Malakite of Creation

Corporeal Forces - 3 (Strength 6, Agility 6)
Ethereal Forces - 3 (Intelligence 5, Precision 7)
Celestial Forces - 3 (Will 5, Perception 7)

Vessel: Human male/2, Charisma/1

Songs: Song of Virtue (Celestial only)/3

Skills: Fighting/2, Dodge/2, Knowledge (art)/2, Savoir-Faire/1, Small Weapon (sword)/2, Ranged Weapon (pistol)/1, Artistry (sculpture)/3

Role: Damien Trotter, sculptor (status 4)/1

Attunements: Malakim of Eli, Abracadabra

Damien is older than first might be assumed based on his forces. A couple hundred years ago, when he was in pursuit of some demons on Earth, he ended up in Celestial combat and lost a number of forces before reinforcements arrived. Only recently had he gotten back up to his previous level of ability and been assigned to Earth.

In the role of Damien Trotter, sculptor, he began to insinuate himself into the art world.

Damien specialised in hunting those who destroy art or hurt artists or who corrupt artists to create works that ultimately serve the side of Hell instead of Heaven. As well as this, Damien also took a hand in encouraging artists himself and was slowly growing in prominence.

His vessel had been known to inspire the occasional artist-- a muscular, tanned man with long, dark, wavy hair in his late 20s. Damien was not above posing, in any setting, pose or state of dress, for an artist whose ultimate aims were to serve Heaven.

His early successes caught the attention of some demons. One night, as he and his current girlfriend, a painter just beginning to be recognised, were catching a breath of fresh air at an exhibition when a car pulled up and those inside opened fire.

She was killed and Damien was knocked unconcscious. When he came to, he was in a local hospital, paralysed from the waist down. His vessel's spinal cord had been hit in the fray.

Eli himself paid his servitor a visit and the two discussed what to do, now that his vessel was disabled. Without some miraculous intervention, the only two choices open were to let the vessel/role die and try again in a new role and vessel, or to continue with the disabled vessel. Eli recommended he continue the role of Damien Trotter, using his disability as a form of inspiration to those around him, rather that start all over again.

Damien agreed.

Prior to the shooting, Damien was largely a brawler, preferring his combat up close and personal. He has taken up using and carrying a pistol now that he can't come out of his wheelchair to engage the enemy.

He has managed to track down a couple of the demons responsible for his condition, but knows that others remain. He continues to search for them.

Despite his misfortune and long, slow climb back up the ladder, he is still a favoured servitor of Eli, and has not taken service under another Superior.

He charges for his artwork and his modelling only what the purchaser can bear, to the best of his abilities.

Damien's two extra vows, besides the standard two Malakite vows, are:

1. Hunt and defeat those who destroy or corrupt artists and their work.

2. Sell his own artwork only to those who are honourable and want it for themselves or a loved one and not to resell.

Many celestials on first encountering Damien assume he is suffering from Discord and often react accordingly. Damien then has to assure them that their assumptions aren't true.

Despite his handicap, Damien is still able to perform all the basic rites of Eli. Yes, this means that one.

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The picture of Damien is one I created myself, combining elements from various pictures. One of those elements was a photograph of a male model named Rene, found at Models Network International, Inc. The photograph has been considerably tinkered with, including making Damien taller than the model is.

The burning feather picture is modified from the burning feather icon used by Steve Jackson Games for their In Nomine line and modified using a program called 2020 to turn it into a mosaic.