your hearts and minds
{reason> it's all marketing.
{JohnMink> we've sold 15 records in six weeks!
{CandyMink> SHUT UP
{reason> that is a gross underestimation
{CandyMink> that's gross
> you gotta tour more...
{JohnMink> oh you think so!
{NONE> But you were like #15 in CMJ or somethin'
{reason> six records in fifteen weeks
{CandyMink> that woul;d suck
{JohnMink> meaningless...
{CandyMink> SEE J, I told you we should have put TITS on the record
{reason> cmj only means that college djs who received the record for free deem it worthy of playing a few times every morning.  not that any records are actually being sold.
{SonicMOD> There was a nice cock, I mean rooster on the cover...
{CandyMink> THANKS
{NONE> People really like you.  I know a few people, in fact.
{JohnMink> you wanted to put My tits on the record!
{CandyMink> SO?
{JohnMink> ha ha ha 
> weren't his tits on the last record?
{CandyMink> Actually, given the cinematic climate at the moment, we should have put PIG teats on the record
{reason> tori amos did.
{JohnMink> babe!
{CandyMink> PIG sells
{NONE> Between both of you, how many tits do you have.  It should be an even number.
{reason> mel sells.
{CandyMink> I stopped eating PORK after seeing BABE
{JohnMink> 5
{CandyMink> Dont tell them about my Dark secret
{reason> is 5 an even number in walt mink dom.
{JohnMink> yes definitely
{NONE> Call Dr. Ziz.  He can bleach your dark secret.
{reason> wacky
{JohnMink> mole removal...
{CandyMink> Dr Jonathan Zizmor
{CandyMink> Anal Warts
{reason> yuck
{NONE> Anal Schwartz
{CandyMink> Sorr
{reason> Dr A. Schwartz to the rescue.
{JohnMink> i apologize on her behalf...
{CandyMink> DR. A  Nell Schwatz
{reason> that's a good one.
{CandyMink> I apologize for my anal warts
{reason> apologize to john not to us.
{SonicMOD> Boilpalooza...
{JohnMink> yeah really!
{CandyMink> He's suffered plenty, lemme tell you
{NONE> Save em.  Put a posting on the net.  Someone will buy them.
{reason> that are contagious i hear.  better check johnny.
{SonicMOD> So... how's life at Atlantic... Minks??
{JohnMink> are you trying to create controversy?
> at least they put up a web page for you
{SonicMOD> Well.. I thought if you needed some venting ...
{reason> controversy is good maybe atlantic will sue you and you can get an article in rolling stone.
{JohnMink> at least we have a poster...
{NONE> How do you like being Eretgunites.
{CandyMink> I had a funny ocean pun to make but....
{JohnMink> love it i think...
{CandyMink> Annie get your ERTEGUN!
{SonicMOD> What's the ocean pun....???
{JohnMink> is that like essenes and pharisees?
{CandyMink> NAH
{CandyMink> the essence of fallacies
{JohnMink> ahhh
{NONE> The Dead Sea Tapes
{JohnMink> dead sea demos
{NONE> The Dead Sea Peel Sessions
{JohnMink> dead sea unplugged
{CandyMink> these are the shpiel sessions
> did Atlantic make any silly promo items... cigars or anything?
{CandyMink> we wish
{JohnMink> we wish!
{CandyMink> jinx
{CandyMink> 1234567
{reason> yes we love promo items.  make them yourselves and bill janet billig for them.
{NONE> Walt Mink bottle openers, refrigerator magnets, and paperweights
{JohnMink> i'll put some of my pubes in an envelope...
{reason> didn't you already do that john
{JohnMink> oh yeah
{reason> i'll sell them back to you.
> what music are you listening to these days?
{JohnMink> and i'll eat them
{JohnMink> freewheelin' bob dylan
{reason> vitapup, stereolab, friends of dean martinez.
{JohnMink> new donkeyflower
{CandyMink> go donks
{JohnMink> prosthesis
> I saw a review of one of those Dylan/Patti Smith shows that said "even Bob Dylan has a chain wallet"
{JohnMink> marcus mchenry project
{reason> corn, hole, paw, clutch...
{reason> salt
{JohnMink> los machos magnificos
{CandyMink> Does Bob Dylan's wallet have those trucker chix on it
{SonicMOD> quick.. spew out those one word band names...
{JohnMink> I.U.D.
> mudflap babes...
{CandyMink> lushblurbushverve
{JohnMink> toilet merchants
{reason> one syllable please
> like in the 80's, it was three-initial bands -SOA DRI... 
{JohnMink> ticklish duane omaha and the east river fantasy
{reason> now three word bands
{CandyMink> gbh
{JohnMink> huh
{reason> don't forget biu
{reason> xtc
> and BTO
{JohnMink> buf
{JohnMink> gog
{JohnMink> lah
{JohnMink> horse
{CandyMink> super duper dino pigs and the kids from flippity honk honk
{reason> horse where are they from?
{JohnMink> yes love
> you guys are like two four-letter bands in one
{JohnMink> billings
{reason> montana?
