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Welcome to World Weavers In Nomine, based on the role-playing setting published by Steve Jackson Games. It is a very familiar world-- Earth, the present. However, it is our world viewed from a different perspective, that of the War between Heaven and Hell, good and evil.

The main characters are angels and demons carrying out their divine and infernal plots while the humans around them live and work, love and hate, unaware of the War being raged around them.

And all around, unheard by human ears, is the Symphony; the celestial music which not only encompasses everything but is everything, from the wheeling of the stars to the smallest drop of dew on a blade of grass. God's chosen instruments in this Symphony are the angels, each with his own part to play and his own resonances for playing it. Against these are the Fallen, the demons, who have chosen to try to rewrite the divine music their own way.

Set up your music stand and prepare to join the Symphony.


The Composition, wherein is explained the basics of the world. Go here first if you are unfamiliar with the In Nomine setting.
The Instruments, wherein is explained the character types. Go here second if you are unfamiliar with the In Nomine setting.
The Symphony, wherein is explained how the World Weavers game works. Go here first if you are familiar with In Nomine, but not with interactive fiction and/or World Weavers.
The Score, for a basic layout of these guidelines. Go here to locate a specific section.
Ensembles, for links to individual World Weavers In Nomine units.
The Archives, for links to individual World Weavers In Nomine units' post archives.
Segues, wherein assorted links of interest reside.

In Nomine deals with religious themes which some people may find disturbing, and is intended for mature players. The above linked pages describe a game world and are not to be taken as a statement as to the religious beliefs of the World Administrator, the World Weavers administration, Steve Jackson Games, or the players.

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