Demo Tapes

New Life (as interpreted by Larry-bob)

I've had pets who've expressed themselves better than you
Shown more compassion and rational about what they do

Incompatible zodiac signs
Nothing's conjunctional
Our planets are all out of line
Oh, but that's fine
Cuz I don't want nothing from you anymore

When I look back on the day to day grind I'm amazed
That you were able to handle the hell that we raised
-- you were crazed


Everything's cool in this new life of mine
Yeah, and she's a really a dream
She takes care of the clutter, removes all the clutter and (?)
She doesn't get mad if I stay out late at night
Whenever she's around, well she makes everything all right
So how are you
And how is he
And weren't we...


You don't figure in my soul love letter (?)
you're on your way to a big life with money to burn
Oh, but you'll learn
Cuz I don't want nothing from you anymore
No, I don't want nothing from you anymore

Hummus Overload (As interpreted by Jeremy Stratton )

"I went into a deli just the other day-
I had the jones for some food.
But when I got the (bag home?) those bagels were bad news;
It was a hummus overload.

Chorus: Evrything went black when I suffered this attack.
I don't think that I'll ever get back to that shack, Jack,
Forget that old sick sack.
I'm walkin' outside, I need to spew junk in the gutter.
I got a notion we got the police in motion.
I'm not making some casual flutter.

I contemplate the (mohairs?), I contemplate my life.
Something in my bowels is like a knife.
But dude laid 'em on me like nothing was wrong.
I don't think he's gonna live long...


Gonna find me a fool who'll do something for nothing,
Gonna ask him to deliver some mail.
To see the look in his eye when the place blows sky-high,
before they, uh...(laughs?)


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