Picture of 
the Ship's Plan

Deck Descriptions


NCC 5276

Diogenes-Class Long-Range Exploration Cruiser
Captain Lihuan Pellek, Commanding

This is a writing unit within the interactive fiction club World Weavers, not the official Starfleet fan club ship of that name. If you are looking for the Spokane, Washington, fan club USS CALYPSO, click HERE

Cross-Section Map of
the Ship


- DECK 1, at the very top of the ship, contains the Short-Range Sensor Controls. These functions are normally automated, and this control room is only entered for emergency maintenance. The controls connect directly to the main SR/MR sensor array on the top of the primary hull.

- DECK 2 contains the Medium-Range Sensor Control room, similiar to the one on Deck 1. Note that these two rooms are accessible only by ladder or Jefferies tube from Deck 3, the highest terminus of the turbolift shafts.

- DECK 3 contains the Main Bridge, the control center for the operation of the ship. It is laid out in a slightly elliptical circle, to both sides of the turbolift, on the back wall of the Bridge. Directly opposite the turbolift is the main viewer, a 4.8 by 2.5 meter display panel which can be configured from the OPS station for two- or three-dimensional display. In front of the main viewer are two stations, configured as Flight Control and OPS. The officers on duty at these stations sit facing the main viewer.

Behind the two front stations is the command area of the Bridge. The center chair is reserved for the Captain or the officer in command of the vessel. The chair immediately to the right of the Captain's is reserved for the First Officer. The chair to the left of the center chair is normally occupied by the Chief Medical Officer or the Ship's Counselor.

On either side of the command center are two curving ramps which lead to the upper deck of the Bridge. The large terminal directly above the command area is configured for two stations, Science and Security/Tactical. Flanking the turbolift door on the back wall of the Bridge are the two Engineering stations as well as two Library Computer access stations. Please note that these are the standard configurations for Bridge terminals; all terminals can be reassigned by command-level personnel. To the far left of the turbolift shaft is a curving ramp which leads down to the Deck 4 Observation Lounge (see below).

To the right of the main viewer is a large hatch which leads to a small access room. This room contains the ladder up to Decks 2 and 1. It also leads to a spacesuit locker and to Airlock 1. This airlock can be used for emergency evacuation as well as connecting to a Starbase while the ship is docked.

To the left of the viewscreen is the door to the Captain's Ready Room. The RR contains a desk, a private comm terminal, restroom facilities, a couch, and a private replicator. It is intended to be a place where the Captain can relax while still having instant access to the Bridge.

The rear of Deck 3 contains the upper half of the Main Arboretum, which extends upward from Deck 4 (see below). The Arboretum, however, is accessible only from Deck 4.

- DECK 4 contains the Observation Lounge, which can be reached by turbolift or a curving ramp from the Bridge. The main feature of this room is a large conference table with viewscreens at both ends. Flags of Starfleet and of the United Federation of Planets are displayed in the corner. The Captain normally sits at the far end of the table, with the First Officer to his/her right and the Operations Manager to his/her left. The outside wall of the Lounge is occupied with what appear to be windows but are actually dedicated viewscreens which always give a view of the stars, even when the ship is in warp.

This deck also houses the Captain and First Officer's quarters, the Main Arboretum, which helps replenish the ship's oxygen supply and extends upward into the rear half of Deck 3, and Transporter Room 1.

- DECK 5 contains the quarters of the Department Heads, except for the Chief of Security, as well as some VIP quarters. This deck also houses Holodeck 1, reserved for officers' use only.

- DECK 6 contains the Ship's Counselor's office, Officer's quarters, and the Officer's Dining Hall.

- DECK 7 holds the Junior Officer's quarters, Airlock 2, and Transporter Room 2.

- DECK 8 has Crew Quarters, and Holodecks 2 and 3. This deck also has the main controls for the Inertial Damping System, which maintains the gravity of the ship even at high acceleration or deceleration.

- DECK 9 contains the Impulse engines, at the rear of the primary hull. There is a small engineering station here, and the engines continue down into Deck 10. The Chief Medical Officer's office is also located here, as well as the upper portion of Sickbay.

- DECK 10 holds the main portion of the Sickbay, near the middle of the deck. Several biobed stations are located here, as well as a nurses' office and an emergency transporter. The lower half of the impulse engines extend into the aft part of this deck.

The forward part of Deck 10 contains the ship's lounge, named (obviously enough) 10-Forward. 10-Forward is a lounge where officers, crew, families, and guests come to relax from their duties. The replicators can produce food and beverage from throughout the galaxy. Like the Observation Lounge, this room has "windows" which are actually dedicated viewers providing a look at the stars.

