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Hello. I don't know what brought you here, but presumably you want to know something about me. I'm 34, female, married to Mike Cowper and the mother of two,

Megan Sarah Cowper and Ren Stuart Cowper

Some interests and activities of mine are:
Science Fiction and Fantasy
Teaching Sunday School, 4 and 5 year-olds

I'm the secretary of a local science fiction fan club, The Circle of Janus. We have a convention here in Indianapolis every 4th of July weekend called InConJunction.

I am presently the product Line Editor and official NetRep for Steve Jackson Games' INWO, Illuminati New World Order.

I am the Cell Leader for the Indy Cell of the Men In Black, the volunteer demonstrator program for Steve Jackson Games products. If you are a central Indiana game store, convention or club and you would like more information about having us demonstrate some of the great games from SJG, email me.

I play and game-master (GM) in the GURPS system. The game I ran for several years was the Morgan campaign. This campaign, however, ended. We jumped forward 24 years to play the next generation, or MC:TNG as we've come to call it. This game then split into two, with half the group going to Tennyson.
I was also playing a GURPS-Bureau-13 hybrid game run by Chris Canary. For more on the concept behind Bureau 13, click HERE.

I am also running several characters in the World Weavers on-line interactive role-playing universe, and admin one world, In Nomine, based on the setting by Steve Jackson Games.
*In In Nomine, I write:

*In the DragonLands world, administered by Susan Rati, I run:

*In Starfleet, I run:

I also have made up a few In Nomine character for live play. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten to play any of them very much, as time is a precious commodity. They are:

Some pictures I've got up can be found HERE.

Some of the people I know who have Web pages:
Mr. Wizard, AKA Mike Cowper
Megan Sarah Cowper, my daughter
Ian Shot
Susan Rati
Kat Robertson
Chris Canary

How to get in touch with me:
My e-mail address
My indynet e-mail address
I also subscribe to the mailing lists:

My official Notification and Offer to senders of uninvited email solicitations.