Captain Merriweather Joshua





Born on the Joshua family-owned planet of Jericho (his ancestor had a sense of humour) in the capital city of Shiloh, he is the scion of a very, very, VERY wealthy family. The Joshua family practically owns the Jericho solar system, several nearby systems, as well as a few scattered planets, moons, asteroids, etc. throughout Federation space.

Joshua Industries has divisions that cover almost every field of human endeavour from farming to mining, the arts to starship engineering to theoretical science think tanks.

Merriweather grew up in a world of wealth that few could even imagine. However, it was also a rather stultifying atmosphere. As he was somewhat of a child prodigy, he was educated at home by some of the Federation's greatest teachers and had few childhood friends or acquaintances.

When at the age of 14 he entered college, Merriweather ran smack up against a level of freedom he was thoroughly unprepared to handle and he embraced it by dropping out of school at 15 and getting a girl pregnant. Though there are many techniques for avoiding the problems of teen pregnancy, his father was of the old school of thought that one should face the consequences of one's actions and he had the wherewithall to make sure that was exactly what happened. Caleb Joshua also had some hope that this might mellow and mature his suddenly-rebellious son.

So, at 16, Merriweather Joshua became a father to Caleb Merriweather Kimball Rutherford Tecumseh Francisco Joshua XIV-- Kimball for short.

Shortly thereafter, he returned to school, then switched majors from Business Management to Quantum Engineering and then to Xenoarcheology. Then he dropped out again. But home held the trials of being a father to Kimball. Merriweather was soon back in school studying Criminal Justice.

Another session of threatening to drop out and then switching majors led to Caleb issuing an ultimatum-- Merriweather had to make something decent of himself or be cut out of the family. Caleb pointed out that due to his son's youthful experimentation, they had Kimball to continue the family line, so it was up to Merriweather to prove himself worthy of the family name.

It was then that one of his old-time tutors pointed him in the direction of Starfleet. Merriweather was still struggling with finding the direction in his life, so perhaps, the tutor reasoned, the more structured environment of the Academy would help.

Merriweather passed the entrance exam with flying colours and soon found himself in an environment where his money meant little to most students and less to his instructors, but where dedication and intelligence were the measures of worth. Here, he found some purpose in his life and majored in Ship Operations, though with a varied list of electives from practically every field.

Here he also met Cadet Loris Alea Spring, two years his senior, and fell in love. He graduated in 3 years, in the same class as Loris. Shortly afterward, the two were married.

He was assigned to the USS BERGENHOLM as a systems operator. Loris was assigned to the USS KASIMIR. Merriweather applied for a transfer so that he and his wife could be together, but faced endless delays. Frustrated, he pulled some strings to find out what was at the root of the delays.

What he found out was that his wife was using part of the money she was getting from him to bribe some members of the personnel office to delay Merriweather's transfer. She had never loved him, but had married him for the wealth and power of the Joshua family name. But on the KASIMIR, she had met someone and was trying to keep her husband's wealth and her lover at the same time.

Merriweather divorced her and threw himself into his work, rapidly rising in rank and position. He served on the BERGENHOLM for four years, rising to the position of Chief Communications Officer and then Chief of Security, a change in department that he wasn't entirely averse to. He was then assigned to the USS VERSAILLES as the Chief of Security, where he served for two years before being moved to the position of Chief Operations and Second Officer, where he served another year. He was then assigned to the USS PASCAL, again as OPS/2nd. Upon the retirement of its First Officer three years later, Merriweather was made First Officer. He served there well and honourably for two years, earning a commendation for his command during an encounter with a couple of well-armed pirate ships when the captain was knocked out.

When the USS DVORAK was commissioned, Merriweather was promoted to captain and given command of the vessel. He has commanded there for the past five years.

Recently, Kimball has married, and Merriweather is a very young grandfather (to Caleb etc. etc. Rutherford Joshua XV) at 37.