Elohite Friend of Stone


Name: Jabin
Choir: Elohite
Superior: David
Word: Stone
Role: Jabin Pietre. He teaches self-defense at a martial arts school, as well as traveling around to various neighborhood watch and school meetings.


Male human
Identity: Jabin Pietre
Age: 48
Ht: 5'10"
Build: Muscular
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Dark brown with touches of grey, straight, mid-back length, usually worn in a ponytail
Skin: Dark tan.
Other features: Neat mustache. Most of the whiskers are grey.
This is his preferred vessel. He has had it aged on a regular basis, to fit the aging of his role.

Female human
Identity: Amber McCormick
Age: 20-ish
Ht: 5'6"
Build: Slender
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Honey-blonde, wavy, shoulder-length
Skin: Pale with freckles
This is an alternate vessel. She has no role to speak of and is only used when someone younger or female would work better in a given situation.


Jabin is an old angel, having served David faithfully for several hundred years. Jabin Pietre is only his most recent role, which he took over when he entered military service. He was already a Vassal of Stone at that point and had been for some time.

Jabin came to town shortly after serving in the U.S. Marines some 20 years ago. He settled on the West Side and established a martial arts and self-defense studio nearby. He emphasises that while knowing self-defense is important, also realising that very rarely do you have to face a crisis alone and can use the support of those around you is important. He also emphasises a 'think first' philosophy.

He tells different stories about what led to his Friend of Stone distinction. Many think it was probably just long, hard, dedicated service, but he gained the distinction just recently.

He still makes his home in the neighborhood he settled in 20 years ago. His home is a small stone home, with two bedrooms and a small yard. In back, he has a small rock garden with a bust of a man in the center. When asked who it is, he gives various answers-- usually saints or others known for their steadfast devotion to their beliefs in the face of adversity.


Jabin exudes a calm sense of tranquility that draws a lot of people to him. He is patient as stone and will listen to anyone talk. He seems to know just the right thing to say. He is gregarious when he needs to be and is often out among humanity, teaching and encouraging. Few ever notice that he never seems overcome by emotion himself. Many notice that he is terribly slow to make a decision, weighing all the options carefully and logically first.

He is actively involved in his neighborhood and its activities and can often be found at the local youth recreation center and schools. The annual Community Cleanup, Spring-break Academy, and summer football league also see his attendance.

Being an old angel, frequently on Earth, Jabin, more than many Elohim, is capable of the acting required to come off as more human and more sympathetic. But, he is not a softie with those who seek his help or teaching. While he will help, he expects the person in need to work hard to achieve his or her own solution. He is a hard master in the dojo, but those who stick with him reap the rewards in the end.

He is currently the celestial who has lived in Indianapolis the longest, with the exception of the Seneschals, and so has become the "welcoming committee" for newly-arrived angels. His Superior has few enmities, only disapproving of Marc, so Jabin has few restraints in aiding the newer angels. Even for a Servitor of Marc, so long as what he is doing is bringing people together, Jabin might help. If not, he doesn't worry much, as there's always Jesse, the Seneschal of the Madam Walker Theater Tether, to help out Marc's people.

Skills and Abilities:

Skills and Songs: Jabin has numerous martial arts skills, as well as some teaching and social skills. He also knows the Song of Motion, allowing himself to move quickly or move other things without touching them.

Elohite of Stone attunement-- Jabin has an absolute sense of direction and timing.

Vassal of Stone distinction. This rank also gives Jabin the ability to be invulnerable to damage caused by stone or earth.

Friend of Stone distinction. This rank also gives Jabin the ability to detect underground cavities, such as caves, cellars or underground springs, within a few hundred yards of himself.


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