{JohnMink> oh yeah
{reason> horse rule
{JohnMink> freemen
{CandyMink> but in our mid forties, we'll just be "mink", like "starship"
{NONE> Later, Mink.  Kas {logoff>
{reason> or the eagles
{JohnMink> bye Kas
> or Chicago Transit Authority
{CandyMink> BYE Michael
{JohnMink> the triborough authority
{CandyMink> WHO CAN GUESS my bra size????
{JohnMink> brooklyn battery tunnel
{reason> boston transit authority
> placename bands like Asia Europe Black Oak Arkansas
{reason> say 36c
{CandyMink> REASON, you underestimate my prowess
{reason> nirvana, oasis - or are those states of mind.
{reason> 34b
{CandyMink> NIR-Vosa
{CandyMink> Wait, Nir-Osis
{reason> surfer rosa
> anorexia Nir-Vosa?
{CandyMink> I said, UNDERestimate
{reason> oh shit 38c
{JohnMink> duh penis
{CandyMink> BIGGER baby
{reason> dole penis
{reason> no way - 38d
{JohnMink> try FFF
{CandyMink> for f-ing faabulous frontals
{reason> oh my GOD..i think i saw you on channel 35 last night. did you dye your hair blond?
{JohnMink> f-cup baby
{SonicMOD> So guys.. here's the cereal question... ...
{CandyMink> YES yes YES
{reason> trouble at the f cup.
{SonicMOD> What cereal would you be, if you could be a cereal??
{JohnMink> kaboom
{reason> i know they're gonna say that new stuff on the bottom shelf in the clear plastic bag.
{SonicMOD> Sorry I busted in to your busty discussion...
{SonicMOD> not Total??
{JohnMink> kaboom- sugar cereal man!
{CandyMink> I'd be a new cereal from kellogs called, "count rock you la"
{SonicMOD> Reason... what would you.. bee boo berry???
{SonicMOD> Larrybob... how bout you??
{reason> very funny...modhead.  i would be Cinnamon Life.
> Uh...
{JohnMink> nice
{SonicMOD> King Vitamin... is no more.. boo hoo..
> Quisp?
{reason> quisp.
> jinx
{reason> quisp is so j. mascis.  he thinks he's cool.
{reason> 1234567
{JohnMink> kix- a bad rock band from the south
{reason> kix are for kids
{JohnMink> bang tango
{SonicMOD> Kix is from Baltimore... I think.. & yes.... they are pretty bad..
{CandyMink> or how about, "evan dand-o's"
{reason> butt rango
{JohnMink> trixter
{reason> more like evan dandy-o's
{JohnMink> brass kitten
{reason> funky monkey
{CandyMink> honkey crunch
{JohnMink> think harder reason
> Urge Oatmeal
{reason> creamcheese blanket
{JohnMink> banther
{JohnMink> slave raider
{reason> shrinky mink
{CandyMink> Walt Bran
> The ultimate metal band name is "Travesty"
{JohnMink> now youre getting somewhere
{JohnMink> conundrum
{CandyMink> what is this SHITE on the radio?
{JohnMink> alice in chains
{SonicMOD> Alice in unCheerios...
{reason> alic'a'bits
{JohnMink> that's an answer, not another dumb name
{SonicMOD> Sorry.. guys.. it's called K-rock... 
{reason> no djs
{JohnMink> ouch
{CandyMink> special k rock
{reason> good one.
{JohnMink> k- mart rock
{AZ> Whats going on here?
{reason> cereal band names.
{CandyMink> hey az
{JohnMink> nothing at all!
{AZ> Whats up CandMink
{AZ> Cool
{CandyMink> whole lotta nuthin
{SonicMOD> We are talking about cereal rock with John & Candace from Walt Mink..
{AZ> Cool
{JohnMink> it's boring dude..
{AZ> I didnt even know who was the guest today
{CandyMink> In fact, we have to get back to drinking in about 5 minutes
{reason> az - any good questions for the minksters
{AZ> Dont blame ya
{JohnMink> we just made a new record- go buy it!
{AZ> I dont really know to much about you guys
{SonicMOD> John & Candy have to go.. now... do you have any final questions.... ask NOW !!
{reason> how old are you candce and john?
{AZ> When is Onyx?
{JohnMink> we rule! buy our record and you wont be sorry
{CandyMink> um, what are you influences
{reason> who is onyx?
{JohnMink> 46 and 19
{SonicMOD> Onyz... is in April... check the SonicNet schedule...
{AZ> There a rap group
{reason> are they sort of like quartz.
{AZ> Ok - Anything on Busta Rhymes?
{JohnMink> sex offenders
{CandyMink> mine are my TREMENDOUS hooters...
{reason> you rock steady.
{AZ> Hello Candy!
> what cover songs are you doing these days?
{CandyMink> OKAY, Lovers, gotta go, my man is trying  to dry hump me!!!!
{SonicMOD> Okay.. the Minksters are splitting.... Bye....
{reason> he is a horn dog...i mean a corn dog.
{CandyMink> BYE AZ, we Love you anyway
{SonicMOD> Throw.. them quick....
{AZ> Cya later candy
{reason> bye all
{CandyMink> BYE everybody, thanks for smutting out with us, xoxoxoxoxox
{AZ> Sonic MOD - When is Busta Rhymes
{AZ> No prob Girl thanks for droppin by

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