Name: Almiron
Age: 20
Race: Human, Horse Nomad (picture the Mongols)
Sex: Male
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 125 to 130
Build: Wiry and Lithe.
Skin: Golden brown
Eyes: Dark brown, almost black, and almond-shaped
Hair: Black, straight, glossy, longish and worn in a ponytail. The hair grows in white along his scarline.

Other: Long, thin, droopy mustache. Ugly scar running from below right cheekbone to the temple and into the scalp. Seen from the left side, Almiron's face is quite handsome. The scar ruins the right side, though. He also has 4 parallel scars from dragon claws that run from his right chest, just below the nipple, down his body and all the way to his right knee. He doesn't often smile, and the smile tends to show up more in his eyes than on his mouth.


Almiron was born outside (to the south of) the Dragon Lands, the youngest of 9 boys. His mother died at his birth. His father was chieftain of a nomadic, horseriding tribe (think Mongol).

When he was 14, he had his first real romance, with Rumalin, a boy two months his senior. Rumalin's brother, Sagir, was good friends with and probably involved with Almiron's closest-aged brother, Aljirat, and the four often did things together or in brother-brother and same-aged pairs. Almiron's romance turned sexual on his 15th birthday, when he was given his own private tent.

A couple of months later, his father died. His two eldest brothers began vying for the position. The conflict turned bloody and his brother, Hafir, was killed. Rather than take sides in the violent conflict, Almiron and four other brothers, Rumalin and his brother Sagir, and one other male friend, chose to leave.

In the wilds, they got too close to a brooding dragon, a sight they had never seen. She attacked them in defense of her clutch. His seven companions were all killed, and Almiron took a deep gash to the face and a claw rake down one side and into the leg, breaking it. The dragon took a fatal injury in the combat.

Almiron, delirious with pain, crawled onto the warm hatching ground. He never knew the number of days he spent lying there, wracked with horrible pain, hungry, thirsty, fevered and delirious. Miraculously, he survived.

He had come to his senses and was still in the process of surveying his situation when the eggs around him began hatching. Almiron vainly tried to escape, but his broken leg prevented him.

There on the sands stained with his blood was he joined to Darshan, the brood of the dragon that had nearly killed him. The only eggs that hatched were the ones near his body, where his fever had maintained a sufficient level of warmth for their survival. The hatchlings survived on the flesh of their dead mother and Almiron's companions and their dead horses. The memory of Darshan finding Rumalin dead, whom Almiron hadn't known had died, and the hatchlings consuming the bodies still haunts Almiron's memory and nightmares.

Through mutual aid, Almiron and Darshan healed and grew.

Almiron and Darshan travelled the Dragon Lands until a couple of months prior to Almiron's 19th birthday. Almiron made his way as a leatherworker and dyer, often landing near a populated area and walking into town alone, with Darshan waiting outside.

Almiron arrived, alone, at Keldarra Warren to sell his wares. He befriended several people and his wares were quite popular. The warren discovered that he was a wild rider when a female dragon flew to mate and Darshan won her, and Almiron ended up with the female dragon's rider (which is what usually happens with riders when their dragons mate).

Almiron was talked into staying at the warren, where he is a member of Gamma Wing and flightleader of third flight.

He has recently taken Darlea as a mate.

Besides Darlea, his closest friends are M'tan, Briana, and Michel.


Almiron is highly emotional and grew up in a culture that didn't stigmatise men expressing it. His experience in the Dragon Lands, however, is that he should hide his emotions and he tries his best.

He is very sincere, straightforward and honest and doesn't often joke or laugh, though he will do so to try to calm or comfort someone. Most jokes will get nothing but a small smile from him.

He is also highly visual and has a keen colour sense.

Almiron is bi-sexual. He tends to be sexually more attracted to women, but emotionally more attracted to men. In his own culture there was no stigma attached to this, but his experience with the landbound culture of the Dragon Lands lead him to generally hide this aspect of himself, until his involvement with M'tan became warren-wide knowledge.


Almiron attributes his healing ability to Hehran, goddess of healing and fertility, and is a genuine worshiper of her.

In his culture, a person had no more than one lover of each gender, though slaves and captives didn't count toward this limit. He still unconsciously holds himself to this standard.


Tends to carve little figurines while sitting. He often hides his emotions by going blank and impassive in the face; he does this especially to hide his grief at people's reactions to his scarring.


Horseriding; Mounted Combat; Dragon Riding; Native Tongue; Dragon Lands Tongue; Double Scimitar Fighting; Spear Fighting and Throwing; Leathercraft; Dyeing; Short/Horsebow; Horse Husbandry; Armoury- bow/arrow, spear, leather goods, sword care; Dragon Care; Wilderness Survival; Small Wood Carving; Knife Throwing; Merchant; Tehdhakh (strategy game); Hunting Craft; Mounted Bow Use.

Special Abilities:

Dragon bonded

Empathic healing (touch only; he receives physical sensations-- not emotions or thoughts-- on touch; uncontrolled-- it sometimes works when he doesn't want it to or works too well; may cost fatigue or cause injury for major wounds. His power has grown significantly, but he is unaware of this change) and changed. It is now much more sexual in nature, and often requires that Almiron kiss those he is healing.


Almiron speaks the DragonLands tongue with an odd clipped, extremely precise accent. He never uses articles or plurals and tends to use somewhat formal speech.

His leg bone break did not heal properly and there was considerable muscle damage. He walks with a limp that gets worse the more tired he is.

There was some damage to his digestive system as well. Almiron has learned that he no longer digests certain foods well-- meat in particular-- and tends to avoid them.


Close-fitting black leather pants. Long, gold linen tunic. Dark red, long leather vest, intricately worked. Fancy soft low leather boots. Vest and tunic cinched at waist with a black leather belt with gold dragons spouting red flames tooled into it.


He wears a short, curved sword on the right and a long, curved sword on the left. He carries a horse bow and quiver while riding.

Other Equipment:

Pack w/ leather goods and tools; Woodcarving knife; Leather Tehdhakh board and handcarved wood pieces; Bedroll, mess kit and other outdoor equipment

Family and Significants:

Hazarin- Father. Tribal chieftain. Deceased.
Salra- Mother. Died bearing Almiron.
Azkah- Brother, twelve years his senior. Went against Sabar in the struggle for the chieftaincy.
Sabar- Brother, eleven years his senior. Went against Azkah in the struggle for the chieftaincy.
Azyil- Brother, nine years his senior. Sided with Sabar against Azkah in the struggle for the chieftaincy.
Hafir- Brother, eight years his senior. Sided with Azkah against Sabar in the struggle for the chieftaincy and died for it.
Jehahn- Brother, six years his senior. Died from the dragon.
Altrar- Brother, four years his senior. Died from the dragon.
Hamar- Brother, three years his senior. Died from the dragon.
Aljirat- Brother one year his senior. Died from the dragon.
Silarin- Friend. Five years his senior. Died from the dragon.
Sagir- Friend. One year his senior. Brother of Rumalin. Died from the dragon.
Rumalin- Lover and friend. His age. Brother of Sagir. Died from the dragon.
Darlea- mate.


Age: 3 1/2
Race: Dragon, wild
Sex: Male
Size: Smaller than average
Skin: Deep purple with blue streaks
Eyes: Amber

Personality: Sarcastic, overconfident. Considers humans inferior and their ways unintelligible. Has very poor visualisation, made up for by Almiron's highly visual orientation. He comes about as close as you can get to a lecher in a dragon-- he'll fly a mating flight every chance he gets. He provides, however, most of Almiron's emotional strength and cares about him deeply.

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