Mercurian of Creation, in Service to Christopher

Corporeal Forces - 3 (Strength 5, Agility 7)
Ethereal Forces - 3 (Intelligence 5, Precision 7)
Celestial Forces - 3 (Will 6, Perception 6)

Vessel: Human male/2, Charisma/1

Songs: Song of Friendship (Corporeal and Ethereal)/2

Skills: Dodge/2, Running/2, Computer Operations/1, Throwing/3, Artistry (journalism)/3, Fast Talk/1

Role: Jack Demetrios, High school student, football player and school paper and yearbook assistant editor. Status/2, Level/2

Attunements: Mercurian of Creation, Transubstantiation

Demetrius was a relatively young servitor of Eli when his superior dropped out of angelic politics. He was one of the earliest of Eli's servitors to take service with another superior-- Christopher, the Archangel of Children, in this case.

Ten years ago, he was assigned to work on Earth, under the auspices of another of Christopher's servitors, a Cherub named Isaac, who had the role of Mark Moser, a junior high and high school teacher, and his wife, a Soldier of Lawrence, Tina. He took the role of Danny Moser, a 13-year-old orphan that Mark and Tina adopted. Under this role, he went through high school and four years of college, encouraging and protecting his fellow students.

Upon completing college, he was recalled to heaven for the summer, where he worked up another vessel and role, this time acting independently rather than as a 'son' of another celestial. He entered high school as John 'Jack' Sumner Demetrios. His 'mother', Vivian, died a few years ago in a car accident. His 'father', Ty Demetrios, must do a lot of traveling for his company and is rarely home, leaving Jack more or less on his own.

Whenever Demetrius needs his father for some reason (parent-teacher conferences or the homecoming game), he can usually persuade one of the other local celestials with the Corporeal Song of Form to go play him for a bit.

His role is now 16 years old and in his sophomore year in High School. He plays on the football team as a quarterback or running back and is on the yearbook committee and the high school newspaper staff.

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