Walt Mink Songs

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Even if tables do work on your browser, this probably needs some explanation. Walt Mink has six long-form releases (if you count the Dumb Angel cassette.) Three are cassette-only demos, three are commercially available releases. On this chart, the three cassette releases are listed on the left. To find out what songs are on them, read across. For instance, Dumb Angel includes Sugarbaby, Sunnymede, and Me & My Dog. For the commercial releases, the titles are on the top. Read vertically to see what's on them. For instance, El Producto includes Up & Out, Everything Worthwhile, Me & My Dog, and Stood Up.

Songs which occur in the boxes on the upper left to lower right diagonal occur only on that long-form release (though they may also occur on singles -- see the notes below.)

Songs in the upper right eight boxes occur on more than one full-length release -- in other words, they appear on both a demo tape and a commercial release.

This table donesn't include the last studio album, Colossus, or the live album, Goodnite.

Miss Happiness Bareback Ride El Producto
Listen Little Man
  • All-Nite Grocery
  • Hummous Overload
  • Love You Better
  • Chowdertown ***
  • Factory
  • Croton-Harmon (Local) *
  • Fragile *
  • Zero Day
  • Up + Out
  • The Poll Riders Win Again!!
  • Pop Song
  • 9 O'Clock World
  • Sugartop
  • New Life **
  • Erasable You ****
  • Miss Happiness
  • Pink Moon ***
  • Quiet Time
  • Smoothing The Ride
  • Twinkle & Shine
  • Disappear ***
  • Turn (of the Religious)
  • Everything Worthwhile
  • Dumb Angel "Topflite"
  • Sugarbaby
  • T.V. Song
  • Jungle Song
  • Ditty Dum
  • 19th Century Schoolgirl

  • (While Grownups Sleep in) Sunnymede
  • Me & My Dog

  • Showers Down **
  • Subway
  • Shine
  • Frail
  • What A Day
  • Tree In Orange
  • Stood Up
  • Betty
  • Overgrown
  • Settled
  • Little Sister
  • #246
  • Listen Up
  • Sunshine M.
  • Love in the Dakota
  • NOTES:

    Unless otherwise noted, all songs which appear on multiple releases were different recordings from each other. The only execptions are the songs on the first split single and perhaps songs which appear on the Chowdertown EP.

    * "Fragile" and "Croton-Harmon (Local)" also appear on a split single with Gneissmaker on Skene! records. The recording is the same as that on Listen Little Man, but different from that on Miss Happiness.

    ** "Showers Down" and "New Life" also appear on the Showers Down/New Life single in versions different from those on the Miss Happiness LP and Poll Riders cassette, respectively.

    *** Chowdertown, Pink Moon, and Disappear also appear on the Chowdertown EP. Chowdertown and Pink Moon seem to be the same as the Miss Happiness versions, but Disappear is different from other released versions. Chowdertown appears on the New Music Seminar 1991 compilation in a version different from that on Miss Happiness.

    **** There is a live version of "Erasable You" on Cowboy Teashow vol 3. It was also re-recorded during the El Producto sessions and was available for downloading through SonicNet.

    The song "Free To Be You And Me" only occurs on the Pink Moon single, and not on any long-form release. There are three known versions of Pink Moon recorded by Walt Mink -- one on Poll Riders, one on Miss Happiness, and the single version. Pink Moon was originally written by Nick Drake and appears on his album of the same name.

    There is a promo-only record from Atlantic with Listen Up, Sunshine M., and Up & Out on it. These songs all appear on El Producto, and are probably the same as the album versions.

    A version of "Everything Worthwhile" different from that on Poll Riders and another song were recorded for Miss Happiness, but they seem not to have not been released. (according to Uncle Fester)

    Walt Mink cover the Husker Du song "Somewhere" on Du Huskers, (Synapse SYN 002) a record on which bands from the Twin Cities cover all the songs on Husker Du's album Zen Arcade.

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