- DECK 11 has Crew Quarters, Holodecks 4 and 5, and Main Phaser Control.

- DECK 12 has Crew Quarters, Main Photon Torpedo Control, Transporter Room 3, and the Crew Dining Hall.

- DECK 13 has Crew Quarters, Main Turbolift Control, Holodeck 6, and the Education Center.

- DECK 14 contains Crew Quarters, Main Armory, and Transporter Room 4, normally used as the primary entry/departure point for personnel. The captain's yacht, the Tycho is also located here.

Aft View of the


- DECK 15 contains Airlock 3, Main Security, the Chief Security Officer's quarters, and the Main Brig, which is designed to hold 50 prisoners. Airlock 3 is the airlock used when transferring prisoners to/from the ship.

- DECKS 16 and 17 contain Stellar Cartography, a huge room which, with the aid of Holo-technology, projects a view of the galaxy above, around, and below the watcher. Specific sections can be brought up and explored.

- DECK 18 contains Long-Range Sensor Control. This room connects directly to the array on the exterior hull.


- DECK 19 contains the xenoscience labs: (Xenoanatomy, Xenopharmacology, Xenobiology, Xenolinguistics, Xenopsychology, etc.) It also accommodates the Auxiliary Arboretum, which is used for more exotic vegetation that is supported in the Main Arboretum.

- DECK 20 contains VIP quarters, as well as a VIP Observation Lounge, and Airlock 4.

- DECKS 21-23 contain Cargo Bay 1, the main facility for storage. A huge room, this facility also contains the main cargo transporter, a low-level transporter which is normally not configured for life-form transport.

- DECK 24 holds the upper level of Main Engineering. The two warp nacelles connect to the Secondary Hull on this level, and access crawlways into the nacelles are located at each connection point. The heart of Engineering, and indeed of the entire ship, is the warp core, where matter and antimatter are combined to power the vessel. The top of the warp core is located here, and power conduits lead from the core into the nacelles. A small, two-person lift and ladders gives crew members access to the three levels of Engineering without having to use the turbolift.

- DECK 25 is the middle section of Main Engineering. Several duty locations are located on the catwalk which surrounds the warp core in its center.

The forward part of Deck 25 is where the Main Shuttlebay begins. A huge, three-deck facility, it houses the ship's complement of shuttles (normally 4). The assigned shuttlecraft for the Calypso include the Pythagoras, the Kepler, the Zeno, and the Avogadro.

- DECK 26 is the floor level of Main Engineering. Just below this deck are the matter/antimatter storage units, located between Decks 26 and 27. These connect through transfer conduits to the warp core, and provide the raw materials for the controlled reaction within. The Chief Engineer's office is located at this level, as is the auxiliary science station unique to Diogenes Class starships.

The forward part of this deck holds the middle level of the Main Shuttlebay. The SB Control Room is located here, permitting the officer on duty an unobstructed view of the shuttlebay, the craft inside, and the access hatch, which is controlled from here or from a terminal on the floor of the bay.

The upper level of Cargo Bay 2 extends into this deck as well, between Engineering and the Shuttlebay.

- DECK 27 contains the floor level of the Shuttlebay. There is a main terminal here, usually manned by the SB chief. There are several small maintenance rooms located off the main bay, and a locked armory contains weapons which may be needed on Away Team missions. Only command-level and security personnel have access to this armory.

The rear part of this deck contains the floor level of Cargo Bay 2. It is connected to the Shuttlebay by a tunnel, which is large enough to permit anti-grav pallets to move cargo back and forth.

Airlock 5 is also located on this deck.

- DECK 28 holds Airlock 6, and the Auxiliary Bridge. This slightly smaller duplicate of the Main Bridge can serve as command center if the Main Bridge is damaged, destroyed, or inacessible.

- DECK 29 & 30 hold various Science Labs and the Hydroponics section.

- DECK 31 contains Cargo Bay 3 and the auxiliary Brig. Over 100 people can be incarcerated here, if necessary.

- DECKS 32-35 hold Auxiliary Quarters. These facilities are maintained in the event of a partial planetary evacuation or other crisis. Configured to the maximum, these quarters can house over 4,000 people for a short period of time.

- DECK 36 is the Navigational Deflector Control room, which has a direct connection to the Nav Deflector itself.

- DECK 37 is the Main Deflector Control.

- DECKS 38-39 house Cargo Bay 5.

- DECK 40, at the very bottom of the ship, holds the tractor beam control. The tractor/pressor beam emitter is stored here in its retracted state. Airlock 7 is also found here.